tagSci-Fi & FantasyTransa - Rise of a Wicked Queen

Transa - Rise of a Wicked Queen


This is the first installment of this medieval fairy tale. Its full of fancy, romance, pussy, ass, cock, and kink. All characters are fiction, of course and above the age of consent. Only the author was harmed in the creation of this tale. I love to hear from my readers! Please leave a comment and/or send me a message. - Enjoy Dre

Once upon a time there was a wicked, wicked woman. She was raven haired, tall, and powerfully built. She had broad shoulders, a tiny waist and long legs with a well-defined musculature and an awesome tight ass. This was made all the more evident by the skintight dragon skin body suit and black high-heeled boots she always wore. Her curvy shape was crowned with large, perpetually erect breasts. All this femininity stood in contrast with the very prominent bulge between her legs, pushing snake-like against the skin-tight bodysuit covering her crotch.

Her name was now Transa and she was not always wicked. She was taken, and I'm speaking in the biblical sense, by an evil wizard. His manly meat sword was cursed with a magical STD. Yes by "STD" I do intend a "sexually transmitted demonization." This affliction made the wizard crazy with lust and just plain stark raving crackers. He wondered the countryside looking for prey and that's when he came upon her.

The wizard found Transa, then called Eugenia (some things are an improvement), in a field innocently picking flowers. She was bent over at the waist and a light breeze was gently caressing her curvy ass, clad in innocent ruffle panties. The Wizard spied her round cheeks, full pussy lips, and smooth long legs and slowly began to stalk his victim. His stalking was difficult, as his erection was dragging on the ground and would occasionally get snagged by the odd root or rock. He moved quietly within a few feet of Eugenia then in one amazing leap he pounced. Savagely he ripped off her jumper, and sank his swollen vile member into her virgin pussy. You see this wizard was not one for foreplay but just simply got down to business. Hammering away at the girl's poor pussy the diseased wizard drooled and cackled with delight. He quickly shot a massive load of chartreuse, magically STD ridden, cum into the poor girl and removed his dripping cock with an unceremonious "pop" from her stretched vagina. He left her crying and panty-less as he bounced away laughing and chortling like a demented elf.

Ashamed and sore the girl staggered back to her home, the castle. As she walked an odd sensation moved through her body. Her mind was filled with images of the Wizard's cock. She could see it erect and pulsing, large and vein-covered, it's purple helmet shiny and nasty. The visions seem to give her a peculiar power. She also had a strange sensation between her legs, tingling, warm and growing. Her clit began to swell and she could feel it expand and pulse. Her breathing became rapid and deep and she was filled with feelings of desire, lust and wickedness. She looked down and could see her sodden panties begin to tent. She rubbed the front of her panties feeling the enormous cock that sprouted from where her pussy had been. She released her new cock and falling back against a tree began to stroke her growing member and fondle her new full testicles.

As she stroked she thought, "this feels so fucking good, it makes me feel so dirty, yet so powerful, look at it! It must be at least a foot long and so thick...mmm. It feels better if I pump it harder and faster....mmm. Let me squeeze my nipples...mmm. My nipples are growing, they are so large at least 2 inches long...mmm. Its as if my cock is speaking to me..mmm. It wants me to pump it, pump, pump, pump it, it feels so good...mmm. Something is happening I can feel something building...mmm. Yes faster...mmm! Yes harder...mmm. YES! YES! YES!"

Then in ecstasy her head fell back, and with both hands she violently stroked her cock until she shot rope after rope of luminous pearl colored cum in high arcs into the air. Her balls pumped and pumped as the cum-puddle on the ground grew and grew. The more she stroked the more she came. She pointed her cock up and another thick rope of cum shot into her mouth and spattered on her cheek. She greedily swallowed the jizz and she shot more cum onto her face and into the air until she was quivering with passion. Her body convulsed with pleasure and a low unearthly growl came from her throat as she released her big cock and panted. She was delighted with her new cock and she knew she was no longer the innocent girl that was picking flowers in the field. She could hear laughing in her head and a voice that called her by her new name, Transa!

