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Transforming from Dan to Danni


Hi my name is Dan and I would like you all to join with me on a journey with me as I tell you how I was transformed from Dan to Danni. It had been several years since I had seen my best friend and his sister. We were always together and because I have always had long hair and was about Rob sister size I was often teased about being her twin. I guess it shouldn't have mattered but since I was a guy I often got in trouble over it. When we had gone to college we had each gone off to different schools and didn't keep up with each other.

So when I received a phone call from them I was pleasantly surprised. Rob and Dana lived in a large house looking over the Ocean with Dana's husband who it turns out was very well off. I had just been laid off at the company that I worked for so, they asked for me to visit for a few weeks. I jumped at the chance. Right from the day I arrived I was showered with affection; it was like we were the three amigos all over again.

Let me describe the both of them to you. Rob is about 6'3" and has the body of a bodybuilder with arms as big as my waist. Dana is a gorgeous, sexy 5'2" with a petite slender body and had long blonde hair, with eyes you can get lost in. I am also 5'2" small slender body, tiny waist and long brown hair; I guess you can see why I was often mistaken as a girl.

I spent most of the first few days there mostly with Dana, because Rob had a job working for her husband and was running while he was promoting the company. Dana's husbands name is Kirk but I had not met him yet because he was away on business. Rob, Dana and I spent many nights drinking, reliving old times and getting caught up. Things were going great until Thursday night, Dana and Rob told me I would be needed to help out with a costume party that Kirks business had every year. I told them I didn't have a costume and not comfortable doing it, so I would stay in my room. Dana insisted that she needed my help so she would provide me whatever I needed.

First thing in the morning Dana barges into the guest room I was staying in carrying a Cheerleader outfit and excitingly tells me we were going as twins. I told her there was no way but when she started to cry I gave in and I told her I would. I have always been submissive giving in way too much to her. She gave me a big kiss and told me to get dressed because we had a beauty parlor appointment in the city to get us ready. I tried to talk her out of it the whole way to the city but she just wouldn't have any of it. I was regretting saying I would do this but she was one of my closest friends.

When we got to the solon, the owner, who was introduced to me as Martha, came rushing over to Dana and chatted with her for a few minutes. Martha then looked at me and told her staff to get to work making us a pair of twins. Staff brought me a drink telling for me to relax and try to enjoy everything. We were taken into a backroom to have all our body hair removed except for our heads, for those of you who have never been waxed let me tell you it hurts. We were also got covered in oils and creams massaging it into our skin making our skin feel creamy and super soft. My hair was then dyed blonde and styled into ponytails just like Dana's was. As I was getting a facial and eyebrows plucked they gave me another drink telling me I needed to relax.

The owner then had us try on our cheerleader uniforms to see how we looked. While she looked at us she was shaking her head in disapproval mumbling she has to get this right for her best client. Then all of a sudden her face lit up, as she ran out of the room she yelled telling her staff to start doing our makeup. When Martha came back a little while later carry a bag told me to undress and to lie on the massage table. Within about a half-hour' time I had really life like 34b-sized breasts glued on my chest. As she fasten them to me she adjusted them so that when she pulled on or pulled the nipple it felt like she was doing it to me. When she noticed my cock getting hard she said ok they are on correctly. She then locked me into a beautiful corset with a chastity belt that hid and squeezed my cock between my legs making it appear like a womanly mound. The corset also gave me a slimmer waist and flaring out my hips making them to appear womanlier. When I got redressed in my cheerleader outfit and looked in the mirror I could have sworn I was looking at a copy of Dana. The workers all cheered at what they had accomplished with me. When Dana came over to me, Martha introduced me to her as Danni her twin and handed her, the key to my chastity belt. Dana cried telling everyone how happy this made her.

