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TRANCE, Inc. 07


I scowled, flexing my hands into fists. I had never felt so impotent before. So unable to do something, anything, in a situation.

Amber and Victoria were silent on either side of me in the back of the Uber, the driver's quiet presence making it difficult to talk about what had just happened.

So, instead of talking, I took several deep breaths. My brain was still buzzing from the drinks I'd already had, and now that I was no longer in a high-tension environment my body relaxed back into a slight haze. Calm down, Chance... I told myself, staring at my hands and forcing my fingers to uncurl. You aren't a fighter, and Victoria is okay. Everyone is okay...

As if she could hear what I was thinking, Victoria reached over and wrapped her fingers around my left hand in my lap. She squeezed softly and gave me a small, encouraging smile.

Seeing it, I felt a twinge of shame. I made it all about me, I thought, biting the inside of my lip. When it was her who really had to deal with that asshole. I took another breath and let it out slowly.

"Are you okay?" I asked, staring into her sharp brown eyes. "I'm sorry about that guy. What a dick..."

Victoria nodded, and now her smile broadened.

I was a little confused, and I'm sure it showed on my face.

"I'm totally fine," Victoria said, now letting a chuckle escape. "That idiot is nothing compared to what I've had to deal with in the corporate world."

I nodded slowly, letting it sink in.

"And besides," she said, leaning in and letting her breath tickle the side of my neck. "I'm all yours," she whispered in my ear. "No other man, doing anything at all, is going to change that."

I felt a little glow at the words, the sting of my humiliation momentarily dispelled. I turned to kiss her, my lips pressing firmly against hers as I squeezed her hand in return.

After a moment, she pulled back. Her eyes were twinkling now, and she glanced over my shoulder to Amber. "What do you say, girl?" she asked. "Should we let that jackass ruin our plans for the night?"

I turned and saw Amber's glowing smile, obviously relieved that I was out of my momentary slump. She shifted in her seat, subtly letting her skirt ride up as she slid her nails slowly along the insides of her thighs and upwards. "Not at all," she murmured softly, too softly for the Uber driver to hear.

I relaxed completely, letting the last of the tension out of my system. Enjoy the rest of your night, Chance, I ordered myself. You earned it. You can deal with your wounded pride in the morning. I nodded to myself, then realized I had an expression of concentration on my face that both Victoria and Amber were giving a curious look. I let my face relax into a smile, but sternly made myself a promise. You won't ever be in that situation of helplessness again.

The Uber dropped us off right outside my apartment, and almost before the front door was shut clothes were hitting the floor.

Amber's jacket was the first casualty, falling alongside the two purses that struck the ground as eager hands began to undo my tie and unbutton my shirt.

All of the sexual tension that had been building inside of me since we'd left the restaurant hours ago, all of the stress that had risen in my body as I confronted the man at the bar, all of it was channeled into a singular focus as I tangled my fingers in Victoria's hair and pushed her up against the wall, my hips pinning her there as I pulled back her head and left a trail of hot, hard kisses down her neck.

"Bedroom..." she murmured, and I pulled back, blinking, eyes still adjusting to the darkened interior.

All three of us giggled as we stumbled through the dark, the women kicking off their heels and immediately losing several inches of height as we turned right and into my bedroom. We collapsed onto the bed, the springs creaking softly under our weight.

Amber knelt beside me on the bed, her fingers quickly undoing the last few buttons of my shirt and pulling it off with enthusiasm. Victoria fell onto her back, her full breasts bouncing and her dark hair splaying out across the pillows.

I focused on my boss for the moment, sliding my hands up underneath the purple dress and up her smooth legs while Amber leaned in to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear.

"Show her how grateful you are, baby..." she murmured. "She helped you make tonight a success, so show her how much you appreciate her..."

I grinned, Victoria's back arching in anticipation as my fingers slid down her skin and circled around to the insides of her thighs, spreading her legs wide open to my gaze. To my excitement, I realized that she wasn't even wearing any panties to cover her smoothly shaven pussy.

"Naughty girl..." I murmured, and her eyes flashed back up at me, heated and smoky with lust.

"All for you, Chance..." she breathed, her breath quickening as adrenaline shot through her. "I'll be your responsible boss out in the world, but in the bedroom I'm your naughty little slut..."

