tagBDSMTraining Mindi Ch. 01

Training Mindi Ch. 01


The plane touched down at exactly 4:13 pm, according to Mindi's watch. She closed her eyes and sighed in relief. "Man was not meant to fly," she muttered to herself. By 5:06 pm, she was sitting in a smelly cab, listening to the driver curse at the rush hour traffic. At 6:00 pm on the dot, Mindi opened her front door and locked it behind her. Then she very carefully took off her watch and hurled it as hard as she could toward the back bedroom.

For two long weeks, she had been counting down the hours until this hellish trip would be over and she could return home. If not for her grandfather's heart attack, she would never have left. Mindi had pledged long ago that she would not return to her family's house, unless there had been a death and every minute of this visit had been a reminder of why she had made that vow in the first place.

Mindi's father was a staunch Republican, and his third wife, Estelle, had turned conservative values into a religious doctrine. Together, they had dissected Mindi's entire life and shoveled acid scorn onto every bleeding shred.

In their perfect world, Mindi was married to a wealthy older man who was considering a run for Congress. She had two extremely well-behaved and photogenic children, and served on a number of prominent committees.

But in the real world, Mindi was single, recently laid off, and according to her family, she had deplorable taste in friends. Her father and Estelle felt duty-bound to point out these deficiencies at every opportunity.

The only good thing to come out of the funeral and its aftermath was the surprise at the reading of Grandfather's will. A trust had been established in Mindi's name worth quite a bit of money. It would not support an extravagant lifestyle, but if she was careful, Mindi could live quite comfortably.

She wouldn't have to worry about finding a new job, at any rate. That had been a major worry, especially with the travel expenses draining her savings and the funeral delaying her job search. And with her family once again two thousand miles away, Mindi felt she should finally be able to relax.

Instead, her tension was only increasing. Or perhaps she was simply more aware of it now that the distractions were gone. There was something missing from her life, and had been for quite some time. The fact that she knew exactly what it was only made things worse.

Her family would say that she needed a husband. They had, in fact, told her so many, many times. And the truth was, they were partially right. Except that it was not a husband Mindi craved, but a partner, someone interested in the exotic games Mindi was dying to play.

Feeling frustrated, Mindi unpacked by dumping her suitcase out on the living room floor. She pulled off her travelling clothes and added them to the pile. One good thing about living alone, Mindi reflected, was that she could walk around naked whenever she felt like it. One bad thing was that there was nobody to appreciate it.

Mindi walked through the back bedroom, into the bathroom, intending to take a long shower. She took a moment to stare at herself in the mirror. She was pretty, she supposed, with good Irish features. Her hair was a wavy auburn and framed her face well. At twenty-six, she had a nice, youthful body, with classic feminine curves and a decent rack. All in all, it was a good package. It just needed a good scrubbing.

The phone rang just as she was turning on the water. Cursing, Mindi stalked back across the room to answer it. Caller ID showed it was Estelle. Mindi picked up the phone and all her frustration suddenly boiled over. "I just got home, Estelle. I'm still not married, Estelle. But I had a quickie during the stopover in Chicago, so you just might get lucky on the grandkid thing."

Mindi slammed down the phone and stepped back into the bathroom for her shower. It had been a childish outburst and solved nothing, but she felt a little better for having made it. She stood under the hot water and relaxed, dreaming of a more fulfilling life.

In her fantasies, Mindi had a lover. He was tall and sophisticated, handsome and confident. He was her lord and master, a man who controlled her completely. No subtle manipulations. No guilt trips. He imaginary master simply gave her orders and she obeyed.

Mindi dreamed of being tied down, helpless to free herself, absolved of all responsibility. Her master would take her, again and again, any way he wanted, and she could do nothing to prevent it.

He would come to her, blindfold her, tie her hand and foot to an old-fashioned four-post bed. For hours, he would keep her there. He would make a few phone calls, fix himself some dinner, maybe watch the news while she lay writhing in her bonds, struggling in vain to escape. From time to time, he would wet his cock in her mouth or dip it briefly in her pussy. If she made any protest at the treatment, he would gag her.

Mindi brought her hand down between her legs and eased one finger inside herself as she imagined this scenario. It was a fantasy that never failed to arouse her. There were variations on the theme, but the basics never changed. She was always the slave to a dominating master.

