tagFetishTransformation of Mrs. Matthew Pt. 01

Transformation of Mrs. Matthew Pt. 01


She enjoyed gardening and painting. Mrs. Matthew was an attractive woman, and even in her mid-50s, kept herself fit and healthy. She worked in a nearby vintage store, tending to select clientele and helping them dress in unique fashions and accessories. During her spare time, she practised yoga, gardening and was an avid reader of literature.

Gregory was a thirty-six-year-old barber who recently took over his father's shop. The heartthrob of the town, all the young women swooned over him, though he remained single, enjoying them sexually and sensually, but never settling down. His life was well established at a young age, and he was happy to remain unattached. At six foot two, he was slender and muscular. His eyes were hazel and hair buzzed very short - a pelt of chocolate brown covered his well shaped head.

Every morning, he would drive by Mrs. Matthew's house on the way to the shop, noticing her in the front yard, tending to her flower beds. She wore a summer dress that clung tastefully to her well toned hourglass figure. Her thick, shoulder length golden hair naturally highlighted with silver streaks, flowing gently in the warm breeze. He always slowed down to catch a good glance of her. She barely aged in the last twenty years, he thought, remembering her when he was a teenager. Mrs. Matthew was the hottest woman he had ever seen, and many men felt this way about her. Even now, she commanded a certain attention with her well maintained smile and charm. Gregory became infatuated with her. He loved her ways, maturity only made her sexier...

Of all the women Gregory could have, and did have, most of them possessed a flaw, or so he called it. Ivy was sweet, cute and fun with her button nose and heart-shaped face; Candice was wickedly funny and adventurous - her signature dark curls and deep brown eyes could captivate anyone. Then there was Mandy, Amy, Sasha...so many lovers that gave him pleasure...willing and ready to please him, do whatever he asked...but there was just one thing...

All of these women had long hair, which Gregory enjoyed immensely, and he would play with their locks, twisting locks of curls between his strong fingers, taunting with little tugs and smoothing, long strokes from root to tip. He did, however, want to see just how much they loved their hair - would they part with their locks for him? During each and every affair, he would playfully ask them to let down their hair, let it drape over their naked bodies, caressing his face, chest, wrapping tresses around his shaft. So willing to let their hair go, at this very moment, and then with a tug here or there...they would flinch, but allow him to continue...until...

Gregory would produce scissors, always present in the top drawer of his nightstand. Then all would stop, a gasp would escape his lover, and as she would catch her breath, he'd smile wickedly, snapping the shears a few times. Instead of willingly submitting to his demands of cutting their hair, Gregory's lovers would recoil and leave, sometimes running off with a shriek, much to his dismay. If only he could find someone that would submit to his devilish desires.

One day he decided to help Mrs. Matthew with her garden. She was weeding one morning when he appeared at the foot of her driveway with two coffees and fresh pastries.

"Good morning Mrs. Matthew," he greeted, and as she looked up from her knelt down position, he grinned widely, showing a perfect set of teeth.

"Gregory, how nice of you to drop by," she replied, sincerely happy to see him. "You were always such a nice young man. I'm surprised you're not married already. Women must be chasing you every day..."

"Well, I haven't much time for dating, ma'am, I have a business to run," he explained politely. "Besides...I see you everyday working hard in your garden, and thought I'd offer my help. The shop won't be open for a couple of hours..."

"Oh...how kind of you...but really you don't have to-"

"I insist!" His enthusiasm caught her off guard. Initially startled, she felt tingles all over her body. Gregory aroused her immensely...but did he really do that to her? She stood up now, brushing off a bit of soil from her exercise top and cut off jean shorts. Gregory was impressed how well she suited her attire.

"I'm done for now," Mrs. Matthew explained. "Maybe we'll sit and enjoy the coffee together?"

"Certainly, Mrs. Matthew," Gregory agreed.

"Please...call me Wanda," she offered, with a smile. Gregory was pleasantly surprised by Wanda's willingness to be informal. She led him to the front porch of her house, which was surrounded by ferns and various plants, including vines that wrapped and curled around the porch pillars. They took a seat together on a bench decorated with plush cushions. She didn't mind him sitting closer to her as he adjusted his seat.

"Thank you for the coffee, it's a real treat," Wanda continued. Gregory knew she appreciated it, she was always sincere. Ever since her husband passed away five years ago, Mrs. Matthew kept to herself, not engaging in the dating scene, just keeping in touch with a few close friends and family. They spoke about the weather, gardening, then the barbershop.

"We do get busy sometimes, but today there aren't as many clients expected, so I thought I'd pop by," he explained. "Have you ever...been inside of a barbershop...Mrs..."

"Wanda, please, call me Wanda," she reminded him, now stroking his muscular arm with her gentle touch. "I like you, know you, so there is no need for formalities."

"Very well then," he agreed, growing more attracted to her than he had previously imagined. "Have you ever been to a barbershop, Wanda?"

"Well, when my husband was around, yes," she said. "I often accompanied him too, unless there was work to do or errands to run."

