tagFetishTraining Karen Ch. 03

Training Karen Ch. 03


[This story includes lots of stuff that may turn some people off: bodily functions, including periods, anal sex and bathroom control, and involvements that could well be described as incestuous; so if any of this bothers you, stop right here.]

Malinda found herself growing more comfortable with her new stepmother's controlling personality. Karen, a lithe 42-year-old blonde, exercised authority in the household over her 25-year-old stepdaughter after marrying Malinda's father, Dennis, who was 20 years older than his new wife and cared only about the hot sex he was having in bed with her whenever he felt the urge.

Karen had quickly moved into a controlling posture with her stepdaughter, spanking her often for anything she regarded as challenging her new regime. Malinda was expected to keep her room scrupulously clean, along with her person. Karen checked frequently on both, making Malinda lower her panties for inspections. If the dominating stepmom found any stains in her stepdaughter's undies, a spanking would soon follow.

While Malinda bitterly resented the new rules in the house, she did not feel able to move out yet because she wasn't making enough money in her job to cover the expenses she would incur living on her own. Since Karen was aware of this, she had no reason to limit her dominance of her stepdaughter.

Malinda found herself both repelled and fascinated by one of the stranger aspects of Karen's control. Karen now required Malinda to request her stepmom's permission to use the toilet. Karen usually granted the permission, although Malinda was horrified by the possibility that she would be denied the right to pee or defecate when she felt the need.

Karen was thinking about starting to put off Malinda's request with a rather blithe, "You'll have to wait until it's convenient for me to go with you." Karen did now accompany Malinda to the bathroom, which Malinda found embarrassing in the extreme. The new stepmother also observed Malinda's use of the toilet and kept a chart of her urination and defecation, with comments on duration, texture, and color. Sometimes, Malinda was told she had to pee or shit into a large or small bowl that Karen would place on the bathroom floor for Malinda to squat and do her business as her bare bottom cheeks hovered over the bowl. Karen also sometimes insisted on wiping Malinda personally after she had used the toilet, saying that her stepdaughter needed to do this more carefully.

Malinda was most surprised, however, when her stepmother proceeded to use the toilet in front of her. She might even have Malinda across her lap receiving a spanking when her stepdaughter suddenly heard the unmistakable sounds of her stepmother peeing or pooping right beneath her. Karen also would then make Malinda wipe her vulva and anus clean. Malinda thought that the worst part of this was having to see her stepmother's turds in the bowl.

Malinda also was totally amazed at how Karen was actually involving her stepdaughter in the stepmom's sex life with Malinda's dad, Dennis. Karen tended to make major cries of passion when she was being fucked or licked, and Malinda had been mightily bothered by trying to sleep in her room down the hall while these frenzies were occurring. It was all the worse that Malinda had not had a boyfriend for some time and that Karen restricted her dating.

But one night Karen invited Malinda into the marital bed and told her she would sleep with her and her father that night while Karen and Dennis made love. Karen had told Dennis she wanted this to happen and Dennis enjoyed having sex with his new wife enough to agree with whatever she wanted.

So Malinda had joined them, in the nude just as Karen was, and watched as her father made love to Karen, who orgasmed relatively quickly and noisily. Malinda was then told to lick Karen's flowing pussy and swallow the mixture of her father's cum and her stepmom's vaginal outpourings. Malinda was surprised to find that this was not at all unpleasant. Her alacrity to satisfy Karen's order may have been prompted by her recollection of not enjoying it quite as much when Karen told her to lick her asshole clean when Karen had defecated that afternoon.

Soon Karen and Dennis were again at it in bed and this time Malinda was told to lick Karen's slit and Dennis's cock while the two were copulating. Malinda found this assignment even more interesting and started feeling that her stepmother was strange but that some of these clearly exhibitionistic kinks were turn-ons.

Now Karen proceeded down one more kinky path. She reached for her trusty tube of lube and told Malinda to get up on all fours. Karen then inserted a finger with the lube into Malinda's asshole. Malinda was shocked but also found herself anally stimulated and excited. Karen then inserted a small dildo into her stepdaughter's tight anal opening and began to fuck her with it, increasing both the speed and the depth to which the dildo reached.