She stroked her clit, rubbing with one finger. With her other hand, she played with her tits. Once in a rare while, she used a vibrator. But tonight, she just needed a quick release. And when her fantasy lover grabbed her head, forced his cock deep in her mouth and spurted jets of hot come down her throat, Mindi was inspired to her own orgasm.

But when the climax faded, she was alone, unbound, and there was nothing in her mouth but her own tongue. Masturbation was a shallow and unsatisfying outlet, but a necessary part of her life. Some days, Mindi couldn't face the world without that relief available to her. And these past two weeks had been especially hard.

Mindi climbed out of the shower and started toweling off. She was calmer now, more in control. So when the phone started ringing again, she was able to answer politely, even knowing who was on the other end.

"Good evening, Father. I was just about to call you."

"You were very rude to your mother before, Mindi. I expect you to apologize."

"She caught me at a bad moment. Tell her I'm very deeply sorry. But please do not call her my mother."

"Mindi, she tries. I know you don't always get along, but-"

"She only goes through the motions. Estelle has no real interest in anything I say or do and you know it."

There was silence from the other line. Mindi could almost hear her father thinking, trying to find a way to deny her words without looking foolish and blind. Instead, he changed the subject. "Estelle was speaking to her father's law partner at lunch today. Apparently, he has a son who lives not too far from you."

"Goodnight, Father. I'm going to bed." Mindi set the phone down. She would not be the subject of Estelle's matchmaking.

Dropping the towel, Mindi stretched out on top of the blankets. It was too hot for covers and she never bothered with pajamas. Almost immediately, there was a knock at the door. Mindi growled in exasperation. Why couldn't people just let her alone? She was tempted to ignore it, but it was easier to be rude to family than to friends, or even strangers. "I'll be right there!" she called.

Quickly, she pulled a clean pair of panties from her dresser and slipped into them. Donning a robe, she tied the sash as she headed for the front room. She was reaching for the knob when someone unlocked the door from the outside.

When it opened, Katrina was standing there on the welcome mat, a concerned look on her pretty face. She was Mindi's next door neighbour, and a casual friend. They were not especially close. They had never gone shopping together or done a girl's night out, but sometimes they had coffee together in the mornings.

"I came to return your key," she said, stepping inside.

"Might as well hold onto it. In case of emergency. The plants look great, by the way. Thank you for looking after them."

"No problem," Katrina said, still looking a little worried and distracted. "Do you mind if I come in for a few minutes? I need to talk to you."

"Of course, come on in. Can I get you anything?" Mindi opened the door in invitation, refusing to be embarrassed by the pile of dirty clothes on the floor.

"Like what? You've been gone for two weeks. Your fridge is empty."

Mindi scowled at the reminder. She was starting to feel a bit hungry, but didn't want to face cooking something from scratch. "I can heat up a couple of cans of soup," she offered.

"Chicken noodle?"

"Of course," Mindi replied, heading for the kitchen, not really certain what she'd find but hoping to get lucky.

"In that case, I accept."

Opening the pantry, Mindi was relieved to find that she did have several cans of Gretchen's Roasted Chicken and Noodles. "What did you need to talk about?" she asked, bringing out two cans and a pot.

"I have to confess that I snooped a bit while you were gone."

Mindi felt the blood rush to her cheeks, too embarrassed even to be angry. She was very glad to be facing the counter so she didn't have to look Katrina in the eye. Mindi busied herself with the soup, grateful to have something to do.

"I found your stash," Katrina was saying. No need to ask what she meant by that. Mindi had amassed a large collection of extremely hardcore pornography, most of it dedicated to bondage and submission. That was humiliating enough. But the chest where she kept it also contained handcuffs, ropes, straps, hoods, gags, and sex toys of every description.

Mindi was incapable of speech. Embarrassed beyond belief, she emptied the second can of Gretchen's damned soup into the pot and turned on the burner. She picked up a long-handled wooden spoon and stirred unnecessarily, although her appetite had vanished. Anything to avoid turning around.

"Mindi, I'm not judging you. The truth is, I was into that lifestyle myself a few years ago. Very into it."

