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Transformer Saga Ch. 01-04


May disturb some readers.

I use characters from the Marvel.

I have no money and do it for entertainment purposes.

Please do not sue.

I am using a non-continuity alternate dimension that has most of the super characters on the same time and some of the characters that are alive who might otherwise be dead or characters in positive light who might be dark in the comics. Also physical descriptions might be off. Sorry.

Chapter One

Peter Faulk had an ordinary life so far except for one or two things. A nerd through out high school he was ignored. Average in every way. Except for one. He had superpowers. Unique superpowers that he had hidden away for a long time.He had mind/emotion control ability and super hypnosis. Plus he had powerful mental shielding. But his greatest power was the ability to transform things, giving them superpowers, abilities and aspects of his own choosing. The only thing he couldn't change was himself.

So he was stuck with his normal appearance. A black mop top for hair and blue eyes. Pale skin. A nerdy type of body. He was dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants. Nothing to write home about.

But Peter still had his powers and had access to a world of heroes and villains. Or a world of heroines and villianesses. A collection of super beings that could be transformed into a super army. And into a super harem for all of those superwomen. But where to begin? He had many choices and had to choose which one to use in his sexual adventures.

There was the Avenger's manor, home to one of the most respected group of heroes....and heroines in the world.

Then there were the connections of the Fantastic Four and the sexy image of the Invisible Woman going down on him as she slowly faded away. Plus all of the different women that were friends with the team he could seduce.

Then there was the X-men at the Salem Manor. They were full of sexy mutant women that were begging for a good time with Peter. And he was a student there.

But that got him thinking about the fact that some of these heroes were married to these sexy women. They wouldn't like it if he was to have sexy with their women....unless he changed their attitudes with his powers.

But perhaps he should try something with less consequences like one of the independent heroines or one of the many villianesses. The only worry was that even with his powers, he might need help.

Which one should be his first target?

He was walking in the hall when he stumbled across the teacher at the Xavier institute. Professor Charles Xavier himself. It gave Peter a great idea. He might as well try his powers out on the Professor. It was a scary idea, but it would grant him unprecedented power over the school. So he called out. "Professor, could I talk to you in private?"

Peter hoped that his mind was shielded from the powerful telepath. "Yes, Peter. Follow me." The Professor said as they entered the Professor's study. The Professor sat near the desk, in his wheelchair. He turned to Peter and asked, "How can I help you?"

"Well," Peter said, as he reached forward and touched Xavier, and concentrated. He used the combined power of his mental altering and physical altering powers on the Professor, to turn him into his willing slave. A slave that would help him raise a super army and super harem from the various superhuman groups.

The Professor seemed to warp and change till he stopped looking like he did before all of the transformations. But he looked at Peter and said, "How may I help you, Master?"

Peter was excited at this transformation that proved that he had the powers to alter the mental make up of others to his desires. And when the Professor got up out of the chair and bowed before him, he knew that his physical powers were working as well.

"First thing...make sure that no one notices that anything is out of the ordinary. At least until my power over the school is complete. Second, you will help me enslave the X-men and turn them to my way of thinking." Peter told his first slave. But not his last.

Now he had access to all of the X-men and all of the secrets of the X- men including the mutant finding super computer, Cerebro. So he decided to make himself familiar with all of the files on the X-men and those they had allied with and face off against.

He spent the next few hours looking over the secret files...

Hours later and back in Xavier's Study...

Peter was getting ready to use his powers to change the first of his new harem of super women. He need to alter the minds of the X-men so they would accept his new order of doing things around there. So he needed someone that could reach their minds so that they could be altered.

Xavier could do that, but Peter wanted a sexy telepath in his harem. One that would obey his orders and use her powers to spread his commands to others. There were several to choose from. He thought about having all of them combine their powers for him. It was a good idea. But he wanted to build his base of power more before he was to strike out on his own.

