tagMind ControlTransformations - Rose Ch. 05

Transformations - Rose Ch. 05


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Too late. The thought went through Lisa's mind as she leaned back in Constance's arms, pressed against her big breasts.

It was too late to run. Too late to change her mind.

Had she been brainwashed? No. But she had been seduced. Her tormentors might be even more skilled in seduction than in mind control.

She had watched Jason, this living god, pounding his beautiful, long cock into Deborah as she melted under him and wished it was her moaning and sobbing and begging.

All the while, Demona, who was much more of a mad scientist than a physician, filled syringes with chemicals in a rainbow of colors.

Sugar stared into Lisa's eyes, hands clasping hers tight and warm. She was in the hands of a monster, she knew this, but the monster was dulling the pain with her psychic powers.

However, while there was no pain, there was still a four inch needle sliding deep into her buttocks and the pressure of those alien chemicals flooding her muscles.

"Stop, please," Lisa whined. "I don't... I changed my mind."

Sugar squeezed her hands. "We're past that now, darling. We've all been through this in one form or other. You're going to have a beautiful ass when she's done - firm and high and heart shaped. People will drool when they look at you."

"Let me go," Lisa sobbed as a second needle filled the other buttock.

Sugar kissed her. "Shh. Does it hurt?"

"No. I'm afraid..."

"Soon, you won't be afraid. You'll be inspiring fear."

She felt her ass cheeks being parted. "No! What's she doing?"

"Let me concentrate. You don't want to feel this," Sugar breathed and closed her eyes.

Oh, God, no! She felt the pressure of a needle sliding deep inside her little pucker, and then something was flowing into her. "Not there! No..."

Constance kissed her neck. "Relax. Remember, we read your mind. We know how you masturbate, Lisa."

Shame, burning shame, as she remembered so many nights when simply rubbing her clit wouldn't satisfy her. She had started out with tender caresses on her anus, but that hadn't been enough. It was so dirty, so wrong. It hadn't felt natural.

And, that's why she craved it! How many times had she brought herself to a powerful orgasm with one hand rubbing her clit and three fingers of the other hand stretching her pucker wide?

She was a whore. A nasty whore, and these monsters knew it.

Sugar opened her eyes after the needle slid out. She smiled.

There was a twinge of pain as Sugar stopped blocking it.

What followed was not pain at all! Demona was gently massaging her anus with two fingers.

"How's that, honey?" Demona asked as she kept up the rhythmic motion.

"Oh! Oh! What? It's not supposed to feel like... Gaah!" Her body spasmed as she came.

How had they made her asshole feel just like a second clit?!

"Good girl," Demona whispered. "Whole new toy box, huh?"

Lisa couldn't speak. Her body was still clenching, her anus still trying to draw in Demona's fingers.

On the floor, Deborah was lost, her head rolling back and forth on the floor. "Fuck! Fuck!" she whispered over and over.

Jason showed no sign of tiring. He looked up at Katy, the tall brunette. "You. Come here."

Katy ran to them.

"Feed her your pussy," Jason said.

"No, I don't want to," Katy cringed.

Jason's eyes narrowed.

Katy jerked like she had been electrocuted. Without another word, she squatted over Deborah's face.

The blonde opened her eyes. "No, I don't want her."

"Quiet. Do as you're told," Jason growled.

Katy lowered her pussy to Deborah's waiting tongue. She sucked in breath as the blonde began eating her out.

Jason grabbed Katy's black hair and shoved her head down. "Sixty-nine her while I fuck her."

Katy licked gently, drawing a moan from Deborah. This sound seemed to embolden Katy, who sucked the blonde's fat clit into her hungry mouth.

Jason laughed as the former rivals writhed and moaned under him.

Lisa was so wrapped up in the live porn show, she didn't notice that Demona was aiming a needle at a new sensitive spot.

"Fuck!" A small needle went deep in her clit.

"Relax, babe. This one's going to make up for all the pain so far."

"You can do this," Sugar whispered.

She was on fire! Her clit felt as big as a grape. She came hard, moaning and dripping onto the floor.

"See what I mean?" Demona laughed.

"Unnh, oh... what... what did you do?"

"Increased the sensitivity about ten fold. It'll take some getting used to."

Demona picked up a strange looking device. It was about the size of a cell phone, there was a small screen and a tube loaded with a hypodermic.

The metal was cold as Demona rubbed it up her abdomen.

"What... is that?" Lisa whined.

"Be brave, Lisa," Sugar whispered, her eyes closed in concentration.

