tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTraining WIth Lil' Kim Ch. 1

Training WIth Lil' Kim Ch. 1


Stepping into Black Mike's Records & CD's, the petite black woman did her best to keep a low profile, wearing large black shades, and a dark olive-colored knee-length raincoat. However, the few customers who did look up after hearing the small bell connected to the door mark someone's entry, couldn't help but take notice of the fact that the glasses were expensive Christian Dior's, and that the raincoat was made by Gucci.

Not to mention the body. Even through the slightly shapeless clothes the woman was wearing, it was obvious that she had a remarkable body. Above a pair of firm, fantastic breasts was a mischievous grin and sharp emerald eyes, capped of by a short bob haircut dyed blonde.

After a few minutes, however, any interest in the woman died; there were only two men in the store at the time. One was the owner, and although he was damn interested in the piece of ass that just walked into his store, his wife was working with him that day, and he regrettably decided that it wouldn't be worth it to try.

As for the other guy, he was essentially isolated, standing by a secluded listening booth with his back to the door, nodding his head to a beat pounding through surprisingly large headphones. Upon catching sight of him, the young woman appraised him for about 10 minutes, all the while his head never leaving sight of the CD's in front of him, all the while her eyes never leaving him. Quickly nodding to herself, a mischievous grin slowly spread over her face, revealing a set of gleaming white teeth, almost the teeth of a predator seeing prey, and she strolled towards him...

It had been a long week for rapper Kimberly Jones. After a year spent in jail for perjury had finally passed, Kim had immediately begun using the coverage that naturally had surrounded her upon her release to rehab her career, which had unsurprisingly had languished while she was in prison. Already she had been interviewed by The Source Magazine, XXL, Vibe, Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine, and was scheduled to appear on "106 & Park" in two days. Looking for a little personal time (which part of her found slightly ironic, considering she had just gotten out of jail), she had dressed as inconspicuously as possible, and just gone walking down the street, and upon noticing the record store, decided on a whim to go in.

For the most part, the interviews had asked the same things: "What are you thinking about now that you're out?" "How do you think that lost year will affect your career in the long run?" "What did you miss the most while you were imprisoned?" By far that had been the most common question asked, Kim thought to herself. Usually she gave some sort of generic, reasonable answer; family and friends, basic freedom itself, her favorite junk food. But that wasn't the truth; at least, not the complete truth.

In reality, what Kim had missed the most was getting laid. Oh sure, she had played for the other team a few times while in the joint, just to get by, but Kim had always loved the feeling of having a cock inside her, and going a year without it hadn't changed her opinion of it in any way; in fact, it had only improved it.

I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder, Kim chuckled mentally.

But it wasn't just any dick that Kim wanted; it was new dick. Not merely new dick in the sense of dick she hadn't had before, but someone who hadn't spent the last five years of their life getting different pussy everyday. Kim was in her early 30's, just starting to advance towards her sexual peak, and she'd had plenty of time to mull her "situation" recently. Due to her highly sexual image and reputation, most guys she had been with had either been hung like horses, but had absolutely no technique, or were below average but knew tons of tricks. However, instead of trying to focus on pleasing her, they had used their best methods, hoping to impress her. No, she'd settled on a new plan: simply put, she was going to find someone that she approved of, and mold him into the type of lover that she felt she wanted.

That was why she was so surprised when she saw the young man in the back of the record store; she hadn't expected to find an apparently suitable guy so quickly. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, though, she began evaluate him, checking off each of the physical characteristics she had been looking for that the man matched.

He was taller than average, at least 6'1", with caramel-colored skin and a neatly-cropped fade. He was dressed decent; an Asian-themed baggy red shirt and simple baggy blue jeans that hung well off his slim-but-athletic build. His sneakers are scuffed, Kim thought, pursing her lips slightly, but you can't have everything.

Studying his face, Kim quickly nodded to herself. Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, she had learned early on to gauge a person based on their face, and she like what she saw. Surprisingly deep eyes sat perched above a slightly smirking mouth, with a full set of lips. Lips for kissing, Kim thought. But beyond the features themselves, the set of the features attracted her. Intelligence was something she definitely wanted her "protégé" to possess in large amounts; he would be a quick learner. The smirk, meanwhile, indicated a small streak of cynicism, which she considered good as well; better for him to be a pragmatic idealist than an idealistic pragmatist, if that makes any sense.