She had gone through a strange metamorphosis. Cum-covered and disheveled, Transa strutted through the gates of the castle. Surfs bowed and stole glances at the princess who now looked like a streetwalker after a night at an orgy. However, Transa was oblivious to their gaze, she knew what she should do. Her mind filled with thoughts of power and sex but most of all lust. The Wizard's disease had infected her mind as well as her body. Transa was hatching a plan and she headed to the workshop of the castle's alchemist and magician Merlini.

Transa entered the workshop, but Merlini was not to be found. She saw her image in a mirror and decided that she would use this time to find something to wear as her jumper was ripped and dirty. She went into Merlini's quarters and began to rummage through her clothing. Merlini was a female magician and she had wonderful outfits for her performances. Transa tried on dresses, and bodices, then she came across something rather unique in the bottom of a chest. She lifted it out and held it in the light. It was jet black but glimmered purple and green when turned in the light. It was like a skin and in fact that what it was, it was a body suit made out of the scaled skin of a dragon. It was rare and endowed with unique properties. She had found just what she was looking for, she stripped naked and pulled on the suit.

The dragon skin fit her every curve in a luscious and sexy way. It gave just enough support but allowed her breast and ass to bounce slightly. Transa beamed with delight when she could see the naughty outline her big cock made in the suit. She watched as she made her cock move like a slithering snake under the dragon skin. The shimmering skin made her look even more sexy, dangerous and alluring. The finishing touches on her new outfit were a studded leather waist cincher, ankle high pointy-toed boots, and a leather choker.

She admired her new ensemble in Merlini's full-length mirror. She was thinking how she would like the neckline of the body suit to be a bit lower so her ample cleavage could be displayed. At the thought the suit pulled away to exact point that Transa had been thinking of. The suit pushed he breasts up just a bit so they blossomed seductively from the top of the neckline. Amazed, she then thought that she wanted the back to plunge a little lower, and it did exactly as she envisioned. A wicked grin came across her face and in a moment her monstrous cock and balls were free from the suit. Transa again admired the site in the mirror as her cock grew to its full ample size.

At that moment Merlini, quietly slipped into the room. Her mouth dropped open and she stared in amazement and confusion at the image before her. She recognized what was left of the princess Eugenia but could not reconcile it with the vision of this creature both woman and man standing with thick raven hair, delicate female features, pale smooth skin, full breasts, curvy ass, shapely legs and huge throbbing cock!

"Princess?" said Merlini.

Transa turned toward Merlini, her erection swinging like a fleshy club. And with a stern tone exclaimed,

"Eugenia is no longer, I am the princess and I am now called TRANSA!"

"Forgive me your grace! What does your highness require of me today?" said Merlini as she bowed and feign no concern although her guard was up.

"Merlini, I wish you to make me an potion. One that will captivate the drinker, and make them my servant, obedient only to me."

As Transa spoke her erection returned to its normal size and the body suit enclosed itself over her cock. As Merlini listened she noticed that Transa's cock would move about independently under the dragon skin like an eel in a fisherman's wet sack. The sight was both repulsive and alluring and Merlini found herself captivated by the new identity of the Princess.

Merlini's Story

Merlini was very skilled at crafting potions. She was a mature woman in her 50th year. She was still attractive with a shock of short silver colored hair. She had small breasts but ample enough to create enough cleavage from her bodice that men's gaze often ended there. She always had an ample derriere but with time it had filled out nicely and was quiet prominent especially when contrasted with her tiny waist. Being a performer, and a magician she did not conform to the norms of feudal life. She wore only a tight bodice over a shear cotton blouse. Because of the demands of her duties, she almost always wore tight-fitting leather riding pants that laced up the back of her ample ass. This drew many stares and inspired more than a few fantasies, but Merlini was careful, given her past, who she associated with.

In her Mind Merlini debated what to do. Transa did appeared a bit unhinged and perhaps dangerous, but Merlini thought that she could handle her. Merlini had been looking for an opening to de-thrown the King and this maybe her chance. Merlini had once been in love with the King and she had been promised many things only to have the King go back on his word. The King, then a young Prince, seduced her. He gave her gifts and invited her to royal banquets, contests and concerts. Then he would find her alone for a moment and tell her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her.

