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Training Your Pet


This story is written in second person perspective. If you find you do not like second person perspective, please do not skip to the end and give this story one star. Instead, please enjoy the version that is written in third person perspective: "Training A Pet"

Note: No animals were harmed in the writing of this story. ;-)

Training a pet is a serious business. It all starts with proper selection. You can comb through prospective pets on your own, hoping to stumble on that perfect prize, but sometimes it is better left to the professionals. If you want to be assured of a quality pet, the best place to go is Purrrfection.com. There, you can be assured that not only will your pet be of the finest quality, but you will have a wide enough selection to choose the one that fits your tastes purrrfectly. For the less computer savvy, there is always the option of going directly to the site's headquarters to sample the pets in person, but the website is interactive, and worth trying first.

When you log on, the first thing you will see are the adorable faces of available pets. Their pointy little ears and bushy tails curled around soft, ample cheeks. Your pet may be staring you in the eyes already, and if not, then it's time to use the site's search engine. There you can choose all manner of custom features. You can pick blond hair, black hair, brown, red, the choices are endless. After choosing a rich, auburn red, a gorgeous kit stares back at you from a pop up window. The face changes to a purring kitten as you select a DD bosom. She's beautiful, but not right.

When you darken her skin tone to a rich tan and select bright green eyes, the stunning young vixen with the hot, sultry gaze nearly takes your breath away. Adding a few minor details, such as short stature and dainty feet, the vixen continues to fit the bill, her photo matching each new selection. Without a doubt, this is the purrrfect pet. Clicking on her photo, it enlarges, giving you a better view. Her silky ears match her hair exactly, and the tail curled between her legs lies nestled against a bare, shaven pussy. Clicking the select button is easy, now all you have to do is wait, impatiently, for your pet to arrive.

You receive a text confirmation on your phone. Yep, there's an app for that! She'll be delivered in two days. Now it's time to get all the necessary supplies. Although the website offers plenty of accessories to go with your new pet, a personal touch always brings better results. In a local shop, you find exactly what you need: a beautiful gold plated collar, with embedded crystals and tiny tinkling bells. It comes with matching wrist cuffs and anklets that are simply too irresistible to pass up. Just imagine your beautiful new vixen crawling around your home in the lovely jewelry. Strong but beautiful chains accentuate the jewelry. It is enough, for now, best not get carried away.

A regular leash, food and water dishes are best found at the pet store. Something simple, but elegant, for the lovely creature, engraved with her name: Zorra. Coming home, everything is ready, particularly the bedroom. The scene is titillating. The large crate in the walk in closet has been lined with soft cloth. The custom chaise at the foot of your bed has already been set up. The plush pillows and blanket look inviting, but you know she'll probably be spending even more time in your own bed. The wrought iron headboard with candle sconces, matching footboard, provide a convenient place to hook the new chains when she needed to be punished.

The waiting is difficult, but at least the date is a Saturday. You will have the whole weekend to enjoy your new pet and begin her training, and never have to wear anything but your comfy robe. Finally, there is a knock at the door, and a man with a clipboard stands outside your door. Beside him is a petite young woman covered from head to toe in a dark, black, hooded cloak. She looks like she can't be older than twenty, if that. One eager signature and you are now the proud owner of a delectable female fox.

The delivery man hands you her leash, a plain, black leather strap attached to a plain chain collar. She follows you demurely into your home, not speaking a word.

"Take off your cloak, Zorra."

She is startled, at first, to hear her new name. She does as ordered, however, the black material slithering down her body to pool at her feet. She is completely nude, as expected. Still, the sight is exciting. She is even more perfect in person. Her round, high breasts are topped with light, brown nipples. Long legs flare to wide hips, then narrow to a petite waist. Her tan is perfect, no lines, even on her smooth, sensual pussy. It's too irresistible, her skin is begging for your touch.


She drops to her knees before you, her thighs spread, her manicured toes resting on top of one another. She gazes adoringly into your eyes, her chest heaving in excitement, and perhaps a little fear. It is your first meeting, and her master hasn't even touched her yet. That is soon rectified.

