tagMind ControlTRANCE, Inc. 01: The Actress

TRANCE, Inc. 01: The Actress


"Are you my horny little nympho slut?"

The smoking-hot blonde licked her full, pink lips. Her blue eyes were wide open and filled with wicked delight. "Yes, sir," she purred as she wrapped her fantastic tits around the rock hard cock that had just been slapped down between them. "I'm whatever you want me to be." Her hands kneaded the mounds of titflesh between her fingers, making her moan with delight as she began to bounce them up and down.

The cock disappeared between the twin globes, and the blonde groaned with pleasure.

"Oh my goddddd," she murmured, eyes rolling back with bliss. "That feels sooo good, baby." Her nipples were pink as erasers and standing straight up at the peaks of her breasts. "That's right, fuck my big titties," she urged. "Your cock is the fucking best thing that's ever happened to me." She shivered as waves of pleasure broke over her body and she pumped her tits up and down like she was fucking the cock with her tight, wet snatch.

The engorged, purple head somehow broke through and appeared out the top, and she leaned forward eagerly. "Mmm," she groaned, flicking out her tongue to taste the drips of precum beading at the tip. "Let me take care of this for you, sir..." Her mouth eagerly slurped up the head of the cock, bathing it with her tongue. She closed her eyes as ecstasy shot through her.

With her tits still wrapped around the shaft, she wantonly sucked and sucked at the head, begging for a hot, sticky load. "Fuck me, sir!" she cried out, her head falling back as another clenching wave of pleasure washed over her. "That's right... Make me cum just from fucking my funbags, my knockers, my —"

I groaned and came, my head falling back and my legs clenching. Strand after strand of my seed fired like a geyser, hot and sticky as I aimed it at the breathtaking blonde before me... on the computer screen. My cum spurted across the desk, landing in a pool beside my laptop as I slumped back in my chair. Everything in my small, dark office was quiet for a moment as I breathed deeply through my nose, winded.

Fuck... I glanced quickly around the empty office furtively, then grabbed a Kleenex from the box at the edge of my desk and wiped off the cheaply-stained wood. In a moment, there was only a slight, shiny smear. You're not supposed to do that, I told myself, zipping my cock back into my pants. Look but don't touch. That's your job. I sighed. How did I get myself into this position?

A lot of guys would probably envy me. After all, how many men get to watch porn for a living? But if anyone had asked me, which they didn't, and if I had answered honestly, which I wouldn't... It kind of sucked. I couldn't tell people what I did because girls would think I was a pervert and guys would probably just ask me if I fucked any of the pornstars. Which, of course, I never had; the second biggest drawback of the job, after the part where people think I'm a freak, was the fact that I was constantly surrounded by fantastically sexy women who would never have even looked at me twice.

I was what's known as "quality control." Yes, some porn studios actually have that. My job was to watch videos and give the studio the final thumbs-up before they were launched out into the deep, dark hole that is the Internet. I had to be on the lookout for all sorts of tiny mistakes that could "ruin" the video for the viewer. Did the cameraman's shadow fall into any of the scenes? Is there any part where the audience can hear the director whispering instructions off screen? Did the tip of one of the microphones creep into a few frames as the sound guy leaned in closer to capture each and every moan and gasp?

Honestly, I didn't think that any of that would matter to someone watching. But Teragon Regional And National Corporation for Entertainment, Inc. — my boss always forced me to use the full name, someone just end me already — were freaks for perfection. I think some of the higher-ups just got off to the fact that their products were the widely-held to be the best, most-viewed videos online.

Shaking my head, I stared at the image on my screen. Amber ... the blonde bombshell with piercing baby blues who I had so recently watched as she used her mouthwatering knockers to get off both me and that lucky bastard on camera.

What a piece of ass... I groaned for a second time and clicked the file I'd just viewed, attaching it to an email. "Stellar job, as usual!" I typed to my supervisor. "No problems here! — Chance" I clicked send, then put my face in my hands. I used too many exclamation points in my emails. I think it was my subconscious's way of trying to convince me that I was excited about working here.

I sighed. Fuck, I thought again. Time for the next one.