I was still drunk, and it was a strange and exciting experience to watch as my hands, almost outside my conscious control, spread open her folds and my thumbs began to slowly circle the small nub of her clit.

Victoria moaned, her lips parting and her eyelids fluttering shut.

I could feel myself giving up control, my body taking over as I became a passenger and the alcohol and lust took the driver's seat. I hissed with pleasure as Amber's fingers crossed my chest and tweaked one of my nipples. The twinge of pain zipped through my body and straight into my hardening cock. I turned, lifting my hands for a moment from Victoria's body to grab my girlfriend full-on by the face and pull her into a searing kiss.

My eyes closed as our lips met, and I felt as if I had entered a new level of reality. Without my sight, all I had were my senses. My body was light and airy, practically floating, and the drinks fogged out my hearing, but my senses of smell and touch were heightened to an almost superhuman degree. I could catch the light scent of Amber's perfume, most of it worn off in the course of the night, still clinging lightly to her skin. I felt the almost imperceptible roughness of her barely-chapped lips with my own, and my fingertips slid around her head to grasp her and pull her in closer to me.

I felt, rather than heard, her breath catch in her throat as I did that, and she sank deeper into the kiss. Her mouth opened and her tongue slipped between my parted lips to gently explore the inside of my mouth.

The mattress shivered again as Victoria sat up, and I heard the soft clink of my belt as she stripped it away and tossed it to the floor. Her fingers tugged at my waist and my pants were suddenly unbuttoned and the zipper opened wide. Her fingers dove beneath the elastic waistband of my underwear and then wrapped around my shaft, slowly beginning to stroke up and down my rock-hard length.

I groaned into my kiss, softly biting at Amber's lower lip.

My girlfriend pulled back and I opened my eyes, staring into her face in the dim glow that filtered in through the half-open door to the bathroom, where we had forgotten to turn off the light.

I love you... "You are amazing..." I murmured softly, not brave enough to say the words.

"You too," she whispered back with a wink, and then shot a glance down to Victoria, who was staring at my fully-erect cock with devotion as one hand pulled down my boxers and the other gently stroked up and down the shaft.

I twitched in her hands, lust coursing through me. "Time for me to give you your reward..." I growled, and Victoria glanced up with glazed eyes, seeming half-entranced by my straining manhood.

I slipped from Amber's arms and leaned down, gripping the hem of my boss's dress where it was bunched up at her waist. Our eyes still locked, she momentarily released my cock and I pulled the garment over her head in a single movement, the form-hugging cloth catching for only a second on her tits before I tugged it off and let it fall to the side. I slid from the bed for a single moment and onto my feet, rapidly kicking my pants and boxers from my legs before I moved back into the fray. My entire body was tight, like a spring waiting to uncoil, and all of my focus was on the woman before me, naked but for the bra that struggled to restrain her full, round breasts.

I shot Amber a sly glance as a slight smile curved across my mouth. "Would you like to help me, lover?" I murmured, flicking my eyes to indicate the woman kneeling on the rumpled sheets before me.

A matching, predatory grin lit up Amber's angelic features. "Oh, yes, sir..." she purred.

I leaned down and gently pushed Victoria into the bed by her shoulders, the woman going down willingly as my girlfriend and I both moved in like carnivores approaching their next meal.

The tension was so thick that I could feel my breath tightening in my chest as I strove to breathe. I lowered my head slowly between Victoria's thighs, her eyes never leaving mine as her tits rose and fell with her heavy sighs of anticipation. Then, in an instant, the tension snapped.

I kissed the outer folds of her hot, waiting pussy, my tongue probing deeper and tasting her flowing juices. She was slick with arousal, and my fingers slid swiftly and easily inside of her as I probed her entrance.

Victoria's gasp of pleasure was cut off as Amber's mouth covered hers, the blonde bending down and pressing her into the bed with the force of her kiss. The brunette's back arched again, and my girlfriend's hands slipped beneath her body, unsnapping the clasps of Victoria's bra.

I soaked in the sight before refocusing on the task in front of me. My tongue lapped at my boss's slit, slowly teasing upward centimeter by centimeter until I finally hit her pleasure button. I circled it several times before flicking across it once, twice, and then again and again and again. I felt her body spasm beneath me as I did, and my eyes flickered back up to the scene at the other half of the bed.

