Training Mindi Ch. 02


It was a test of wills between master and slave, reinforced by the cold steel circling Mindi's wrists and ankles. The handcuffs and beers made the results inevitable. The winner was predetermined. Sooner or later, the loser in this contest would be lying in a pool of her own urine.

Katrina had planned it all out. Mindi could see that now. From rushing her through the beers to pulling the bottle of aspirin from her pocket, Katrina had obviously prepared every step of this drama.

And Mindi would be privileged to suffer the results. But even if the contest could have only one possible outcome, the willing victim was not going to simply surrender. She would resist the urge to pee for as long as possible. Ultimately, she would fail. That was a given. But Mindi would not deliberately piss all over herself until she could no longer control it.

Her position in the tub, with her feet at the highest point of the sharply sloping floor, meant that any and all liquids would collect directly beneath her head. It was almost certain that Katrina had blocked the drain. And the purpose of the garbage bag was now obvious as well. Tucked inside her, the plastic would prevent Mindi's emissions from trickling down through her legs. Instead, they would be forced to run in the opposite direction, running along the underside of the plastic, down her body, toward her face.

Mindi tried to think of other things, but the silent darkness did not offer many distractions. It was like being in a cave. Katrina's dungeon was in a deep basement, well insulated by the surrounding earth. Mindi was trapped underground with only her own thoughts for company.

But Mindi did have one very powerful source of distraction available to her: Katrina's panties were in her mouth. The Mistress had clearly enjoyed putting Mindi through her paces, for the lace had been very wet with feminine excitement before it ever touched her tongue.

Mindi explored the shape of the gag, wrapped in the underwear. She chewed and licked at it and learned that it had a different shape and size than the ball gag she'd worn before. This one was a narrow egg shape and did not completely fill her mouth. Mindi could move it around with her tongue and wiggle the dildo protruding from her face. And she got a good taste of pussy as she played.

She recognized the flavour now, but she wasn't yet experienced enough to distinguish between the taste of Katrina and herself. Perhaps Katrina would give her a thorough education with several different Mistresses to identify by taste alone and vigorous bare-bottom spankings for every mistake.

The thought of it had Mindi's own moisture flowing copiously. She was already in a state of high arousal from the bondage, the toys impaling her front and back, and the insistent demands of her bladder. The fantasy of having one woman after another lowering themselves to her face and tongue so Mindi could learn each individual spice was almost overwhelming.

Squirming in her restraints, Mindi discovered that she was not entirely powerless after all. Escape was beyond her capabilities, but by tensing and relaxing the muscles in her thighs, she could adjust the bikini bottom's tightness slightly, causing the thick dildo to move just a little inside her.

It wasn't directly stimulating her clit, but Mindi was so aroused, she didn't need the direct contact anyway. The great plastic cock had split her wide open, filling her up like a flesh and blood version could never do. Mindi's poor, abused pussy was stretched out around the monster. The intensity of those sensations, combined with the obstruction in her ass, and the increasing pressure from within was more than enough. By working the toy in and out, even just that tiny little bit, Mindi brought herself to a slow, satisfying orgasm.

She shuddered, arching her back as the climax claimed her body. The cuffs clanked and jingled as her arms and legs tensed up, vibrating with the muscle spasms running through Mindi's captive flesh.

But it left her worn out afterward. The day's events had been exhausting. She wasn't sure what the time was, but roughly twelve hours earlier, she'd been on a plane, coming back from two stressful weeks with her family. Since arriving home, she'd been bound and abused, erotically humiliated in ways she'd dreamed of for years. This final orgasm had drained away all her tension, and even the extreme discomfort could not prevent Mindi from falling asleep.

Mindi slept peacefully in her restraints for several hours. At least, she assumed several hours had passed once she woke up. It was still pitch black and she was still in the tub, cuffed wrist to ankle in the Cradle position. But she felt rested, and a little cold, as she usually did after a night's sleep or a good long nap. The most significant indication that time had passed, however, was that she was now bursting with the need to pee.

Mindi was about to lose control, there was no doubt about it. She was only moments away from wetting herself. Still, she resisted. She sucked on Katrina's panties and chewed on the ball of the gag, but that distraction no longer worked. Her bladder's urges would not be denied much longer. She flexed her thighs to shove the dildo in and out, quickly turning her desperation to arousal, thrusting her hips against the intruders. Mindi clenched her inner muscles around the toys and bit down hard on the gag.