So he was looking for a powerful telepath that could be altered so that she could enter the minds of the others and slip his mind control over them. So he looked over the files for the most powerful telepaths. Two choices came up.

One was Emma Frost, the Former White Queen of the Hellfire Club. She had switched sides to Xavier's after years of contact between the two of them and a conflict with some alien forces. She was a sexy blond who had a habit of dressing in corsets, busters, thongs and other sexy dominatrix like costumes. All in her colour of white. She also had several powerful mental powers. Including mind control. That also made her a threat to him.

The other telepath was the famous Jean Grey-Summers, wife of the X- men Cyclops. The wife of Scott Summers was a powerful telepath and had been one of greater power as the host of the Phoenix force. For many years, Jean had rejected the legacy of the force that had altered her life in so many ways. But recently she had taken it back up as her newest codename. Phoenix was conservative in out look, but still a sexy red head with a great body.

Peter could see that these two woman were sexy and powerful psionics. Perfect for his plans. He just needed to choose one. One that would be his first female slave and the beginning of his new harem. He just couldn't decide. So he left the choose up to Xavier, counting on the mutants experience with these women.

"I admit that Emma is a sexy choice and would make a powerful ally. But I have always hungered to have Jean bouncing off my cock ever since she first came to my school as one of my first students. Plus she is destined to be one of the most powerful telepath and telekinetic in the world. She would make a powerful first slave if she is given her full power. And I know that you can change her in such a way." Xavier said as he tried to please his master. He waited for his next command.

"Yes. Now here's what your going to do." Peter told his slave as he moved to his next plan.

Jean entered the Professor's study only to find it nearly empty. She seemed to have been call down here for nothing. That was strange given the usual behaviour of the Professor. So she was surprise to see that there was someone else in the room with her. It was a young man, average in appearance. He must have been one of the few students that Xavier had taken in to help them learn how to use their powers properly. She just didn't recognize him or his powers.

"Hello," she called out to him, trying to find out what had happen to the Professor. She closed the door to the study. She came closer to him.

"The Professor said that he would be here shortly. He said that he wanted to talk to the both of us about some new powers I have seemed to have developed. He thinks that you might be able to help me given your experience." The man said as he came closer to her. He held out his hand to her and said, "My name is Peter."

Jean was a little surprise with the detail that Peter had told her, but it did ring true. Especially if Peter had developed telepathic or telekinetic powers just like she did. But as much as she hated to admit it Emma probably had more experience with teaching mutants to use their powers better. But still she thought that she might help this young man out. To be friendly she moved and took his hand to shake it.

All it took was a little contact before Jean felt herself warping and changing...

She could feel her body being taken apart, piece by piece. Molecule by molecule. Atom by atom. Her physical form being turned into an image of it's self, with larger breast, tighter behind and sexier curves. She then felt her mind come under attack. Her memories and personality were being rebuilt in a new images.And yet it was also like there was something being released from a long hibernation. She felt...

Desire and purpose as she remembered what she had been dreaming of and waiting for most of her life. She was a sensual creature of great power who had seen her future come to her in dreams. She would be a slave to a powerful man who would be irresistible to her. She would become part of his super powered harem, this leader of a super army. Her life before this moment was pointless as she was meant to do this.

She looked to the last ties to her past. Her costume was sexy and would help her please her master. She was also more sexy in appearance. But there was one thing that was still with her that was an annoying reminder of the life she had before the change. Her wedding and engagement rings that were on her fingers. Symbols of commitment to a man she no longer found attractive or loved. He was merely a pain in her ass now. She telekinetic ally removed the offencive ring and crushed them into a ball, a gesture of ending that chapter in her life.

She turned to her master and looked at him deeply, a schoolgirl look of love on her face. A sexy smile played over her face as she moved her arms around his neck. "Hello, Lover. Ready for some lovin'?" She asked as she moved into a kiss for her new lord. It was a deep passionate kiss, one that involved a bit of tongue.