Amber's hands gripped Victoria's wrists and pinned them down while her mouth planted a trail of light nips and kisses down the brunette's jaw and neck.

"Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod..." Victoria's breathless voice was fast and I could feel the tightness in her body rising as the pleasure mounted. Her eyes were squeezed closed as she focused all of her attention on the sensations assailing her.

Just watching her experience that much pleasure made my already steel-hard cock pulse and strain. I redoubled my efforts, my tongue speeding up as I slid my fingers up at an angle inside of her and gently brushed her g-spot.

"Oh fuck!" was the only thing Victoria managed to gasp before she came. Her back arched like a sudden bolt of electricity had lanced through her body and her hips bucked beneath my mouth, pinned down by the hand that was not currently sliding in and out of her burning hot tunnel. I didn't stop, only barely slowing as her thighs clamped around my head and her body strained to explode in all directions.

As the first wave of pleasure ebbed, I rose to my knees, stroking my cock almost unconsciously as I saw Victoria shake her head dizzily and her eyes blinked open. Amber rose up as well, shooting me a look over her shoulder before she quickly pulled her own blouse over her head and allowed her huge tits to bounce free. Her nipples were hard at the tips, looking like delicious little buds for my waiting lips to wrap around and suckle. Lifting her skirt around her waist, Amber revealed that, while she had foregone a bra, she had chosen to wear underwear tonight.

She caught my glance downward and smirked. "Time to get rid of these," she said, her voice heated with desire.

I nodded mutely as she quickly slid her legs free of the pesky cloth, my eyes drinking in her gorgeous figure.

Then, meeting my gaze, Amber turned to face me, swinging one knee over the brunette beneath her so that she was hovering just inches above Victoria's face. "You know what to do," she murmured to my boss, and the woman beneath her didn't even bother to respond as she raised her head and her tongue began to flick across Amber's bare pussy.

Amber flinched as the pleasure hit her, her eyes momentarily flickering closed before they opened once more and blazed into mine. She leaned forward onto one hand, her other slowly sliding down Victoria's flat stomach.

I shuffled forward, still on my knees, until the tip of my cock was pressed lightly against Victoria's slick opening. I could feel the heat of her body begging to take me in, and the brunette, still focused on Amber's now-soaking pussy, shifted her hips as though asking me to take her right then and there.

Amber's lips, now mere inches from mine, parted as she moaned with lust. "Here," she gasped. "Let me help..." Her fingers slid over Victoria's mound and up my shaft, then pulled me lightly forward, feeding my cock into the other woman's needy body.

My mouth opened as I gasped softly and then I groaned at the luxurious sensation. I slowly delved deeper into Victoria's hot, tight tunnel, her walls massaging my shaft, clenching as her body spasmed once more with pleasure.

Amber's lips suddenly touched mine, and there was a spark of electric desire that passed between us. My eyes slid closed and I slowly began to move inside of Victoria, only a few inches back and forth as I kissed Amber above her.

I sped up as our tongues began to explore each other's mouths until I was fucking my boss full force and had to pull back, gasping for air. My hands were on Amber's breasts, massaging them forcefully as I used her body for leverage to plunge harder and harder into the woman beneath her.

"Fuckkkk..." the blonde suddenly moaned, and she fell forward, her head on my shoulder, as she tumbled over the edge.

I slowed, my hips rocking back and forth rhythmically as I held Amber's orgasming body. My own cock felt ready to burst, but I clamped down with all the will power I had left. Not yet... I thought. Just give me a couple minutes more.

My hands slipped down the blonde's curvy hips and onto Victoria's prone body, pinning her legs wide apart as I began to pound her like she was my personal pleasure doll.

Amber rolled off of Victoria and collapsed to the bed beside us, and I could now see my boss once again, her eyes desperately staring up into mine with a needy, lust-filled gaze. Her lips were wet with Amber's arousal, and I leaned down to kiss her, tasting my girlfriend on her mouth.

She moaned, and I sped up, never breaking my pounding rhythm. Victoria's pussy was so wet with her need that I could pull practically all the way out and power back deep inside with every thrust, no resistance to my powerful movements.