"You don't need ovaries anymore, honey. We have other uses for them. This little device has an ultrasound to help me find them."


"There we go. Found it."

Lisa felt the needle touch her skin as the syringe moved in its tube. It went in deep.

Lisa passed out.


"Going to cum," Jason groaned. He pushed in as deep as he could in the well fucked blonde's cunt and let loose.

She went stiff as his cum caused changes throughout her body.

He sighed as his spunk filled the little blonde, and then he pulled out his dick and shoved it down brunette Katy's throat.

He smiled watching his cock slide between her red painted lips, and laughed as he pumped her mouth and throat full.

Her eyes grew wide as his magic cum made her his devoted slut.

This was heaven! Any woman he wanted, anytime he wanted. He pulled the brunette off his dick and rolled her onto her back.

She was still swallowing.

He grabbed Deborah and rolled her into Katy's arms. He willed them to kiss, and they did - whatever animosity they had between them was gone now that he owned them.

Demona winked at him as she picked up her branding box. She knelt between the girls' thighs. The blue light flashed and the brands sizzled.

Jason stood up and smiled at the last whore.

The petite, pink haired girl was about to become his next cock sleeve.

His dick rose at the thought. He was in a manic haze of lust.

He grabbed the punk girl and lifted her high in the air.

She spread her legs and straddled his shoulders as he licked her shaved cunt.

Brenda was studded with piercings, and it was a turn on.

She moaned and gyrated on his shoulders.

He spun her around and turned her upside down.

She obediently sucked his dick as he tongue fucked her cunt.

The witches were laughing. "Such a good choice," the big one, Sugar said.

"I wish I could keep him," Constance said.

Jason put the pink haired girl on her hands and knees. He lined up his cock with her pierced cunt and went as deep as he could. She was tight and shallow - only seven inches in he was bumping her cervix.

The other girl he wanted was lying on her back surrounded by the witches and Demona.

"Give me the skinny one," Jason growled as he fought to stretch Brenda.

"Lisa? Not yet, she'll be ready soon," Sugar said.

"You sure you want them that big?" Demona asked as she hovered over the skinny girl's small tits.

"G cups, just like me," Sugar replied. "She has the IQ to handle the effects and still be a genius."

"I said, I want the skinny whore!" Jason repeated.

Sugar didn't even look at him. "Quiet, boy. The adults are talking."

He yanked his dick out of the petite slut and grabbed Sugar's arm.

An instant later, he was eight feet in the air with Sugar's hand clamped on his throat.

Sugar smiled up at him. "I'm going to put this down to too many hormones. But, if you ever lay a hand on me again without an invitation? I will rip you in two. We made you strong, powerful, and sexy as fuck, but White Witches can fuck you up. You're like a kitten in my hands." She grabbed his heavy balls with her free hand and squeezed.

He would have cried out if he could have breathed. He mouthed the word, 'Sorry', over and over again. He felt the room going dark.

Sugar smiled. "Good boy." She dropped him to the floor.

Jason coughed and sputtered. "Sorry... Sugar... I don't know what made me... I've never been angry like that... So sorry."

Sugar knelt beside him. "It's the hormones. You'll adapt." She stroked his face. "Breathe. That's it. You have to control your temper, pretty boy. You're very dangerous, and you must master yourself."

"I'm sorry, Sugar. You've done so much for me, all of you." He felt tears burning in his eyes.

Sugar kissed his cheek. "No harm done."

She helped him to his feet. "So, do you like Lisa?"

Jason looked at the bookish college girl lying unconscious on the floor. Only, now she wasn't so bookish. She had a beautiful, full ass and her legs had grown by several inches. All her body hair was gone, and her pussy looked slick and wet.

Her breasts were growing larger before his eyes.

Demona frowned. "Sugar, she doesn't have the back muscles for these funbags she's growing."

Sugar absently stroked Jason's cock. "We'll get her one of those support bras till she develops the right muscles. I had to wear one, so did Gwen - especially Gwen."

Sugar wrapped her arms around the boy's neck. "Do you like fucking those mindless tramps?" She nodded toward Brenda who was still moaning and dripping on the floor.

"Of course."

"In a few days, you won't. They'll be just like masturbating. Do you know why we are so happy, Jason?" Sugar asked.

Jason shook his head.

"It's not the brainless bimbos - oh, they're fun to make, fun to play with sometimes. We get a thrill from bending them to our will. You feel that too, don't you?"


"What makes us happy is each other. I love Demona and now Constance."

They both smiled at her.