"Ah yes, I remember seeing you from time to time...but what I meant was..."

She waited for him to finish, rubbing his arm some more and moved in closer...

"Have you ever had your hair cut in a barbershop, by a barber?"

"Oh no, I haven't ever tried that," she laughed. "If I was to, though, I imagine I'd have to cut it pretty short." That's exactly what Gregory was thinking, and the very idea was growing on him literally. In an instant, he had a boner. Wanda, being polite yet forward, became fully aware of this arousal.

"Yes, that would be correct," he confirmed. She snuggled right next to him now, her thigh and hip against his.

"It seems like the prospect of that happening excites you...am I right?" Wow, she caught on fast, Gregory thought. He grinned widely now, locking eyes with hers.

"Yes. It absolutely does." Widening his legs, the protrusion thrust upward more, begging Wanda's attention. The arm stroking moved downward towards his trousers, where she undid his pants. She leaned into him now, lifting her head to face him before she spoke.

"No one can see us very well through the plants...," and with that statement, she pulled out his long, hard cock and began stroking him with her hand, swiftly replacing the action with her tongue. Smooth, gliding licks from base to tip, just as he liked having it sucked. After coating his entire manhood in her juicy tongue, she took him whole, moving slowly and firmly up and down...

"Mmm yes...," he moaned, now finding his hands in her thick, healthy mane of silver-blond hair. Caressing her skin, scalp with his fingertips, combing through her tresses with a tug every now and then. She only worked harder, deep-throating him the more he pulled. Moaning, sucking until he was ready to explode...

Pulling back just a little, Wanda lowered her head, fanning her hair over Gregory's lap, allowing him to coat her mane in his ejaculate. Warm, creamy cum sprayed over her hair. She remained still until the last drop fell. When he was complete, she stood up and giggled.

"Well, it's been a while since I've given anyone a good blow job," she claimed. Gregory didn't expect her to be so candid. As sexy as she's always been, she seemed demure, not dominant or forward at all.

"That was wonderful," he said, calmly, after a moment of relaxation.

"I'm glad you enjoyed that. Perhaps we should finish our coffee? Or is it too cold?" Gregory was really fixated on her now. How she casually handed him back his cup, fresh ejaculate still running down strands of hair and onto her top. Then very quickly, she removed her top. There was no bra underneath. Two B-cup breasts were exposed to Gregory. Dark pink nipples stared at him. He could see now just how well she kept her body in shape. Lots of jogging, yoga and aerobics did wonders. She was also well toned and muscular.

Flipping her hair back, while keeping her eyes on Gregory, she ran her own fingers through the cum soaked mass of waves, moaning and smiling as she did. Every now and then a finger would be brought her mouth for a quick lick.

"I'm enjoying your conditioner very, very much," she chimed, now standing before him and leaning over his body, planting one hand on each knee. "It's going to give me more moisture...but...it sure is messy." Gregory reached upward to touch her cheek, feeling the softness of her skin and tracing his fingertips along her chin, neck, chest and breasts, circling the nipples. Then, he invited his tongue to take over. Grabbing her firmly, kissing her everywhere that his fingers had travelled and more. Pulling her hair upwards and back, nibbling on her lips and French kissing her deeply. Wanda grabbed his ass now, forcing him closer, rubbing her groin against his growing erection.

Quickly they undressed, and Gregory swept up her quickly, strongly, into his arms, whisking her inside where she was planted on a generously sized sofa that overlooked the backyard. Bending her over the furniture, he gripped her hips, spreading her wide, penetrating deeply. Slowly at first, then gaining momentum as she moaned in satisfaction. Working his hands up her body, finding her breasts, neck, scooping up her hair and pulling her back into him. Pushing against him while his manhood pulsated inside, Wanda let herself go, moans became screams of pleasure. Gregory was nearly ready to explode again...but then...

"Your hair is so messy Wanda," he teased. "We need to something about that..."

"Oh yes," Wanda answered, breathless in ecstasy. "My hair...so messy...it needs to be fixed."

"I know what to do about that," he stated, and then without warning, produced a small pair of shears from the pocket of his jeans strewn on the floor. A sudden gasp escaped from Wanda's mouth, an all too familiar reaction to this gesture. Pulling a handful of locks upward, he positioned the scissors at the base of the hair, near her scalp. She stopped moving, remaining motionless.

"Go for it," she whispered, after a brief moment of hesitation, enjoying that small amount of anticipation. The shears tore sharply through the tresses, and with each slice, Wanda moistened between her legs. Gregory's erection remained firm inside her during this process.

Clumps of thick, healthy hair fell effortlessly to the hardwood floor and over the sofa. Gregory continued grabbing, pulling and slicing through more of her hair, positioning her head as he did this to ensure every long strand was severed. Leaving her with two inches of hair all over, he leaned into her now, placing the scissors aside. He placed both of his hands in hers, lifting them to touch her head, rubbing the remnants of her tresses.