She succeeded in bringing herself to a quick, intense orgasm. But the momentary victory cost her the greater battle. The orgasmic contractions in her abdomen opened the floodgates.

She heard the sound of liquid hitting the plastic bag and smelled the sharp, pungent odour of urine. Mindi felt the river of hot piss streaming down her body, splashing the undersides of her tits and running through the valley between them. The reeking flood poured over her neck and off her shoulders to pool under her head. It should have been disgusting. But the glorious pleasure of finally releasing it was like having another orgasm.

And it just kept going. She'd held off for so long, there was a lot of piss to get rid of. It felt so good, Mindi didn't stop even when she had reduced the pressure to manageable levels and it would have been possible to regain control of her bodily functions. There was just no point in it any more. Her hair was soaking. Her ears were wet. Her body was dripping with urine. Mindi had thoroughly pissed herself and she squeezed her internal muscles to push out every last drop.

When it was finally over, Mindi lay panting in the darkness, musing over the experience. She wasn't sure whether she'd enjoyed it, but it had certainly been exciting. She decided to take this opportunity to learn all she could, to know if this was an activity she'd want to repeat. It would be up to the Mistress, of course, regardless of Mindi's preferences, but Katrina might allow her to choose her own punishments in the future. It would be good to know whether this was one Mindi would want to beg for. There was no telling how long she'd be lying here. It would be best to spend the time productively.

Mindi lifted her head and dragged her hair back and forth like a mop through the shallow puddle. She wanted to drench every strand. To truly learn any lesson, she reasoned wryly, one must fully immerse oneself in the subject matter. Cautiously, Mindi turned her head to the side until her cheek was resting in the liquid, then did the same in the other direction, before looking out into the darkness once more.

I've got piss on my face, she told herself, and I think I really do like it. I've never felt so dirty in my entire life. It can never be something I could do to myself, though. Somebody will have to force me. But when that happens, I will enjoy this a great deal.

And she wasn't through, she realized. Beer makes you pee a lot. Mindi had emptied herself once, but she had apparently refilled the reservoir while she was thinking, because she was again feeling the urge to go.

It wasn't urgent like before. There was no emergency. She could hold it. And this experience had given Mindi a new appreciation of the need itself. The pressure had taken on an erotic pleasure all its own.

But still, there was no longer any reason to resist. She'd already lost the contest, as she'd always known she would. Mindi lay back, relaxed, and let herself flow, savouring the stream trickling over her.

Despite the acrid scent, the warmth was soothing. And feeling somehow safe, locked up in Katrina's dungeon, Mindi drifted back to sleep.

She woke a second time when the lights came on. Her first thought was 'I slept in a urinal'. Mindi opened her eyes to see Katrina descending the stairs. The Mistress was still naked from the waist down, wearing only a short t-shirt she'd evidently slept in. Her blond hair was in a morning tangle and her eyes were still sleepy.

But there was smug satisfaction in her smile. "Good morning! This is your 9 a.m. wakeup call. How was your bath?"

Mindi couldn't answer, except to mumble. Katrina nodded as if she understood. And perhaps she did. The Mistress did have a lot more experience.

"The first time I saw this bath," Katrina began, as she reached the bottom of the stairs, "My Master put me in a sixty-nine position with a second female slave he'd borrowed from a friend. I was lying on the bottom. Her hands were cuffed to my ankles and my hands were cuffed behind her back. He'd given us beer and water, as I did to you, and he left us alone for hours. When she couldn't hold it another second, my face was right between her legs.

"On another occasion, I was taken to a party of Masters and slaves. My name was drawn from a hat, and I spent the entire evening in the bathtub. Everyone was instructed to drink heavily and when they needed to pee, to use my face.

Katrina was standing over the tub now, looking down on Mindi. She pulled off her t-shirt and ran her fingers through her hair. Naked now, she grabbed the mast of the shower and stepped into the tub, right into the deepest part of the puddle. "I can't give you the same experiences just at the moment, but I've promised you a complete training. Depending upon whom you end up belonging to, these kinds of games may be a frequent occurrence."

