tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraining Rebecca Ch. 06

Training Rebecca Ch. 06


She had finally made it to Friday, she thought as she awoke. She usually looked forward to the days just before John came home, but now she was filled with trepidation. She threw on some clothes and went in search of Maria with her special glass. She didn't know what to do about Maria, who was letting her newfound power go to her head. Wednesday night she had held the glass for her and she saw the surprise in her eyes when she saw the piercings on her cunt. That was followed by a certain sense of pleasure at the discomfort of her boss. Last night, she had gone to Maria's room just before bed and Maria had reminded her that her needs hadn't been met since Wednesday morning. Rebecca blushed at the memory. The maid demanded a repeat performance and didn't let Rebecca up to pee until she had cum twice, commending her with a smile on her talented tongue. It was disgusting but at the same time she had to admit that she was dripping with more than the need to pee by the time she was finished making her cum. She couldn't see an end to it.

She found Maria in the kitchen and they went into the downstairs bathroom to drain Rebecca's bladder. Maria made her stop 6 times. She exercised as required, showered, dressed, and went off to work.

Mrs. Davis greeted her and she went into her office to begin her work for the day. The usual Friday meeting of the company executives was always scheduled for 9:00. She went early and checked first for cameras, wondering how Kyle had managed to record her debasement in there. Finding none, she took in her appointed place, pulling her skirt up in back and waiting for her employees to arrive once she was seated. The meeting went well and she mentioned how pleased she was with the new sales figures. She worked through lunch since she had an appointment in the afternoon.

Her 3:00 waxing appointment found her entering the beauty parlor with jaws set. Betty greeted her and led her to a booth to undress. She whistled when she saw the padlocks and called in Trish to look. Rebecca turned red as they pulled and prodded her padlocks, one commenting on how she was unavailable for sex now, even with her husband. The other asked if she was really married and if someone other than her husband had locked her up. After seeing how Stephan had responded when she ignored his questions, Rebecca nodded ruefully to both questions. They reluctantly ceased their exploration and pulled out a key and unlocked her padlocks to Rebecca's amazement. Oiling them, they pulled them carefully off, and set about waxing their victim. She didn't find it very painful, compared to the first time, and soon they were rubbing her bald cunt with lotion. This was the moment Rebecca had dreaded for days—she had to provide them with a tip.

"I didn't give you a tip last time, and should have done so," Rebecca mentioned pulling out her wallet.

"You can keep your old money," Tricia was blunt. "Give us a real tip, or just get the fuck outta here."

"What would you like?" she was sure she already knew.

Tricia pulled up her skirt to reveal her denuded pussy and sat on a chair spreading her legs. Rebecca felt the world spin. She knelt and looked blankly at the slit in front of her, the secretions assaulting her nose. "Well?" said Tricia finally. Rebecca leaned forward and parted the lips in front of her with her thumbs. They held together with her juices until the last instant before oozing apart. "I'm not going to cum if you just sit there looking at me," she added. The kneeling woman brought her nose into the folds and tasted the girl, who sighed at the movement of her tongue. She could only hold her breath for so long and the scent as she inhaled mixed with the taste. "Well, get going, you slag. I don't have all day. Customers will be expecting me soon." Rebecca blushed at the crudity but started working with her tongue.

She felt something at the mouth of her cunt and turned to look at her assailant, Betty, who had stripped and now sported a strap-on that looked huge. "Damn, you are starting to piss me off," Tricia commented as the mouth left her cunt. "We are going to make you pay for not providing a tip last time. If you don't get with it, you'll pay double." Rebecca turned and applied her tongue to the clit presented to her. She felt her cunt stretching as Betty pushed with the cock strapped to her waist. She was soooo very slick, but it was soooo very big. She spread her legs further to try and accommodate the monster and arched her back to make the angle better. Betty pushed in a little and pulled out, each time getting a little further inside. She smiled as she looked down at the professional woman who struggled with the size of the dildo she was going to make her take. She was only in 3 inches, but it felt like a baseball bat. Although only her second time sucking off a woman, Rebecca was surprised that it almost felt natural. She explored the different parts of the cunt in front of her, trying to relax and forget about the monster pushing in from behind. Betty wasn't very happy with the exploration though and as Tricia pushed in another inch, she grabbed her human vibrator by the hair and slammed her mouth against her, bruising her mouth in the process.