Before going home we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. Not only was I having problems adjusting to my breasts but also eating with long nails was not very easy at first either. I was really glad that we had saddle shoes on instead of high heels so I didn't have to learn to walk in them since I had so much to adjust too. While waiting for a table, I felt like I was grabbed, pushed and fondled by every guy in line that were also waiting for a table. I never realized all the attention women seem to receive and I guess to some extent I enjoyed playing the part not being used to getting so much attention. I had never seen Dana so happy and frisky in all the years we knew each other. She gave me many pointers on how to behave as a woman as we ate our salads. She said that she wanted me to try and do everything the same way she did. It was amazing how many times guys hit us on and sent us drinks as we ate our lunch. I guess I should have turned down a couple of drinks because I started to really feel them. The waiter seemed to have taken an interest in us and spent a lot of time at our table flirting with us. It was very different to have all this attention. All the way home Dana kept telling me how happy she was that I was going to be her twin and how beautiful I looked. She even talked about how horny she was with Kirk away.

It was about 5:30 PM when we finally arrived home from our afternoon together and we needed to have the house ready by 7 when the guests would be arriving. The caterers arrived by six setting out the food and the drinks for the bar. By 7 o'clock several people had already arrived for the party, most of them seemed to be men who went straight to the bar. Dana introduced me as her single sister and that I had lost my voice in a childhood car accident. Since there were very few women at the party I seemed to be constantly dragged out to the dance floor or given another drink by the sixty or so men that were there. Being tipsy I was getting drunk with the drinks the guys handed and was starting to enjoy all the attention I was getting. It was around 10 o'clock when the person I was dancing with started nibbling on my ear and neck grabbing my ass and boobs. I tried pushing him away but he grabbed my wrist and held them behind my back. A couple of his friends came over and they began passing me around while kissing me and feeling me up. I was starting to panic and didn't feel right have these guys kissing and fondling me. When Dana saw this she came over yelling at the guys to leave me alone before she spoke to Kevin about what they were doing. Aww Dana were just having a little fun, she is just as hot and sexy like you, was all they said. Dana held me asking if I was okay. I told her how shaky and confused about all that was happening. She held me for a few minutes until Dana was called to the kitchen by the caterers for some type of problem.

I decided to go to the bathroom to calm down and as I entered it 3 of the guys that were dancing with me pushed me in and locked the door. Fear swept over me as the guys pasted me around sticking their tongues down my throat and feeling me up. I was scared to say a word worrying I would be beaten up if I said anything and they found out I was a guy. The guys lifted my skirt and found I had on a chastity belt. Two of the guys were trying to get it off as the other guy was kissing me and feeling up my chest. The two guys got frustrated and giving up shoving a finger in my asshole. I gasped and had to struggle not to shout out. One guy grabbed a tube of lube from the medicine cabinet as the other one pulled out his cock putting my hand on it. He starts pumping into my hand causing his cock to grow to about 7 inches.

I feel one guy forcing the lube into my asshole and not very gently. The guy kissing me then pulled me down by my ponytails until his prick was at my lips. He shoved it forward my lips and when I didn't open my mouth he pulled me up slapping my face very hard stunning me. He pulled me back down forcing his big cock in my mouth pushing it into mouth till it hit my throat causing me to gag. He pumps in and out of my mouth until his cock becomes coating his prick with my saliva. He stops and passes me over to the guy; he calls Tom, quickly shoves his fat cock into my mouth forcing my mouth wider than it ever has been. The guy that slapped ime and then raped my mouth first decides to force his long cock into my virgin ass. It causes me to gasp and the take Tom's cock further into my mouth. This gets him so excited he grabs my ponytails fucking my mouth while telling his friends, Mike who was fucking my ass and Al who is humping my hand that no bitch has ever taken him so deep. He keeps pumping in and out of my mouth stretching my lips pulling me back and forth by my hair. Mike who is fucking my ass is holding on to my hips forcing every inch of his hot burning cock into me. He starts slapping my butt saying that he was going to fill me up with his seed. It hurts so bad I begin to cry. The guy in my mouth says this bitch is so happy she is crying with joy. I can't wait to fuck her sexy ass next. I quickly realize I have to get him to cum in my mouth or he would split me in two with that beer can size prick. In fear I force my lips to tighten and move my tongue around to try to get him off. He tries to slow down but I start to force my mouth up and down his cock trying to get him to cum and leave me alone.

