tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraitor's Daughter Ch. 02

Traitor's Daughter Ch. 02


Dmitry didn't know how long he stood at the cell door listening to Lexi's soft cries of pain, realization and hopelessness. Her sobs were defeated and knowing, lacking any hint of anger or fight. He wanted to open the door and comfort her, promising that he would never do it again but his anger and adrenaline still lingered. It had to be done. It has to be done.

Dmitry headed to his study stopping every few steps to talk himself out of returning to her cell. Taking what seemed like hours to make it to his desk he finally collapsed into his chair and switched on the monitor. Lexi's tiny body was curled into the fetal position and visibly shaking. There were many nights Dmitry woke up in the same position covered in a cold sweat. Not the fucking same. Is it? Yes it fucking is! The image of her broken bruised body chilled his blood and caused a wave of nausea to surface. Bolting to his restroom, Dmitry vomited not knowing if it was from his memories or the new memories he just gave Lexi. The shock of actually following through with their brutal plan came crashing down on him. I thought I could do this. Why did I promise I could do this? Honor thy family? Bullshit. I can't do this, but I can't let her go. I should, just so I can face the consequences for what I've done. I'm a fucking monster. Dmitry forced himself to calm down and breath slowly, trying to halt the directions his thoughts were heading.

No, no, fuck her! She deserves this. Her father is the monster. His whole body surged with dry heaves.

She was a virgin. An innocent and he raped her. All the years he spent as the victim hardened him, empathy being the first casualty, not allowing him to feel sorry for her now. But the guilt growing in his chest eliminated any feeling of triumph or familial approval. He vomited again, dry heaving until only yellow bile pooled in the toilet. I need to check on her. What if she needs a hospital? I tore her. Fuck, I tore her. Dmitry stood on unsteady legs, gripping the sink counter. This is supposed to be my moment of revenge damn it! For everything, for my pain, for my family. I took what I deserved. She has to pay and endless debt. Even his attempt at reassurance was a lie and he knew it.

Adding to his guilt was the unsettling fact that raping her hadn't bothered him until after the fact. During, he wasn't disgusted with her or himself. Lust and anger had never gripped him so tightly; the combination was a Molotov cocktail of everything he never knew he wanted so badly. When he took her ass pulses of heat burst throughout his body creating a euphoric surge of power and control. Dmitry did not want to think about it or even try to explain it away but he had never come that hard in his life. It was a real punishment. Revenge served in such a sweet little body.

Dmitry splashed water on his face, rinsed with mouthwash and spit it at his reflection. She needs a hospital.


Lexi couldn't move. She tried to focus on the body parts that weren't throbbing in pain but everything hurt. I need a hospital or maybe I will just get lucky and die now before he has a chance to think of something even more disturbing to do to me. Why didn't he just kill me? Oh yeah, 'By the time we are done you will beg me for water, food, sleep, mercy and death'. I would beg now if he would hear me.

Lexi heard a key turning in the lock and tried to move away, but her limbs failed her.

Maybe if I don't move he will think I am dead and leave me alone. Just stay still, stay completely still. But her shaking only got worse. She stopped the sobbing but the tears still streamed down her face and with no strength to wipe them away they began pooling on the floor.

Dmitry's large form cast a menacing shadow over her. How fitting, fucking rapist He entered the cell and started towards her. Lexi's body tensed reflexively and her tremors now bordered on convulsions.

Then she felt him, Dmitry's warm palm rested on her forehead, then slowly moved to her cheek. Lexi could not stop the whimper that chocked out of her. The gentle touch was a lie but it comforted her just the same. "Shh, shh, sh Ale -- Traitor's Daughter. I'm taking you to see a doctor."

Looking at her up close Dmitry almost vomited again. He had marked her in the worst way, no brands just bruises and welts. Dmitry tried to catalog her injuries. That you inflicted! Split lip, black eye, bloody thighs, shoe print above her ass, chaffed wrists and ankles...FUCK! He could still feel the remnants of the anger from just minutes before but now he struggled to ignite it, still desperate to hate her. I have to hate her. This is just me taking care of my investment and attempting to get the most out of it. Dmitry stroked her cheek again. Liar!

"I'm going to lift you up and carry you." Leaning down he slid one arm under her back and the other under her knees, lifting her and tucking her into his chest.

"Please don't take me back to that room Dmitry. Just kill me. Wasn't my father going to be assassinated or sentenced to death? Just sentence me please." Lexi's words were a plea, unafraid and accepting of her fate. At that moment Dmitry remembered the awkward girl in the coffee shop, spilling drinks and tripping over her own feet. Too shy to be this little brave girl.

The vision of their first meeting flashed before his eyes.

Lexi was wearing another classic geek-tastic outfit, her glasses adding the perfect touch to her skinny jeans, Sambas and t- shirt that said, "I Found this Humerus", complete with a picture of an arm bone. Lexi was not what he expected. The information Nadja had compiled labeled her a spoiled brat but after weeks of going to the coffee shop Dmitry never witnessed rude or arrogant behavior from her. Lexi was always sweet and shy, confusing him.