Peter was surprise at the result of his alteration of the super heroine. He couldn't believe that the conservative Jean Grey was now trying to suck his brains out by way of his lips. Or that she had destroyed the symbols of her marriage to her husband, Scott. He broke the kiss and looked at his new slave. "So I take it that you're no longer Mrs. Summers." He asked.

A look of disgust washed over her features. "Who wants to be married to that stick in the mud. He doesn't even fuck good. And he has a short dick." The look vanished as she looked over at Peter. A loving looked replaced the one of disgust. "Not like you. You have to be the best fuck in the universe. Even if you are a virgin."

"So what do we do next, Lover?" Jean called as she looked him in the eye. "So sexy fucking? Seducing one of the other X-Ladies into have some lesbian action or even a three way? Or a minor orgy?"

"First off, we should tie up some loose ends. Then we can have some fun." Peter said, with a smile. "We have to make sure that the X-men don't notice anything out of the ordinary. Plus we might as well make Scott forget that he was married to a hottie like you. Then we could go to my room for some heavy love making. But first likes link your telepathy with my mind altering powers."

"Yes, my lord." Jean said with a smile as she linked minds with Peter, creating a psychic rapport with him. Their minds meet and he could feel Jean in his mind. He could also feel her love and submission to him coming through loud and clear. 'I'm linking to the minds of the others on the mansion's grounds. Send your message now.' She thought at him.

So he sent a message of normality to all in the mansion's area. Then he sent a message for Scott file for divorce from Jean and then forget being married to her. He also sent a message to Scott that he only desired, non-super women. 'That should keep him out of my hair.' Peter thought, as his mind wandered to more pleasurable things.

"Let's go to my room for some boom-boom." Peter said as he moved out of the study.

"I'm on my way." Jean said as she followed.

Moments later, in Peter's room...

Peter was glad to be in his room. Everything was going according to his improvised plan. For something spur of the moment, things were going great. He had two slaves. Both of them were some of the greatest psionic minds on the earth. And one of them was one of the hottest redheads in the superhero business. A redhead that wanted him with all of her heart and...her pussy. Best of all, no one was noticing the way that Jean was acting towards him. Or the way she had physically changed under his power. Now they were heading to his room to be together.

His room was simple and clean. It had everything a room needed. A closet, a dresser, a bookcase, a desk and chair...and a bed. A bed that would be seeing some major action that day. Peter let Jean and himself into the room. He closed and locked the door. He started to strip. Jean followed his move by removing her costume psionically with her telekinesis.

So he was looking upon the nude spender of one of the original X-men and the first female on the team. She had served the dreams of the X-men's founder Xavier for years. And now she was serving his dreams and desires. She was perfect for serving his fantasies.

She had smooth, clear skin that felt like silk and looked like peaches and cream. Her red hair flowed down her back, full of body and life. He looked to her pussy were a slight tuff of red hair was shaved neatly to provide access to her pussy for those that were gifted with such access. Like he was now.

"Like what you see, Peter?" Jean said, as she came over to him. She walked with a slow and sexy step. She slowly pushed Peter down on the bed, having him first sit on the bed. Then she helped him lay down. She straddled him, looking at him from above him.

She licked her lips, as she looked at him. She rubbed her hands up and down her body till they held her breasts. She played with her nipples as she closed her eyes and cried out his name.

She opened them again. "I can wait to becomes yours physically as I am mentally and spiritually. She moved in to kiss him passionately again, tongues twinning. She moved to his ear and said, "I think that Jean Faulk has a nice ring to it." She then licked his ear tenderly.

Jean took his hands and moved them to her breasts. She moved them around as he played with her nipples. Pinching and tweaking them, trying to bring Jean closer to sexual satisfaction. She seemed to enjoy the foreplay.

Finally she moved herself down on his more than harden cock. Her pussy slowly moved over his cock swallowing it into her tight pussy.She slowly moved up and down the length of the cock as she tried to make him feel the pleasure that she could bring with her most private of organs. She wanted to make her master feel good, and Peter could tell it from the work that she was doing to make him cum.

