tagIncest/TabooTransfer to Jacksonville

Transfer to Jacksonville


Dear readers--If you seek DDD tits, 8 1/3 inch dickeys, anal or other cruelty to women you won't find it here. Sorry. Meanwhile I apologize in advance for various errors which may be present--I have worked too long on this story already at the pay of $00.00 per hour so if such things bother you, you might be happier elsewhere.

The Transfer

I, Donna, am the daughter of a pair of loving parents and the sister of a loving older brother. I grew up without having received any noticeable emotional scars having survived my high school experience with my hymen intact. This in spite of several crushes including one on my older brother.

As I graduated High School I had a decent GPA, reasonably good looks, a body which did not embarrass me and a few good friends.

I was about 135 pounds. My tits, a measurement which seems to be important to most readers I would call B+ and were quite firm, the plus being the result of muscle and not fat.

As I graduated college I again had managed decent grades, decent looks and body, a good degree but without my intact hymen. By that time I had lost the rest of my baby fat and had good eating and exercise habits so had slimmed to about 120. I landed a job with a major American auto maker. Several years later at the age of thirty I was promoted and transferred to Jacksonville Florida.

It was a great situation for me. I had been married briefly, I had undergone several brief but intense affairs and was at that point thinking seriously about 'settling down'. My brother Ned was a Navy pilot who thankfully was not a fighter jock doing night carrier landings but flew aerial re-fuelers. He was stationed at NAS Jacksonville.

That promised to be a very nice situation, one reason being that I had long had a sexual crush on him. With his help I quickly found a nice home along the Saint Johns River which offered among other things prompt settlement. It also had a dock which would accommodate his 30 foot Cabin Cruiser. This he said would save him a $150 per month docking fee at the marina.

Meanwhile we often visited the Officer's Club for dinner or later in the evening for drinks and occasional dancing. At various times I was introduced to his fellow pilots and their wives or dates. I noticed that when introducing me he never mentioned that I was his sister. Later I challenged him on this.

"Ever since Pat (A long time girlfriend) and I broke up everyone has been driving me nuts trying to fix me up. Maybe if they think I have found a new girl they'll leave me alone."

As I considered this I wondered just how far was this masquerade to go? Some of the situations that a dating couple might run into could end up in intimate situations. What then? As I considered 'what then?' I felt myself tingle 'down there' a bit. It was not at all an unpleasant feeling.

Late one night after another evening at the club, we were sitting side by side at my kitchen table when I brought the subject up again. Taking the bull by the horns I asked.

"So you want me to pretend to be your new girlfriend? How far does this masquerade go? Am I not to accept other dates?"

"Donna, I guess that's up to you. If it starts to get uncomfortable then we'll tell the truth."

"How about if the party gets rough some night and everyone starts disappearing into bedrooms?"

"See previous answer." He replied.

"So if we end up sleeping together it's OK with you?"

"If we sleep together, why worry. If we decide to stay awake together then that will be a different story."

"Do you want to? Stay awake together? That is." I asked, still surprised at my boldness.

As I waited for his reply I was suddenly shy and red faced at my question. But I was also on pins and needles as I wondered what my brother would say.

"Love to." Ned finally replied. "It's been a long standing desire."

"Oh." I replied. "I wish I had known."

"And if you had?"

I couldn't really answer my brother's question. Although it had long been a great masturbation fantasy I had never given any serious thought to the idea that it could really happen.

"Hard to tell. I never gave any serious thought of you actually wanting, as you guys might say, a piece of me. Have you?"

"Serious thought? No, not really. There was a period of several years where I did develop a fantasy of us getting together something like this but twenty more years down the road. We being at that point alone in the world and there no family left to condemn us if we did actually get together.

I guess maybe, unconsciously when I heard from you saying that you were moving down here that the fantasy did return. Maybe that's why the pretense."

I couldn't seem to come up with the words that would adequately express my feelings. Finally I did find three words to express my current feelings. They were.

"Kiss me please."

Ned did just that. First it was a gentle touching of lips to lips. Then my tongue with a mind of it's own that was a step or two ahead of mine reached out to brush his lips. "I'm kissing my brother, I'm kissing my own brother, and with my tongue." Those words flashed silently, over and over, through my brain.

Meanwhile the kiss was stirring my juices, if you know what I mean. In the first place I had not had sex with a person of either sex in a couple of months. In the second place all my previous fantasies, masturbation and otherwise were suddenly whipping through my brain.

I was suddenly as horny as I had ever been, maybe more so. I was ready to scream out and shout. "I wanna get laid." I didn't of course but I did reach and grope this man now sitting beside me. So what if he was my brother, I wanted to make wild sexual love, the fact that it was my brother, the long standing hero of many masturbatory fantasies only make it better.

