tagLesbian SexTraining Teacher Ch. 03

Training Teacher Ch. 03


Summary: Teacher is given to three 18-year-old ex-students for the weekend.

NOTE 1: Obviously, if you have not read parts 1 and 2, I highly recommend you do before reading part 3.

NOTE 2: This story is dedicated to the beautiful Julia...and to the just as beautiful Sydney.

NOTE 3: Thanks to Estragon for his dedication to making my work better.


With my daughter back at home, the evenings were back to routine: supper, Wii game, homework and bedtime story. Once my daughter was in bed, I attempted to mark papers, but the upcoming weekend continued to creep out of my subconscious. This weekend, Constance was giving me to her daughter and friends as a gift. I could only begin to imagine what may happen. When that naughty event was not spinning in my brain, the thought of Amy and our potential relationship occupied my mind. At work her smile made me smile, and although we hadn't had a major conversation about what happened, I knew we both didn't regret it and both looked forward to doing it again.

At work, I had been left alone by Constance's other subs, for which I was incredibly thankful. Life had slowly begun to return to my life before the seduction.

Then came Friday....

I was a nervous wreck at work and if it wasn't for Amy I don't know how I would have made it through. At lunch, in my room with the door locked, I frantically announced, "Amy, I can't go through with this. I just can't."

Amy comforted me, "Hannah, I love you, but you are a bit of a drama queen."

"Excuse me?" I questioned.

"Well, I mean I know you are stressed about it. I understand that. But the truth is you are also really excited about the weekend too, aren't you?"

I thought about it and she was right. Although I had stressed continually about it since I learned of what was expected of me, I also had got wet thinking about the beautiful Karli. Last night I had a vivid, pussy dripping dream about being her personal sex toy. "Yes, but...." I began.

"No buts. I am so happy Mistress Constance seduced you, because it brought you to me. Truthfully, I am a bit jealous of these teen girls getting you all weekend. All I have had is a couple of hours with you."

"Really, you are jealous?"

"Yes, don't you get it, Hannah, I have loved you for a long time and now that I finally know there is a possibility of you and I being an 'us', I have to compete with hot fucking 18-year-olds."

"I want to spend time with you too, Amy."

"Tuesday, I will get a babysitter and you can drop off Elaine, and we will go on a date."

"In public?" I asked.

"Well I won't molest you in plain view, but yes. Anyone who sees us will just see two friends, but you and I will both know it's a date."

"That sounds wonderful," I replied, excited.

"Good, I will make the plans while you are out whoring it up with a bunch of teen goddesses."


It was then I was paged over the intercom. I looked at Amy, suddenly anxious again. She shrugged. "They usually behave at school. This could actually be school business."

"Right, of course," I agreed, weakly.

I went to the office and the collar-wearing secretary handed me an envelope and whispered, "It's from our Mistress."

I took it and returned to go back to class, when I heard the singsong voice of my secretary, "Have fun this weekend."

It could have been her usual politeness or now that I knew her dark side it could have meant she knew what my weekend actually entailed.

I turned around and instantly knew by her slight smirk that she definitely knew about my upcoming submission to a bunch of 18-year-olds. I don't know why I said it, maybe to get rid of her smug smile or maybe to get her jealous, if any of that makes sense, but I responded, "Oh, I plan to have loads of fun." I winked and walked away.

Dear Hannah,

I will pick you up at 6 o'clock. I expect you dressed to please and packed for two days. I recommend a couple of bathing suits, lingerie, and whatever else you may seem necessary.

As mentioned before, you will be a birthday present for my daughter, Karli. She doesn't know about you yet. While at the cabin, you are to obey EVERY order any of the girls give. You are completely to serve their every whim.

Mistress Constance

P.S.-I am happy to hear you and one of my other lesbian sluts, Amy, may be getting intimate. Be a good sub this weekend and I won't get in the way...too much.

The note didn't really say anything new and for some reason the encounter with our secretary Donna had somehow given me an odd, stubborn confidence. If I ignored the fact these were likely all ex-students of mine, what was really happening this weekend was a weekend sex retreat with hot teenagers. My pussy began to get wet, and I had to change my focus to teaching my young students.

The afternoon was uneventful, and flew by like most afternoons do with twenty-four grade four students.

When the day was done, Amy came in. "It will be ok, Hannah."

"I know," I said, "what is the worst that could happen?"