Her hair is like silk. The soft, black tufted ears are woven perfectly into her locks, allowing you to pet her between them, around them, with no hindrance or worry that they would move. She leans into your caress, batting her long lashes and sighing in pleasure. As you move your hand down to caress her skin, she arches her back, lifting her ass to twitch the tail that is nestled firmly in her ass. The plug gives her enough control that she is able to wag it in appreciation of your gentle touch. Wrapping your hands around the long swatch of fur, you feel a moment of surprise that it is identical in texture to her silken tresses. Wiggling the tail in her ass elicits a short bark of excitement. Your pet leans forward to rub herself against your legs, moaning softly.

"No. Not yet."

Tugging her leash, she pads softly behind you, disappointment, and curiosity at war in her gaze. In the dining room, she is shown her food and water dish, set next to a kneeling pad that is within easy reach of your own chair. Knowing she may be hungry and thirsty after the long trip, you open a bottle of mineral water and pour it into her dish. Eagerly she begins to lap it up, her bottom wiggling her tail enticingly at the same time.

Finding the right food to feed your pet is a challenge. Feeding her what you eat doesn't feel appropriate, especially since your diet consists of a lot of take out. Considering the huge responsibility, it only seemed right to change your own habits as well. This pet would not only bring you pleasure, she would help you to be a better person. The small, private owned café down the street caters. Their food is always fresh and always delicious. After talking with the manager, it was easy to arrange a meal service that would include healthy foods for you and food dish worthy foods for your pet. Cooking just isn't in your schedule.

Cracking open one foil container, you use a measuring cup to scoop out a small portion of the delicious smelling casserole into Zorra's second dish. Her stomach growls audibly, and she eagerly eats it all, licking the bowl clean. Although watching her eat is delightful, it is time to adorn her in her new collar and cuffs. Just as she finishes, the plain collar is removed and the beautiful tinkling collar is put in its place, the heart shaped pendant with the huge Chatham emerald dangled from her slender neck. The ankle and wrist cuffs go on as well. She stares at the beautiful, costly jewelry in appreciation. Hooking one of your simple braided leather leashes to an inconspicuous loop on the collar, she rises quickly at a gentle tug. Leading her to the large mirror in the dining room, she is allowed to look at herself. The full impact of her collar and cuffs is delightful, and she coos and awes at herself, casting grateful glances at your reflection.

Before she is entirely finished gawking at herself, you tug her collar, the tinkling of the bells ringing through the house. The gentle sound isn't overpowering, and it gives you a stronger sense of control. You would always know where she was, what she was doing, or if she was still. She could never hide from you. Every aspect of her life will be known to you and of your choosing. The power is intoxicating as you show her the house. When she tries to sit on the plush sofa, a sharp yank is enough to pull her onto the soft rug instead. She whimpers softly and you stroke her head lovingly.

"No pets on the furniture. There are rugs or kneeling pads in every room for your use."

She pouts, slightly, her full lower lip jutting in a pleasing fashion. You sense just a hint of defiance in her stance as she leans against the couch, almost half on it. Time for her first lesson.

She squeals in surprise and fright when you yank her collar so that she is standing on her tippy toes, nose to yours. Her green eyes are wide in apprehension and her body quivers, the bells betraying her unease. One of your hands slips over a breast and the fear starts to drain from her gaze until she feels your fingers pinch a nipple cruelly. The yelp of surprise is soon followed by a piteous whimper as the other nipple is given the same treatment. She tries to push your hands away, instinctually.

The chains you purchased are in your robe's pocket. Looping the longest strand through her collar and then the two wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs, she is quickly subdued into a kneeling position, her face pressing against the shag rug and her arms bound to her sides and held tight against her ankles. Her lovely ass wiggles in desperation.

"M-m-master! Please! Your pet is so so sorry! She won't do it again! She is only fit for the floor!"

You can feel a smile tugging at your lips. She got this lesson fast, but it is not enough. Memories are best remembered when they involve more than just emotions, but the senses as well.

"Yes, pets are only fit for the floor, unless their Master says differently. You would do well to remember that, and I will help you, so that you don't forget."