This seems to be doing the trick because he starts saying shit, shit, fuck; I wanted your hot sexy ass next. He says; well fuck it grabbing the back of my head plunging his cock deep into my throat. He pumps 7 more times until he holds me all the way down with his cock head down my throat flooding his cum down my throat and into my stomach. I can't breathe. I feel myself passing out as he pulls out of my mouth with a loud wet pop. Dam girl best head ever as he passing me to Al that had his cock in my hand. Al happily plugs his cock into my mouth and starts fucking my mouth. The guy in my ass starts really pumping into and out of me over and over again. Mike must have been hitting my prostate because I was horrified to find out that I am starting to feel pleasure and to get hard. The harder he fucks me, the further he pushes me on to Al's hard throbbing cock. Mike starts to call me his slutty bitch, telling me to take him deeper. I feel pleasure finally over taking my body causing me to cum as he unloads his hot cum deep up into my ass. I must have tightened my lips when I came because this caused Al to cum in my mouth at the same time as well.

I figured it was finally over as the door opened. But to my surprise several guys came in replacing the guys that were leaving. I must have taken several dozen more guys in my mouth and ass over the next hour or so. To my surprise I came several times as I was fucked. My ass and lips were bruised from the pounding they received. I was on the verge of passing out when Dana and Rob forced their way in grabbing several guys and yelling for them all to get out of the house. I dropped to the floor and Rob grabbed me picking me up and into his arms. Rob carried me into Dana and Kevin's room laying me on their bed. Dana ran into the master bathroom grabbing a towel, wash cloth and a bowl of warm soapy water asking Rob take care of me and clean me up. When he promised he would Dana even though she seemed very upset she went to check on the staff and clean up the mess of the party.

Rob gently starts washes the cum from my eyes and face. I could see the concern in his eyes as he tries to comfort me. He slowly takes off my Cheerleading uniform off whispering that he would make everything okay. After he attempted to take off my corset chastity belt and finding out he couldn't, he slowly and softly washed my fake Boobs and body. His rough hands felt wonderful going over my body and when he washed the breast forms I felt it on my own. He pinched the nipple causing me to moan. This seems to take him off guard so he tells me to turn over so he can finish cleaning me up. He started washing up my legs up to my thighs which to my surprise really began to turn me on.

As he straddled my legs I could feel his cock through his clothes. He says wow they really bruised you back here. As he washed my ass he tried to get the dried cum out of my ass. He grabbed some cream off the night stand rubbing it on my inflamed ass cheeks causing me to moan as it felt so soothing to my skin. I could feel Robs cock hardens against my leg so I slowly move my leg to rub against it. I always cared for Rob but now I felt like I wanted him. What was happening to me, I never thought of myself as gay and still thought of woman as sexy. Deciding not to worry about it I decide to have some fun with him. I reach back wrapping my fingers around his prick asking what is happening here Rob. He slowly gets up with me still holding on to his cock. He mumbles out he is sorry that I looked so sexy and it has been so long for him because of work. I quickly realize how mean I was being with me doing this to him when he was trying so hard to be nice to me.

I roll onto my side and can feel his cock throbbing through his pants. I unzip his pants and reached for his hot throbbing cock. I work it out surprise at how big and long his cock is. I look into his eyes and see the need and desire there. I lean closer kiss the head of his cock causing it to jump and hit my nose. The sense of power and desire to do more fills my soul. I lick the semen from the tip of his cock noticing for the first time that I like the taste. I have so much cum in my belly but all of it had forced upon me. Now I could experiment doing this and enjoy doing it. I slowly lick and kiss my way up and down his cock watching as it grows to about 10 inches long. As I'm doing this I feel him harden more. I slowly take his balls into my mouth and feel his heat and feel his heartbeat pounding. Rob is caressing my face and slowly guides my face back up. When I am even with his cock head I take his cock deep into my mouth tasting his manliness. He places his fingers in my hair as I take him deeper. Slowly moving up and down his cock tightening my lips, this makes me feel extremely happy as I hear him moan. He seems to fight the impulse to fuck my face so I reach up pulling on his ass pulling him deeper into my mouth. Wow his muscles are so hard and skin so soft. He seems to take my hint slowing pumping his hard cock in and out of my mouth slowly going into my throat. When his cock head enters my throat he seems to lose his control as he grabs the back of head pulling my mouth further down his pole.

