tagBDSMTraining Him to Take Dick Ch. 05

Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 05


Chapter 5 (The Lost Cherry!)

(Chapter five is the end of this fictitious series about a submissive man named Michael who finally loses his virginity to another man with the blessings of his dominant wife! I dedicate this last chapter to the fantasies of all those out there who wonder what it would be like to have bisexual sex. I do not encourage or condone this type of behavior knowing that the threat of human behavior and not telling the truth could inflict a partner with S. T. D's or even AIDS. If a person is to participate in bisexual behavior they must know their partner well taking every precaution to be safe. I personally recommend that if your marital partner is willing to participate in this fantasy the wife can use a strapon dildo on the willing husband allowing him to suck her dildo strapped to her waist teaching him how to suck cock before she fucks him and if she is open perform anal intercourse and analictus on her as well. That way it is a lot safer and you could have the best of both worlds. Enjoy!)

Hello once again I am your moderator Belinda the horny coed who is finally going to have her boyfriend Michael properly fucked in his virgin asshole. I'm finally a senior in college studying psychology with an emphasis on lesbianism and bisexuality. I have been working out in the Gym with my boyfriend Michael and have gained a few pounds as well as improved my bust size to a 36 D. My lover Claire because of her constant pulling and mouthing my inner labia lips has stretched and opened them like a flower. Because of her vacuum like mouth on my clitoris Claire has enlarged it in size and the length which now sticks out of my clitoral hood almost an inch. I still have long black hair down to my asshole. My asscheeks have gotten a little bigger because of gaining muscle weight but they are also toned up with sexier heart shaped curves. My legs are more muscular as well. My nice white skin is now darkly tanned all over, including my shaven pussy, from spending hot afternoons at the nude beach. I feel like a new energized lesbian spirit. The only reason why I have my boyfriend Michael is I enjoy using his innocent submissive nature and willingness to do anything that I ask of. I actually do love him and want the best for him and he trusts me because he knows that I give him the best.

Michael adores me like his goddess. He calls me Goddess Belinda. I have completely turned him into my femmed male lesbian slave. He has long brown hair like mine tied in a ponytail. His entire body is shaven except for his of eyebrows and beautiful hair. When we bathe together we take turns shaving each other completely. I seldom suck his cock because now he never asks, after weeks of training at the end of my whip not to beg for fellatio. Michael only wishes to serve me with his own mouth spending hours between my legs pleasuring me. I rarely fuck him unless I am in the mood to use his cock like a dildo, making him to get on his back in a submissive position I ride and his cock facing away vigorously fingering my clit until I orgasm. Many times Michael is still hard and I just get off ordering him to jack himself off instead.

Being a dike top I enjoy being the fucker rather than the one getting fucked. With Michael and me intercourse has a whole new meaning. When I tell him that I'm in the mood for a good fuck he follows me into the bedroom like a good slave bending over for my best buttfucking techniques with my strapon in his asshole. I have trained Michael to have an orgasm without shooting a single sperm cell. That way I can fuck him many times during the day and he is still hot and horny for me. Using my fingers on him in the shower I have trained Michael to squeeze his anal muscles tightly each time the dildo pulls away from his asshole. I'm sure that any stud who fucks his ass will be totally satisfied.

I have him on a good milking schedule keeping his prostate healthy and his balls constantly producing sperm for me. I have found a dildo that shoots liquid and I use Michael's sperm to fill it so that I can train him to perform fellatio on me. I love watching Michael go down on me sucking and licking vigorously. He has lost all his embarrassments and inhibitions and sucks for me at my will. When I feel that his jaws are nice and sore I have an orgasm shooting his mouth full of his own sperm. I finally have him trained so that he can swallow the entire dildo and hold his breath for a full minute. It was quite a feat, to keep him from gagging but now he can swallow me in multiple angles and positions. I am convinced he is going to make an expert cocksucker.