She begins to relax. She can't see your face, can't see the growing excitement from watching her bound body quivering beneath you.

"Yes master. Thank you master. You are a kind master to help your pet with her training."

When your hand connects with her soft, ample bottom, she screams in surprise and pain. A perfect, pink hand print forms on her delicious ass as the skin ripples with the force of your blow. She whimpers again, shrinking into the floor. One of your hands gently caresses her other cheek, sliding across her skin to take hold of her tail, wiggling it sensually and eliciting a sudden gasp of pleasure. She likes it when you play with her ass, moving the plug in small circles, pushing and pulling it only enough to rub the inside walls of her rectum. Just as you feel her pleasure beginning to mount, you place another well aimed slap, your hand connecting almost perfectly with the blazing skin of your prior mark. Her whole body jerks, her ass tightening in surprise as she cries out again. She sobs once.

"Will you go on the furniture without my permission again, little Zorra?"

She doesn't have time to answer as your hand connects again, the ripples of her skin moving down her thighs and up her back. You are no longer gently wiggling the tail, but aggressively fucking her ass with it. Every time she begins to catch her breath, your hand swoops down to slap her ass as a reminder of your power over her. Finally, she doesn't try to resist, her cries of pain turning to shrieks of pleasure as her ass begins to squeeze the pounding plug in delight. Switching sides, your hand smacks the unblemished flesh of her other cheek. She whimpers and moans, finally, after three more strokes, she begins to beg.

"Oh master, master! Fuck my ass! Please, more! Punish your pet! She was naughty, so naughty! Ooooh! Aaaaah! Yes, yes, yeeessss!"

Just when you can feel her beginning to teeter over the edge and into orgasm, you stop all movement. She lies there, panting, with satisfaction just beyond her reach. Petting her back, she trembles, arching into your touch and whining softly. After a few minutes, your calm stroking begins to relax her body and she sags wearily into the floor. After unhooking her chains, her shy pouting is amusing. All signs of defiance are gone, but it is clear that her wanting is not diminished. Sitting on the couch, you decide it's time for a break in the house tour. Leaning back against the cushions, you tilt your head back and take a deep, relaxing breath. You feel your pet's face rub against your leg and you stroke her lovingly. She inches closer, and you watch her surreptitiously from hooded lids. You have given her no specific commands besides stay off the furniture. She has been punished for her mistake. Now, would she perhaps, apologize?

Zorra inches ever closer, slowly, until she is kneeling between your thighs. At first, she simply rubs her soft cheek against your skin, her hands remaining entirely on the floor, and she is careful to keep her body off of the sofa. When you do not object, she becomes bolder, planting small, feather light kisses against the inside of your knee, and slowly drawing nearer to the apex of your thighs. She flicks her tongue to taste your skin. It is difficult, but you control your breathing and reactions to appear unmoved. The growing arousal beneath your robe, however, will soon become impossible to hide. When her lips reach the fabric of your robe, she pauses.

"Will Master allow your pet to open your robe so that your pet may apologize for her naughty behavior?

At first, you don't answer her, pretending to contemplate her request. She resumes licking and kissing your thighs, her movements becoming heated, her breath coming in short pants as her she becomes more aroused. Finally, you relent.


The one word is all she needs. She quickly unties the robe and pulls it open, exposing your body to her gaze. Her mouth forms a small "o" of surprised delight as she takes in the well formed shape of you. She misses nothing in her sweeping gaze. Rising up to her full kneeling height, she leans against you, planting kisses and licks along your neck and collar bone, sliding her tongue down to lick and suck on a nipple. You can feel yourself growing more aroused as she nips you with her lips, careful of her teeth, and sucks firmly on the hardened peak. Her hands slide over your stomach and chest, caressing every inch. After devouring one nipple, she eagerly suckles the other, wiggling her bare body against your own, the bells tinkling with each movement.

Petting her head, you push her down, her tongue darting out to lick your stomach as it passes. When she tries to linger, you wind her silky hair firmly in your hands and press her between your thighs. Her soft, wet mouth covers your flesh, licking and sucking with soft slurping noises. She hums in pleasure as her mouth devours you, slipping hot and wet across every inch of skin, dipping into every crevice.