Amy smiled and offered, "You are bound to a bed and fucked over and over again with a ten-inch dildo, while you eat pussy after pussy after pussy." Amy gestured to herself. "Now I really am jealous."

I laughed and turned serious. "Thanks for your support, Amy."

"Oh don't worry, I expect a pretty good thank you on Tuesday evening," she teased.

"Oh Amy." I blushed. "I am yours that evening."

I headed home, packed my daughter's weekend bag and my weekend bag. I packed stockings, lingerie, which I hadn't used in a long time, heels, and a couple of rarely-worn bikinis. I wore a comfortable sundress, with tan thigh highs and two inch heels for the drive. Slightly provocative, but not slutty.

Once Elaine was picked up by the bastard who will remain unnamed, I still had thirty minutes to wait and think.

I was nervous but had accepted my fate, both the good and the bad. Because even though I had brief moments of anxiety and wishing I could go back to my "normal" life, the reality was that I was finally free of my loneliness, and the shackles and insecurities I had after my divorce.

To my surprise, it was not Constance picking me up but instead an older gentleman who told me he was hired to drive me up to the lake. I was thankful because I could now avoid the awkward conversation I was expecting and dreading with Constance.

Friday city traffic was crazy, so an hour and a bit later, we arrived at the lake, and the driver pulled up to the Blues Barn Tavern. The driver, in what I assumed would be the last act of chivalry I would receive for awhile, came around and opened the door for me.

I went into the tavern. Constance was there by herself having a drink. She waved me over and I obediently went over to her.

She asked, "How was the drive?"

"There is some lovely scenery," I heard myself babble.

"There is some lovely scenery right here," she coyly flirted.

I blushed, "Ditto."

"Are you 'Ghost' referencing me?"

"It is one of my favorite movies."

"Mine too. But enough chit chat. Are you ready?"

"As ready as one can be for such a task."

Constance stood up and hooked a leash to my collar. "Let's go. You can walk for now."

"Thank you, Mistress," I said, truly thankful she didn't make me crawl along the tavern floor.

She led me out, a few curious eyes watching us. Instead of putting my head down in shame, I followed with my head up and a smile on my face.

We walked past a couple of families and a group of teenagers, all fascinated by the odd scene.

When we arrived at a large cottage, Mistress ordered, "On your knees." I obeyed, now on my knees, in public, at the entrance to a pretty big cottage. She ordered, "Wait here."

I obeyed, and knelt like the submissive I was. One minute became two, which became five and then ten. Once or twice someone walked by while I obediently waited. A couple of teenage boys heckled me, and someone else whistled.

Finally, my humiliation burning fiery hot, the door opened slightly and I heard my Mistress say, "Ok girls, close your eyes, cause Mommy has a super-duper big surprise."

She opened the door enough to reach my leash and led me into the room. There were three girls in the room. The one blindfolded was Constance's 18-year-old daughter Karli. To call her beautiful did not do her justice. She radiated sexuality. Her hair was so blonde, it was almost white; her tan was a gentle brown. If I could choose one 18-year-old to dominate me, it would be her. I surveyed the rest of the room. A chubby brunette, who I would later learn was named Allie, was sitting on a couch in a bikini set that was not flattering at all. That said, her breasts were mammoth and I couldn't help but feel my mouth water. Sitting next to her was a strawberry blonde who I recognized as Destiny. I taught her years ago. She, like Karli, had turned into a beautiful young woman. She was tall, strong, small breasted, a typical female athlete.

Constance suggested, "Ladies, you may open your eyes in a second, but do not give away Karli's present. I have one final surprise for my daughter."

The girls opened their eyes and each let out similar shocked sounds.

Allie joked, "Wow, just what I've always wanted."

Destiny chuckled, "Oh, my fucking God."

Allie complimented my Mistress, "Constance, you really outdid yourself this time. I thought the Porsche was a damn good birthday present, but this...wow...fucking wow."

"What is it?" Karli asked, clearly dying to find out.

"All in good time, dear. You won't remember asking for this, but I do. Now I need you to open your legs wide," Constance suggested to her daughter.

"What?" Karli asked, suddenly confused.

Destiny reassured Karli, "Trust your mom, Karli. It will be worth it."

"Ok," Karli tentatively agreed, but you could tell she was nervous.

"Don't be all nervous. You had that nerd Valerie eating your pussy in the school bathroom just a few hours ago," Destiny accused.