I loaded up the next film, a short clip of one of our newest actresses — a tight little redhead named Daisy — as she seduced and fucked one of our stars, Trey Wood. Trey's nice enough, I thought, zoning out as I watched. I'd been on-set before, helping directors to fix and reshoot tiny clips, and Trey had fist bumped me one time when I'd suggested an angle for the camera that made his dick look several inches bigger.

"Thanks, man," he'd said with a cocky grin, before going out and fucking some gorgeous, big-breasted brunette silly.

Back to the video... I thought, refocusing.

"Are you my horny little nympho slut?" Trey asked on-camera, and I observed keenly as Daisy melted, her dark eyes burning with lust.

"Yes, sir," she murmured, biting her lip and staring up at him with naked need. "I'm whatever you want me to be..."

Suddenly, my thumb hit the Space bar without my consent, pausing the video. Wait... I thought, having the strangest sense of déjà vu. I've heard that line already.

* * *

I blew out a breath and laid back against my headboard, my laptop screen glowing softly in the darkened bedroom. "No way..." I murmured softly. But I couldn't deny that the evidence was mounting.

In the past ten hours, I had watched dozens of TRANCE, Inc. videos carefully. I had finished up at work, come home and plopped down on my bed with a bag of chips and a buttload of porn. For the first time, though, I hadn't even felt the urge to masturbate. I was too focused on digging up evidence for my impossible theory. You know this theory is impossible, right? I asked myself. But a small, niggling part of my brain disagreed.

I closed my eyes, clip after clip cycling through my brain. Somewhere in the script of every TRANCE, Inc. video the man asked the question, "Are you my horny little nympho slut?" Usually it was near the beginning. Sometimes, it was hidden in other dialogue. But every time, after the phrase was spoken, the woman onscreen replied, "Yes, sir. I'm whatever you want me to be." And then, the heat of the scene ratcheted up a notch. Whatever the woman's character before — uptight lawyer, sexy nurse, scolding schoolteacher — she would evolve into an obedient bimbo slut, totally devoted to "sir"'s pleasure. The man would order the woman to perform any act imaginable, and she would — with enthusiasm and evident pleasure.

It's like it's some sort of trigger phrase, one part of my brain kept insisting. TRANCE has somehow implanted it in the pornstars' minds, and they use it to make their videos.

I knew I was crazy for thinking it. But I also knew what I was going to do...

* * *

I waited outside of Amber's changing room, having watched for a quarter of an hour as she and a young stud wrapped up their last shoot of the day then hugged cordially and parted. The voluptuous blonde had headed straight to her "re-dressing" room, as the actor's playfully called it, nodding along as the director had hustled along beside her and chattered at her with critiques and advice. Another fifteen minutes had passed since, and I was beginning to wonder what the woman was doing there. I pretended to be on my laptop, holding it up in my hands and tapping away at the keyboard every few minutes as I scanned the hallway, making sure that there was no one around to see me skulking.

Finally, Amber reappeared. She wore the same tall, white heels from the shoot, but now topped it off with a relatively conservative red dress that covered at least half of her impressive bust and came down to more than mid thigh. As she clicked down the hallway in those heels, which made her tanned legs look miles long, I closed my laptop like I was done with whatever I was doing and pretended to notice her.

We made eye contact, and she smiled at me in a very fake way as though to say, I know what you're up to and it's not going to work.

I took a deep breath, and walked towards her, my heart hammering in my chest.

She slowed, but didn't quite stop as I approached.

"Hey," I said, forcing the word out through my dry throat. "You're Amber, right?" I grimaced in what I hoped was a vague approximation of a friendly smile.

She stopped, eyeing me up and down. "Yeah, I am," she replied. Her normal voice was the same as I'd heard in countless films, and I felt an immediate rush of blood away from my brain and down below my belt.

"I'm over in customer satisfaction," I said, waving vaguely down the hallway in the exact opposite direction of my office. Geez, my brain thought. You're such a fool. You're shooting yourself in the foot. Just get it over with and run! "And I was wondering if you could answer a question I've had about your videos."

The woman raised one smooth eyebrow and made a thoughtful face. She crossed her arms under her massive tits and shrugged. "Sure, what's up?"