Still holding her hair firmly, you thrust into her mouth, pushing her to take you faster and harder. She struggles to keep up with your demanding pace, her nails digging into the soft carpeting to still herself from pushing your hips away. Her gasping, choking breaths are stimulating as you feel yourself building, sliding against and inside her silken lips. Finally you cannot hold back any longer and gush hot cum onto her lovely face. She licks her lips, sucking the juice from them, smiling widely.

Patting her head affectionately while you catch your breath, you decide this is the perfect moment to explain the rest of the rules.

"Zorra, listen carefully and I will explain the rules of the house to you. First, as you have already learned, there are no pets on the furniture, only the rugs and kneeling pads. If you wish to kneel somewhere that a pad or rug isn't available, you may ask to retrieve one from the nearest room. If I give you permission, you must always remember to put it back."

Zorra nods in understanding.

"Second, while I am home, you must always be on your hands and knees, unless I pull you up. When I am gone, you may stand, but you may still not use the furniture. I have cameras in my home, and I will check them periodically to make sure that you are doing as told."

She responds to your stern look with wide eyes.

"While you are home alone, you will perform certain chores. Some of them are simple, like cleaning the house or reading a book or paper I have left for you. Others will be somewhat more challenging. One of these chores is training and toning exercises. You will be given a DVD with yoga techniques which you will practice every morning after I have left for work. In the late afternoon, you will practice from a dancing DVD. When I have friends over, I expect you to perform what you have learned to entertain them."

She continues to listen intently, sitting back on her heels, her large breasts covered in sweat and cum.

"You will have a schedule posted on the refrigerator with any special instructions. It will also let you know when you can expect to be fed and when you may use the restroom. In addition to the tail plug, you will also be wearing a set of exercise beads inside your pussy. They are never to come out except when you eliminate, and I expect you to then wash both and douche yourself thoroughly, in both holes. You may not use the restroom at any other times of day. If you have an emergency, you may send me a page and I will call you, at my leisure, and you may ask permission. There are sensors on the doors to the bathroom that will let me know how many times you have gone in or out, plus I can watch you on the cameras.

Also, you are not allowed to masturbate or give yourself any form of pleasure. The beads may make you want to cum, but you must resist. Only Master may give you pleasure. Some of my friends may want to touch you, and if I give them permission, it is alright, but only after. You may not speak in their presence, either, even to ask me for permission. When they are here, you are simply an animal, to be used as I see fit. When we are alone, you may become a speaking animal, but may not refer to yourself as an individual, only as my pet and property.

You do not need to work or get an income. I will provide for you. Your sole purpose in life is to please your Master, nothing else is required. If you please me well, I will treat you gently, if you make mistakes, I will punish you, so that you will learn better. Also, I will be getting paperwork to change your name legally. You will not have a last name; you will simply exist as Zorra.

The only freedom you will be allowed is on the Internet. If you wish, you can have a Facebook page, or blog, which I will monitor. If you post anything I do not care for, you will be punished."

Zorra watches you intently as the rules of her new life are laid out. She chews her lip thoughtfully. You think she might have questions, but you do not ask for her thoughts. Instead, you stand, knocking her to the side with your body, still holding her leash. She scrambles to follow as you lead her to the bedroom. Stopping in front of the bed, you sit on the chaise.

"This is your bed. You will sleep here, since the bed is furniture, and you may not use it unless I allow."

She looks at the comfortable cushions appreciatively, then her eyes fall on the cage, easily seen through the entry of the open doorway to the closet. Her trembling is easily felt through your hold on the leash. Smiling wickedly, you explain its purpose.

"Sometimes, when regular punishment has not been effective, or if I do not have time to punish you properly, I will need to put you in the kennel. There is a water bottle, but nothing else."

More explanation isn't needed. She would likely try almost anything to keep from having to go into the kennel. You will find a way to use it anyhow. The bars are wide enough that she could stick her arms or legs through, but not any other part of her ample body.

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