Malinda was really enjoying this when Karen removed the dildo, just prior to Malinda's reaching, for her, a rarely-experienced orgasm. Now the stepmom slipped in, again with plenty of lube, another, wider and longer dildo. This took Malinda by surprise but soon she began to enjoy the nice feelings that the dildo was bringing her in her rectum.

Karen and Dennis had discussed the fact that neither wanted Dennis to engage in incestuous relations with his daughter. However, both had concluded that once Malinda was made ready, Dennis could be the first to have his way with her by her backdoor.

So soon, Karen sweetly said to Malinda as the larger dildo was withdrawn, that "Daddy and I feel you should enjoy having him be the first to have you in your ass." Malinda knew that it would be crazy to resist and her gradual initiation into having her ass filled had indeed made her ready for Dennis's cock. She even took grip on her deep feeling that this was still going to be painful.

Dennis positioned himself behind her as her cute little bottom hole winked at him as if to invite his invasion and after Karen lovingly laved some lube on his glans, slowly slipped the head of his cock past her still-tight anal sphincter. Malinda groaned but for only a few seconds. It felt strange having a cock go in there. But then she started to feel—probably from all those anal sex nerve endings—the way she did when she had had sex for the first time in high school. She actually now felt both warmly sexually filled and loved by her sometimes distant father.

He put his arms around her and caressed her breasts as Karen teasingly played with her stepdaughter's labia and clit. Malinda was now rocketing toward a huge orgasm and she soon reached that point where she felt her insides explode in excitement. Karen made the young woman's first anal orgasm even better by plunging her fingers into Malinda's boiling vagina at the very moment when Malinda's fuse went off.

Dennis too fired his own engine and filled Malinda's back hole with yet another batch of his cum. He was pleased that he could show his stuff after already satisfying his hot little wife by cumming hard inside her molten cunt.

All three now came down from the high and Dennis was pleased to hold both his new wife and his daughter in his arms. Karen and he kissed deeply and then Karen leaned over and took her stepdaughter in her arms and hugged and kissed her lovingly. Dennis then showed his daughter of his love for her.

"Mommy," Malinda said with affection, "you really are so good to me. I'd like to do what you want me to do so you won't have to punish me so much."

Karen smiled at her and told her she was a good girl, "but that even good girls need some disciplining." Malinda decided to play while she was ahead and asked, in a small voice, whether that meant that even "mommies sometimes need to be disciplined too?"

This shocked Karen, but only because it aroused some of her own deepest feelings, akin to her by now obvious exhibitionism.

"Yes, darling," she said thoughtfully, "even mommies sometimes need to be punished for their own good."

This was good enough for Malinda, for even the vaguest possibility that she might one day have her stepmother across her lap pleased her immensely.

Dennis now rolled over and went to sleep and Karen carefully took some tissues and lovingly wiped Malinda's slightly sore anal opening. Karen made sure her tissue went inside and gradually she managed to clean out all of her husband's cum from her daughter's anus.

Malinda took this opportunity to thank her for being such a nice mommy and cleaning her after what had gone on. She now put her face between Karen's svelte legs and began to lave Karen's pussy with attention. She was cleaning her stepmom but also exciting her by using her tongue on Karen's risen clit. Karen enjoyed yet more excitement in her nether regions but soon whispered to Malinda to stop before Dennis was awakened.

The next day, Karen and Malinda seemed still enthralled by the doings of the night before. Karen's love of having sex with more than her husband did not bother Dennis, and Malinda was pleased to participate. Later that day, though, Malinda realized that the fun might be over for a time when she pulled down her panties to pee and found that her monthly visitor—her period—had arrived.

She swabbed the panties to avoid Karen's ire at any stains but then realized she had better tell her stepmother before the latter figured out for herself that Malinda was menstruating.