Rebecca was moaning, partly from the pain caused by the size of the invader and partly from the feelings spreading throughout her nether regions. She didn't know whether to push into it or pull away. But she was getting close, that she knew. The fingers in her hair kept her face mashed into the cunt in front of her and she wondered if she would have any hair left in those spots when it was over. Her mounting desire made her lick and suck with vigor, a vigor not lost on Tricia, who started mouthing the words, "fuck, fuck, fuck," words that were soon given voice, her eyes closed tight and face screwed up in a look of agony.

As Tricia came over the top mouthing obscenities, Rebecca pushed back now as much as she could, given her immobilized head. She felt the spasms her oral ministrations brought on and that added to the feelings of the dildo stretching her cunt. She didn't care any more if she came without permission. Betty was slamming hard into her and every once in a while would slap her ass as hard as she could. Her breathing became shallower and faster and she stopped lapping at the cunt in her mouth. Then everything stopped, and Betty pulled out of her.

Rebecca shook with passion. "Please," she begged, "don't stop, please let me cum. I haven't been allowed to cum in days. I need to cum so bad I can taste it. You don't know what it's like to have to cum like you've never wanted to before and not being able to."

They laughed at her plight and Tricia pushed her away. Betty came around and sat in her place, her strap-on still dripping. She indicated that her kneeling prey should lick the juices off it, and Rebecca took as much of it as she could into her mouth. The size hurt her jaws and she choked as the oversize dick was pushed into her throat. Betty laughed at her discomfort and pulled her off it when it was clean. She released the straps and took off the harness, and then spread her legs wide, pulled her lips apart, and said with some menace in her voice "suck me good, cunt."

Rebecca's knees were hurting now, but she did as she was told, the odor of Betty's sex strong in her nose. "I don't think you are doing the best job you can," she announced. "Trish, help her get in the mood for some first-rate cunt licking."

Tricia grinned. She was only too glad to help. She pulled Rebecca's hands behind her and fastened them with a pair of handcuffs. Then she ordered her to present her breasts and took off the nipple studs, replacing them with a pair of nipple clamps. They were closed by a screw on each side, which made them infinitely adjustable. Rebecca's nips were still sore and aroused. Tricia closed the screws until the nipple bulged out from the two metal bars on the top and bottom of each nipple. Rebecca caught her breath, "PPPlease, I can do better. Please don't hurt my nipples any more." Tricia reached for two chains with weights on the ends and hooked them to the clamps. "We'll see," was her only reply as the weights bounced up, down, and sideways, distending the nipples and causing them to point straight down.

Rebecca winced at the pain, but remained quiet.

"Tighten them another turn," Betty ordered. "I had to stop in mid-fuck because she was slacking off. She deserves whatever pain you give her and then some."

"Nooooo," said Rebecca in response and Tricia gave each wing nut a full turn. Where the clamp had been tight before, it now bit into the flesh, making the nipple expand painfully.

"Now suck cunt and do it well or we'll see just how big we can make your nipples before they burst."

Rebecca bent forward, the weights swinging and clacking together and plastered her mouth on the cunt in front of her. She sucked with renewed vigor, pushing the pain aside, all the while wishing someone, even though it was the woman behind her, would touch her so she could cum. She would beg, if that was what they wanted. She would grovel, if they would only give her the relief she needed.

Betty had her legs up on Rebecca's back now, leaning back, with her knees wide apart, pulling the black-haired beauty against her, providing maximum access to her cunt. She threw her head back and moaned through her teeth.

"Does she need another tightening?" Tricia asked.

Rebecca put everything she had into tonguing the little penis sticking up from Betty's cunt. "No, I think she has learned her lesson," Betty answered appreciatively. "But I'll let you know if she slacks again."

Her tongue was cramping up from the pressure she put into bringing the young girl off. Not having the use of her arms, her weight pushed her head into the cunt in front of her. She could feel the weights move as Betty shifted her position from time to time as her buttocks clenched and relaxed and her legs would spasm.