Every year we participate in the summer solstice parade. Michael, Carl, Claire, and I were actually participants in the parade. Claire was dressed as an Indian Queen wearing only a golden thong hiding her shaved pussy and gold pasties attached to her nipple rings showing off the full curves of her beautiful breasts. Adorning her head she wore a gold fig leaf crown accenting her beautiful silken blond head. She looked so hot I wanted to eat her pussy right then and there. The boys who pulled her Queen's chair were wearing skin colored thongs making them look naked which barely covered their cocks. What people didn't know was that right before the parade Claire and I gave the boys a nice hard caning marking them with some nice red welts up and down their asses and legs. We wanted them to look like real slaves that had just been beaten. People commented on how authentic the makeup looked but we just giggled. Michael and Carl led their Queen down the parade route in a huge golden throne chair.

Behind the Queen I lead five other lesbian friends dressed in colorful diaphanous fabrics. Our entire bodies were basically naked except for the tiny thong covering our shaven pussies that we had to wear to legally be in the parade. I think everyone in the crowd was turned on by our bodies. We heard lots of cat calls, whistles, and cheers from other lesbians. My pussy was wet for the whole parade. My girlfriends and I laughed inside at all the male attention we were getting. Little did they know that none of us were desirous of cock preferring to be back at home by the pool eating each others pussies? The morning of the parade, with the full Moon still in the sky, us girls holding hands in a circle said a binding prayer recognizing female superiority over men. We bound ours studs and whipped them taking turns with the magically charged cane dedicating their fleshly desires to the moon goddess. Seven of us formed a sacred circle of lesbian love around our freshly beaten brothers, pussy to mouth until we were all connected. Performing cunnlinigus in unison we all magically orgasmed together. The boys were so sexually exciting their cocks were rock hard waving in the breeze during the entire oral session.

After the parade I chatted at the park sharing all our experiences along the route. I thanked all my sexy lesbian girlfriends with warm hugs and kisses promising them we would get together later tonight for a pool barbecue. Claire had several bouquets of flowers and even a bottle of champagne that one of our lady friends had given her. I could sense that Claire, Michael, and Carl were so charged with sexual energy they needed some immediate relief. We had reserved a hotel room nearby on Main Street so I gave Michael and Carl a loving hug and lingering kiss feeling their rock hard erections pushing into my crotch. I encouraged them to go and have some fun giving them a "wink".

I gave Claire a swat on her sexy bare ass telling her to save some of that pussy for me. Whispering in my ear Claire told me she was going to fuck the boys' balls off until they ached but there would be more than enough for me later. Wrapping her lips around mine right in front of all the people pulling me to her breasts by my own nipples Claire stuck her long tongue all the way down my throat using her skilled appendage like a cock fucking in and out and tickling the roof of my mouth giving me a nice teasing French kiss. I kissed her back sucking her tongue like I suck cock not even caring who was watching. Our hands were all over each other's breasts. When we finally broke the kiss our faces were flushed as well as our breasts. My nipples were rock hard and I could feel my clitoris tingling. The feelings we had for each other were deeper than love sometimes we just wanted to climb into each other's bodies and possessing each other. I loudly told Claire in front of everyone that I passionately love her in ways that we only will know.

After I said goodbye to my lovers I met a witch at the taro table named Goddess Megan. Being an open lesbian I was immediately attracted to her beauty especially her large exposed clevis of her curvaceous breasts that were framed by her flaming red hair. She invited me to sit down and seeing that I was attracted to her proceeded to give me a free reading. Every time she turned a card it was exactly what was happening in my life. Megan knew all; about my lesbian lifestyle, my infatuation with my boyfriend Michael, my frustration about his bisexuality and my close connection with my mother and father. Megan even knew about the untrained guide spirit inside me. Touching me I began to squirm like a snake she smiled saying she can teach me to use this power. Folding the deck Megan invited me into her private tent for an intimate massage. I was glad that I was alone giving me the chance to meet this beautiful mysterious lady.

