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Dear __________ -

Sorry I haven't written in a couple weeks but I've been overseas. Had a very interesting experience I wanted to tell you about. Thought you'd appreciate it.

You know I've been traveling to Asia for some time. It's a long flight. I've found a way of dealing with the boredom that works for me, but goes against all the "standard" advice. I get on the plane, take the champagne instead of the orange juice and settle back. When the drink cart comes around I ask for a bloody Mary. Then I have another, and one with the meal. I eat everything they offer, ask for an extra dessert and generally have one or two after dinner drinks. Two hours into the flight, I'm ready to pass out for the next five or six hours.

So, a couple weeks ago I boarded the plane and settled into my seat in business class, one of the perks of the job on overseas flights. Several minutes later my seatmate arrived. She was fairly attractive, not a 10 but not a 7 either. She was tall, about 5'9", with dirty blonde hair. We started making the usual small talk before we took off, but once the engines started roaring for takeoff, the talk subsided. I started reading, as did she. When the drink cart came around, we both ordered Bloody Marys. As a new topic of conversation I offered up my theory on how to deal with long plane rides. It turned out she traveled overseas quite a bit also, and actually practiced the same method I did – drink and eat yourself into a coma to wile away the hours.

We kept talking and drinking, and each of us ate the whole of the meal that was offered. We both doubled up on dessert and had a couple after dinner drinks. The conversation started to wane as the booze and the food started to affect both of us. I got out my book again and pulled the blanket over myself. She did the same. In a short while I put the book down and closed my eyes.

I don't know how long I had been asleep when I woke slightly to turn on my side. As I turned over my knee brushed against her leg. Not wanting to offend I pulled my leg back. I was a little surprised when her leg followed mine. Her knee moved back and forth against the inside of my thigh. My food- and booze-induced coma instantly disappeared. I let my leg fall back against hers and I could feel her parting her legs slightly under the blankets. Not sure what to do next, I let my arm drop from the armrest onto her thigh. Her legs parted even further apart as she turned slightly toward me. I allowed my eyes to open part-way, enough to see that the cabin had been darkened for the movie, and I noticed that those not asleep were watching it. Comforted in the fact that we probably weren't going to attract much attention, my hand continued stroking her thigh through her blue jeans.

As I moved further up her leg, she raised her hips a little off the seat and slid down a bit to make herself more accessible. Quietly I raised the armrest between the seats so there was no impediment there. She reached down, undid the buttons of her jeans and raised her hips to slide them down a bit. I reached back for her leg and with the palm of my hand, stroked up and over her hip, and then across her lower belly. My thumb traced across the top of her panties, and I slid it just under the elastic, stretching it away from her skin. I pulled my hand back, retracing the route I'd just taken, moved it a little lower and rubbed across the top part of her panties.

She arched a little, pressing back into my hand. Again, I retraced back the way I had come, my hands snagging a bit on the cotton material. The next time across I rubbed across her mound, and she made a little sound under the blanket. I stopped there, and rubbed little circles around it with my fingers, each time reaching a little lower and little lower till I was at the point where the tops of her thighs met. I continued making little circles, reaching in between her legs as she parted them. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my fingers and as I kept making the little circles her lips opened a little more. I kept my eyes closed and concentrated on just the feelings in the end of my fingers. Through the material of her panties I could feel the trimmed hairs, the soft, pouty flesh of her outer lips that yielded to every pressure, the dampness that was starting to soak through, and the void between her lips that was the source of the warm fluids that were starting to wet my fingers.

I reached up and grasped the elastic of her underwear. She raised her hips just enough so I could slide them down to the top of her jeans. There was just enough stretch in them for her to part her legs. I reached back up and started again at the top, rubbing her mons with my fingers in little circles, and moving back down her slit. I used two of my fingers to tease her clit out from under its little hood. Dipping for the first time into her pussy, I wet my fingers and went back to tweaking her little button.

I could feel its hardness under the tips of my fingers. Leaving my thumb on her clit, I started pulling on her lips with two of my other fingers, spreading them as much as space allowed. I then dipped both of my fingers all the way in, up to their base and curled them upward, searching for the round flesh of her G-spot. Her vaginal walls contracted, squeezing my fingers together, and I felt a new wave of juices run out of her and into the palm of my hand. I pressed upwards with my hand, spreading the fluid into the crack of her ass, stroking her anus with my pinkie finger.

Again her vaginal walls contracted, and she made another noise into her fist. Leaving my little finger pressed against her anus, and my thumb pressing on her clit, I started massaging the round ball of her G-spot with my two fingers that were still inside of her. She started bucking slightly on the seat. After what seemed like less than a minute, she buried her face under the covers and shook uncontrollably. Her pussy was contracting like crazy on my fingers and she pressed down on my little finger, taking it up to her knuckle into her ass, and she started contracting there as well. She stayed like that for several minutes, as several waves passed through her.

When it was all over, she took her head out from under the blanket and smiled at me. I slid my soaking wet hand up over her mound and brought it out from under my blanket. Looking her right in the eyes, I raised the two fingers that had been inside of her and sucked on them. She shuddered again, and then reached under my blanket. Without any hesitation, she went right for the snap on my pants and undid it. Then, ever so slowly, so as not to make any more noise than necessary, she lowered my zipper, being careful going around my hard-on. She reached into the fly of my boxers and freed my cock, letting it rest on top of my 'wears. Then she reached back under her blanket with her hand and brought it back to me.

She had picked up as much of her pussy juices as possible and started using it to lubricate my raging erection. I lay back with my eyes closed, savoring the feelings on my cock, much the way I'd been savoring the tactile feelings with my fingers while I'd been fingering her. She grabbed my penis and started rubbing just the underside with her thumb. In case you didn't know, that's a very sensitive area on a guy, and I have often masturbated just by rubbing that area. She pulled her hand out and stuck her thumb in her mouth, then went back to work on me. I was just about there.

She could feel the beginnings of my orgasm building at the base of my cock. She covered the head with her hand while she kept rubbing the underside with her thumb. I pressed upwards as I started coming. She managed to trap all my cum with her hand. She held on while I started to go limp, then tugged at my blanket with her other hand. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She raised the hand from underneath the blanket, looked at me and swiped the palm of her hand with her tongue. Then she proceeded to put each of her fingers in her mouth and suck my cum off them.

I made like I was moving around and managed to get myself back together without causing too much of a ruckus. She had a little more work to do, but managed to pull up her panties and jeans and get them fastened. After another minute or so, she excused herself to go to the bathroom, which was right by the stewardess stand. I heard one of the female flight attendants ask, "Are you enjoying your flight, Miss?"

When we landed, she stayed on the plane as she was going one stop further than me. We never even exchanged names.

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