"Tongue my ass hole," Betty commanded, her raised legs providing access to that part of her anatomy.

Rebecca shifted lower, her nose found its way into Betty's soaking wet cunt hole cutting off her air. Her tongue worked up and down and finally pushed its way into the ass before her, breathing heavily through her mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh," was the response. After a minute of bliss, "Now my cunt hole. Stick your tongue in it and suck out my juices."

Rebecca complied as best she could. Her nose was mashed into Betty's clit and she felt like her tongue was going to drop off.

"Goooood. Now the clit. Make me cum hard, you Fuckin' Cunt."

It was now or never. Rebecca slid her face up a little farther and, with her mouth mashed around an engorged clit, started breathing through a nose slimed up with cunt juice. "I've got to finish her now," she thought to herself as her tongue circled the red clit. SMACK! The paddle hitting her on the ass focused her attention even more on her task, and drove her mouth into Betty. The crack could be heard through the whole shop. Time seemed to stop. CRACK! Harder this time, her weights swung to and fro, pulling the nipples with them.

"Do me! Do me now!" Betty shouted as a third crack landed on pink ass cheeks, leaving a red circle behind. Rebecca couldn't get a sound out. "I'm...I'm...ohhhhhhhh." CRACK!!! Rebecca flailed at the clit with her tongue, sucking it in and holding it in her mouth. Betty had tightened her legs, her thighs holding her prisoner captive between her legs. Rebecca thought she was going to suffocate. CRACK!!!! The paddle landed again on her now red ass. Betty tightened one last time and with an "Ahhhhh, good..." relaxed her grip and smiled at the head of the well-to-do lady between her legs. Rebecca, wild-eyed, sucked in big gulps of air.

"Well done," commented Tricia.

"You can tip me anytime you desire. This was about average today," said Betty as her breathing returned to normal. "I'm sure you'll do better with practice."

They removed the nipple clamps, and handcuffs, and replaced the nipple studs and padlocks before allowing Rebecca to dress. When she staggered out of the waxing room Rebecca was surprised to see Kyle waiting for her. He looked at Betty and Tricia who nodded their satisfaction with her performance. Rebecca didn't know why she felt a glow when he complimented her for the way she pleased him. She shook off the feeling as beneath her dignity and waited for his command.

"We are going shopping," he told her, and led her outside to his Jag.

"Now what," she wondered to herself. They drove through the city and stopped in front of a specialty lingerie shop. An impecibly dressed woman approached after they entered, and Kyle greeted "Suzanne" as an old friend. She led them to a back section and had Rebecca strip to the waist. The new customer had to lift her arms as the clerk massaged her breasts around the nipple studs. Every measurement that could be made was made to Rebecca's discomfort, discomfort that included very erect nipples, still sore from the piercing and the clamps, but ultra sensitive to the touch. Everything now heightened her arousal and she looked at Kyle with lust in her eyes. Suzanne disappeared into the back room and returned with several boxes. A bra was fitted on and seemed perfect, except there was no middle to the bra and her nipple was pulled through the hole.

"What happened to it?"

Suzanne laughed. This is a tip-less bra. It is made that way so your breasts are supported but your nipples will remain uncovered."

"It is your new style of bra," Kyle informed her. "Maria has thrown out all your old bras. We're here to replace them with your new ones. You will only wear these bras from now on, unless I forbid the use of a bra all together," he smiled.

She stood there stunned. Her nipples were to be on view through her blouse for anyone to see? And she had on the nipple studs as well. They could be seen through some of her tops, she was sure. To make matters worse, her nipples always seemed to be erect since the piercings; well actually they had been erect for most of the past week since meeting Kyle. Feeling helpless and alone, she started to cry. Suzanne busied herself with getting a dozen bras of different colors, all tip-less except for a couple of shelf bras that gave the breast some shape but left the upper half from just below the nipples bare. Rebecca stood there, the sounds becoming a blur, not believing that her world could have changed so much in so short a period of time.