"I think we've got the mess out of my hair," she said with a smile. Gregory was delighted. Wanda could feel his manhood pulsate as he rubbed her hair with his hands. Then, he reached towards a small bag positioned beside his jeans on the floor, pulling out clippers as he did, and with it, two attachments. Wanda flung her head back, keeping the rest of her body on all fours as she did, propped up on the sofa. She eyed him curiously. How far was he going to go? How much hair did he want to remove?

Wanda was feeling adventurous. All her life, she kept the same appearance: athletic, feminine, stylish with shoulder length or longer hair. In her youth, her hair had been a deep golden blond, a healthy, thick mane now silver streaked throughout the gold. Even now, she was stunning, though it had never occurred to her to change her style. Her husband had always liked the way she looked, as did many men, so there was no encouragement to cut her hair, or dye it a different colour, and yet here she had secretly fantasized about a big change. A transformation. Here was her chance!

Gregory wielded the clippers like a skilled barber, teasing Wanda, tugging at the remnants of her hair, pulling back her head to whisper in her ear.

"You like that, don't you?" She moaned in response, as he continued, pulled tautly now, as if an act of discipline.

"Do you know what I'm going to do? Hmmmm?" Her body tensed, feeling warm and tingly inside, as her nipples pointed erect, vaginal juices stirring and her voice quivering...

"Y-yes...I do..." she replied. He enjoyed what this was doing to her immensely.

"Of course you do...I'm going to shear you," and with that statement the clippers were immediately switched on and placed at the top of her forehead, mowing back towards her crown all the way to the base of her neck. Flakes of health hair rained down her naked body and onto the floor below. Gregory's hard penis, still erect and ready to explode, remaining inside her now. With each pass of the clippers, her wetness increased. Propping her body with one arm against the sofa, she reached down with her other hand, fingering her clitoris as he worked his way around her head. The buzzing sound of the clippers like a vibration from the top of her head, trickling down to her groin. Around her ears, nape and all over her head, with no guard attached, she was now completely shorn except for a tender, velvety pelt of silvery-blond coating the scalp.

The clippers were switched off, and Gregory immediately pulled out, forcing her down towards the cushions and blowing his ejaculate all over her freshly shorn head and neck. The sensation was warm and creamy. As he finished, she was slowly lifted back up, allowing for the generous portions of cum to drip down her back, all the way down to the crack of her buttocks. Gregory touched her down below now, feeling her wetness, then unexpectedly, whisked her into the dining room and placed her upon the large wooden oval table.

"Spread your legs for me. Wide," he commanded. She complied, eager to feel his touch. With the strength of his fingers, he parted her vaginal lips and went to work on her, enjoying how well trimmed she kept her bush. She began to quiver more and more as he penetrated her with his tongue, and fingering her ass as he did, she was ready to orgasm when he suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong?" she asked, with a slightly concerned expression.

"You are lovely down here," Gregory assured her. "...but I like to lick a smooth pussy." The very thought of that made her smile, and so she directed him to her bathroom, where the shaving cream and razors were located by the vanity. He returned with them, including a washcloth, towel and lubricant. Tenderly, he spread and stretched the skin around her labia, ensuring all of the neat stubble was removed, and once completed, his hands spread her butt cheeks apart, carefully shaving in between them as well. Taking his time was driving her wild, keeping her at the brink of orgasm, yet not allowing her to complete it. He wiped away the stray hairs and moisturized the entire region with lubricant, ready for the next step.

Wanda felt the welcome return of his oral appendage once again, working from her anus up to her vaginal lips and clitoris, bringing her closer to the peak, and as she pulled away in the heat of her orgasm, his elbows held her spread thighs apart and his fingers spread her lips even wider, allowing a full view of her juices flowing. Her entire body trembled with passion. It had been so many years since Wanda had experienced such satisfaction, and this was a most wonderful surprise.

Gregory was deeply satisfied as well, having brought this beautiful woman to orgasm and enjoying her indulging his hair fetish fantasy.

His eyes caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall, reminding him that his shop would soon open. With hesitation, he gathered up his tools, taking his time to caress and stroke Wanda as he got ready to leave. She offered him more coffee and invited him to stay, but he had to go.

"I really enjoyed your visit," Wanda said, elegantly placing a bathrobe around her nude body, taking a quick rub of her head again. Gregory joined her in rubbing her velvet-like stubble.

"I'm sure glad I dropped by today, Mrs. Matthew," he winked, knowing how formal it sounded turned him on as well.

"Perhaps, if you are free again, you can drop by some other time...but only if you want...I-" He placed his thumb against her mouth, silencing her as she spoke, stroking her soft facial skin once he did.

"Of course I will, and next time, we'll go a bit further," he suggested. This had Wanda both excited and nervous. How much further could he go, and what exactly did he have in mind? He held her now, kissing her deeply, and as their lips finally parted, he left quickly with a promise to return.

Ideas of what would happen next time would swim in Wanda's head for days.

To be continued...

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