tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraining Rebecca Ch. 07

Training Rebecca Ch. 07


Chapter 7

Her Maid's Had Enough

Rebecca entered the house after spending the night with Kyle, made coffee, and sat on the couch in the living room pondering her recent fate. She felt alive, not just sexually, but in every way imaginable. It was great sex, she knew that, but was more than that, and touched something deep inside her. She knew she had dark thoughts at times, but usually repressed them unless she was masturbating or having trouble cumming with John. Afterwards, she felt guilty about having them, and was sure she would never want them to happen in real life. She had thought about them less and less over the past couple of years as the pressures of work and John's frequent absences pushed any form of eroticism out of her mind.

She could almost feel Kyle's hands on her and see the look in his eyes that said he could see her hidden thoughts. She shuddered as she thought about what he knew about her responses, and wondered why other men hadn't a clue about a woman's mind. It made him dangerous in the way insanity could take over the mind and make a person lose control.

She heard Maria enter shortly after from delivering the boys to a friend's picnic birthday party. Maria went to her room and stripped. Looking into the mirror, pretty dark eyes and curly black hair returned her stare. Her waist wasn't as slim as it used to be, she sighed, but her breasts, described over and over again by her boyfriend in college as 'magnificent', hadn't developed any sag. Now in her late 20's, she had been born of wealthy Mexican parents who had sent her to the United States to an elite college. They had suffered ruin when oil prices crashed in '93, and she had to leave college. Without working papers and no future in Mexico, she had to take anything available to "illegals", and sought a position as a maid. She gritted her teeth thinking about the cards fate had dealt her. Now at last, Kyle had turned up and given her a way to get even for all the menial jobs she had been assigned by Rebecca. She was starting to understand, and enjoy, the feeling of power he had given her. A tight smile crossed her full lips thinking about the head of her boss buried between her legs. The special glass had changed more than a few things and she wondered, thanks to Mr. Kyle, who was the "boss" now. She shook her hair out, then went into the bathroom for a shower.

Rebecca went upstairs, opened a dresser drawer and fished out a thin journal hidden between the drawer and the base. No one had ever seen it. She hadn't written in it for quite some time. Taking it downstairs, she leafed through the pages, smiling as she read her fantasy about being forced to have sex, not with one, but with the entire Board of Directors of a company she depended on for a good share of her business. She had met with the President on a number of occasions, and found his rugged good looks, and forceful personality so erotic. No one would ever know that she came especially hard when she masturbated, thinking about kneeling in front of him with her hands bound behind her back, unable to resist his pleasure.

She shuddered and felt her lips puffy and moist as she thought about Kyle. If he had only been like other guys with whom she had had affairs—but he was very different and these differences were the very essence of the man. She hadn't had an orgasm without his permission in a couple of weeks now. It was strange that she was horny all the time now, although it had often been weeks between orgasms during the last couple of years and it hadn't bothered her then. She considered rubbing on the locks piercing her labia. That, in conjunction with working her erect nipples compliments of the tip less bra, should bring her off now that the piercings weren't so sore. But something held her back. She didn't have the butt plug in, so he would have no way of knowing. Still, one part of her brain said the ache between her legs needed immediate attention, while another part said she would be falling into the trap of eroticism laid down by Kyle. She laughed out loud saying she wouldn't let him take over her mind, but in the same instant, knew deep down with absolute certainty, that he had already.

She sipped coffee and stared out into space. It was all so confusing. One side of her wanted his attention and the sensory overload he brought into her life. But giving up control was sooo difficult, even scary. She thought about having to beg to be allowed to cum and how humiliating it made her feel. But that thought again sent a charge to her clit and she said, "damn, damn, damn," aloud as she realized she had almost cum.

She had to get control of herself. She would write in her journal later when she was feeling more normal. More normal, that was a laugh, she thought ruefully. She had to figure out a way to keep this from John. He wouldn't, couldn't, understand, and the blackmail Kyle held over their heads made her resolve to keep it from him for fear he would do something foolish.