The first time they met he flashed Lexi a small panti dropping smile and she ended up spilling his ice water down the front of her apron. "Oh god. I...I ...I'm sorry sir. I will be right back with another water." Dmitry loved that he could intimidate and affect her with the smallest gesture. He wanted her then but not for reasons of revenge. He wanted a toy, a nerdy little slave girl. Dmitry wanted nothing more than to fuck her in her ADIDAS and tall socks. Oh god, he wanted to come on her face and glasses. The fantasies only continued after their first encounter; giving her demerits for bad behaviors, spanking her, punishing her for being fucking adorable, and for the consistent cock taunting. He would whip and lick her for each offense. Dmitry wanted her come for him after she had screamed and bled for him.

The trembling, broken and beaten body he was clutching to his chest brought him back to reality. She is mine. I can do what I want with her.


A few phone calls later and they are on their way to a "friendly" clinic. Dmitry despised Dr. Vascak but he had no other choice. Vascak's tastes were sickening and Dmitry would finish him soon.

Lexi was wrapped in a blanket and cradled on Dmitry's lap. Every time the car turned or hit a bump he clutched her tighter too him causing her to flinch and curl deeper into the blanket.

"How you behave at this clinic will determine if your death is merciful or not. Do you understand Traitor's Daughter?" His voice was no longer the sexy accented tones of a man she dreamt of knowing. Now his voice sent icy chills down her spine and made her teeth ache. Lexi nodded and curled up smaller.

Lexi was exhausted, mentally and physically. Her body and mind could not cope with the instant trauma and violence. Please kill me quickly Dmitry. Please don't make me a whipping girl. Lexi decided to beg and try to make him understand that he wasn't the only one to suffer.

Attempting to be brave Lexi looked up at him. "Dmitry? Your plans for me will hurt and I won't fight you but please believe that I am sorry for what you had to endure. I'm so sorry. " It was barely a whisper but Dmitry felt like her words were coming at him from every angle, loud and clear.

Dmitry's body tensed and he tried to swallow passed the lump in his throat. Don't let her get to you. Alex's is a manipulator by birth. She doesn't mean it. Dmitry gripped her chin tightly, "You think anything you say can change what is going to happen to you? Nothing will change Traitor's Daughter. Do you understand? You will die when I let you, but how you die will be decided by your actions."

His face was so close to hers that she couldn't focus on anything he said. She was lost in the intensity of his beautiful eyes. She couldn't and didn't want to escape his stare. Lexi's small hand slipped out of the blanket and she ran her fingers down his cheek.

Lexi refused to bait and argue with him, the game was already lost. All that was left was the possibility of mercy. "I knew you would have blue eyes Dmitry. I used to try to imagine what they would look like. You have the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Soothing, a calm ocean and I could get lost at sea." The words formed out of borderline delirium and came with such ease that it only confirmed her personal struggle with understanding Dmitry. Oh great, now I'm getting all Stockholm! No, I will not try to survive this. I will not battle with my instinct to survive; I don't need to or want to. I fucking forfeit.

Dmitry's body shuttered and he covered her mouth tightly, pressing his forehead to hers, "Shh, Traitor's Daughter."


As soon as they pulled into the back lot Dmitry knew this visit was going to be a total mess. Nadja, Amir, and Nikoli's cars were parked by rear the entrance. I will kill Vascak! Dmitry hadn't even told them that he captured Lexi. He wanted a few weeks with her before they had their turns. God damn it!

Dmitry's driver and dedicated manservant opened the door, "I'm sorry sir. I was told that it would only be you, Traitor's Daughter, and Vascak this evening. I do not understand why others are here. I apologize." His Russian accent was rough and a little gritty making it difficult for Lexi to keep up.

"This is not your fault Alexandr. I have a feeling the good doctor had his hand in this. Did you collect all the belongings from her flat? " Lexi definitely understood what Dmitry said. They are erasing me. No one will miss me let alone look for me. Wasting their time. "Yes."

Keeping up with their Russian was proving easier than she thought but now she was wishing she remained in the dark. Do I really want to know what they are going to do to me? Who are Nadja, Nikoli, and Amir? Dmitry wrapped the blanket tighter around her and stormed into clinic.


"Why are there so many people here Vascak?" Dmitry's aggressive and volatile voice boomed through the clinic. Lexi closed her eyes as tight as possible not wanting to see anyone. If I can't see them then they are not here.

"Nadja was here for Lucette's annual when you called. She phoned everyone. Can you blame her? You have an American and not just any American, his daughter. They all want to see her." Dr. Vascak's voice was hesitant but also emanated tones of barely controlled excitement.

A sultry voice added to the conversation. "Dmitry my love, do not blame Vascak. It was my fault. I couldn't wait to see her. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." Her Russian flowed so seductively that Lexi almost opened her eyes to see if she was real.

Dmitry regained his composure for the tenth time that night and forced himself to calm down. "Nadja, I don't appreciate surprises. You know that. " Lexi could tell by his tone that Dmitry handled this woman with kid gloves.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to see her." There was insincere pleading in Nadja's voice almost as if she was pouting or stomping her foot in a fit. "I want the world. I want the whole world. I want to lock it all up in my pocket. It's my box of chocolate." Oh and I'm the 'spoiled bitch'.

