Transexual Brothel

bylittle sebastian©

While I was on vacation, I went to a famous brothel. It was a large place with several different bars, a room with stripers, a video bar. etc. I wondered around for a while taking it all in. I settled down in a little quiet bar with a classic old black-and-white porno movie playing on the TV. I was propositioned by several women, but they didn't really turn me on so I turned them down.

I nice-looking woman set down at the bar across from me. She was a little older than me, probably in her mid-thirties. She didn't look like a hooker. She looked nice. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I went over and set next to her. Her name was Alicia. She didn't proposition me. We just had a nice conversation. I ordered another round of drinks. She was drinking Tequila Sunrises and I was drinking rum and coke.

We talked. We joked. We laughed. I put my hand on Alicia's knee. She smiled. I slid my hand up her thigh, beyond the top of her stockings. She squeezed my hand tightly between her warm thighs, placed her arms around me, and whispered in my ear, "Let's go upstairs for a lot more." She gave my ear a little flick with her tongue and I melted.

We slid of the bar stools and I tipped the bartender well. He gave me a big smile and a knowing wink as we turned away. We wondered down the hall and upstairs where I rented a room from a man behind a cage. He smiled real big as he buzzed us into the secure corridor and we went to our own private room and locked the door. I paid Alicia the agreed upon price and she tucked the bills away in her purse.

I was naked when I finally dropped to my knees in front of her to pull up her skirt and pull down her panties. Then I stopped. She had a beautiful cock.

Alicia fed it to me like I like to suck cock. Lots of slow in and out with plenty of time for me to use my lips and tongue. Her cock was good and hard. I fingered her ass and sucked her cock for a long time before she started warning me that if I didn't stop she would cum in my mouth. I held on and sucked. She tried to get away from my mouth, but I just held on tight and gave her the best blow job I knew how to give. Finally she came. She came just the way I like cocks to cum in my mouth. She came with individual jets of sweet cum that I had no problems swallowing. Good stuff.

After I had sucked all the cum out of her cock and it had gone soft, I let her go. She thanked me for the best blow job of her life. I thanked her for a belly full of sweet cum.

I went back downstairs. I went into the bar with the strippers. I watch one of the strippers and drank another rum and coke.

I drank another rum and coke and watched one of the strippers. She was good-looking. A great dancer. One hot babe and athletic enough to fuck all night long. She had to be a woman. I asked the bartender and found out her name was Desiree. I waited till she was through dancing.

When Desiree finished and got down from the stage, I walked up to her, told her she was a great dancer, and stuffed a twenty in her g-string. She thanked me with a hug and a kiss and suggested we go upstairs. I quickly agreed and announced "I want a good fuck!"

I took her upstairs and rented another room from the man behind the cage. He smiled really big and I wondered, how much does this man know. Then he buzzed us into the secure corridor and we went to our own private room and locked the door. I paid the Desiree the price and she put the bills in her little purse.

She pushed me back in bed and ripped my clothes off. This hot babe was really athletic. Then she straddled my chest as she undid her G-string. From out of no where, a cock jumped into the space between her crotch and my face. I do not know where it had been hiding. She said in a low voice, "Suck my cock, baby. Make it hard. You are going to get the good fucking that you desperately want and need!"

With that pronouncement, she shoved her cock into my mouth and thrust quickly in and out. It did not take but a few thrusts and her cock had grown large enough to bruise the insides of my throat. She shoved it in hard a few more times and then pushed a bottle of poppers under my nose and told me to inhale deeply. I took a big whiff. She took a big whiff, grabbed my head, and fucked my face.

She got off me and gave me the bottle of poppers and told me to inhale deeply. She pulled my butt to the edge of the bed, where she stood and lifted my legs straight up into the air. I laid on my back, inhaling poppers as she got a little tube from her purse and lubed my asshole. She finger fucked me for a minute and proceeded to push her hard cock straight in. She said, I hope you enjoy fucking because I certain do and I am going to ride your ass all night long!" I inhaled some more poppers.

She fucked me fast. She fucked me hard. She fucked me as I floated around in a popper induced haze.

She fucked it like the athlete she was. She fucked me with total abandon. Did she really promise to fuck me all night long? That would be great! I don't know if I have ever been fucked as long as she pistoned in and out of my ass. Finally, her pace began to alter. I knew she was nearing her peak. I knew she would soon explode and bury her hot cum deep inside my ass. As I anticipated that moment, the locked door opened and Alicia walked in. "What's going on?" I thought.

"Getting him all ready for me?" Alicia asked as she slipped off her clothes. She got on the bed and gave me a big whiff of poppers just as she slipped her cock into my mouth. At the same moment, Desiree's cock started erupting hot cum deep in my ass. I saw the stars as I floated around the room. I watched Desiree shout and dance like she had just made a touch down. Maybe she had.

