tagFetishTraining Him to Take Dick Ch. 04

Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 04


(This is Part 4 of a continuation of; Training my Stud Boyfriend to take dick! I am Belinda a coed and co-conspirator with Claire in the training of our boyfriends Michael and Carl in the ways of bisexual loving. Last time my girlfriend Claire and I purchased identical dildos and harnesses at the local adult store. Claire fucked her boyfriend Carl in the ass while I held him down. I then went back to the apartment and introduced strapon sex to my subbie Michael. I was determined to get him so used to strapon loving that taking a real cock especially one from his best buddy would be an easy transition to male coupling. My mom Brenda wanted to help train my unruly slave and tune me up as well in the ways of ritual sex and female domination. I gave her full use of both our bodies! Enjoy the story!)

(Disclaimer! The story depicted here is not true and all the taboo sex is not heralded as the right thing to do! It is a story to titillate and excite those who are open with sex only! Happy orgasms!)


I gave my mother Brenda a call on the phone telling her that I wanted to attend one of her bisexual orgies with Michael so that he could lose his anal virginity to one of the hung studs at the party. My mom had been after me for several months to attend so I would gain some much needed experience especially since my major in school was in sexual psychology. Mom said that Michael should lose his cherry prior to the orgy because the men were all experienced and not looking for a rookie. Suggesting that I move my timetable up and have his friend Carl screw his ass. Brenda liked Carl who visited the house last summer adding that the boys had good "vibes" together reminding me that they never got embarrassed being naked together and I added giggling, or screwing the girls together. All I had to do was to get them in a good mood with a few drinks and let nature take it course. Stressing that bending over and getting fucked was allot easier than sucking cock for the first experience, my mom ordered me to carry through soon with a plan.

I told my mom that Michael has already been introduced to sampling his own semen sucking it from my well fucked pussy and getting a full load spit into his mouth after a hot blow job. Brenda recommended that from now on every time I sucked him off I should without fail spit his come back into his mouth. I agreed! Sternly demanding that Michael should learn to suck cock on a real cock ASAP if he is really going to be bisexual warning me that if I did not concentrate on training him she was going to take over. My mom added that if Michael was her boy toy he would already have been sucking cock and swallowing for her.

Changing the subject I reminded mom about the party she had for me on my eighteenth birthday. For her present Brenda gave me two hung studs from her stable. As all the guests watched I was ravished by these handsome men in the center of the playroom. I was given my first D. P. I came so many times I was unaware of the people in the room clapping and cheering me on. When the two studs finally finished my pussy and asshole were full of come. My mom sat on a chair in front of the room and spanked my bare asscheeks with her strap as all the people watched clapping her on. I broke down crying in tears as she bared my soul to the group. As mom spanked me gobs of come drooled from my orifices. My eyes were opened when I watched my dad fuck several men in the ass with his big cock. My mom sucked both studs that fucked me hard again and forced my dad to suck one while the other fucked his ass. I was so turned on that I swore my first boyfriend would be like him. As mom humiliated me she also set me free showing me that I could be a sexual exhibitionist having no fear of retribution with friends or family. My mom added that I had no problem with being an exhibitionist any more!

My mom was ecstatic when I told her that I wanted to bring Michael to one of her bisexual party's but insisted that he "NOT" be a virgin! Summer break was coming up and that was the perfect time for both of us to visit. Listening carefully on the phone my Mom told me that it would take a time for both of us to be comfortable in her household as her slaves. Warning that both of us will have to be disciplined and spanked several times before we would be welcomed as workings slaves in her home. Brenda promised that once Michael lost both of his cherries and all of us were well satisfied that he was ready for the orgy then and only then he would attend.

Reminding me that there was no limitations during the orgy so there would be times when my dad would have an opportunity to fuck Michael and her as well. I promised her that would not be a problem. Only the women were allowed to have sex with their daughters but not their sons. Fathers and daughters together were taboo as well as fathers and sons. Son in laws were another story. Every father wanted to fuck his daughter's husband or boyfriend as payback for him fucking his daughter. My mom warned me that my dad was going to take Michael aside this summer and fuck his ass off privately and force Michael to suck his cock. I told mom I was looking forward to it. My dad was a good looking stud with a huge cock that he knew how to use, so I was ecstatic for him to help get Michael to submit.