She leafed through the pages, a rape fantasy, a couple of fantasies with another woman—God, she never in a million years thought that it would ever happen. She could feel the urge to pee, and looked around thinking about sneaking into the bathroom on her own. She knew it was forbidden in the house, but the glass in front of Maria was so humiliating, to say nothing of the strange way Maria was acting about it. HE would never know, would he?

The ringing of the phone startled her out of her reverie. The voice at the other end resonated in her ear, raising her pulse-rate.

"Good morning, my slut."

She winced at the word. "Good Morning, Sir."

"Are you relaxed after the activities of last night?"

"I am just relaxing now, Sir"

"Good. Have you exercised yet this morning?"

"No, Sir."

"You must keep your body in excellent shape for me."

"Yes, Sir."

"Go and do it at once, then await my instructions."

"Yes, Sir," she fidgeted trying to figure out when she could pee.

"And Rebecca,"

"Yes, Sir?"

"You shouldn't be needing the pecker gag any more. You seem to be doing very well with that part of your training."

"Thank you, Sir." She wasn't pleased to hear it, was she? "Sir?"

"What is it Rebecca?"

"May I use the bathroom first?"

"You may seek out Maria. As soon as she's done with you, go right to the exercise room."

"I...Thank you, Sir," she said with resignation in her voice. "Sir?"

"Yes, Rebecca."

"Will you please consider letting me take off the padlocks when my husband returns?"

"I will let you know when they can be removed."

"Damn, damn, damn," she said aloud after she hung up the phone. She went in search of Maria, and found her in a short blue skirt, gold blouse, and heels, leaving her room to go out.

"I need to pee," she said simply.

"Tough," was the response as she brushed past her employer. "Today is my day off, but I have already had to take the boys over to the Sutten's because you spent the night with your boy friend. Now, I'm leaving."

"Excuse me," she retorted with authority. "I'm speaking to you. You will wait and you will listen to me."

Maria hesitated. The habit of several years of servitude overcame her inclination to allow her temper to get the better of her. "Yes?" she responded her jaw set firmly.

"Get the glass so I can relieve myself."

"I'm late for an appointment," she lied. "I really have to leave now."

"No, I HAVE to use the glass first," she said with more force that she had intended.

"Then do it yourself," she spat, turning to leave. "The glass is on my dresser."

Rebecca grasped the arm of her maid and spun her around. "You know I can't do that. My needs come first. You are here to take orders from me," she said in her best head-of-the-company voice.

"Then fire me," she said with fire in her eyes.

It was like a slap in the face. How would it look to Kyle if that were to happen? "Please, Maria, I'm not having an affair really, he...he makes me do things. Things I don't want to do. Please don't make me beg."

Maria offered an unladylike expletive, pulled her arm away, then said, "Strip."

"What?" she said as Maria headed back toward her bedroom.

"You heard me. If you have even one piece of clothing on when I come back with the glass, it will slip out of my fingers and break."

Rebecca tore off her clothing.

"Kneel," was the command when she reappeared, eyeing the naked woman. She grabbed Rebecca's hands, pulling them behind her back, and slid them through rope cuffs made with soft Japanese rope.

"What are you doing?" she was wary of what was happening, but complied. Was she, the one who was always in control, becoming used to following orders?

"Shut up and do as you're told. Can you do that?" Maria demanded in a tone she had not used since leaving home.


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I can do as I'm told."

Maria leaned down and clipped a dog leash onto two of the padlocks in her cunt.

"And what should someone be called who has you on a leash?" she snarled.

Tears came to Rebecca's eyes. "I...I don't know." She had lost control again and a feeling of humiliation coursed over her. "M...M...Mistress?" she asked.

"That's better," she smiled. "And you had better not forget how to address me."

Her boss was mute. "Had you? She asked yanking on the leash.

"Yes, Mistress," she choked back the tears as her pussy lips were distended by the pressure on the leash.

Maria pulled up on the leash and her boss staggered to her feet. She led her through the kitchen and out into the garage.

"Get in," she said opening the car door.

"I can't go out like this," Rebecca hissed, "besides Kyle, told me I have to exercise now."