The then Prince worked on Merlini until she could think of nothing else but him. Then one summer afternoon she was summoned to the castle. She expected to be given some chore by the head girl, but when she entered the kitchen she found the Prince. He professed his love again and again. Merlini was so innocent and taken by the handsome young Prince that when he took her into his arms she did not resist. In a frenzy, the prince unlaced her bodice. Her firm young breasts and erect nipples shown through the light cotton of her blouse as the couple kissed and caressed one another. The prince removed his shirt to reveal his beautifully sculpted chest. Merlini pressed agaist him taking in the feel and smell of his anointed skin.

The Prince continued to remove Merlini's simple dress. It being very warm weather Merlini had on no underclothes. She stood before the prince in only her shear cotton blouse. Back-it by the glow of the warm afternoon light she was a vision of beauty. The Prince removed his trousers, and knowing he would have her, released his erect cock. He advanced toward Merlini and placing his hands on her firm ass cheeks lifted her off the ground. Merlini could feel his large erect cock between them, his cock pressing against her pussy. The sensation of his erection pushing directly on her clit filled her with lust. She no longer thought of out comes or propriety she just wanted to make love.

The Prince put Merlini down on the large table in the middle of the kitchen. They kissed and embraced as the Prince explored her body with his mouth and hands. He stopped at her breast and swirled his tongue around her erect nipple. A warm breeze blew in gently through the window. The sensation gave her goose bumps and she reflexively arched her back. The Prince began to lick and suck on her pert breasts and was now caressing her downy pussy filling her with desire.

The Prince inserted a finger into Merlini's moist pussy and she squirmed at his electric touch. He kissed his way down the length of her abdomen until she could feel his hot breath on her clitoris. The Prince licked and nibbled at her labia and inner thighs until she thought she could stand it no longer. He again inserted a finger into her pussy and began to lick her clit.

Merlini's legs were now on the prices shoulders and she was unaware of the outside world. Her body heaved under the administrations of the Prince. A sensation grew in her, that she knew from her own pubescent administrations, but this was different, it was much stronger than ever before. Her body convulsed in a wave of orgasm and before she could regain her wits she gasped at the sensation of the Prince's ample cock penetrating her.

The prince was standing on the edge of the table, his royal scepter inside Merlini's beautiful virgin pussy. She was on her back on the table as the Prince stroked away like the animal he was. He reached out and roughly squeezed Merlini's breasts as he increased the tempo of his thrusts. Merlini moaned in ecstasy, and a bit of pain as the Prince's cock was large and his motions now more reckless as he was filled with animal desire.

Merlini's moans filled the large kitchen. The noise attracted the attention of two washer girls who had entered the adjacent larder to furtively abscond with a container of honey. The two gossipy girls peeked through a crack in the door watching Merlini and the Prince now rutting like two dogs in heat. They spied on the scene, both I might add with their hands busy under their petticoats, until the lovemaking was through.

The Prince was nearing his finish and although he was a rogue he still had a bit of the gentleman in him. He withdrew his wet cock from the panting Merlini and blew his load with a roar all over Merlini's breasts and stomach. He mounted the table and surprised the young girl by forcing his still dripping cock into her mouth.

He instructed her, "Yes my love that's it, suck out all my seed, clean the master's sword!"

After their encounter Merlini was even more in love with the prince. In her naïve view of the world, the Prince so truly loved her. His skillful love making could only be inspired by Cupid himself and they would live together forever in love. Little did she know that the prince fornicated with anything that had a pussy. Once the randy Prince even slipped into the stables attracted by a feminine stable boy. When he had finished having his way with the poor lad he conscripted him into the guard and sent him off to a distant war.

Merlini was never to receive the Prince's attentions again. Her heart was broken and she was miserable. The two washer girls who had spied on Merlini and the Prince spread word of the misadventure around the castle and although no one said it to her face they referred to Merlini as a "castle tart" or a "whore-for-free." This made Merlini tough and resolute. She would one day exact her revenge.

She went off and trained with a very powerful and skilled wizard. Although she was retained by the court as a magician and healer, she had powers unknown by the Prince who was now King. She had hardened over the years and perhaps now the creature before her could be her deliverance. Now she had a vehicle to exact her revenge. Her sword against the King would be Transa's thick, twisting cock.

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