"Its fine Nadja. Vascak, I need you to look over Traitor's Daughter. She's had a bit of a rough night and I don't want her journey to end so soon or so easily." It took every once of control for Lexi to will her body not to tense at his words. Dmitry's Russian was so clean that she could not have mistaken what he said. My journey? So easily? This is so far from over.

"Yes, no problem. Bring her in here? Do you want a full physical? X-rays? Labs? Any other issues to address?" The Good Doctor? Oh God, no no no!

"Yes, she needs x-rays, you will see the bruises. She needs contraception, the less periods the better, and I tore her cunt and ass so those will need looked at too." Lexi's body immediately began convulsing, rejecting his words and the memory of the pain they conjured. Dmitry gripped her tighter causing a sharp squeak to escape her blanket. The whole room went silent. Then..."Make her do it again Dmitry!" Nadja's jovial sadistic voice scared the shit out of Lexi. Nothing good can come from this woman. This woman will hurt me, only more, and nothing less.

Vascak directed Dmitry to a typical clinic room and Dmitry lowered her to the padded examination table. Turing to the open door he said, "If any of you want to see her, now is the time." Dmitry made sure to say it in English so Lexi could understand her humiliation and vulnerability.

After they all piled into the clinic room Dmitry opened the blanket to reveal beautiful pale white skin covered in bruises and a few smears of dried blood. He felt ashamed and sickly prideful at the same time. Why would I be proud of this? Why do I want Alex to be proud of this?


"Yuck Dmitry, she's so small...everywhere." Nadja's cruel words were followed by a harsh slap to Lexi's breasts. She whimpered at the stinging pain but remained still. Nadja struck each breast again but this time Lexi didn't make a sound. Dmitry caught himself about to say, "good girl". Good girl? What the fuck? She is not your adored little pet! She is an unwanted fuck-toy. A warm place to put your cock after hours of pain and suffering. Fuck! Making matters worse was the hardening cock in Dmitry's pants. Once again hating himself for wanting Lexi. Nadja's insults almost angered him. He craved Lexi's little body, the way she makes him feel huge and powerful, and the way she fit under his chin when he carried her. He knew it was ridiculous to even think it after everything he has already done to her and is planning to do to her but he felt...protective.

"Her skin is beautiful Dmitry. Look how quickly she bruises, so lovely." Vascak ran his hands down Lexi's ribcage to her waste. Holding her onto her hips, "Her curves are delicate. I bet in the right outfit she can pass as fifteen or sixteen years old. Please let me spend some quality time with Traitor's Daughter before you kill her." At the good doctor's words Amir, Nikoli and Dmitry cringed but moved to restrain her on the table. PEDO-BEAR! They have done this before. These bastards!

"Now, Traitor's Daughter I am going to examine you and ask you several questions. If you so much a fib or struggle I will personally make sure the next few minutes are absolute torture for you. Do you understand?" Vascak's English was perfect and overly professional. Lexi nodded but her breathing was becoming erratic. She felt a hand running up and down her leg in a soothing gesture, it was Dmitry and she knew it. A fucking lie!

"Any allergies?"


"Any past surgeries, injuries, or current medical conditions?"


"Do you maintain a healthy diet?"

"Yes, I am a vegetarian." But I'm sure I am going to be forced to eat some Russian tube steak in the near future.

Dmitry stared at her barely containing his knowing smile. Of course. Of course my little geek is a vegetarian. She probably can't hurt -- He banished the thought before it could even register. Yes, she can and she will.

The questions and prodding proceeded in cold efficiency. Lexi's blood work and x-rays were completed and read. She began hyperventilating when Vascak poked her, keeping her eyes shut tight not wanting to see her blood. All through her examination Nadja would pinch and pull at her nipples, throwing insults at their small size and weak responses. Dmitry allowed the torture and only stopped Nadja when she grew angry and aggressive. Her cruel voice filled the room, "I feel bad for Dmitry because he had fuck you Traitor's Daughter", "What is it like to know that we will all have you Traitor's Daughter?" "Do you think anyone will save you Traitor's Daughter?" The questions continued with an increased level of brutality. Dmitry hated Nadja's voice at that moment. He didn't want all of them to have her! He watched as Lexi's bottom lip began to tremble and it enraged him. Why do you care?!

Dr. Vascak moved between Lexi's legs with a large speculum. Placing it at her entrance she shoved it in roughly and Lexi howled in pain. Before she could grasp everything that was happening, she felt Nadja lean over her, "Did you howl like that when we killed your mother Traitor's Daughter?"

Lexi's eyes shot open immediately connecting to Dmitry's stare. He looked instantly pale and exhausted, not the man in the café. There was nothing left of that man. The image of him sitting at the table fled her Lexi's mind, never to return. She lay on the table taking in all of the faces, the pain, the humiliation and then it all changed. I'm not going to die. I'm going to escape and come back with my own Crazy 88 and kill these sick fucks! I will survive just to kill Dmitry first.

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