Finally, Kim decided, slowly grinning to herself as she began planning out the scenario to get what she wanted. Truthfully, she understood any sort of plan wouldn't be necessary, but she appreciated the mental exercise...

Leaning against the listening booth, Kenoh closed his eyes while the newest MF Doom album roared in his ears. Between school finals and his job; check that, former job at Best Buy, it had been a long week, and Kenoh felt like spending the first day of his summer vacation relaxing and hitting his favorite spots, before resigning himself to a potentially long, frustrating job search.

So far, his plans had gone surprisingly well. He'd gotten a calzone from Sal's Pizza, played a couple of pickup games at the b-ball court in the park down the street, spent a couple of hours working on his XBOX Madden 06' franchise (the Tampa Bay Bucs, in case you were wondering), and even hung out and blazed a couple of blunts with his boys, which he hadn't done in damn near two months. Now, he just wanted to check the local record shop and see if there was anything he wanted to pickup before heading back to the crib for the rest of the day.

Which was why he got annoyed when he felt someone tapping on his shoulder. Probably 'Black Mike'; doesn't this guy have better things to do then bug me, Kenoh thought, slightly gritting his teeth.

This explains why his jaw slightly dropped when he turned around and, instead of seeing a frowning middle-aged man, was instead confronted by a small, smiling brown bombshell.

"Um, can I help you with something?" Kenoh asked, quickly regaining his wits and flashing the woman a quick but polite grin. Damn, she's fine! But she looks a little bit familiar; have I seen her before?

Kim smiled even wider; she's caught his reaction, and noted his quick reaction time. Another plus; so far, he's checking out quite nicely. "Hi; my name's Kim. I, uh, I saw the cover of the CD you're holding, and it looked interesting; is that guy any good?"

"MF Doom? Oh, hell yeah! He's one of the best guys in the underground; he's like the new Kool Keith; at least, to me." Seeing her eyes widen by a tiny fraction, he began explaining, "Back in the day, there was this group called the Ultramagnetic MC's..."

"I know who UMC is," Kim interrupted, waving her hand in a slightly dismissive manner. Most people didn't know that Kim listened to a large amount of old-school hip-hop, and had always felt that the progressive rap group had never gotten the respect it had deserved. Having expected his musical taste to gravitate more toward "crunk music" type stuff, the fact the young man's tastes reflected her own merely solidified his case in her eyes. This, Kim thought, was exactly what I was looking for. Time to get started.

Meanwhile, Kenoh was busy being stunned beyond all measure. As it happened, the two of them were standing in the middle of the "L" section, and Kim's waving attracted his eyes to the cover of a Lil' Kim CD behind her.

No... Kenoh thought, his eyes darting from the vision in front of him and the picture behind her. Am...am I talking to Lil' Kim? Oh shit; I AM talking to Lil' Kim!

Seeing her eyes focus on him, he immediately snapped his eyes back to focus on hers, intent on not messing things up by eyeing her up and down. Do not, he told himself, do NOT screw this up!

"Actually," Kim said, staring him down with her big green eyes, "I was wondering if you could show me a couple of good new CD's. It's been a while since I was able to check out the newer stuff."

"Su – ahem – Sure," Kenoh said, clearing his throat. "Just...just follow me..."

One hour later, he was standing next to the edge of a bed in one of the most opulent hotel rooms he had ever seen, holding a cranberry & vodka and wondering how he had ended up in here.

It wasn't that he didn't understand how he ended up there. While they had been looking through the aisles of CD's, Kim had asked him what he did for a living. When he had told her that he was studying computer engineering at a local university, she had immediately brightened.

"I've got this laptop that's been giving me serious problems lately," she had said, sidling towards his front. "Do you think you could take a look at it for me?"

Staring down at the short woman standing directly in front of him (her head just reached his chest), Kenoh swallowed hard. He realized that at this angle, if he dropped his eyes further down by just an inch or two, he would be able to see directly down her shirt, and his cock immediately began to respond.