Rebecca began to panic. She couldn't go out like that where she might be seen. She screamed at her tormentor, and heedless of the harm she could cause to herself from the leash, made a dash for the door. Maria let go of the leash and laughed as her prey turned around to try and open the handle from behind. Going through, the leash got caught as the door closed behind her. Rebecca kicked the door open again and pulled it through. She turned, trying to think of where she would be safe. She started for the living room, then changed her mind and headed for the exercise room. As she did so, Maria caught her by the hair and spun her around.

With her face an inch from that of her employer, Maria spat, "You have pissed me off for the last time. You wake me up in the middle of the night, because YOU have to go wee wee. I do all the menial tasks around the house, including some on what is supposed to be my day off. When was the last time I got a raise?" her voice went up an octave. Her whole demeanor was a total surprise for her boss who cowered before her.

"I...I...I don't know."

"Never, that's when." She grabbed her by the tit and hauled her over to the table, leaving bruises where her fingers had been. "Sit there, and don't make a sound," she told the squawking woman as she pulled her down onto a chair.

She picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Mr. Laughton?" Rebecca heard the rest only in a daze. "This is Maria. I am the maid at Rebecca's house....You remember that you asked me to hold the glass when she, you know...Yes... She has done nothing but give me a hard time about it....Yes... I was going to punish her, but she refused...Yes, Sir. He would like to speak with you," she told her victim placing the cordless phone to Rebecca's ear.

"I can't believe what I am hearing..." he started.

"But Sir..."

"REBECCA," his deep voice growled in a menacing tone.

"Y...Y...Yes, Sir?" she said shaking from the adrenalin rush her anger had brought.

"Maria has gone out of her way to HELP you. Do you think it is FUN for her to have to hold your toilet while you take a piss?"

"No, Sir, I suppose not."

"From now on, you will do everything you are told by her, as though it was a command from me. What do you do when I ask you to do something?"

"I obey you, Sir."


"Yes, immediately, Sir."

"Then I expect you to do the same for Maria. When you are with her, you will obey her. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Now you will be punished for your childish and disobedient behavior. Tell her now that you regret your disobedience and need to be punished. When she has done this, you will thank her. And, remember to always address her as 'Mistress'."

Looking at her servant, she got out the words, "I...I n...n...need to be p...p...punished, Mistress," she could hardly get the words out as tears streamed down her face.

"Tell her why you need to be punished."

"I...I need to be punished because I didn't obey you," she told her maid in a shaky voice.

"If I was there and had to punish you for disobeying me, what would my punishment be like?"

"I know the punishment would be very harsh, Sir."

"I will check with her afterward. If I don't consider your punishment severe enough, I will send you for correction to your German friend. Linda has come home now after her weekend there, and her attitude about things has improved, I can tell you. She is most attentive to my every command!"

Rebecca shivered at the thought.

"Then tell her what your punishment should be like. And you had better let her know that you expect it to be one that you will not soon forget."

Rebecca took a deep breath trying to think of what to say.

"Go on," said the voice in her ear.

Still holding the phone, she looked at the steely eyes of Maria, then turned away, unable to maintain eye contact. "I will need to be punished severely. It should hurt a lot so I will know that this behavior isn't acceptable, and then I will do my best never to be disobedient again. It...It should be hard enough that I am screaming and crying at the punishment." Tears ran down her cheeks.

"I don't want to ever have a phone call like this again," his words were like ice and she could imagine the look in his eyes. "Put her back on the line."

"He...He...He wants...Here," she said handing over the phone with a sob.

Maria raised an eyebrow but did not respond.

Rebecca fought to think of what she had to say. Then, "Mr. Laughton wants to speak with you."

Maria raised an eyebrow, but didn't respond.


Maria took the phone and listened, a wicked smile crossing her face. "Yes, Mr. Laughton." Then she hung up the phone and stared down at her "boss" for a few moments. She went to a drawer and came back with a pair of wire cutters. Then, standing on a chair, she removed the light from a hook, and cut the electrical wires with a zzztt. "Up on the table, Slut, face down." As she spoke, a feeling of power went through her like an electric charge.