"And you have eagerly lapped from my pussy pretty much daily," Destiny surprised us all.

Karli's face went blood red. "Destiny, my Mother is in the room."

"Don't worry, I think she already knew you were a dyke," Destiny suggested, looking directly at Karli's Mother.

"Destiny!" A mortified and blindfolded Karli blurted out, clearly horrified by the blatant revealation of her lesbian tendencies to her mother.

It was Constance who spoke next, her facial expression showing a brief moment of out-of-her-power element. "Karli, I didn't know you were a dyke, but I definitely knew you were bi. For one thing, I have heard you and Destiny in your room and those aren't the noises of studying. Secondly, your fourth most popular website after Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo is Literotica, and you almost only read lesbian stories, your favourite being Pet Teacher if I am not mistaken. "

"Well, then there is no point hiding it anymore, is there?" Destiny giddily announced.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Karli announced, tears beginning to form.

Constance comforted her daughter, "It's ok, baby. Liking girls is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually if you must know, I too love to play the same field."

"You do?" Karli gasped, clearly shocked by her Mother's confession.

"Yes, actually, I have my own collection of pets," she smiled, the other girls catching onto her subtle innuendo.

"Pets?" Karli asked, completely oblivious to the pet on the ground, already salivating at the thought of tasting this beautiful 18-year-old's pussy.

"Yes, honey, I will explain more tomorrow. Right now this is your special day. "

Allie agreed, "Yes, Karli, it's your birthday today. Let's celebrate, with a special feast."

Constance and Destiny exploded in laughter while a still blindfolded and confused Karli sat there.

Constance explained, "I didn't know what to get the girl who had everything, so I got you your very own pet for the weekend."

"W-w-what," Karli stammered, clearly baffled by what the pet could be and I'm sure not remotely thinking it was her old grade 4 teacher.

Constance's dominant do-as-I-say tone returned, "Open your legs wide, Karli."

Knowing her mother's don't-fuck-with-me tone, she opened her legs. From my subservient position, I could see straight up her white undies.

Constance leaned in and whispered to me, "Crawl my pet, between my daughter's legs and offer yourself to your weekend Mistress."

I obeyed, my pussy already wet with anticipation. Once my shoulder brushed Karli's leg, she stiffened slightly. I finally spoke, "Karli, I am your 18th birthday present."

There was a long silence while Karli attempted to put a name and a face to my voice. It must have been nearly a minute before she asked, her voice questioning, "Mrs. Hawkins?"

"Yes, dear. I am your personal playthings for the weekend," I responded, my voice dripping with sweet sincerity. Before she could respond, I tugged at her underwear and she lifted her ass up. Once her panties were off, I began to lick her pussy, my nose on a neatly trimmed pubic hair patch just above her clit.

Her moans began the second my tongue touched her shaved pussy lips.

As I lapped at the 18-year-old's ripe pussy, I heard her Mom, my Mistress, saying, "I hope you like your present. I will see you at lunch as we planned."

Karli moaned, my tongue clearly making her happy, "I love it, Mom."

Constance, her voice trailing away, "I knew you would." Seconds later, the door opened and closed and I was left alone with three 18-year-old girls, whom two were ex-students.

While I licked and licked at Karli's delicious pussy, I felt a pair of hands on my hips, lifting up my dress. I learned it was Destiny when I heard her say, "Oh my, she is already very, very wet." The humiliation burned slightly, but the sweet taste of Karli kept me pacified. Karli's moans increased as I licked the most delicious and sweet cunt I had ever licked, not that I had a lot of pussy tastes to compare.

Karli, now close to orgasm, got more excited, "Yes, Mrs. Hawkins, lick my pussy, oh my God, yes, it feels so good." I took her clit into my mouth and she screamed, "Oh my fucking God, I'm coming." I kept lapping as she had small convulsions on the chair. I loved the power my tongue had. It was a great feeling to know I could bring such pleasure to someone.

"Well Mrs. Hawkins, there are two more of my friends to taste test before we really get this party going," she announced, standing up and leading me by the leash to Destiny.