When she told Karen, her stepmother smiled and told Malinda that it might be too messy for her to be in bed with Dennis and Karen during her period. Then Malinda was surprised when Karen took her into her bedroom, told her to take off her panties and presented her with what looked like a tight pair of Spanx control underpants.

"I find that these help you feel in control during your period," Karen told her, "so I want you to wear them." Malinda stated to protest but stopped herself: she knew by now that it was dangerous to argue with her stepmother. She put the tight control undies on, not happy with the restraint they imposed on her. But more was to come.

Karen reached into her dresser drawer and pulled out a large maxipad.

"I want you to use these for the first two days," she said very matter-of-factly as if discussing the weather, "and you will come in to see me when you feel you need to change."

Malinda now was aghast at the insinuation and actual interference in her most private concerns of menstrual hygiene. She had been using tampons almost since she first got her period and was appalled at having to wear what seemed like a diaper in these horrible control panties.

"Mom, please, can't I just use the tampons I've found work just fine for me?" Malinda pleaded.

"As long as you are in this house, sweetie," Karen responded in a conversational tone which Malinda knew could quickly become dominating, "you will deal with this in the way I have told you."

Malinda smiled her obvious assent and knew enough to leave things as they were. After all, she thought, as obnoxious as this was, she actually didn't feel as crampy as she usually did on her first day. Maybe those awful undies calmed her tummy.

Karen did not spank her for the next few days. Malinda thought to herself that maybe the fact that she wasn't wearing a tampon was keeping her stepmother from pulling down her panties to spank her for fear of getting her menstrual flow on her skirt if she were to spank the 25-year-old.

Malinda, though, was usually very sexually needy during her period, something she rarely had had the pleasure of indulging by having sex with a boy. Usually, she satisfied herself in the shower or in her bed, but she was reluctant to do this with Karen possibly finding out. Her stepmom would notice any untoward stains in Malinda's panty crotch and Malinda knew that her vagina flowed with excitement as well as her menses right now.

She did decide to relieve some of the self-induced pressure by fingering herself in her bedroom when Karen surprisingly entered as the young woman was on the verge of cumming.

"Are you playing with yourself?" Karen said very accusingly.

"Well, yes," Malinda said very openly, "since I'm not relieving what I feel with sex."

"You'll do that when I say you can." Karen replied, very bossily, scaring Malinda with her blatant assertion of control over the young woman's most intimate matters.

"Take off those panties," Karen ordered. It did not take long for Malinda to respond because the control panties were already down at her knees, with the soiled maxi in the crotch.

Malinda was lying on a dark towel so that any of her menstrual flow would not soil the bed linens. She felt totally exposed with her hairy, bleeding pussy on full display before her stepmother.

"You are going to be punished for this," Karen said sternly. "Hold yourself open down there."

Malinda was shocked but did what she was told.

Karen reached into her purse and pulled out what looked like a huge-thick Tampax Super and took it out of the wrapper.

"Oh no, please, I don't use them that big," Malinda pleaded as she realized the huge tampon was being readied to go into her vagina. She had found that slender regulars did the job just fine for her.

"It's no larger than a nice cock," Karen cackled. Then she expertly held Malinda's labia apart and pushed the tampon applicator right into Malinda's pussy. She pushed the plunger and Malinda felt the plug propel itself into her vaginal vault.

"Come to me in a few hours and we'll see how heavy you're flowing and I'll know then how often you'll need to be changed," Karen continued in a matter-of-fact manner that chilled her stepdaughter.

For the pièce de resistance, however, Karen now pulled out her final humiliation for Malinda on this day of embarrassments. She held out a small pair of little girl's panties, complete with the Hello Kitty design on the front.

"Yes, I'm afraid you need to wear these today to get you to understand that you need to mind me," Karen spoke to her as if Malinda were a preteen.

Malinda slowly pulled up the shameful panties which were just tight enough, she realized, to fit her but which would also leave her with nasty tell-tale red lines around her thighs where they would press in on her skin. She also saw that Karen was smiling, but more probably at the cameltoe in Malinda's panty crotch, where the punishing panties were pulled deep into Malinda's cleft.

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