Next Suzanne led them over to the section where various corsets were on display. Kyle picked out several he liked and she went to find them in the appropriate size. Rebecca was stripped from the waist up and they were tried on her. One in black with a shelf bra built in was a definite keeper. She was squeezed into it as they laced up the back and stood for their approval without being able to exhale fully. It made her waist more slender she noted as she looked at herself in the mirror. Others were worn with a bra, and one was tip less like the bras they had picked out. Her original bra was set aside to be given to the Salvation Army, and she was given a red brassier to wear under her white blouse. Her blazer was folded carefully and put in a bag.

When they had packed up the lingerie, they left for another store where Kyle introduced her to short skirts, shoes with higher heels, semi-transparent blouses, and tight, lightweight sweaters that would show off her northern assets to perfection in the new bras. She couldn't help but notice how her nipples stood at attention through the holes in the bra. Kyle told her that if she did as she was told and dressed as she was instructed, he would let her wear jackets to work. She nodded only partially comprehending what was happening.

The trunk and back seat of the Jag were full of their purchases as they sped off and stopped at Kyle's house. Without thinking, she removed her clothing at the door and presented herself as she had been trained, kneeling nude in the middle of the floor.

"Rule #6. You will only wear the bras and clothes we have picked out. At times you will also wear a corset. One of those times will be tonight. Linda will prepare you for tonight. Don't disappoint me."

Linda led her up the stairs to a room at the end of the hall. She was given a bath and dried. A black corset was tightened around her with a shelf to accentuate her breasts but leave them bare. Likewise was her cunt bare, accentuated by garters attached to black stockings. Then she was seated for instructions.

"Tonight is one of Master's parties. We are to be the servants and later the entertainment. You will be dressed as you are, except that I am instructed to remove the jewelry from down below. Whatever anyone, and I do mean anyone, wants to do with you, you will do it and do it as though you enjoy it. When you serve drinks and hors d'oeuvres, you will be graceful and elegant. Of course, you will not cum with any of Master's guests without HIS permission, and I doubt you will have that."

"Later we will be the entertainment. I am required to explain the rules to you. There are 2 rounds of 15 minutes. We will be belted together face to pussy and are to try and make the other cum. If one succeeds, she will spend the night with Master. The loser, well, let's just say you don't want to be the loser." She laughed ruefully. "I lost once, and will never let it happen again! If we both make it through the 30 minutes without cumming, neither gets to spend the night with Master, but neither will have to run the gauntlet either. Don't get the idea that we can just fake it. If it appears as though we are not really trying, they can extend the time or flog us, or both. But if we look like we are both working hard we may be able to get through it together without cumming."

Rebecca nodded her understanding. "How can he parade us in the nude like that in front of other people?" she asked.

"I was very nervous at first. But, the guests think nothing of it, and you will get use to it after a few times. I still get wet every time I have to do one though. I competed against a male sub once," she said smiling as she remembered, "but he didn't last very long, and his cum was sooo sweet."

She took off Rebecca's padlocks, and pulled out the butt plug before putting on her own corset and stockings. They took some time with their make-up before putting their hair up. The time passed and Linda escorted her charge out to start receiving guests. She answered the door and took their coats and Rebecca escorted them, mostly men, but also a few women, into the large living room. A small jazz combo was set up in a corner and the room filled with soft light and music. She would take drink orders, which she relayed to the bartender at the side. Before long the room was abuzz with conversation and the doorbell stopped ringing, allowing Linda to join her in the room, attending to the guests.

A large man motioned her over and looked her up and down appreciatively. He had her turn around and lift her nipples for him. Then he motioned to her to approach him. When she touched his knees, he motioned her to come still closer, she had to part her legs to inch up on either side of his.

"Part your cunt lips for me," he said crudely.

Rebecca pushed her fingers into them and pulled them apart and up for his leering eyes to feast on.

"Good. Very nice. Now hold them there."

He grasped her clit between thumb and forefinger and rubbed it back and forth. A moan escaped from her throat. She had wiped her cunt just before coming down because it was so wet she was afraid it would leak. It was embarrassing enough to be naked in front of all these people. But she couldn't let them know how horny she was. It had been too long since she had been allowed to cum. In her old life, this would never have been a problem. She still didn't understand what had happened to her.

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