Katrina stood with her feet on either side of Mindi's head. Holding onto the mast, she lowered herself to Mindi's face. Katrina positioned her pussy at the tip of the dildo gag and sank down on it with a grunting sigh, penetrating herself as deeply as possible. "And this lesson just isn't complete until someone's pissed in your face."

Her heart beating wildly with dread and erotic excitement, Mindi stared anxiously at Katrina's crotch. The Mistress' pussy was speared by the dildo, a fascinating, mesmerizing sight. The other end was in Mindi's own mouth. If she wanted, she could manipulate the toy to bring Katrina pleasure. It was an intriguing thought. But much more pressing on Mindi's mind was the other opening, the tiny hidden one just above the pussy. In moments, it would be releasing its spray of urine.

"You might want to close your eyes," Katrina suggested. And with no further warning, she poured herself on Mindi's waiting face.

There was no evading the hot stream. With the dildo buried deep in Katrina, Mindi's face was anchored firmly in place. She could not turn away or lift her head out of the way of the flow.

Mindi gasped and spluttered under the downpour, enabling the wet gold to spill through her lips, soaking the panties stuffed in Mindi's mouth. Katrina's piss did not taste nearly so good as Katrina's puss, but Mindi was forced to swallow as the harsh and acrid liquid filled her mouth.

Katrina had not spent the night locked away from a bathroom, but she had obviously prepared for this, holding back from relieving herself so as to have a full bladder to empty onto her new slave's pretty features. It seemed to go on forever. Mindi was absolutely drenched in the Mistress' piss.

When every last drop had trickled out over Mindi's lips and chin, Katrina bounced up and down on the dildo a few times, then stood up, carefully lifting herself off the intruder. Stepping out of the tub, Katrina wrinkled up her face. "Remind me to mop down here."

She walked over to the tool chest and retrieved a key for the cuffs. Returning, Katrina knelt at the side of the tub and unlocked Mindi's restraints. When the cuffs were off, Katrina untied the wet bikini and gently removed the plastic-wrapped dildo, dropping them to the floor beside her. The gag was removed next, but the butt plug was left in place for the moment.

"Stand," she directed Mindi, once this was done. Mindi climbed very stiffly to her feet. "Turn," Katrina said, patiently allowing for sore muscles to remember their duties. "Worship," the Mistress ordered finally.

Even knowing what it meant, Mindi didn't hesitate. This was another test, she knew. A proper slave will obey immediately, regardless of personal discomfort. A proper slave will relish every humiliation. So Mindi knelt down in the tub, put her forehead down in the pool of urine and crossed her wrists behind her back. She was not surprised to feel the handcuffs lock her arms together once more. And she almost welcomed Katrina's next command: "Find the drain stopper and remove it."

Without her hands, Mindi was forced to use her lips, teeth and tongue to accomplish the task. She opened her mouth in the collected piss and searched for the little rubber knob, identifying its shape with her tongue. Gripping it tightly in her teeth, she pulled it free. She stayed in position, still holding the stopper in her mouth, until the last of the yellow liquid swirled down the drain, and the Mistress released her.

Katrina took Mindi's hand and raised her to a standing position. She removed the drain plug from Mindi's mouth and showed her approval by kissing Mindi's wet lips and slidng her tongue between them. Finally, she reached down and pulled the anal toy free from Mindi's bottom.

"Just stand there for a minute, kitten. Let's get you cleaned up." Katrina lifted the showerhead from its mast. The bath was designed for hospital use and the nozzle was at the end of a long hose. An invalid would not have to move much since the flow could be directed as needed.

Katrina turned on a warm, gentle spray and rinsed Mindi thoroughly from head to toe. Reaching into a wire basket attached to he mast, she pulled out a sponge and a bottle of shampoo. Katrina poured a generous amount of lavender scented goop over Mindi's hair and worked it into a lather. As the excess shampoo dripped down, Katrina used the sponge to spread it over Mindi's body, soaping up her back and chest.

Mindi stood obediently as the Mistress washed her. She felt like a pampered show dog being groomed for a competition. Katrina was carefully washing away all traces of Mindi's golden bath, cleansing her entire body.