I try to tighten my lips as his cock fucks my mouth and I lick it as he pulls it back out. I think we are both shocked when his pelvis hits my lips and he is completely buried down my throat. Rob says he is getting close and asks me if I want to take his load. I moan yes into his balls and he groans to keep doing that. I begin humming as he starts to plunge his cock deep in my throat and then pulling out until he was almost completely out, except for the head of his cock. He gets so excited he holds my head fucking just in and out of my throat. In just a few minutes he buries himself as far down my throat and explodes his seed down my throat. I am feeling so good knowing I brought him so much pleasure. As I try to clean off his cock I realize he is still hard.

As he withdraws out of my mouth he picks me up and kisses me. I feel like a ragdoll as he holds me in the air. I feel him lifting me up slowly up putting my legs on his shoulders then down as he places his cock at my asshole. He continues kissing me while slowly sliding on to his rock hard cock. He continues lowering me until I feel him pubic hair. I feel so full with his 10 inches completely in me. I feel so darn stuffed Rob looks into my eyes as he starts fucking my ass. I feel every inch of him as he pumps in and out of me. Dam babe you are so fucking tight I need to put you down. He lowers me to the bed grabbing my ankles pushing them over my head. My knees are next to my ears and he seems to go even deeper into me. This new position must put more pressure on my prostate because I feel a wave of pleasure start to build in me. I feel complete empty and begin begging for him to continue. He laughs as he said he shortly will just need to undress. I see sweat covering Rob as he removes his shirt and pants. He once again grabs my ankles pressing them over my head. He smiles rubbing his cock head up and down my asshole; teasing me saying maybe I really don't want it.

I hear myself begging for him to fuck me I need your cock please fuck me Rob. Will you be my slut and fuck slave if I do? Yes, yes anything I need you. He lines up his cock and drives it all the way in. The wind is knocked out of me as I heard him say hey sis I think you are my witness. I looked up in panic as I see Dana at the door. Dana drops her panties as she heads to the bed. I guess since we are family, she is our sex slave now as she swings her leg over my head placing her pussy to my lips. Come on Danni start licking it like you did when we were teens. She grabs my ponytails pulling my mouth to her pussy, saying come on Danni I have been so dam horny since Kirk's been away. And watching you guys was so much better that any porno I have ever seen, start licking bitch.

I start licking as Rob begins to slowly fucking in and out of me again. Dana yells dam it Danni I forgot how good you were, but then again you spent hours down there when we were young. I was always was so horny and it was so easy to get you to eat me out. Rob said dam sis if I knew how much a cock and ass whore she was I would have been tapping her daily. I try to say guys I am a guy but I couldn't be heard as Dana ground her pussy against my face. Rob just left his cock deep in my ass as he watch me eating out Dana's pussy. Dana was Cumming for the third time as I was trying to fuck myself on Rob's cock. Rob took pity on me and began pounding my ass again. Dana opened her pussy telling me to lick deeper push your tongue in. The wave started to begin again making me feel so wonderful. With Rob fucking me and Dana fucking my face I was enveloped in sex. Dana started squirting in my mouth as Rob pulls hard on my hips as he buries himself deep into my ass filling me with his hot cum. This pushes me over the edge making me cum so hard I finally pass out.

I must have been out for hours when I felt a prick rubbing over my lips. I thought it must have been Rob again so I start licking it all over. Somehow it seemed to be different but then again Rob had cum two times already. Even the fluid he painted on my lips tasted different. I start playing with his balls as I took him in my mouth. He is soft and as he begins to grow in my mouth, I am shocked that his cock is growing bigger and even longer then Robs. As I pull away his hands grab my ponytails and I hear him whisper wow our room smells good, the smell of pussy. Guess you were too horny to wait for me, but you are such a bad girl sending me all those naked picture of yourself all week giving me blue balls. I have 3 weeks of cum saved for you so I hope you are ready. Having said this he begins to slide in and out of my mouth.

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