tagErotic CouplingsTransforming Genevieve Ch. 03

Transforming Genevieve Ch. 03


I woke Monday with an entirely new attitude about my life at Regis. I looked forward to revealing the transformed Genevieve to everyone who hadn't taken the time to notice me before. I planned on spending the next few evenings shopping for an entirely new wardrobe, instead of hiding away in my flat fantasizing about having an exciting sex life. The new Genevieve wasn't going to fantasize any longer she was going to live out those fantasies.

As I stood there gazing at the clothing hanging in my closet wearing the red lacy bra, thong and thigh high stockings I couldn't find a single thing that matched my new attitude. Knowing I'd have to go shopping very soon or regress back into the old Genevieve I picked a pair of fitted brown slacks, and a white silk blouse. The matching blazer hung there but I wasn't sure I wanted to wear it that day.

Slipping into the slacks I turned to survey how my ass looked in them. Gone was the telltale panty line that normally showed every time I'd worn these slacks before. I slipped on the pair of lower heels I'd purchased from Sara the Saturday before and turned again. The look was more to my liking. The white silk blouse felt sexy against my skin, but the red bra showed through too much for my first day back in class since my transformation. I opted for the matching blazer to hide the red showing through.

I brushed out my long jet black hair and let it flow down my back. Some light eye shadow and red lip gloss brought my green eyes to the forefront. Standing in front of my mirror I again gazed at my reflection. "Hmmm.." I thought. If I unbutton a couple buttons at the top of my blouse I could still keep the red lacy bra hidden, but show off a little cleavage. I closed one button on the blazer. That did the trick. I looked classy, a perfect look for strolling around campus and being in front of a classroom full of students.

Glancing at the mantle clock above the fireplace I realized I only had five minutes to make the ten minute walk across campus to the English Department building. I'd have to set my alarm thirty minutes earlier tonight so I'd have the extra time needed tomorrow to make sure I was looking like the transformed woman I wanted to reveal.

Slipping my cell in my brief case I headed out the door. It was a cool late September morning with a gentle breeze. I was glad I had worn the jacket because had I not my nipples would be erect and showing by the time I reached the corner. The sidewalk was busy with students rushing to make eight o'clock classes. More than a few male students took notice to this new woman strolling confidently across campus. One bright eyed 19 year old even smiled and said, "Good Morning good looking." Stretching out the syllables of the words as he greeted me. I just smiled and gave him a quick seductive wink.

By the time I reached the steps leading to Blair Hall, where my classroom is located, I was already late for class. The stairway and halls inside were virtually empty, most of the students already in their classrooms. I reached my room and stepped inside, closing the door behind me.

"Morning class, sorry I'm late." I said.

As I walked to my desk every eye in the room was trained on me. Several jaws had dropped open, and a few of the male students appeared to have become afflicted with eye pop syndrome. I smiled to myself knowing I'd accomplished my first goal. They were all taking notice to the transformed Ms. Walker.

Gone were the baggy sweaters, the floor length skirts, and those god awful flat shoes. Gone were the plain face, the flat uncolored lips and the knot of hair with a pencil sticking through it. Gone was the matronly Ms. Walker. Replaced by the vibrant, seductive, passionate Genevieve.

I still had a job to do, I still enjoyed showing these young people that there was more than rap lyrics and screenplays that included the word fuck in every line to good literature. My first order of business was to collect the assignment I'd given them to keep their minds occupied over the weekend.

I like using what I call interactive lecture in my classes. I normally would sit on the corner of my desk and just let my legs hang. Today I moved squarely to the middle of my desk, and crossed my legs showing the entire class my sexy new heels and the silk that covered my ankles. I smiled as I noticed several more young men come down with eye pop syndrome. Our discussion went on normally with the exception that there seemed to be more of my male students who were paying particularly close attention.

As the bell sounded marking the end of our fifty minutes with old English Lit I reminded the class of their reading assignment and offered them a "Good Day" as they rose to hurry off to their next destination. As the class ushered them selves out I slid off the desk and turned to walk behind and sit down in my chair.

I was making some notes in my day planner when I realized someone was standing in front of me.

Steve Kosmerl said, "Ms. Walker I have a question for you?"

Steve was an average student. He was passing by the skin of his teeth, doing only what was absolutely required to earn the credits he needed toward his degree.

"Mr. Kosmerl, what can I do for you?" I asked.

"Well Ms. Walker I'm having a little trouble understanding some of the finer points of your class. I was wondering if you could give me a little extra time to clarify my mind." He said.