Katrina's admission forced Mindi to spin around and stare at her in shock. It didn't seem possible. Katrina looked like a cheerleader, blond and blue-eyed with the cute face of the girl next door. It was hard for Mindi to imagine her playing bondage games, but Katrina was nodding and smiling encouragingly.

"You're ...out now?"

Katrina shrugged. "I made a mistake. I got myself into a very dangerous situation. I had to take a break for awhile."

"What happened?"

"I trusted the wrong person. He was a very busy man, a wealthy and important man. I felt privileged to be his toy. But one day, he got a phone call and was unexpectedly offered a spot on the Democratic ticket. It took him only 20 minutes to pack for a weeklong campaign tour. He left immediately, forgetting that I was tied up in the basement. It took me two days to escape. If he'd used handcuffs instead of rope, I'd be dead.

Mindi was horrified at the story, but Katrina seemed to have put the trauma behind her. "Did he ever remember?" Mindi asked.

"I reminded him. I called his cell phone the day after I got free. He offered to pay for any medical care I needed. I have to admit he behaved honourably. If his secret lifestyle had been revealed, the scandal would have ruined him, but his primary concern was making sure I was okay."

"Where is he now?"

Katrina smiled. "The governor's mansion. But it worked out okay for me too. He transferred his house into my name."

"Why?" Mindi suspected blackmail, but hoped for a less nefarious explanation. She would be disappointed to learn that her neighbour was so corrupt.

"Partly, it was meant as an apology," Katrina said. "But it was also practical. He'd built himself a pretty elaborate dungeon in the basement. He couldn't rent the house or sell it without risking exposure, but he didn't have the time to dismantle his play area and he couldn't hire a crew to do it for him without the same risk. And it would have reflected badly on him to let the house fall into disrepair. Giving it to me was the safest option."

Katrina was not a blackmailer but a trusted former lover. Mindi was greatly relieved to know that. And she understood that Katrina had only told her the story because Mindi could not go public with what she knew. She had no proof and Mindi had her own secrets to protect.

"I came here tonight to warn you," Katrina explained. "I can tell by looking at you're equipment that you're not even a novice. You're just a dreamer right not. Your toys look as though they've never been used."

"They haven't," Mindi admitted. "I never had someone to use them with."

"With or on?" Katrina asked. "Are you a top or a bottom?"

Mindi turned back to the stove to hide her blush. She got out two bowls and

ladeled soup into them before finally saying, very quietly, "A bottom. Definitely."

She wouldn't look at Katrina as she brought the bowls to the table. She took her seat and started eating, waiting for Katrina to say something, but she was also digging in. The soup was surprisingly good. Gretchen knew her stuff and Mindi's appetite had returned. For several minutes, the only sounds came from the spoons dipping up broth and noodles.

"The thing is," Katrina eventually said, "The lifestyle can be dangerous for a novice. You don't know who to trust. And many people find that the things they've enjoyed as a fantasy are scary and unpleasant in reality."

Mindi finally looked up, meeting Katrina's eyes. Her heart was starting to beat wildly in her chest as she realized where this was going. Hope and fear seemed to be the same emotion as she waited for Katrina's next words.

"If you'd like, I can introduce you to the lifestyle, put you through your paces so you can decide if it's something you want to pursue."

Mindi was nodding even before Katrina finished speaking. "Yes. Please. Show me."

"We'll do a test, a mild taste of what's out there." Katrina stood up and motioned for Mindi to do the same. "If you still think you want this, we'll do one very intense training session. When that's over, if you last, we'll know for sure if the lifestyle is right for you."

"All right," Mindi agreed. "When do we start?"

"First lesson: Don't ask questions unless permitted to do so. Is that clear?"


"Second lesson: you will answer 'Yes, Mistress' or 'No, Mistress' when I ask you a question. Clear?"

"Yes, Mistress." Mindi was already feeling the excited thrill of being dominated. In her fantasies, her master had been a man, but the sheer delight of actually living out her dream made such details unimportant.

"Third lesson: You are now my slave. You do not question my orders. You simply obey. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress." Mindi was nearly breathless with excitement. She was ready to do anything. At the same time, the fear of what might be required of her gave a lovely spice to the game that Mindi had long yearned for.

"What are you wearing under the robe?"

"Just panties," Mindi answered.

"Mistress," Katrina prompted.

