tagMind ControlTRANCE, Inc. 04: The Girlfriend

TRANCE, Inc. 04: The Girlfriend


"Yes, Max, that's what I'm saying." The 18-year-old scowled cutely and actually stomped a dainty foot to punctuate her point as she paced back and forth, cellphone held up to her ear. "Carmen and I have officially decided we are leaving TRANCE, Inc."

I lounged back on my sofa, letting my right arm encircle around the second gorgeous, crimson-haired teen. My left arm was already wrapped comfortably around the shoulders of my girlfriend, Amber, the busty blonde pornstar relaxing with her head against my chest. All of us were naked, the default dress code in my now slightly-overcrowded apartment.

"No, there isn't anything you can say to convince us otherwise," Daisy continued, her green eyes flashing. "We've been speaking to some of the other ladies and we know we're not being treated fairly."

There was a burst of expletives from the other end of the phone, but Daisy cut it off. "You're not the boss, Max. That would be me and Carmen. We've made our decision. Just get it done." She hit the red "End Call" button on the screen and the phone went dark.

"Alright, Master," Daisy said cheerily as she turned back to me, her anger evaporating as quickly as it had appeared. It made me remember that she was, after all, an actress. "Max is going to let the company know Carmen and I are officially resigning."

Max was Daisy and Carmen's agent, the man responsible for handling the twins' paychecks, booking their shoots and dealing with their production company — Teragon Regional and National Corporation for Entertainment, Incorporated, the top adult film production conglomerate in the country. The same company I worked for as a quality control agent.

"You know how hot it is when you get all assertive like that?" I asked, a grin slowly creeping across my face.

Daisy glanced down, her eyes locking on my swelling length. She licked her lips, eyes widening. She glanced back up at me. "May I, Master...?" she murmured, already gliding elegantly across the room to kneel at my feet.

I pursed my lips as if thoughtful, but then chuckled softly. "Of course, lover," I murmured, and she dove forward, her skilled mouth wrapping around my girth. I sucked in a breath as if I'd just dived into a cold pool. Fuck that's good... I thought. And this, I reminded myself, is why you came up with this plan in the first place. So you don't have to worry about it all getting taken away.


The plan hadn't been difficult to design. It was Sunday, just a day after I'd turned Victoria, my hot but bitchy boss, into my hypnotized loveslave. After I'd giving her the solid fucking she deserved, I had quickly interrogated the woman about the goings on at TRANCE, Inc. I wanted — needed — to find out what was happening at the company that was implanting all of their pornstars with hypnotized triggers that turned them into obedient, submissive bimbos with just a phrase.

Victoria hadn't been much help, unfortunately — I supposed that because she had once been an actress herself she would have not been apprised of the details — but what she hadn't said had given me some clues. One of the traits of a good quality control technician — and I prided myself on being good at my simple yet focus-intensive job — was the ability to notice details. After scores of hours watching video after video searching for flaws, anything that seemed out of place would virtually leap out at me. So based on what Victoria had and hadn't been able to tell me, I suspected that at some point in the process of interviewing and acquiring new actresses, TRANCE implanted them with the trigger phrase. As the girls were filming their shoots, the actors could then turn them into perfect pornstar babes with a single sentence.

Fuck me... I thought, grunting as I struggled to control my rising pleasure. There came a point beyond which I was unable to continue pursuing a coherent line of thought. Looking down, with Daisy's mouth bobbing rhythmically up and down in my lap, I realized I'd reached that point.

I ran my fingers through the young woman's red hair. "That's a good girl..." I murmured. I gasped when she moaned at the praise, the vibrations shivering up my rock hard shaft and seeming to tremble right through my body. "Shit shit shit..." I groaned and my head dropped back. Her hot, teenage mouth slid up and down my length, her lips pillowy and soft.

With my hand on the back of her head I urged her to go a little deeper and she obeyed, the head of my cock slipping easily into her throat as she swallowed me whole with expert skill. Her throat massaged my entire shaft as she swallowed again, and I could feel the heat of her breath on my skin as she took me in until her nose pressed against my stomach. She moved fractionally, just a few inches up and down, and I remained deep in her throat, the volcanically hot sheathe tight around me. Then, she slowly, slowly pulled back up, my glistening cock emerging an inch at a time from her mouth until I popped free.