"Yeah, that's no problem," he replied, hopefully sounding more confident than he felt. "When do you want me to come by?"

"Why not right now?" she quickly answered, lightly grabbing him by the wrist; Kenoh felt the hairs on the back of his neck slightly rise, and it felt like sparks where she touched him. "Come on."

When they got to the room, she showed him the laptop. It had been a simple program error; it hadn't taken more than 10-15 minutes for him to fix. While he had been working on the laptop, however, they had kept talking, and eventually the meeting stretched from 20 minutes, to 30, to an hour, with no indication of it ending anytime soon.

Suddenly, after she had prepared them both drinks, she suddenly stood up, broadly smiling. "Hold on, I'll be right back," she had said, moving into a different room and closing the door behind her, leaving him sitting in an empty hotel room with a raging hard-on and a confused mind.

So he knew how he got there. What he didn't understand was how he got here. Kenoh was a generally humble guy, and even if he hadn't been humble, it wasn't as though things like this happened to him often. While he was musing over it, though, he heard the door open, and, turning his head, proceeded to drop his jaw for the second time that day.

Watching him watch her, Kim smiled to herself. She was wearing her favorite piece of lingerie, a short, red silk piece that cut off just below her ass, and accentuated her already-ample 34-DD breasts, and as she slinked toward Kenoh and stood directly in front of him, almost touching him, she knew she had him; it was just a matter of totally reeling him in.

Kenoh, for his part, was glad his baggy jeans and boxer briefs were hiding his erection, which at this point was threatening to rip right through the front of his pants. With such a remarkable piece of ass standing so close to him that his cock would have been furiously pushing against her if he'd been naked, he was in a kind of daze, and he barely registered her gently taking his drink out of his hand, focused instead on the feeling of her breasts rubbing against his chest as she softly pushed him into a sitting position on the bed, and sat next to him, crossing her shapely legs.

"I know it's pretty obvious by now," she started, "but I didn't really ask you to come here to fix my computer. I had an arrangement in mind, something we might both enjoy. Interested?" she asked, leaning into his left arm with her tits, and lightly grasping his chin with her hand so that he would look her in the face.


Smiling, she continued, her voice getting huskier and huskier. "I've been with a good amount of guys in the past, but now I want to have my own personal fall-back partner. Someone I've trained, that I can teach to do the things that I think men should know how to do."

"I like your looks, and I like your personality, so I'm thinking it could be you...that is, if you want," she finished, her face close to his.

"Yes! I mean, yeah, definitely, of course!" Kenoh immediately replied, his heart going a mile a minute.

"Perfect," Kim purred, climbing on top of his lap and giving him a deep, sensual kiss that put him into another dimension, before pulling him into a standing position and beginning to take off his clothes. "Of course, there's one last test, but I'm sure you'll pass it..."

"Umm, test?" Kenoh asked, raising his arms so that she could take off his shirt.

"Yep," she answered, getting on her knees to unbuckle his belt and pants. "I just want to make sure you've got the physical qualifications necessary for what I'm planning, so I just – OH!"

While Kim had been talking, she had been pulling down his boxer briefs, when Kenoh's swollen dick had surprised her, jumping up and nearly smacking her in the face. As she stared at it hungrily, she fought the temptation to just grab it and stick it in her mouth, thinking that it had been over a year since she'd had some dick. Patience, she told herself. He's already agreed, you've got all the time in the world. Sighing to herself, she looked at it for a few more seconds, than stood up and looked up and down at the now fully-naked man in front of her.

She'd appraised him well, she realized. About 190 pounds, he had an athletic look, with well-defined but not excessive muscles. What she was focusing on, however, was his dick. Kim had had all sorts of cocks in her time, but she had found that she preferred ones that were just above-average in both size and girth, and the cock she was looking at was just what she had been hoping to find. Kim started licking her lips, staring at it; around 7 to 7.5 inches, and pretty thick to boot.