Desiree and Alicia slide their cocks out of my ass and mouth at the same time. Alicia climbed around to my ass and easily slide her cock into my well fucked ass. Desiree had loosen up my ass with her fucking and lubricated it well with her cum. Alicia slide her cock in and out with ease. I sniffed some more poppers and floated around the room as Desiree got dressed. Before she left, she fingered Alicia's asshole while stroking my cock and said, "That was a good fucking and I know there is more to cum!" She gave me a tongue probing kiss and was gone.

Alicia continued to fuck me. She fucked me well. Her style was more sensual than Desiree's athletic vigor and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching her breasts jiggle with each of her thrusts deep into my ass. As she fucked me, she told me how much she had wanted to fuck me during our previous encounter. Then the door opened again and a janitor walked in pushing his cart. "How many more people are out there?" I thought.

The janitor said, "I was told there were two women in here that need fucking. Which one of you shall I fuck?" He grinned at me and I knew I was in trouble.

Alicia continued to fuck me as the janitor took off his clothes. Even before he took off his underwear, I could tell he was well endowed. After he took off his underwear, I knew just how well endowed he was.

He walked up to Alicia and fondled her breasts and ass. He pushed my cock out of the way to watch Alicia's cock sliding in and out of my tender asshole. He rubbed his hardening cock on Alicia's thigh and kissed her good. Alicia's pace quickened. I inhaled deeply on the poppers knowing that much more was going to cum. The janitor stood behind Alicia and pushed her hips hard against my ass, just as she started to shoot her cum deep inside me. I could feel her pulsating cock shoot its load several times. Then she pulled out.

I closed my eyes and waited for the janitors large, thick cock to pierce my ass. I took another hit from the poppers and I felt his rough hands grab my hips. I felt the hard head of his cock press against my hole. I felt his whole cock enter me in one slow, long, single thrust. "I just luv sloppy seconds!" he said. "And sloppy thirds, is even better!"

I was glad he was the third in line. I think his cock would have really hurt if I hadn't already been loosened up and well lubricated with cum. His cock stretched me wide open. My insides felt like his cock was drilling a hole all the way to my stomach. "I like making women out of men," he said. "Does your soft pussy like my hard cock?"

>From my popper induced haze, I moaned, "Yes, my pussy needs your hard cock. Make me a woman! Fill me with your hot cum!" I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it violently, yelling, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me my pussy!"

His pace quickened. His cock slammed into me harder and harder and harder. "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!" I yelled as my cock geysered toward the ceiling. Under the heavy influence of the poppers, my cum looked like thick ropes suspended in mid air. He banged away at my ass. Thrusting hard, he exploded deep inside me. I looked at him. It was an incredibly beautiful picture with my cum squirting out between us.

After his cock began to soften, he pulled it out of my much abused hole. He spoke softly to me as he helped me to stand. I knew I was going to have trouble walking and I was right. I dressed and as I left the room, I gave the rest of the cash in my billfold to the janitor as he began to clean the room and change the sheets. "Thanks," I said, "for making me a woman!" We both smiled and I walked slowly out the door.

As I shuffled down the hallway to leave, the man that collects the rent for the rooms came out of his cubical and shouted, "Hey you! Come in here. You took too long. You gotta pay extra." I went into his little cubical and he kept saying, "You stayed to long. You gotta a pay extra."

"I just gave all the rest of my money to the janitor for a tip for cleaning the room," I said.

"For cleaning the room! I bet! Look, you stayed too long. You gotta pay extra," he said.

I showed him my empty billfold and said, "But, I don't have any more money." Then I looked behind him and saw what was on his bank of little security monitors. The janitor was cleaning my room. People were screwing in most of the other rooms. There must be a hidden camera in every room.

"I bet! All you guys got lots of money. Look, you stayed too long. You gotta pay extra. You don't have any money, them you gotta do some extra service around here," he said as he unzipped his fly and produced his thick cock.

O well. It's not like I never sucked a man's cock before. I started to kneel in front of him, but he yanked me over and pushed me under the counter below the window. he dropped his pants and boxer shorts to below his knees and shoved his cock in my face. I sucked it all into my mouth. It was still soft, but it started to harden quickly. He said, "A man gets awful lonely in here watching these little screens all day long. Getting a blow job is a lot better than beatin' your meat all day by yourself."

As I sucked on his cock, he began telling me what was going on in each room. "There's a couple of hookers going at it in room three with a double dildo, while an old man in a suit watches and beats his own meat. There's a guy really going to town on top a woman in room seven. Wish you could see it."

Then he stopped to charge someone for a room. I just kept sucking away on his cock. They walked away and he started in again. "There is a guy in room nine that has a tiny dick. He hires two women at a time to look for it. Desiree is dicking the boss in room 12. I think he gets really hot, knowing that I'm watching him get fucked by a woman as he gets his rocks off." I could feel he was getting close to cumming. "The janitor is fucking a man in room 13. He just luvs to make women out of men. He's one of our hottest hookers." He stopped talking and I could feel his cock begin to pulsate. He was charging someone else for a room. His cock started shooting great gobs of cum down my throat as he made change. I swallowed as fast as I could, but I almost gagged. When he was finished cumming, he let me get up. He thanked me for performing a community service as I walked away with great difficulty.

"What a night!"

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