"Fuckkk..." I groaned, clenching my fist and jamming it into my mouth. I struggled to control myself, not wanting this pleasure to end.

On either side of me, Amber and Carmen watched with fascination, their bodies rigid with arousal as each used her hands to desperately dive between her thighs and pleasure herself. I watched, fascinated, as Amber came, her huge, round breasts heaving, pink nipples erect at their peak, her body shuddering and her full lips parting with an "Unggggh" of ecstasy.

Daisy gasped for breath, one hand immediately going to work and steadily jacking me off.

My brown eyes locked onto her green ones.

"Cum for me, Master..." she murmured, her other hand fondling my balls as she leaned forward so her breath was hot on my sensitive skin. She never looked away.

My body felt tight, my muscles ready to explode.

"Cum for your slutty little teenage whore..." The words dripped from her sculpted lips like honey, belying the debased, taboo nature of what she was saying.

I was struggling to breathe, her voice a pleasurable venom taking over my body.

"Cum in my mouth and down my throat and fill me up with your seed..."

I gasped as I came powerfully, my release sudden and overwhelming. My cock shuddered and my eyes squeezed closed as I felt Daisy's mouth cover the tip of my shaft. As ropes of spunk rocketed from my tingling prick I heard my teenage loveslave moaning with bliss and felt her swallowing mouthful after mouthful of my hot, sticky seed.

"Ohmygod..." I managed to groan, before clenching my fists and another wave of pleasure hit me. Fuck... I thought, my mind somehow detaching from the situation as my body rapidly clenched and relaxed. They keep getting better and better at pleasing me... I grinned as my eyes flew open and the suction on my now-deflating cock disappeared.

Daisy was staring up at me, her mouth closed. As I watched, she parted her lips to show me the last mouthful of cum, before her eyes rolled back with pleasure and she tilted her head up, letting it slide down her throat.

"God..." I whispered almost reverently as I watched. "You are so hot..."

On either side of me, Amber and Carmen were writhing in orgasms of their own, their nubile bodies pictures of debauched glory.

And you're all mine... I mused. My grin widened. Life is perfect.

Of course, it was at that moment that Daisy's phone started buzzing on the coffee table, ruining the moment.

"Hello?" Daisy's voice was cheery and bright as she picked up the phone. Her eyes sparkled mischievously at me as she scooped a stray strand of my cum from her chin and popped it into her mouth, sucking the finger silently and sensuously.

"Yes, this is Daisy..."

I looked away for a moment as I heard the voice on the other end of the line speak, but whirled back as I heard the teenager's reply. Her voice was smooth and clipped, almost robotic. "Yes, sir. I hear and obey..."


Daisy's eyes were wide open and glassy, her posture suddenly erect and rigid. She looked almost doll-like, perfectly calm and empty of will.

The voice spoke again, but before I could snatch the phone away from her, Daisy simply replied, "Yes, sir," and ended the call.

I stared at the teenager, her slim, sexy figure straight and still. As I watched, she suddenly moved, walking purposively towards the door out of the room.

"Daisy! Wait! What's going on?" I raised a hand to stop her but the 18-year-old didn't even seem to hear me. She walked past my outstretched hand, disdaining my command, and out of the living room.

As I stood swiftly, my cock swaying loosely between my thighs, I suddenly felt a spike of worry shoot down my spine.

What had I gotten us all into? I'd expected Daisy and Carmen to be called in by someone. That was all part of the plan. But not this quickly. And I hadn't even considered the idea that the girls might have more trigger phrases that I didn't know about — ones that were somehow powerful enough to make my control over them completely evaporate.

I left Amber back at the apartment with Victoria, who'd been napping and had slept through the entire drama, but I was unable to convince Carmen to stay behind. Together, she and I had piled into my old, rickety car and pulled out of the apartment complex's garage. We were following Daisy, who had quickly dressed herself, ignoring my attempts to snap her out of her trance, and taken the elevator down to the garage and her sleek red convertible.