Here goes nothing. Don't fuck this up. I froze the smile on my face and made myself say the words, "Are you a horny little nympho slut?"

Thunderous silence.

I waited.

I swear I didn't breathe as Amber went very still.

The woman's eyes widened and bored into mine.

Then, she shook her head slightly, her wavy hair swaying on either side of her beautiful face. "What did you just say to me?!" The gorgeous blonde's blue eyes flashed with anger and her sculpted lips pursed together in a decidedly frightening way.

I froze, a deer in the headlights. Then, some insane part of me made a foolish mistake. It tried again. Nooo!! My mind tried to reach out and grab the words before they could escape, but my tongue had already re-iterated my question. "Are you a horny little nympho slut?"

The woman's palm smacked across my face while I was still kicking myself. I was blindsided, my head spinning from the very real force behind the blow.

"I'll have you know," I heard her say in a biting tone through the blinding embarrassment, shame and fear that coursed through me, "that I am a highly-respected actress and a feminist. And if you speak to me again I will consider it harassment and act accordingly." Her heels clicked away down the hallway as my vision cleared, and in spite of the pain and emotional trauma I'd just experienced, I still snuck a quick look at her toned ass as it sashayed away and around the corner.

"Fuck," I whispered, realizing the shitstorm I may have just unleashed upon myself. I felt sick. You're a fucking idiot, I raged inwardly. You knew that your theory was stupid. More than stupid... Impossible!

Then, an even worse turn. What if she talks to your boss? asked the part of me that had been against this plan from the start. What if you're fired? What if everyone hears that you sexually harass women?

I stumbled back to my tiny office and shut the door, grateful to collapse into my chair in the dark, quiet space. I stared into nothing as the squirming, wriggling, gnawing worm of fear coiled and crept through my stomach. I went home early that night but barely slept a wink.

* * *

I lurked in my office for a few days, practically sprinting to and from my car at the beginning and end of the day so as to avoid human contact. I was wary of my email inbox and almost missed several production deadlines because I didn't want to check email and see that my boss had sent me a request for "a meeting." Such a meeting wouldn't be a meeting — I would be disgraced, fired and possibly dismembered by a mob of angry pornstars.

Well... Maybe my imagination had gotten the better of me. Just a bit. At least I hadn't been stupid enough to tell her my real job, I decided. Though, of course, it wouldn't be hard to find me if she wanted to.

Then, four or five days after my encounter with Amber in the hallway, I was watching one of her newest scenes.

"Are you my horny little nympho slut?" Trey's voice demanded, off-camera.

"Yes, sir. I'm whatever you want me to be..." Amber's tone was breathy and docile, completely subservient.

I wasn't really listening, trying to ignore it in fact, when a realization struck me like a thunderbolt. I replayed my disastrous encounter with Amber in my mind, already having memorized it detail-by-detail as the worst moment of my life. "I said the wrong line..." I breathed, my eyes widening into saucers. My hands went still on the desk and I suddenly heard nothing, my brain ignoring the salacious video playing in the background. Does that mean I can still...?

No, the logical part of my mind told me. That's the stupidest idea you've ever had. You'll be fired for sure this time.

But my legs wouldn't obey my mind as they stood and walked out of the room, heading slowly but surely through the TRANCE, Inc. building towards the set where the actors and directors did their shoots. It was almost the end of the day, just like last time, and I watched from around the corner as Amber finished up her final stud of the day.

I will give her this, I thought. The woman is certainly motivated. At the rate Amber was producing films, she would be one of the top adult actresses in the entire business before long.

I waited until after Amber had finished taking two guys at once and letting them cum all over her gorgeous face and her large, bouncy tits. Then, I snuck away to wait by her room. I had a plan now, sort of, and I recited my line over and over like it was the rosary or a prayer — the only magical charm that could save me from the wrath of an enraged goddess of sex.

As I waited for the tanned blonde to appear and enter her changing room, I turned my position over and over in my thoughts and finally came to a conclusion. I really don't have anything to lose. I was a 23-year-old "quality control" technician for a porn company with no prospect of moving up the corporate ladder and no real reason to stay aside from the fact that I was paid to watch the hottest of women get boned daily by the largest of dicks. At worst, I was about to walk in on her, nothing would happen when I said the magic words and I would be fired for seeing a pornstar naked. Like no one's seen her naked before?