As soon as I got off the phone with my mom I went to where Michael was studying in the next room forcibly grabbing him pulling him out of his chair throwing him onto the bed. At first he tried to fight me off complaining that he had to get his homework done but I aggressively attacked him paying no attention to the needs of his mind concentrating on enticing him to succumb to his lower sexual desires. Unzipping his fly Michael finally realized what I was going to do and stopped complaining falling back on the bed. Sitting on his feet so he could not get away I lowered my mouth to his swollen engorged cock swallowing his glans. Slowly licking the tip of my tongue around the coronal ridge I could see Michael begin to move with me accepting submissively my forced fellatio. I was so turned on from the conversation that I had with my mom I wanted to make Michael swallow his own sperm as a magic charm planting the seeds of bisexuality in his belly.

I already had him on a "come fast" meaning he was not allowed to spill a drop of his seed for several days, so by now he was quite willing for me to rape him with my mouth. After only five minutes of mouth fucking I could feel with my hand at the base of his shaft that he was starting to come. Wrapping my lips tightly below the head of his cock I began sucking the sperm out of his balls using his cock like a straw filling my mouth full of his fresh semen. Grinning nastily I jumped up on top of him placing my lips over his. As soon as he opened his mouth I drooled the entire load into his mouth watching it slime down his throat forcing him to either swallow or choke. Giving him a French kiss I force fed him the rest of his sperm on my tongue. Both of us had come on our breath but the taste was quite sweet because Michael has been eating lots of sweet fruit which enriches the taste of his semen.

Michael was beside himself, he could hardly talk, complimenting me over and over again how thankful he was to have a girlfriend who could suck him like that. When he called me a nasty girl for spitting his semen back into his mouth I squeezed his balls hard promising to chew them off if he ever called swallowing semen nasty again. I told him that he should revere me as his goddess and that it was a privilege and an honor for me to spit into his mouth whatever I wished. Grabbing his balls and twisting even harder I forced him to promise me that from now on he was abdicating ownership of his seed to me, that from now on, his mouth was mine to use for my pleasure or for swallowing anything I chose. Squeezing and yanking his balls from his body he finally painfully agreed.

To test his obedience to his words I told him we were going to spend the afternoon making sure he kept his agreement with me. Removing the rest of Michael's clothes I straddled his hips standing on the bed and slowly stripped naked lowering my pussy on his face smothering him so he could not breathe. I had him were I wanted him so that I could give him all the good news. I explained the orgy and what my mom said my father would do to him and how excited it made me. As soon as I mentioned this Michael began to struggle so I reached back between his legs and began twisting his nuts until he settled down so that I could tell him the rest. His dick started getting hard again when I told him that my mom wanted to take him to bed and personally train him. Then when I told him that my sister Brianna was going to fuck him his cock became rock hard. Moving off his face I slowly settled my pussy lips over the top of his dick and driving downward I swallowed it with my vagina clamping down on his shaft with my well trained vaginal muscles. Looking deeply into his eyes I slowly began fucking his cock shaft up and down squeezing it with my cunt muscles. I knew that because he just finished ejaculating it would take some work for me to get him to come again. I was determined for him to fill my vaginal cup so that I could pour his fluids back into his mouth. My mom Queen Brenda insisted and I was being obedient!

I heard the front door open; my girlfriend Claire was calling for me wondering what I was doing. I insisted she come back into the bedroom to find out. Walking through the door there was my buxom blond lover Claire dressed in a sexy pair of shorts and a size too small halter top that barely covered her boobs which made my clit tingle. Smiling she pulled her top over her head exposing her luscious lickable breasts shaking them back and forth in front of my face. Grabbing her right breast she pointed it into my mouth allowing me to sample her nipple as I fucked Michael. Shimmying out of her skin tight shorts she climbed on top of Michael's face so that he could lick her pussy. Then Claire began French kissing me madly. We dueled with our tongues but I lost the fight and Claire pushed her tongue down my throat almost gagging me. I began sucking on her tongue just as if it were a huge cock in my mouth.