"This is also part of being a slave," Katrina said softly. "It's not always about punishment. There are also rewards. Sometimes, I'll scrub you down good and dress you up pretty. A Mistress loves to show off her belongings. And at other times, I'll just want to touch and taste. Not all of your duties include suffering."

As if to emphasize that point, Katrina leaned in to lick the water from Mindi's nipple. She pressed the sponge down into her crotch, lathering Mindi's pussy with more than just soap. The warm shower spray was aimed at her bottom.

"The pee games," Katrina said, rubbing the sponge in a circular motion over Mindi's clit, "are definitely not part of my usual entertainments. Only on very rare occasions will I subject you to them. At that party I told you about, where everybody was invited to pee on me in the bathtub, I was ordered to keep my mouth open and to swallow as much as I could. I literally lost my taste for such amusements that evening."

Katrina dropped the sponge into the tub and rinsed the soap from Mindi's body. She paid special attention to every orifice, opening each of Mindi's abused crevices with her fingers and flushing them gently with water. Finally, she held the water stream near Mindi's face so she could rinse out her mouth.

Turning off the water and hanging up the showerhead, Katrina slid her hands down Mindi's body, skimming the moisture from her skin. She helped Mindi to step out of the tub and eyed her appreciatively. "I'm going to clean up down here. Why don't you go up to my bedroom and lie down. Second floor, back of the hall, on the left. Grab a towel from the bathroom to finish drying. Don't worry about wet footprints on the way."

Mindi hesitated, unsure whether she should offer to help or not. It seemed that a slave should be the one doing the work. But a slave should also follow orders, and Mindi didn't really want to do the cleanup.

"Go," Katrina urged. "I want you in my bed when I get upstairs."

Grateful for the direct order, Mindi hurried to the stairs and went quickly up. The door at the top exited into the kitchen, the only part of the house Mindi had seen so far. Stepping cautiously into the living room, she saw a beautifully furnished house, expensively decorated. Mindi was no expert, but she believed the furniture and artwork must have cost more than the house itself. And glimpses into the other rooms showed similar luxury.

There was no time for explorations, however. And Mindi didn't want to get anything wet. She found the staircase to the second floor and rushed to obey the Mistress' orders.

It was a strange feeling to be wandering naked through an unfamiliar house. Mindi felt like a very naughty trespasser. Her nipples tightened up and a warm glow spread through her at the thought. She practically ran the rest of the way.

Mindi dried herself in Katrina's bathroom, using the hair dryer to remove most of the water from her head. Then she went into the bedroom and peeled back the blankets on the king-sized bed. Katrina obviously slept on the right-hand side, where a nightstand held a lamp, a paperback book, and an empty coffee cup. Mindi positioned herself on the opposite side. She would be the wife or girlfriend or overnight guest. She was mistress to the Mistress.

By the time Katrina arrived, Mindi was snug and cozy under the covers and was starting to feel a little sleepy. She had spent the night feeling safe and secure in her restraints. She had slept very well, even when lying in her own piss. It just hadn't been long enough. And it looked like sleep wasn't to be allowed just yet.

Katrina stood by the bed and looked down at Mindi. "You've done very well. I will accept you as my slave. We will discuss your training schedule later. I have one more task for you, then you can rest."

Mindi sat up reluctantly, accepting that her will was in the keeping of the Mistress. Katrina had a new position to teach her and it was Mindi's duty to learn. She was made to get out from under the blanket and lie on top of the bedspread. Her wrists were firmly tied to the bed frame, as were her ankles. She was spread-eagled across the bed, fully exposed and vulnerable.

"This is the Victim Position, " Katrina informed her. "Kidnappers, serial killers, third world torturers all utilize this position to keep their subjects as helpless as possible."

Katrina went into her walk-in closet, emerging a few moments later carrying a double-ended dildo. She brought this to the bed, liberally applied lube to the entire length of the toy, and then gently slid one end of it into Mindi's pussy. After spending the night skewered by that giant penis- shaped log in the basement, Mindi easily accomodated this more realistically sized cock.

The other half of the dildo was left protruding from Mindi's crotch. As she lay there on the bed, looking down at herself, it appeared as though she had grown a penis. She marvelled at her hard-on, enjoying the masculine experience, twisting her hips against the mattress to make her newly-acquired stiffy wave back and forth.

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