"Love, Jason. Without that, life is just masturbation." She pointed at Lisa. "She's love, Jason. She's going to be with you to keep you from getting drunk on your own power. You won't bend her to your will. She's going to become your world."

"I don't even know her."

"You will. Now go fuck that pink haired slut's brains out."

Jason smiled and knelt behind Brenda. She was practically twerking her little ass trying to get his attention.

Control, he thought. Was he just going to be a mindless fucking machine? He leaned forward and kissed the back of Brenda's neck. "Shh, easy, sweetheart." He eased his cock into the overheated girl. He gripped her waist and began pumping slowly.

Brenda was moaning. She laid her face on the floor, arching her back even more.

"That's right, Brenda. Let me take you as deep as I can."


"Time for the White Witch juice," Demona said as she pulled a bottle of liquid from her bag.

"Is there anything you don't have in that bag?" Constance asked.

"Never know what situation is going to present itself." She opened the bottle. "Sit her up a little, I don't want her to choke."

Constance put her arm around the brunette's shoulders and raised her.

"Okay, honey, open your mouth. A little drink."

Constance frowned. "Wait, doesn't she have to have a whore master cum inside her at the same time?"

Sugar shook her head and squeezed Lisa's swelling left breast. "Not in this case. She's going to be unbound. This is a Church sanctioned experiment."

Demona giggled. "Yeah, well, sort of. We were supposed to have done this in a controlled environment - not in a truck stop hair salon."

Lisa opened her mouth.

Demona poured it gently onto her tongue.

Lisa's eyes sprang open instantly and she fought Demona for the bottle, trying to chug it all at once.

Sugar stroked her hair. "Shh, gently, Lisa. I know it tastes very good, but you need to go slow."

Lisa's gulping slowed.

She passed out.


The beach was warm, the sand soft under her feet. She was walking naked in the sun, the emerald green waves crashing to her left.

He was holding her right hand.

Tall and muscular, body dark and tanned from the Caribbean sun.

"It's pretty here."

"Yes, I love it. I never leave any more." He said.

She was so tall now, the ground looked so far away - that is, what she could see around her volleyball sized breasts.

But she had to look up to see him.

"So young," he said. "How old are you?"


"Youngest White Witch by far. Maria Marapova was in her forties, Sugar Tits in her thirties. Gwen was almost your age. You are very special, Lisa. You know that?" He said.

She couldn't see his face. The sun was behind him.

"I... I'm not special."

"Yes, you are. All my White Witches, my perverters, are special. I love all of you. Remember that when things become difficult."


He stopped and pulled her into his arms, lifted her.

She laid her head on his muscular shoulder, tasted salt on her lips.

She could feel his member pressing against her.

Lisa spread her legs, wrapped them around his waist.

She threw her head back and moaned as he slid into her.


Lisa opened her eyes. Everything was blurry. "I can't... I can't see!"

Demona chuckled. "Hang on." She slipped the girl's glasses off.

The world went into sharp focus.

"Don't need these any more..." Demona paused and stared at her. "Holy fuck."

"What? What's wrong?"

Constance's mouth dropped open. "Like Superman, when he takes off the Clark Kent glasses."

Sugar smiled and helped her to her feet.

She was even with Sugar's eyes! Oh, my God, I'm almost a foot taller!

Sugar turned her to face a mirror.

"Oh... wow..."

Her grey eyes were lighter and her cheek bones seemed higher. Her skin, if anything, was paler than before. Her black hair was shiny and full. The immense breasts were heavy, but so beautiful. She had the hips of a fetish model and the longest legs she had ever seen. "I... I'm..."

Sugar kissed her neck. "Beautiful, Lisa. You're absolutely, stunningly beautiful."

Brenda moaned as Jason pounded her on the floor.

The effect on Lisa was instantaneous. She had never felt so turned on.

And dominant!

She crouched down beside Jason.

His cock was so big! She wrapped her hand around the base and Jason could still fuck Brenda as deep as he could.

"God, yes!" Jason groaned.

He stared into her eyes. Eat out her pussy while I fuck her!

She heard his words in her mind. Lisa cocked her head to the side. "No."

Jason squinted at her, pushing his will again, harder this time.

"Ask me nicely. I'm not your slave."

Jason rolled his eyes. "Eat her out, please?"

Lisa bit her lip. "I... I haven't done this before."

Sugar laughed. She, Demona, and Constance were watching her intently. "Go on, sweetheart. You know you've fantasized about Brenda."

"But, what if I do it... you know, wrong?"