"Please, sir..." she gasped, pulling back from the kiss to whisper in my ear. "Cum for me... cum inside of me... mark me forever..."

I couldn't hold out any longer. I came so hard my world went black, everything focusing on the singular point of explosive release at the tip of my cock. My balls tightened and unleashed their load, spraying like a hose and dousing the internal fire of her pussy. I groaned and collapsed on top of her, Victoria's round tits cushioning my fall, and laying there as my manhood pulsed several more times and then relaxed to a standstill.

I was still for a few more seconds before I slid out of her and rolled off.

Amber moved to one side, and I collapsed down between the panting bodies of the two women. We all stared up at the ceiling, no sound except our labored breathing and my heartbeat loud in my ears.

"Well..." I finally rasped, my throat suddenly tight and dry as though I had just released all liquid from my body. "That was something..."

Victoria laughed softly beside me, sounding about as exhausted as I felt. "Perfect end to the night," she agreed.

On my other side, Amber just snuggled up next to me, placing her hand on my chest and her head on my shoulder. She sighed contentedly.

That about sums it up, I thought, and closed my eyes.

* * *

I enjoyed their closeness for a few more minutes, my eyelids sliding shut as I came close to drifting off. Then, with a grunt, I sat up. Amber sleepily rolled over, murmuring softly to herself. My head swam for a second and then I managed to focus on the half-open bathroom door and the light beyond it.

You got this, Chance, I told myself. Reaching out, I grabbed the handle and used it to pull myself into the bathroom. A few more shuffled steps and I placed my hands firmly down on the countertop, feeling the cool tile beneath my palms.

I stared into my own eyes in the mirror, examining the bleary, exhausted face. My eyes were a little unfocused — Still a little drunk, then, I thought — and my hair was tousled from the bedroom adventure that had just rocked my world. I took a deep breath, scanning lower down my body and watching my chest rise and fall. Certainly not model material, I critiqued.

My body was very clearly soft, my chest muscles droopy and my abs completely invisible beneath a layer of belly fat. I tried flexing, but there wasn't a massive change. You need to fix this, I told myself sternly, suddenly ashamed at how out of shape I was. This is just one of the many things that you need to change. I knew that these thoughts were still partly drunk ones, but I also knew that they were true. If I wanted to be the kind of man who could stand up for my women, I needed to make a lot of changes.

I showered quickly, rinsing off the sweat of the night, but wasn't quite able to shake the troubled feeling that clung to me like an invisible, sticky spiderweb. It was a bit after midnight, and I was just throwing on my sweatpants and a tee shirt in the bedroom when I heard the front door open.

What the—? I started to wonder and then remembered the rest of my little bevy of roommates. I glanced quickly over at the sleeping Victoria and Amber, then I stepped out of the bedroom to meet the twins in the hallway, raising a finger to my lips.

The pair stopped their conversation and nodded in understanding. One at a time, they wrapped their arms around me and offered up their lips for a welcome-back kiss.

"Has someone been drinking?" Carmen murmured with a sly grin, lightly stroking her fingers down my shoulders as she pulled back.

I gave her a small grin. "Maybe just a little."

The girl rolled her eyes. "Without us?" she asked playfully. "What a shame."

I opened my mouth to say something about her being underage, then stopped. Like you weren't drinking at 18, I scoffed at myself. "Do you have a fake ID?" I asked, and the twins gave each other an incredulous look.

Carmen gave me a quick peck on the lips. "What a cute question," she murmured, then slipped past me into the bedroom.

Daisy, on the other hand, gave me an up and down look and narrowed her eyes.

I raised my eyebrows questioningly at her. "What?" I asked.

"Something happened while you were out tonight, didn't it?" she demanded, stepping closer. "Something that's bugging you." Her hair was still in its braid, and with her makeup and going-out attire she looked older and more mature than I was used to seeing her.

How could you possibly know that...? I wondered, but instead of saying anything I avoided her gaze. "I guess so," I told her, not really sure how much to say.

She stepped up closer, and now I could see the caring look in her eyes as she reached out and took my hand. She smiled a small, encouraging smile. "Wait here," she murmured. "I'm going to get cleaned up real fast and then you can tell me about it. Okay?"

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