tagBDSMTraining Me

Training Me


You had me waiting for you, naked and kneeling. When you arrived, you took off your jacket to reveal your outfit: a corset that left your breasts exposed, tight latex panties and a pair of high heels.

You knew the sight of you in it would drive me wild with lust, and it did just that.

You approach me, looking down at me. I feel your hands grab me by the hair and pull my face into your latex covered crotch. It's hard to breathe, but you hold me there, forcing me to smell your pussy on the other side of that thin black latex.

"Dogs like to smell their owner's crotch, right bitch?"

I tried to answer, but I was muffled between your legs.

"Whatever. Shut up," you told me.

You locked cuffs around my ankles with a 12 inch chain between them. Then another 12 inch chain from my balls to the one hobbling my feet.

"Now you'll stay down."

A collar was locked around my neck. A leash snapped to it.

You turned and walked away, dragging me behind. I crawled awkwardly, but inspired by the sight of your ass.

In the living room, you sat down with a drink, leaving me on the floor.

You tossed the fake plastic pussy you named Caryn to me.

"Fuck her."

I used the toy in front of you for your amusement. Sometimes you came close to me, letting me kiss your bare leg. Or your ass. Once you stood over me, straddling my face.

"You will learn to cum with my scent in your face, pet."

I kept humping Caryn, eager to explode into her.

"I love using the memory of her like this against you. In fact, I've come up with some new ideas to torment you."

I had worked myself up for you, eager to cum. As you always know when I get close, you reached out and snatched Caryn off my cock before I could cum.

My useless cock bobbed in the cold air, hard and unable to get what it wanted.

You took a small penis whip out, and had me present myself. You looped a cord under the head of my cock, and pulled it up. You could make it stand straight up, or yank it down hard to the floor. You whipped my cock from all sides, adjusting the cord so you covered it evenly in your beating. Eventually, I went soft.

"Remember Renita? From college? You told me you could have married her, except your cock was out of control and you cheated on her?"

You tossed a chastity device on the floor between my legs.

"Say hello again to Renita, slut. You broke her heart with your wandering cock. Now she's going to break yours. Lock it up. I'm done with it."

I did my best to get my sore cock stuffed in the soft rubber prison. I took the lock from you, and you made me snap it shut myself.

"Good. Now that that thing is put away, you can focus on whatever I want you to. Right, bitch?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

You began strapping a strapon cock to your waist.

"I'm glad to hear that. You're going to want to pay close attention to my directions. Or I'll make this hurt you badly."

The cock bobbed in the air in front of my face, menacingly. You tapped it against my face.

"And this is Lisa. That tiny little girl you used to bend over and fuck her ass? She used to go stiff from the pain, right? She wants to meet you again too."

You slapped me across the face.

"Those girls are going to be helping me train you. And we're going to make you a very good boy. Now let's break you in."

You flipped me onto my back, my legs in the air, spread.

I whimpered as you lubed Lisa up.

"You've had this coming a long time, baby. I'm taking a piece of you today."

You slid the cock into me half an inch, and it hurt.

"You will accommodate Lisa. I'll make sure of that if it takes all afternoon."

You slowly worked your hips back and forth, slipping the cock head in and out of my ass. Slowly, the pain became manageable.

"Be easier if I let you tug on your cock, huh? Maybe another day."

Gradually, my ass opened to you, and you took deeper thrusts into me. I was filled and violated. As you wanted me.

I grunted with each stroke. Soon, I was yours. You had fucked my ass, and we knew it was a special moment in our relationship. One neither of us would ever forget.

With the cock buried completely inside me, you leaned into me. Bending forward, you kissed me passionately.

"Now you're a slave."

After getting yourself off, you withdrew. My mind was a blur and I just did as I was told.

I felt you attaching something to my balls. I knew it would be scary from your smile. When you showed me a remote control, I knew exactly what you had done to me.

"Your balls are now wearing my shock collar. Time for some obedience training."

You put me on my knees on the floor again. My ass felt sore and I was constantly aware of it.

Standing before me, you explained the rules.

"When I say a part of my body, you will get your lips there and kiss until told otherwise. Got it?"

"I do, Mistress."


As I shuffled back to make room to bend forward, I felt a surge of electricity run into my balls. It hurt and made me jump.

Laughing, you said, "Faster bitch."

I dropped like a rock and pressed my lips to your toes, kissing them reverently.


I worked my way up, kissing.


The chains made it hard to be nimble, but I tried. Again you pressed the button, and gave me an electrical punch to my nuts.

"Move it."

I jammed my face into your ass, kissing for all I was worth. It felt good to be there. But you wouldn't let me enjoy it too long.


I leaped down to your feet, sucking.

"Not bad. You train quickly with current to your nuts, don't you? Hardly a surprise though."