The one thing I had been able to do was call Carmen's phone with Daisy's and stick the latter in the young pornstar's pocket. At least now we could hear every bump of the road and swish of fabric as Daisy drove silently and single-mindedly down the road towards TRANCE, Inc. headquarters.

This was a road I'd taken hundreds of times, and as my body started driving on autopilot my mind started to worry about Carmen. What would happen when we got to TRANCE? Would she want to rush out and save her sister even if we needed to stay back and do surveillance? I glanced sideways, but Daisy's twin was just staring fixedly at the red car in front of us, biting her nails nervously.

You could have ordered her to stay, one part of my mind grumbled, probably the tiny, red-skinned and Satanic version of Chance that I imagined poofing into existence on my left shoulder.

She's just worried about her sister! the other side argued back, probably the halo-wearing angelic version that poofed into existence on my right. Don't be a dick.

"It'll be alright, won't it, Chance?" Carmen asked, glancing over at me. Her green eyes were clouded with worry, and my heart went out to her. This was technically the first time she'd seen her sister entranced, and it couldn't have been easy for her.

Hell, I thought. Even when I trigger them the trance doesn't turn them all vacant and robotic.

In spite of myself, I felt blood rushing below my belt to begin swelling my cock as I had the thought. I heard Daisy's voice echo back in my mind. "Yes, sir. I hear and obey..." and I saw her erect posture and empty, vacant eyes.

Fuck. Focus up! Mini-angel Chance snapped. I glanced back at the road, ignoring Carmen's searching gaze but nodding assuredly. "It will," I said, hoping my voice sounded firm and confident. "We'll get your sister back and deal with whatever bastard did this to her."

I was surprised when Carmen leaned in and gave me a kiss.

"Thank you, Chance," she murmured, her green eyes seeming so wide and innocent.

It's not like you're much better than that 'bastard.' The mini-devil snorted. You're just pissed that someone took your woman.

I tried not to snarl back in response. So maybe I was biased. Maybe I didn't like it when anyone but me was messing with Daisy's head. I'm a hypocrite, I told myself. Sue me.

The devilish half of my subconscious didn't deign to reply.

Then, we pulled up in front of TRANCE.

Daisy's red convertible was already there, parked in one of the few spots directly before the building, and her erect form was walking smoothly and robotically through the automatic sliding doors of the lobby. From Carmen's phone, currently on speakerphone, I could hear the sound of her heels click-clicking on the floor as she crossed the lobby and then heard the ding of the elevator.

Shit. I suddenly realized we would have no way of knowing what floor Daisy might be going to, or where in the vast building complex she would be headed to meet the person who had triggered her into her current state.

"Fuck," I grunted. I turned into the massive parking structure, almost as tall as the headquarters building itself, and circled up level after level until I was about halfway. Through Carmen's phone, the elevator dinged open.

The red-haired teen was staring at it worriedly, no doubt wondering where her sister was, what she was doing and what kind of sinister conversation awaited her.

I parked, then fished in the glove compartment for binoculars. The large building before me was, luckily, built with a modern aesthetic, which meant that almost all of the front was glass. Offices all the way up were glass-walled with curtains to keep out the glare. On the weekend, they were all open to the sunlight. What floor is she on? I demanded of myself, scanning row after row of windows, peering through to examine offices and cubicles with laser-like intensity. Who could she possibly be going to see? Who would deal with someone about to end their contract with the company? All I could do was guesstimate based on Daisy's time in the elevator and a hunch that it would be someone from human resources (12th floor), and I got lucky.

Daisy's slim, toned physique was walking robotically into an office on the twelfth floor. For a moment, I couldn't tell whose it was, but then I realized.

"Fuck..." I said out loud, my jaw clenching. I could sense Carmen's eyes on me with a focused intensity. "Not good."


Hello, Daisy.

The voice of Mike Lassiter, TRANCE, Inc.'s director of talent management, came clearly through the speakers of Carmen's phone as I lowered the binoculars incredulously.

Hello, sir.

Daisy's voice had the same monotone, robotic quality that had surprised me back at my apartment.