Instead of studying we had settled into a hot ménage à trois. I didn't really care I had just fucked my English teacher in lieu of my homework yesterday and I promised my psychology teacher that I would suck him off after class today for his notes so I had all my bases covered. I knew if I kept Michael away from his homework for too long I was going to have to take care of his math teacher as well.

Kissing Claire made me take my mind off of fucking Michael so I just swallowed his cock with my vagina as an alternative to moving. I began to just to squeeze and un-squeeze my vaginal muscles keeping him hard and happy. I could tell by how hot Claire's face was that Michael was working her clitoris the way she loved it. Both of us have trained him how to lick our clits taking advantage of it whenever we get horny using him with questions asked. I never get jealous because Claire allows me to fuck her boyfriend or use his tongue whenever I wish also.

I decided to cancel Michael's math class today grabbing the phone to call his professor. He knows who I am and knows that I keep my word when I make a promise. Still squeezing my vagina muscles around Michael's hard cock I got his professor on the phone. I told him that Michael would be a little busy this afternoon but I would personally come over to his office at 5:00 PM to pick up today's notes and suck his dick. He told me that would not be a problem and was looking forward to seeing me and hung up. I asked Claire if she needed any help with classes this afternoon I personally knew her biology teacher in a very intimate way. Claire confessed she was supposed to have a quiz today so I called her professor; quick blow jobs are a "man's thing" so for the price for quiz I invited myself to spend the night and she agreed. I did not think I would have any more energy to take care of anyone else today on this busy schedule!

I told Claire to get off Michael's face and go lock the front door and close the blinds this party was only for three. Claire grabbed a bottle of wine and three glasses determined to relax and get even hornier. Both Michael and I were still embraced and still fucking but we toasted with a glass of wine anyway as Claire sat back on Michael's face. Dripping wine down the crack of her vagina teasing Michael with drops of tonic. We continued to French kiss feeding each other sips of wine from our glasses. We didn't even care if any of us came we were just in the moment having fun. I actually traded places with Claire so she could sit on Michael cock for a while. Michael was tongue fucking me deeply so I reward him with several more drips of wine. Claire was rotating her hips with Michael's cock all the way inside of her vagina sensuously stirring her juices. His cock is just the right length to stimulate our G-Spots which makes both of us have thunderous orgasms.

We stopped kissing for a moment just to feel his tongue and cock inside of us. We felt fortunate to have such a boyfriend. We didn't want him to come because it felt so good. As Claire fucked Michael she reached for his balls pulling them away from his body, a good technique to keep a stud from cumming to soon. I began to bear down on Michael's mouth wanting more of his tongue in my pussy, almost cutting off his air passage making his face turned bright red. Both Claire and I wanted to come before Michael did. We started playing with each other's nipples pinching them until they were rock hard. Looking into one another's eyes which were glassy and dilated we could tell that Michaels cock and tongue were doing a number on us. We decided that before Michael ejaculated we would change positions one more time, in order that I would be sitting on top of Michael when he came. I wanted to feed Michael his own semen from my vaginal cup. Claire agreed sliding her pussy up and down Michael shaft several times before she pulled free leaving his cock flying freely in the air glistening with her juices. His tongue was so deep inside of my vagina he did not want to give me up.

Claire decided that before the afternoon was over we were going to have to give Michael a good spanking. I suggested that all three of us get spanked. I knew that Claire's biology teacher was itching to spank us. I picked up the phone again keeping my pussy on Michael's mouth and called up Ms Andrews. I told her that we were in the middle of a hot three-way and I was really looking forward to licking her pussy tonight. I asked her if she wanted to get an early start meeting us at our apartment at 6:00 PM. Ms Andrews wanted to know why? I explained that we all agreed for her to spank us. Ms Andrews was ecstatic finally her dreams would come true. We once humiliated her at a party and she took me aside and told me that one day when we were sober she wanted to give the three of us a good butt whipping. Quickly agreeing I gave Ms Andrews an open invitation to bring whatever she wanted to discipline us with. She told me not to worry she had the perfect paddle that would make the three of us quite sore. She told me to give the phone to Claire and as she listened, her face grew, quite red and she got very quiet then slowly hung up the phone. Looking at me her face turned white with fear telling me that she thought we were really in for a hard spanking. Giving her a kiss to try to cheer her up I told her that three of us were asking for this for a long time telling her that will be good for us. Maybe afterwards it might Claire wondered!

