Training His Wife

byblack saphire©

The hard cock kept on drilling hotly into her. Ellen's hips were bucking and her ass kept raising itself off the bed. She came again and again with wild abandon. Her entire body felt electrified and her toes were curled inwards.

She started to come down from her orgasm and now she wrapped her hands around the cock in her mouth, milking it as she sucked it harder. Her cheeks hollowed out as she thoroughly enjoyed the cock plowing her mercilessly.

She heard Tim moan and then tense up. His cock swelled in her mouth and began to spurt hot cream into her wanton mouth. The jism splashed hotly against the back of her throat and she swallowed hard as spurt after spurt filled her mouth. Her cunt convulsed as she came again and just then she felt the cock in her pussy tremble.

Tom pulled out and rammed it hard into her as he felt her cuntal walls contract and start to milk him. He moaned loudly as his cock cream shot out and coated her insides.

"MMMmpppphhhhhhhhhhh!! Mmmmmuuuunnnnhhhh!" Ellen screamed out loudly, only muffled by the shrinking cock still in her mouth. She trembled and shook violently in orgasmic rapture as her cunt spasmed wildly.

She lay back, as if in surrender as she succumbed to the most intense orgasm of her life. Her eyes were closed and she felt Tim climbing off her body and pulling his cock with him.

"Ooohhh.. Ohhhh.. Oh Goddddd" She moaned incoherently.

She felt Tom remove his cock from her freshly fucked cunt and she shivered at the emptiness she felt. Tom moved to the side of the bed and pulled her face toward his cum soaked cock.

"Clean it slut!"

Any revulsion that Ellen would have felt previously, seemed to have disappeared altogether. She opened her mouth willingly and took Tom's cock into her mouth. She could taste his cum mixed with hers and there was still no repugnance or distaste. She sucked his cock, cleaning up all his juices as if she couldn't get enough.

Finally, Tom pulled his cock from her mouth and left her lying on the bed. She heard a voice saying "I think we're done for now," but couldn't make out who said it. Her breath was short and she felt so tired but so wonderfully tired. Her eyes were still closed and she only weakly opened them as she heard the door opening and footsteps walking in.

"Well, well, well." David said. "What a sight we have here! This is what a cheating slut should look like"

Her eyes flew open as she stared at David gazing down at her. The only look in his eyes was pure lust. Ellen could not find her voice to say anything nor did she know what to say. She suddenly felt as if she had left her body and was looking down at herself.

Her legs were splayed wide open and her pussy leaked cum, dripping down to her ass. Her thighs were covered in her own white cream. Dribbles of cum leaked out of the corner of her mouth. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and tingles of pleasure still ran through her. Her arms were spread eagled across the bed and she really looked like she had been well and properly fucked.

David's words hit her as she felt him poke his finger into her well used cunt.

"If you think this is over honey, it's only just beginning. If you choose to act like a slut then you damn well are going to learn to be a real slut for me too!""

Ellen closed her eyes. Her brain felt numb but her body continued to tingle....

to be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/27/18

Crap storyline.

If the husband wants his wife to fuck other men then she isn't a slut!

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