Destiny, already without her bikini bottom, open her legs to me as I crawled towards her. "Let's see how good you are with your tongue," she suggested, revealing a completely shaved pussy. She leaned back down on the couch and tugged on the leash Karli had just handed her. I crawled, like a good puppy, between her legs and began licking her pussy. Eager to please her and prove just how good I was, I treated her pussy like a pair of lips: kissing her lips, parting her lips with my tongue, and entering inside her warm oasis. Her moans began to increase, just softly at first, but as I felt her wetness on my face, she got excessively verbal. "That's it, teacher slut, lick my cunt." Her nasty tone only made me hornier. My dignity long left behind, I was theirs to use all weekend and I revelled at the opportunity. "You like my cunt, teacher?"

"Yes, ma'am," I replied quickly and returned to the task at hand.

"Ma'am," she chuckled, "I have never been called that." Grabbing the back of my head, she pulled me deeper and began rubbing her cunt up and down my face. It was hard to breathe, but I desperately continued to lick and please. Without warning a wave of juice coated my face and I hungrily savoured every drop. Once her orgasm had finished, I felt the leash tug me back and I was led to the last remaining pussy.

Allie, chubby but not fat, already had shed her bikini bottom. As I reached her pussy, I was greeted with a bush so hairy that I couldn't even see her pussy lips. Once Allie had the leash, I was roughly pulled between her chunky legs and my face buried into a mess of hair. I searched with my mouth to find the girl's clit, knowing that would be the quickest and best way to get her off. The forest of hair poked my face, went up my nose and tickled me. It was a challenge, but she was wet already, and I found her clit and sucked it in my mouth. Her legs instantly tightened around my head and I began to suck and nibble her clit between my lips. Her juice leaked out slightly and her naughty scent seemed to just sit there, nestled in her hair. The smell was not overly pleasant, and unlike the lengthy time I spent savouring Karli's sweet juice, I desperately wanted to get this done quickly, which was difficult with her increasingly nasty scent and her tangled pubic hair making me sick. Hairs in my mouth and up my nose were a disgusting distraction. I sucked and lapped forever, but couldn't seem to get her to come. Frustrated, I awkwardly slid a finger inside her pussy and let out a yelp. I searched for her g-spot, and once I found it, I put as much pressure as I could. A few seconds later, I was coated with juice as she finally came. I quit sucking, and just let the orgasm subside. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she pushed my head away softly.

I lay on the floor, my face glistening with pussy juice.

Karli asked, "How come you ended up being my Mom's slave, Mrs. Hawkins?"

"It's a long story," I replied.

"We have all weekend," Destiny joked.

I retold the story as best I could, leaving out my new blossoming relationship with Amy.

Allie replied, "That is so hot. I still can't believe your Mom is a Domme."

Destiny smirked, "I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree."

Karli shrugged, clearly in deep thought. Silence filled the room as everyone waited for Karli to speak. Finally, Karli, out of her daydream, said, "Well girls, this is going to be a fun weekend. Go get dolled up ladies, we are taking our little pet out for the evening."

Destiny squealed, "Delicious."

Allie added, "What do you have in mind?"

Karli shrugged, her tone implying her position of authority, "Just get ready."

Allie nodded and all three girls went into their separate rooms leaving me on the floor alone. I sat there pondering what to do. I waited ten, then fifteen minutes, before deciding I had to pee. As soon as I stood up and began walking to the bathroom, Karli walked out and roared, "On your knees, slut!"

I jumped, startled by her tone, but quickly fell to the ground. I grovelled, "Sorry, Mistress."

Karli walked over to me and explained, "This weekend you do nothing, absolutely fucking nothing, without being told."

"Yes, Mistress," I quickly agreed, before explaining, "sorry I have to pee."

She grabbed a beer bottle from the table and handed it to me, "Go ahead, pee." I looked up at her, attempting to plead for a better alternative before she added, "And don't you dare get one drop of your piss on the floor."

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, defeated. I put the bottle at my pee hole and squatted awkwardly. I held the bottle as close as possible and attempted to control my pee flow. It was one of the most difficult things I had ever done, but I managed to get my steady stream to flow into the bottle.

Once done, Karli said, "Good job, slut."

Absurdly, I replied, "Thanks, Mistress." She took the bottle from me and placed it on the table. "We'll save this for later," she smirked.

Grabbing the leash, Karli ordered, "Crawl to my room, slut, so I can keep an eye on you."

I followed her into her room, like a faithful dog. Once in the room, she had me sit on the floor and wait for her to get ready.

Twenty minutes later, she was ready and led me back into the living room.

Destiny and Allie were already there and wearing simple sundresses, but had also done their hair and make-up.

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