"Don't be afraid," Constance whispered.

Lisa lay down on her back at Brenda's head.

The pink-haired girl looked down and smiled at her sleepily. "Lisa? You're in my dream too? Again?"


Brenda nodded. "Do that thing you did last time?"

Lisa smiled. Pretty little Brenda had been fantasizing about her too? "Of course, Brenda. Whatever you want."

Lisa kissed her, and the petite woman's tongue touched hers. She was sweet, like strawberries! Lisa slid toward Jason, inching under Brenda's athletic body. She kissed the girl's pert breasts.

Brenda sucked one of Lisa's big nipples into her mouth and began to nurse.

"Aiggh!" Lisa squealed. Her breast! Something was flowing.

Milk leaked out of Brenda's mouth and trickled down Lisa's big breast.

Lactating!? I'm lactating!?

Brenda's eyes opened wide as she swallowed. And then she smiled and latched on, nursing contentedly as Jason rammed her from behind.

"Fuck, she's cumming," Jason said.

Lisa watched in disbelief as Brenda's hard muscled stomach shivered and contracted as she came.

Suddenly it was like an electric current went through Lisa's body as she also came - from having her nipple sucked! She felt something pour out of her pussy.

Oh, God, I peed!

"No, honey, you squirted. We do that a lot," Sugar said.

It didn't even register with Lisa that the big redhead had read her mind.

She slid back toward Jason, pulling her nipple from Brenda's still suckling lips.

"No! Give it back! Want more!" Brenda whined.

She reached down and caressed the pink haired girl's face, and then slid her crotch up to the woman's lips.

Brenda dove on her pussy, suckling her clit.

Lisa leaned up and tongued Jason's big sack.

"Fuck, oh, fuck, so good, Lisa," He groaned.

She smiled to herself and licked his cock where it penetrated the petite woman.

She found Brenda's clit and the woman moaned into her pussy.

Lisa had thought she would never be able to touch another woman, much less 69 with her girl crush while a man made love to her.

She smiled looking at Jason's cock sliding in and out of Brenda's wet, swollen pussy. With each stroke, he was rubbing her little clit, driving her closer to another orgasm.

How long had he been fucking Brenda? How many times had she cum?

She leaned up and sucked Brenda's tiny little pearl between her lips.

Brenda tasted wonderful! Musky and salty and mixed with Jason's man smell and Lisa was in heaven.

She wanted to cry. She wasn't a slave now... she had been a slave before. A slave to what society said was acceptable. She felt strong, liberated. She was bisexual and she wanted to shout it out loud.

Brenda was licking Lisa's clit the whole time, and she felt like she was going to explode in the girl's mouth. If only she would lick down there...

"Yes!" She heard Brenda whisper. And then the petite woman licked lower.

Oh, God, she was going to...

Brenda gently licked Lisa's pucker.

Brenda plunged three fingers into Lisa's pussy while she licked her anus, probing with her little pink tongue.

How? How did she know?

I have powers, Lisa thought. Of course, White Witches have powers.

She imagined Brenda easing a finger into her ass.

Brenda immediately complied.

God it felt so good!

Cum, Lisa commanded.

"Oh! Aiggh!" Brenda whined.

Lisa's face was drenched in Brenda's juices as the beautiful woman came in her mouth.

Control. Lisa had complete control of her masturbation fantasy girl.

The thought of that power along with Brenda thrusting two fingers into her ass was more than Lisa could take and she came harder than she had ever cum in her life.

She could hear gulping from Brenda as she struggled to swallow Lisa's squirt.

"Fuck, oh, fuck," Jason said. He was close.

She rolled and took Brenda with her, pulling her off Jason's cock. She rolled them both onto their knees facing the confused young man.

"What? No, I wanted..." Jason began.

"Shh, stand up."

Lisa and Brenda were at eye level with Jason's monster dick. Lisa reached out and stroked it as she smiled up at Jason. "Suck his cock, Brenda. Open wide and let him fuck your face."

Brenda opened her mouth wide and struggled to get the head between her lips.

"That's right, Brenda. You want his cum, don't you... you slut?"

"Mmmph," Brenda agreed as she inched it deeper into her mouth.

Lisa smiled wickedly. "She wants your cum, Jason. She wants to be your slave... our slave. Don't you just want to cum in her pretty mouth? Her pretty, cum slut, mouth?"

"Fuck... so good, Lisa."

Lisa was jacking him into Brenda's mouth. "We're going to do this over and over, Jason. I'm going to help you find the prettiest sluts to satisfy us both."

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