Both of us quickly stripped naked taking time to enjoy each other's bodies with our eyes. When I saw Megan's body my pussy got even wetter. Her beautiful red hair flowed over her curvaceous breasts with suckable nipples as red as her hair that were pierced with golden rings. Her flesh was covered with sexy freckles typical of redheads. I wanted to lick every one of them off of her especially the ones on her pussy. Megan was tall like me with a sexy curvaceous body. Enticing each other we caressed our breasts pinching our nipples hard. Having a sexy show and tell our hands explored our crotches separating our labia lips exposing ourselves to each other. Both of us were so hot we immediately wanted each other. As soon as we touched each others bodies we got zapped with static electricity as soon as we touched. Megan immediately sensed the sexual energy I had already generated with Claire and I needing a release.

Before kissing me she asked permission knowing that I already had a lesbian lover, wondering and desiring my OK! Gratefully thanking her for asking I told her that my lover Claire and I have nothing to hide openly allowing each other space to make love to others. Giggling to break my nervousness I told Megan that right about now Claire was busy fucking my boyfriend and her boyfriend in a hot ménage a trois because I wanted her to drain the boys after all the sexual tension in the parade. Megan laughed pulling me into her flesh giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek. Making tiny kisses sucking around my lips Megan was getting me hot finally planting her lips over mine kissing me deeply. Wrapping my arms around her I kissed her back. At first we just sucked each other's lips and traded saliva but soon we were engaged in a tongue of war to see who could get whose tongue in the mouth first. I actually allowed Megan to tongue fuck me first just because I love the feeling. Our hands were all over each other's asses and our crotches pushed into each other so hard our clits were actually getting stimulated.

There was futon in the tent and we quickly used it to its full potential forgetting about the massage and going right into a hot 69. I couldn't get enough of Megan's pussy which smelled of the scent of an unknown aphrodisiac making me wild with desire. I could feel her long tongue inside of my vagina fucking me just like she had fucked my mouth driving me crazy with lust. We both were fingering each other's assholes and pussies as we sucked each other's clits. I think we both knew that we were experienced lesbians pulling out all the lustfull stops. Megan had a clitoris similar to mine nice and long that stuck out of the clitoral hood making it easy for me to suck and tickle with the tip of my tongue. It didn't take long for both of us to orgasm together but instead of stopping our tongues could not quit licking. Showing Megan the way I led her into a hot analictus 69 drilling each other's assholes with our tongues until we had another surprising orgasm.

Both of us were quite shaken after making love. We really didn't know what to say so we began kissing again. Megan and I finally sat down having a respectful serious talk. Megan told me that she was a third generation witch with a coven here in town. I told her that my mother practiced magic as well always desiring me to practice with her. To my surprise Megan invited me and my three lovers to come to one of their gatherings and see if that was something we would like. I told her with a smile that I would like that very much and was sure that my three lovers would as well.

I told Megan that I really wanted to make love to her again. There was a few people meandering outside at the table and Megan said that she had to go back to work and give a few tarot readings telling me if I was willing to wait for at least a half an hour we could resume our play. We both washed our mouths with wet toilets and gargled with some fresh mouthwash especially after licking each other's assholes. I was actually shaking in anticipation to make love to this beautiful redheaded witch Megan. As promised Megan returned a half hour later, clothing flew off and fireworks began happening as we made love. I was sure people outside the tent could hear but neither of us cared. We finally finished in a deep embrace french kissing exchanging tongues as our hands caressing each other's breasts. I told her that even though I have one soul mate Claire that I think I met another because I was immediately in love with Megan. She gave me an amethyst charm to wear around my neck to think of her telling me that in the spirit and she was attracted to my lover Claire as well and we would make a beautiful lesbian threesome.

I returned to the hotel room where Claire was busy fucking Michael and Carl. Claire was up on the bed lying on top of Michael with his cock in her pussy while Carl was busy plowing her backside. I quietly sat down and watched enjoying my girlfriend getting DP'd. Claire usually doesn't allow the boys to do this but I guess she was so horny fror\m the summer solstice she made an exception. After cumming several times the boys were still hard pulling out of her orifices. Looking at me with their huge erections I didn't need an invitation taking Claire's place in bed. I lowered myself on Michael's cock kissing him fully on the mouth and from behind I could feel Carl slowly pushing his lubricated cockhead into my asshole. I felt so nasty after making love to Megan but I decided to let the boys have me this way balancing my bisexual nature with male testosterone. Claire gave me a kiss on the mouth telling me to enjoy running off to the bathroom to take a shower.