On the other hand... I had everything to gain. If my insane hypothesis played out, I would be fucking a fantastically sexy, twenty-something pornstar with breasts like melons and a dirty mouth that I just couldn't wait to watch as it slid up and down my cock. Fuck... I was getting a hard-on just thinking about Amber.

Finally! I'd only been waiting five minutes or so this time when the leggy actress strode confidently down the corridor and turned into her chambers.

I waited a couple minutes to let her get settled. Maybe if I walk in on her while she's naked, my mind reasoned, she'll be too busy covering up to slap me again. Of course, the honest part of my mind rolled its eyes. You just want to see her naked, bro.

I shrugged to myself. So what if I do? I came around the corner, walked confidently to the door and turned the handle. Here goes nothing.

In fact, I did walk in on a naked pornstar, my only view as I came into the fairly-spacious room of a tanned, smooth back sweeping down into two, glorious hemispheres of ass. At that point, my mouth may literally have started watering.

Amber was standing nude in front of her dressing table, her hands up in her hair as she teased up some hairstyle or another. Her makeup was scattered across the tabletop, and it looked like she had just been touching it up before leaving for the day. When she saw me in the mirror, halfway through the door with my hand still on the handle, her eyes widened and she spun, her hands instinctively going to cover her nipples.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!" she demanded, her face transforming the mask of a spitting, angry velociraptor. "I am going to call security! If you even come a step closer, I will get your ass fired and beaten! Security knows me. They'll do what I ask if I tell them to rough you up before—"

It truly was a frightening picture. If I hadn't already committed myself all the way, I might have folded and backed out then. But as I said, I had nothing to lose. So instead I felt like I heard everything she said through water, her angry words rolling past and over me like rain over a duck's back. Time to act, my brain reminded my mouth, and I spoke.

"Are you my horny little nympho slut?!" I asked, my voice as loud as I dared, forcing myself to be heard over the sound of her ranting. I practically shouted the words, the question like a magic spell my wizardly adventurer would once have cast in Dungeons & Dragons back in high school.

The effect was immediate. Amber's angry expression went slack for a moment, her bright blue eyes growing wide and her mouth hanging open just slightly. Her body froze in the middle of raising a small but threatening fist, and then her arm dropped down to her side. Finally, after a split second of mental agony on my part, she blinked.

A sultry smile slid across her full lips and she bit the bottom one suggestively as she fluttered her eyelashes at me. The hand still struggling to cover her nipples fell away, showing two erect little buds straining to stand tall at the peak of the perfect pair of tits, revealed in all their glory. "Yes, sir," she breathed as her entire posture changed. "I'm whatever you want me to be." Her voice was charged, the voice of an expert seductress, and I felt my brain grow numb as all the blood suddenly went way south.

"Close the door behind you," she murmured, walking slowly toward me. Her tits wobbled and bounced with each short, sensual stride. My cock was already straining at the zipper of my pants. "We don't want anyone outside getting a free show..."

I gulped and obeyed, suddenly realizing what was about to happen. The enormity of it all hit me like a bullet train. I'm about to — My thoughts were cut off as Amber suddenly reached me and threw her arms around my neck, pulling me down into a kiss so hot I could almost feel my lips burning. My entire body was tingling as she pressed her bare tits up against my chest and rubbed up and down my leg with one hand, getting close but not quite touching my rock hard cock.

She broke off the kiss, eyes glassy with obvious arousal as I panted. Her tongue came out to wet those pink lips. "Is there anything I can do for you, sir?" she asked, her tone bashful but her eyes brazen. A second hand joined her first, the pair teasing my inner thighs and outlining my length, pressing the material down to accentuate the evident bulge. "Anything at all to make you feel..." her eyes dropped for the first time to the tent in my pants, "better...?"

Her submissiveness was the biggest turn-on of my life, and I felt something unfamiliar rising within me. Is that... confidence? I wondered for a moment, before I stared into her eyes and spoke. I felt almost hypnotized by her feverish gaze, her blue eyes bright and wanton and lusting.

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