"Come with me." I said, continuing my bold streak. I took Ned by the hand and pulled him toward my bedroom. He stopped me by the kitchen door and worked my blouse and bra off. I was now naked above the waist. I returned the favor then continued toward the bedroom just a few steps away.

We stopped my mutual but unspoken agreement. I turned my back so the Ned could unbutton and unzip my skirt. That done he hooked his fingers over the waistband and slid it along with my panties to the floor. I was now wearing my high heels and two necklaces and nothing else.

"I love your body. No wonder I was having trouble keeping my penis under control while we danced."

"Well. I kept noticing your little, pardon, not so little, problem. Seems like you couldn't decide exactly what to do with it. One minute you were drawing away, the next you were pushing it into my crotch getting me all horny."

By then I was unbuckling his belt and downing his zipper trying to get him into the same naked state as I was. By the time we got to my bed we were both naked. Me being a neat-nick took the time to pull down the blanket and upper sheet before we fell upon the bed.

Seizing the opportunity to realize one of my favorite fantasy visualizations I urged Ned onto his back and kneeled across his lower body. His penis stood straight and hard as I took it in my hand, urging it toward my wet, slippery hole. Once I felt it's head in the proper place I lowered myself slowly enjoying the feel of it sliding all the way into me.

"How about this? It's on of my favorite things to do. OK?" I asked.

Ned nodded and thrust his hips upward burying himself even deeper inside of me. I loved it. I bent forward to kiss him and as I spread my legs to do that felt even better. We kissed and moved our bodies around trying to attain the best possible sensation without thrusting.

The thrusting gene was not to be denied however. In just another moment we were thrusting, up and down, in and out, round and round. We quickly found that perfect combination which excited every nerve inside my pubic area with heat and desire.

In another moment I was well on my way to my first ever orgasm with my own brother. I was squeezing his penis so hard that I could sense his excitement through my own nerve endings. His hands were cupped under my breasts serving to both support my upper body during my now near violent trusting and was also was providing additional stimulation's to those nerves which attached my nipples to my pussy.

Then it came, without further warning my whole body was a trembling, quaking mass of orgasming flesh. This was by no stretch of imagination my first orgasm. I had been brought to orgasm by fingers and toys and tongues both male and female. I had been fucked by penis's of various sizes and shapes but no orgasm had ever completely overwhelmed me like this one.

As we fell together in post coitial exhaustion I could only assume that Ned's orgasm had been somewhere as satisfying as mine. As we clung together mouthing loving words to each other I was sure that it had been.

We fell asleep in each other's arms briefly. I was awakened by a gentle slap on my bare behind and the a suggestion whispered which I had dreamed of since first observing my brother returning from his shower with just a towel protecting his vital parts.

"How about a joint shower before we continue this adventure?" I have something to do first, join me in about ten minutes. I'll have it warm and ready." Ned laughed then said back.

"I'm sure that it will be warm and ready, but try to get the shower warm and ready too." We laughed together and parted after a quick kiss.

Ten minutes later after finding that the hot water had failed we had under the cover of darkness begun to skinny dip in my pool. A couple of quick laps we were wrestling in the middle of the pool copping all the feels that we could and having a fantastic time.

After another few minutes we were both becoming chilled. Ned took me into his arms wrapping me tight then whispered to me. "There is a sure cure for the chills and you do know what it is, so let's go."

Laughing like idiots we ran back to the bedroom and lay on our sides wrapped in each other's arms. We kissed fervently for a few minutes before giving our hands permission to do some exploring. Minutes later our hands and fingers were busy in and around each other's sexual organs.

As Ned's penis hardened I was overcome with a desire to show off my oral skill which have produced numerous sincere compliments over the years. When that thought surfaced I pushed back slightly then began kissing my way down my brothers hard well tanned body.

Ned sensing my intentions urged my legs with his head his tongue quickly finding my clit. As the sensations from his effort reached my brain I abandoned my plan to begin by teasing instead taking it deep into my mouth and sucking hard as I licked it's underside.

My usual careful and deliberate ministrations were replaced my unbridled enthusiasm to feel my brothers cum blast down my throat. As I felt my own orgasm send it's signals through my body I also felt my brother's cock begin to contract and release. I knew that was the first signal of pending eruption.

Erupt it did, spurt after spurt of his delicious seed blasted into my mouth, there to be savored and swallowed with joy. At that very moment my own orgasm blasted through me reducing my body as it receded into a quivering but satisfied mass of flesh.

Of course it being only Friday we spent the weekend swimming, eating and screwing, trying all the positions we knew a few we had only heard of and a couple we think we invented.

That was eight years ago. My brother is due to be discharged soon. He will ostensibly be living aboard his cruiser tied to my dock.

However if you do come to visit and the boat is a-rockin, don't come a-knockin.

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