He was slowly getting into the rhythm of the loving making. Bring his cock in and out, in and out of the sexy mutant. He was trying to bring her to orgasm, when she called out.

"OH YEAH. OH YEAH, BABY. I'M COMING. I'M COMING." Jean was crying out. Peter could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she was coming on him. She bit her lips as she grunted her feeling of improving pleasure.

This was making Peter closer and closer to coming inside the mutant. He could feel his cum coming closer to the tip of his prick. He could also feel the erotic touches that Jean was doing to his body as she tried to make him come.

"FUCK ME, JEAN. FUCK MY FUCKING COCK. FUCK ME YOU SLAVE." he said as he felt ready to shoot his load deep inside his new psychic slave.

"YEEESSSS, MASSSSTERRRR." Jean called, out as she came ready to accept the juice that Peter was getting ready to release.

Jean was ready and willing, she was in full orgasm. Peter was full ready to shoot his load in her. He just had to release his load. And with a finally thrust of energy he pushed his load into his willing host. He came and came hard. As he did, she screamed as he released his load into her.

The two lover fell together as they were tired from all of the love making. Jean fell close to Peter and kissed him. "That was fun, Lover. We should try to do this more often." She said with a smile. Then she fell a sleep in her lover's arms.

Peter smiled at this event and thought of all of the future fun that might come. Especially with all of the sexy women in the world how came be his. And the sexual fun that might come from it.

Chapter Two


Peter was just waking up from his pleasant dreams of fucking several of the sexiest women in the world. Sexy super women. He was just coming out of a dream where he had a harem of them at his beck and call, when he felt something happening on his cock.

He slowly opened his eyes to look at the sensation of sucking on his member. He opened them to see red hair falling down in front of his lower half. He placed his hands on the head, and felt it. It was real. That brought him back to yesterday and the events that seemed like dreams from the day before.

He had done it. He had enslaved two of the X-men and now had one as his lover. Now she was sucking him off. It was a sweet sensation that he was having.

"That's it, baby. Keep sucking your master. Suck it out. Suck the life out of it." He said in a calm voice as he felt his erect cock slowly coming closer to shooting off. He could feel himself building up to the exciting pay off. He felt his cock coming alive with cum.

"It's coming, baby. Keep it up. It's coming. Coming. COMING." He cried out as he came in Jean's mouth. The sexy red head sucking on the cock like her life depended on it.He shot into her. Then he felt the release.

Jean slowly pulled her head back as she finished sucking the last of his cum off of his cock. She pulled her head up. Her hair fell back with a quick flip of the hair. Her looked at her face and noticed that she had cum dripping from the sides of her mouth. Swallowing, she then moved her tongue over her ruby lips to lick up the last of his cum off of her face.

"Good Morning, Lover. Thought you might enjoy a wake up call. And I see that I was right." She said, showing her dazzling smile. "So what's next on our list to do?" Jean asked, curious to her master's next move.

"I haven't thought about it yet. But I have a few things in mind for the next step in my mission in life." Peter said, thinking of the future.

Jean's question had caught him off guard for a minute as he had been making this up as he was going along. He needed a better plan for all of the trouble that might occur. He needed a better power base to build his dream of a super harem.

He had taken the first step by starting to taking control over the powerful collection of X-men. He already had two psionics. Xavier and Jean. He could build on that. But taking control over more psionics, like Emma Frost and Psylocke. Both sexy, both powerful psionics and also more likely skilled at the art of love making.

Then he could build on the other powerful and stunning female mutants to be a part of his harem. That would give him more power, with more variety of powers. Plus more love slaves.

Plus he had the untapped potential of the male X-men. With them he could build an army to deal with the troubles that might stop him from enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Once he had everything more organized with the X-men, he could focus on the other super teams. From the Avengers to the Fantastic Four, he could build a more powerful base. Then he could tackle the independent heroes and heroines.

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