We continue ravishing Michael who did not have a clue we made a phone call welcoming a professor to spank his butt. I had to go fuck and suck two more professors before I had my spanking; by then I really will deserved it. We concentrate on getting Michael to come Claire stuck her clitoris into his mouth for him to suck on and I began sliding my vaginal lips up and down and around his shaft until he could no longer stand it shooting load after load up of pent up emotional come deep inside my pussy. With each pulse of his cock I squeezed down on the base of the shaft as if I was ringing him out squeezing every last drop of semen from his balls.

I waited a few moments until he finally stopped ejaculating then slowly pulled off of his still hard cock holding my vagina shut with my hand to keep his seed from spilling out of me. Winking at Claire I told her to pull off his mouth. She put her face down by Michaels so that she could get a good view telling him to open his mouth wide. Straddling Michael's face I lowered my vagina to his mouth. Once I was close enough I let loose my fingers closing my wet hole watching the first few drips of semen fall onto Michael's waiting tongue. It was a turn on for both Claire and I to watch me give him back his own seed. Using my vaginal muscles to squeeze his semen back out of my hole my well trained pussy began gushing his load into his mouth so hard he was choking on his own come. I had to hold his head up to my vagina forcing him to continue to feed and swallow. I didn't let up until every last slippery sperm cell was busy sliding back down his throat. I had never forcibly fed Michael his own semen in such a way but it was quite a turn on to see him fighting at first, and then lustfully swallowing it all down.

I told him that from now on because of orders from my mom he was going to have to ingest every last ejaculate whether it is from my mouth, my pussy, or my ass. I also told him that included any time he fucked Claire she was going to do the same thing. Seeing Michael's cock still hard Claire bet me that she could make him come in less than fifteen minutes. I motioned for to go ahead. I lowered myself back down on Michael's face so that he could continue sucking my clitoris. Claire really loved sucking cock swallowing his entire dick down her throat. She uses her lips, her tongue, and her cheeks all at the same time stimulating every nerve ending. Independently Claire was buggering Michael with her middle finger massaging the tip of her finger all over his prostate gland. Already Michael's cock was oozing pre-come from the stimulation. She had his balls in her other hand squeezing and kneading them almost begging for him to release more seed. I could feel how well Michael was sucking on my clit that he was really responding to Claire's class act fellatio. I was actually in awe of my girlfriend as I watched her suck Michael's cock. For a girl that is a sworn raving lesbian Claire would do anything to please me. Claire always told me that pleasing Michael is pleasing me as well.

I told myself that as soon as I came I was going to lick Claire's pussy like it's never been licked before and then I'm going to eat out her asshole until she screams. I had trained Michael well in the art of cunnlinigus as he followed my code to orgasm well. After carefully sucking and pulling on my labia lips with his own lips exciting me until they were engorged with blood, Michael tongue fucked my pussy until I could no longer stand it. Next Michael licked his way up to my clitoris pressing his lips around my miniature cock and began slowly sucking it and at the same time licking the head of my clit with his tongue sending me into a trance like nirvana. I could barely watch Claire sucking on Michael's cock the pleasure was so intense. I thought to myself that he could eat pussy as good as any woman. Both Claire and I were lucky to have him around especially around our pussies. Claire was deep throating Michael and he was making some pretty girl-like squeals sucking my clitoris in rhythm with Claire's mouth going up and down on his shaft. I was just along for the ride, but boy was it ever feeling good. My bladder was very full and I knew that if I came I was going to shoot my pee. So I decided that I was going to do it right over his mouth drowning him in my own warm urine.

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