As Lassiter greeted my teenage lover, my mind went into overdrive. I had already guessed that the directors of TRANCE were the ones behind the trigger implants, it just made sense. But Lassiter was basically a legend at the company. He was the one attributed with poaching the brightest stars from other production companies, convincing them to work with TRANCE and eschew their previous commitments. He was one of the men who had built the foundations for the company's videos to become some of the most-viewed on the internet.

Well, I thought wryly. Now I know how he convinces starlets and stars alike to come join TRANCE. He must have some way to hypnotize the women he negotiates with.

I listened in on the conversation through Daisy's pocket, and Lassiter skipped any preamble.

I hear you and your sister are thinking of leaving TRANCE. His voice was deceptively calm.

Yes, sir.

I was glad, at least, that Daisy didn't tell the man about my plan.

I raised the binoculars, and watched through the large window of Lassiter's office.

Daisy was standing before his desk, still as a statue, and the man was sitting on the edge of it. As I observed from the parking structure, Lassiter twisted, reached across the desk and turned the monitor of his desktop to face Daisy. From far away, I couldn't exactly tell what was on the screen, but it looked like a bunch of flashing shapes and lights like a strange desktop background. Even from this distance, I could see Daisy's body stiffen further as her eyes locked onto the screen.

There must be some sort of subliminal encoding in the images, I reasoned, and strained my ears to hear what might be going on in the room through Carmen's phone.

Good girl... I heard Lassiter murmur, and I fought down a growl. I felt a strange protectiveness for the teen, as messed up as that might be given what I had done to her.

She's mine, you fucker, I thought, and the mini-demon on my shoulder laughed at the hypocrisy.

Then, Lassiter hit a button on his keyboard and sound started to flow out of the computer as well. It sounded like some sort of music — an EDM or techno beat, like I might hear at a dance club (if I were social enough to ever patronize such establishments) — but as I listened closer I felt like I could catch words on the edges of my hearing. They were subtle and quiet, but definitely there.

Through my binoculars, I saw Daisy's body suddenly go limp, like whatever cord had been supplying her robotic body with energy had been unplugged. At the same time, I heard a gasp of breath from beside me. Lowering my optics, I glanced over to the passenger seat, where I saw Carmen slumped over with her hair tumbling over her face and her curved breasts rising and falling slowly and evenly.

Oh fuck, I thought, as I realized that whatever music Lassiter was playing had got to her as well. And the only reason it hasn't affected me is that I was never programmed with the video and music at the same time...

I shook Carmen's shoulder lightly, but didn't want to rough her out of it. I didn't know what kind of damage it might do to teen's mind if she were suddenly snapped out of a deep trance state.

Once again, your lack of knowledge is killing you, I registered angrily. It made sense, I realized. Everything must be in that video, I thought. They just show it to new recruits, plant the triggers deep in their minds and then have them go on into the production side of things, never aware of what happened.

As the music played on, Daisy and Carmen started to speak at the same time, their voices smooth and robotic.

At the sound of their voices, I couldn't help myself as blood rushed straight to my swelling cock, pushing insistently against the fabric of my pants.

"I will obey..." the girls murmured softly.

I watched Carmen's soft, pliable lips as her voice droned softly. "I will listen and obey... I have no mind. I have no will. I cannot leave. I live to serve..."

Jesus you're hot... Without even thinking about it, I unzipped my pants and let my fingers extricate my throbbing cock from its restraints. It was already straining and erect, my skin hot and sensitive to the touch as I began to slowly stroke up and down my length.

Raising the binoculars, I saw Lassiter rise from his chair and strip out of his jacket, reaching down and undoing his belt. His cock sprang free, sizable and erect, and I watched as he stepped up behind Daisy and pushed her down over his desk.

Daisy moved slowly and fluidly, her body arching compliantly and presenting her pert teenage ass up for her boss's pleasure.

Oh, yeah... I heard Lassiter groan through Daisy's phone. He reached out and spread her ass, baring her shaved sex to his hungry eyes.

I should have felt angrier. I should have felt the natural, testosterone-induced protectiveness of an alpha male over my young, hypnotized lover. But I was too turned on to do anything other than fist my cock up and down, my body tense with electric arousal.

I'll deal with Lassiter later, I decided, completely irrationally. He'll get what's coming to him for messing with what's mine.

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