I stuck my face between your thighs, licking against the shiny black latex. You moaned at the pressure, and let me linger there a few moments.

You pointed to the nearby corner. "Wall."

I hesitated. You looked at me and smiled. And pressed the button.

I grabbed my balls instinctively from the pain. When the shock ended, I shuffled over to the wall and pressed my lips against it.


You walked past me, running your hand through my hair.

Then you left the room.

I waited, my lips against the wall. I didn't want to anger you. I stayed.

You left me there for a while. Since you knew you had me by the balls, you didn't seem to mind taking me for granted.

When you returned, you wore a different strapon. This one went inside you, so as you fucked with it, it gave you great pleasure.

"Kneel. Back to the wall."

You straddled my face, and guided the cock to my mouth.

"Open up, cocksucker."

I opened my mouth to take your cock, but it was so big. You pushed forward, pinning my head up against the wall. I couldn't back away any further, and you fucked my mouth.

I knew you would be able to orgasm from doing this to me. And I wanted you to. I wanted you to get everything you wanted from me. So I took it, and tried to get you off through that fat dick in my mouth.

"This is a lovely way for a woman to cum, don't you think?"

I could only agree with you with my eyes. My mouth was far too stuffed to speak.

"I think we should have a discussion soon about the various ways you will be allowed to cum, pet. Those orgasms of yours will be rare treats now, and you'll only squirt under very specific circumstances."

"Yes, I'll let you cum the way you desire sometimes. Other times, you'll just have your prostate milked. Or if you piss me off, you'll get tied down and treated to a ruined orgasm. I'll bring you right to the point of no return, then let go of your cock. Your body will go through the motions and pump out your cum, but you'll get no satisfaction from it at all. That will really spoil your day, won't it?"

The thought of that made you shudder with pleasure, and I could sense your orgasm coming. You grabbed my hair and jammed my face onto your dick, choking me, uncaring. You came hard, thighs shaking. I was just happy to please you.

You pulled out, and removed the dildo. You knelt down and stroked my face, kissing me.

"That was wonderful, pet. Makes me feel generous."

You removed a key from the necklace around your neck, and unlocked my chastity device.

"Let's give Renita a break. She'll be back for you soon though. Stroke yourself."

It felt glorious being allowed to touch myself again. And when you began teasing my nipples, I was in heaven.

You whispered into my ear. "Now then. Let's discuss your cumming options."

"You are a slave. That means you have very few rights. And cumming like a regular man is definitely not one of them. Normal orgasms make men feel cocky and selfish. You won't be getting those. Your orgasms will be humiliating. They will reinforce your status."

You brought a chair over and sat in front of me.

"Let's play a game, slave."

You bent forward suggestively. Tracing your finger around your lips, you asked me, "Do slaves get to cum here?" You opened your mouth.

I shook my head no. "No, Mistress."

You laughed. "Certainly not. That idea is just ridiculous, isn't it? I mean, maybe if it was into another slave's mouth. Maybe. Even then... I doubt it."

"How about here," you asked, cupping your breasts. "Do slaves get to cum here?"

"They do not, Mistress."

"No. Again, ridiculous. Here?"

You slid your hand between your legs, fingering your pussy.

"Definitely not, Mistress."

"Of course not. As a slave, your cock will never cum in a woman's pussy. Slave or otherwise. Except for Caryn, of course. She's the only pussy I have approved for you."

You stretched your feet out to me. "How about down here? Do slaves get to cum on their Mistress's feet?"

I thought for a moment. "Maybe, Mistress. In special occasions?"

"Hmm. Yes, I think so. There will be times I let you shoot on my feet. It would mean your cum touching me, which I do not appreciate. But, it's such a silly place for a man to spill his cum. How degrading. Other men get many options. But you? You squirt on my feet. Down low. I like that."

You traced your fingernails across my chest. "And here? Should you be allowed to slime yourself?"

I knew you enjoyed seeing me wear my cum. "Yes, Mistress. Wearing my cum is appropriate for me."


You slid two fingers into my mouth. "And here? Shall I have you shoot into your own mouth?"

I didn't want to answer, but I still had the shock collar on.

"Yes, Mistress. Slaves eat cum."

"Good boy. I'll be finding other places for you to cum too. Silly, demeaning places to lose your cum. Toilets. Trashcans. Of course, at the time, you'll be too far gone to care much about pride. You'll just be happy to squirt. You won't care anymore."

"I know you can do that to me."

"Can and will, slut. In fact..."

You showed me a coffee mug you'd brought back. I hadn't noticed it before.

"You'll be making oatmeal for your breakfast in this. But first..."

Smiling evilly, you held the mug down right in front of my cock.

"Cum for me, baby. Make it a good one."

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