Just big enough to fit snugly, and not so big that it gets in the way, she thought to herself, as she grabbed it with her right hand. "Oh, you definitely pass. With flying colors." Grabbing the back of his head with her left hand, she pulled him into another deep kiss, while she slowly began stroking the length of his cock with an overhand grip. With her breasts pressed up against his chest, she could feel his heartbeat accelerate, and pushed him back into a sitting position on the bed.

Holding her hands on top of his, she slowly began kissing her way down his chest, making her way down towards his throbbing cock. Kneeling at the foot of the bed between his legs, she stopped at his thigh, grabbing his dick again and slowly starting to stroke it, while looking him straight in his eyes.

As Kenoh tilted his head back, closing his eyes and clenching his fists, Kim started taking slow, lazy licks up and down his rock-hard cock, before suddenly engulfing it in her throat. Without looking up, she heard his breath quicken immediately, and gave his dick a few quick pumps with her throat muscles before pulling it out of her mouth with an audible plop, and spitting on it while she stroked.

"Guess I'm a little rusty," she chuckled throatily, before slowly taking his entire member down her throat. Instead of moving up and down, though, she held it down the length of her throat, and started humming, driving Kenoh into a whole new plane of pleasure.

On and on it went, with Kim using every blowjob trick she knew to push Kenoh to his limits: circling her tongue around the tip of his head, before suddenly going crazy for a few minutes, deep-throating him with serious aggression. Looking down at times, all he could see was his hands grasping the sides of a blonde blur pistoning up and down on his unit. God, this is incredible; I can't tell if I'm face-fucking her or if she's just going nuts! Kenoh thought to himself.

Finally, after ten minutes, he couldn't take it anymore. Kim felt his hands tighten up on either side of her head, and knowing what was coming, took his length entirely and milked his cock with her throat. For Kenoh, the sensation was more than anything he had ever had before, and after shooting 4 full loads down her throat, he laid back on the bed, feeling drained.

In front of him, at the foot of the bed, Kim stood up, swallowing the cum that was left in her mouth. Hungrily licking her lips, she quickly slid off her lingerie and crawled toward him on the bed, laying beside him while she started slowly stroking his dick again.

"Not bad, not bad. You've got some good stamina; I was hoping for that. And," she smiled, looking back down at his already-erect member, "you recover real fast. That's real good, yeeaaahhhh, that's real good."

"Um, is this...oh, fuck!...is this part of the test?" Kenoh asked weakly, straining his hips forward, trying to get more of his dick into Kim's hand.

"Well...partially. I do want to see where you're at, and what I have to work with. But I've been in prison for damn near a year," she said, shifting so that she was lying on top of him, "and more than anything, I just want to fuck."

While Kim was saying this, she sat on top of his lap, and slowly guided his dick into her warm, wet pussy. Inch by inch, she slowly moved lower, and lower, until finally she let a wavering sigh/moan loose, feeling his entire length pulsing inside her. After waiting there for a few moments, just savoring the feeling of being completely filled, she began to slowly bounce up and down, resting her hands on his chest while she gave a light "ugh" every time she came fully down.

While she was bouncing, Kenoh suddenly leaned upward, grabbing her tits with both hands. He had been watching those melons bouncing every which way for what felt like forever, and at this point he was completely focused on nothing but the moment. Grabbing them and slightly squeezing them, he began to suck on the left one, moving his tongue around the nipple while gently pinching and caressing the other nipple.

How long it went on like that, he had no idea. Kissing, rubbing, squeezing; and her pussy was so tight, and hot; it was like a furnace! Maybe she does Kegel exercises, Kenoh thought. Finally, he felt her pussy starting to clench up, right when he was about to completely lose control. Leaning forward, in a ragged breath, she muttered, "Can you feel me? I'm...oh, oh shit...I'm 'bout to cum...ugh, yeah...you have to finish me off."

Once he heard that, it put Kenoh overboard. Sitting up, he began violently slamming his dick upward into Kim as hard and as fast as he could, determined to jackhammer her pussy into submission. Kim's gasps immediately turned into yells and cries as she felt waves of pleasure coming from her breasts, which Kenoh was still mauling, and her pussy, where he was powerfully slamming into her core like a man possessed.


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