Rebecca hurried to obey, inching herself onto the table without use of her hands. While she was doing that, Maria fetched a couple of pieces of rope from the garage, and another pair of the Japanese cuffs she just happened to have in her room. The cuffs were put on the helpless woman's ankles. The length of rope was tied to the rope cuffs at Rebecca's wrists. It was then pulled up and tied to the hook in the ceiling, raising her arms up off the table at an unpleasant angle. The end was then was drawn down to the ankles. These were raised until her cunt was off the table, effectively hogtying the sniffling, naked, woman, and putting all her weight on her chest.

Maria, moved to the other end of the table and with a sudden move, pulled hard. The table came apart where the leaf added to the length of the table. She opened it a bit more, and pulled Rebecca forward until her tits fell into the void in the thin metal tabletop.

"Wha...," started Rebecca as Maria inched the table closed again, holding it with her hands, and bumping it with her thighs. When the captive woman rocked her body in desperation, she held her down while bumping it again. Rebecca gave a moan of pain, then a yelp at the next bump, and finally a shriek. The maid examined the tits and found them suitably pinned by the table.

"Do you know why you are being punished?" she asked.

"Because I was disobedient," she said, dejection and resignation in her voice.

"Ask me to punish you, slut."

"Please, punish me Mistress, hard but please not too hard. I won't let anything like this happen again." Her arms and legs were aching already from being lifted up and she decided she wasn't going to make things more difficult by refusing to address her servant as Kyle required.

Sliding under the table, Maria saw the objects her boss prized so highly, hanging down. The table had closed tightly on the tops of her tits, flattening them, and making their removal impossible without opening the table again. Maria grasped the nearest one and squeezed it with both hands, as its owner gasped. She let her fingers dig in, making marks on it, before moving them to another spot and doing the same. Rebecca was breathing in short gasps, trying to deal with the pain caused by her maid's fingernails. Her moans and cries of pain brought at smile to Maria. Then, taking the fingers of both hands, she squeezed the breast as hard as she could, and listened to the wail above her with satisfaction. When she had sensitized the one breast enough, she went to the other and repeated the process.

Sliding out again, Maria went to a drawer, took out a wooden spoon, and returned to her position under the table. She grabbed a nipple along with its gold piercing, and pulled down as hard as she could, distending the tit. A cry of pain was her reward, and she smiled as she brought the spoon sharply against the smooth tit flesh, then again and again.

"I am sorry for my actions," Rebecca sniveled when a pause in the punishment allowed her to catch her breath.

"When I'm done, you will wish Mr. Laughton had come over to punish you, instead of me," was the response. "I spend every day taking care of your dirty laundry and dusting your dirty house. And what thanks do I get? When I grew up, I had a maid that did such things in our house. But at least we told her how much we appreciated her and gave her raises. Now it's your turn to pay for what I haven't gotten the past couple of years."

"I was going to give you a substantial raise, just as soon as John came home," she tried to bargain. But her offer was ignored.

Maria moved around the breast, hitting every part as the shrieking and sobbing continued above her. If she didn't yell loud enough, she would hit the same spot again, harder than before. The second time always seemed to satisfy her. Finally, she let go of the nipple and directed her final two smacks in an upswing, aiming for the piercing , and smiling at the cry of pain, which she heard from above.

Maria surfaced and looked down at the figure collapsed into the tabletop. There was no struggle now, only resignation. "How are WE feeling today?" she asked jovially. When no response came, she raised her arm high over her head and hit the ass cheek nearby with the wooden spoon. The tear-filled eyes popped open and focused on her as a red circle decorated her backside. "I said, how are WE feeling today?"

The corporate executive continued to snivel, but said through her tears, "I have learned my lesson, Mistress. Really I have. Please, no more punishment. I beg you. Please. Please. Please."

"Unfortunately, I have only done one side. But you can ask me to finish the other so you can get up," she said cruelly, "or I can leave you here for a while and come back and do it later. Of course I might not be in a very good mood then having lost my day off to you."

Rebecca groaned. Her left tit was so sore, it would take days before she could even think to wear the tip less bra, she knew. It was much, much worse than the piercing. Her arms were being pulled out of the sockets and her legs and back were stiff and sore. And, she still needed to pee.

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