After making love to Megan getting "DP'd" was nothing like the sensuality I had with her as the boys fucked me quite roughly. Michael was hardly moving but Carl with his huge cock was fucking my asshole off. It was like getting a spanking payback for eating Megan behind Claire's back. I felt now was a perfect time to time to warn Michael as Carl kept fucking my asshole that the time was coming very soon that it would be his turn to get fucked in his virgin anus by Carl. A half hour later both the boys came in my orifices just as Claire got out of the shower. Joining me on the bed we 69'd as Claire began licking my orifices sucking semen from both my pussy and asshole. I treated her to the best oral sex I could give sucking her clitoris until she screamed in orgasm and then drove my tongue deep into her asshole fucking it until she came.

When we finally caught our breath and I actually confessed to my three lovers about the sex I had with Megan and the offer that we got. We all agreed that we should at least attend the first meeting to see what it was all about. Even though we all have an agreement that we can fuck other people all three of my lover's decided that I needed a good spanking especially because of what we had planned for tonight taking away time from them. They decided that I was to 69 with Claire and I would be on top. I also would be sucking Michael's cock as Carl from behind would be spanking my cheeks and whenever Michael got hard he would be giving me another ass fucking. I got on top of Claire and she immediately begin sucking my swollen clitoris Michael forced his hard cock all the way down my throat and at the same time I was getting spanked from behind by Carl. I really got a good ass blistering from Carl's huge hand, a mouthful of precome from Michael, and the intense orgasm from Claire. As promised Michael fucked my asshole with Claire licking me to another orgasm.

We spent the rest of the night in total debauchery. When the boys could no longer get it up we strapped dildos on them making them fuck us anyway. Trading places bending them over side by side of we took turns fucking the boys' assholes with huge 11in. dildos because they were so relaxed from being drunk. I was sure there asses would be sore in the morning. I love wearing a dick and Claire and I fucked the boys hard competing to see who could fuck the hardest.

We woke up in the morning and the hotel room was a mess with empty wine glasses, spilled wine bottles, clothing strewn everywhere, strapons left on the floor, a bottle of ky jelly spilling out on the bedroom table, blankets on the floor. We ordered room service laughing about everything that we did last night. When the orderly delivered our food he saw the dildos on the floor and Claire aggressively asked him if he wanted to stay and get fucked in the ass as well; his face turned red and he quickly ran out the door. After breakfast we cleaned up all the evidence washing the harnesses and dildos in the shower.

The shower was so big that all four of us could fit inside and soap each other up. We even convinced the boys to rub their erect cocks into each other's ass cracks. Because Michael's cock is a lot smaller than Carl's he actually popped it inside before Carl could object balls deep. Claire and I encourage Michael to keep fucking him as we grabbed Carl by the arms forcing him to hold still. On a fluke we witnessed one of our lover's losing his virginity. We kept telling Carl not to worry just relax and enjoy. I didn't think that Michael was an aggressive man but he was giving Carl such a hard fucking his thighs were slapping against Carl's buttcheeks so loudly it was making my clit tickle. Carl had a huge 9in. erection drooling pre-come during the entire fuck. Claire continued sliding her hand up and down Carl's shaft keeping him excited so his mind would not just concentrate on his violated asshole.

Claire decided that she didn't want Michael to come inside of Carl's asshole, yanking his cock out on an outward thrust she forced Carl to his knees shoving Michaels cock into his mouth. Michael continued fucking his face for several minutes and finally shot a huge load into Carl's mouth making him choke and gasp for air. Huge globs of semen were streaming from the sides of Carl's mouth. Carl felt quite embarrassed and actually gave Michael an embracing kiss thanking him for finally addressing his homophobic issues confessing that when the girls fucked him with a strapon it really turned him on making him wonder what it was like to have the real thing. He told Michael that he was not angry with him but was looking forward to the day when he could pleasure him the same way.

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