"Just panties, Mistress."

"Then lose the robe and follow me."

Mindi hesitated, unused to being naked in front of people she barely knew, but Katrina turned back abruptly, a very cold look in her eyes. "Third lesson review: You are my slave. When I give an order, you say 'Yes, Mistress,' and obey."

As the delicious humiliation flooded her cheeks once more, Mindi dropped the robe, revealing her bare breasts and their pebbled pink tips. "Yes, Mistress."

"That's better. You need to get it through your head that your body belongs to me now. If I wish to see it, touch it, or loan it out, it's my right to do so."

To emphasize the point, Katrina stepped closer and covered Mindi's right breast with her hand. She squeezed it and pinched the nipple almost painfully. "Mine," Katrina said insistently, as if daring Mindi to dispute her. Katrina reached around with her other hand and took firm hold of Mindi's bottom. "Mine," she said again. Dropping her hand from Mindi's chest, Katrina reached down between her legs to stroke Mindi's pussy through her panties.

She was very thorough in this task, exploring Mindi with her fingers. She pushed at the feminine opening, pressing the fabric into Mindi's cleft. Katrina brought her face right up next to Mindi's "Mine," she said quietly, stroking Mindi's ass and pussy simultaneously.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Better," Katrina approved, stepping back. She lifted her finger and licked at the moisture there. "Wet," she said, "but not yet wet enough."

Katrina turned and walked from the kitchen, motioning for Mindi to follow. They went to the back bedroom and Mindi was ordered to sit on the bed.

"Have you ever been touched by another woman?" Katrina asked.

"No, Mistress."

Have you ever brought a woman to orgasm with your tongue?"

"No, Mistress."

Katrina smiled. "You'll learn," she promised.

Mindi was quivering with anticipation. Never in her life had she harboured same-sex fantasies, which made the thought of it all the more erotic. Being forced to perform acts she would never seek to try on her own was the ultimate in sexual slavery.

"We'll start with some basic body positions," Katrina informed her. "Once you learn them, when I give the command, you will immediately drop whatever you're doing and assume the required position.

"The first, of course, is Kneel. Get to the center of the bed and sit on your knees."

As Mindi obeyed, Katrina instructed her to sit with her bottom resting on her ankles, her knees spread wide, and her hands behind her back. Moving to the wooden chest in the corner, Katrina opened the bottom drawer. She pulled out three pairs of handcuffs and brought them to the bed.

Mindi could barely control her excitement as Katrina climbed onto the mattress with the restraints. For years, she had dreamed of this and it was finally happening. Somebody was going to put her in bonds and have total control over her person. Mindi was dizzy with anticipation.

Katrina moved behind Mindi and explained what she was doing as she worked. "Your ankles are slim enough that the handcuffs will fit around them. Otherwise, I'd have to use the shackles." Mindi felt the cold metal encircle her ankles and a little shiver went through her.

"And now your wrists." The second pair of handcuffs clicked into place. "We double-lock them so they won't tighten up and cut off your circulation. And we use the third set of cuffs to link the other two, though a small chain with a lock would work better."

Katrina climbed off the bed and looked at Mindi with a smug smile on her face. "There now. How does that feel?"

Mindi could barely breathe, she was so excited. For the first time, she was well and truly restrained. She tested her bonds, but she already knew there was no escape. Katrina had rendered her absolutely helpless. Mindi could only wait and see what else was in store.

Katrina went back to the drawer and pulled out a small, pink vibrator. Returning to the bed, she held the toy up in front of her. "Now you're going to learn what being a slave is really all about."

Katrina reached down between Mindi's spread legs and stroked the damp cotton covering her pussy. She teased the sensitive skin where thigh emerged from panty. Mindi squirmed and wriggled, but could not evade the tickling fingers. Finally, Katrina hooked the front panel of the Mindi's underwear and pulled it to the side, exposing her needy pussy.

"This is what it means to be a slave, Mindi. Your body is mine to play with. You cannot tell me no. A slave gets no privacy, no dignity, no choices. I can do what I like with you."

Katrina slid one finger into Mindi, swirling it around her entrance. When she removed it, Katrina's finger was slick and shiny with Mindi's juices. Katrina brought her hand up and spread the moisture over Mindi's lips, allowing her to taste herself.

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