I smiled at him wondering if the finer points had anything to do with English Lit, and which head contained the mind that need clarification. I decided that if Steve were bold enough to approach I'd play along and see which head was doing the thinking here.

I reached down and unbuttoned the front of my blazer. Leaning front in my chair the silk blouse parted a little revealing the hidden red lace across the top of my bra.

"Why certainly Mr. Kosmerl, I'd be happy to give you a little extra help." I offered.

Steve's case of eye pop syndrome became more severe as he got a good look down the front of my blouse.

He swallowed hard and asked, "Do I need to set up a time to meet with you Ms. Walker?"

I replied, "Unless you're planning on just showing up and not finding me in my office." "Let me see what I have open Mr. Kosmerl." I added.

I thumbed through a couple pages of my day planner. "I think I can give you an hour tomorrow afternoon Mr. Kosmerl." I said. "Say around three?"

Steve replied, "I have a class till three, but I can be here by three fifteen Ms. Walker."

"That'll work fine." I answered.

He turned to leave then stopped dead in his tracks. Turning to me he said, "Ms. Walker?"

"Yes Mr. Kosmerl." I replied.

He hesitated a moment and then said, "Oh never mind."

I smiled at him and said, "Whatever I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."

As he left I couldn't help wondering what he wanted to say and had changed his mind about. I'd be sure to question him about that tomorrow afternoon.

I spent the balance of my morning grading the papers I'd collected from the class. Reading Mr. Kosmerl's paper I had to agree with him. He did need some extra help. I graciously gave him a "D" on his paper.

About quarter of twelve I decided to go out and grab a bite for lunch. As I left my office and strolled down the hall, Richard Davidson was coming out of his office also.

When he saw me he smiled and said, "Ms. Walker how nice to see you this morning. You're looking exceptional lovely today."

I returned his smile and said, "Richard I thought you were going to call me by my first name?" Reminding him of our conversation the Friday before.

"I'm sorry Gen, I did promise to do that." He offered.

"I think we've know each other long enough to be on a first name basis Dick." I said. "You don't mind if I call you Dick do you?" I asked.

He responded, "Actually most of my friends call me Rich."

"Well I like Dick." I responded.

He hesitated a moment letting me think about what I'd just said. Even well educated longhaired brunettes have an occasional blonde moment and I giggled when I realized my Freudian slip.

I expected he would make some obscene comment about what I'd said, but instead he offered, "Well Gen, if you like Dick, then Dick it is."

"By the way Gen, I really like the new look." He commented.

"Thank you very much." I replied. "I had some help from a few good friends in Manhattan over the weekend."

"That's right, you went to see a play didn't you?" He asked.

I smiled and said, "Yes and it was very enlightening too."

"You'll have to tell me all about it Gen." He said. "Are you going to lunch now?" He added.

"Yes, do you want to join me?" I asked.

"I was just about to head over to the Sugar Bowl for a quick lunch." Dick replied.

"The Sugar Bowl? Too many students there let's try the East Street Café instead." I suggested.

"That would be great Gen." He agreed.

It was about a 10 minute walk to the Café. While Dick and I made our way there we talked about all the exciting things to do in Manhattan.

"I like to go listen to some good jazz, or catch a comedy club show." He said.

"Do you go alone?" I questioned him. "Used to go with my wife, but now that we're divorced I've been going alone mostly." He responded.

"I didn't know you were married Dick." I offered.

"Yeah, but she ran away with an archeologist from Boston University three years ago." He said. "For all I know they are off somewhere in the Middle East searching for the Holy Grail." He said, laughing.

"Do you miss being married?" I asked.

"No way. In the last three years I've become accustomed to being foot loose and fancy free." He said.

We'd reached our destination and Dick held the door for me as we entered the Café. He let his hand slide across my back as he followed me through the door. I'm sure it was a friendly gesture, but it was the first time he'd ever tried to touch me.

"Non-smoking for two please." Dick said as we approached the young student working the door. The East Street Café employed Regis students almost exclusively. She escorted us to a small table near the exit to their outdoor seating area, which they'd already closed for the season.

As we sat across from one another I looked his face over carefully. I'd imagine he was somewhere in his early forties. His eyes while a very sensual looking shade of hazel had deep crow's feet extending from the corners. I imagine from too many days spent outdoors without eye protection. He had a tint of gray extending from his temples back toward his ears, and his mustache was a distinguished shade of salt and pepper.

He smiled and said, "What are you looking at Gen?"

"I was just noticing how distinguished you look Dick." I offered.

He giggled before offering, "Distinguished huh, well that's better than grandfatherly I guess."

"Grandfatherly, you couldn't have grand children you're way to young." I said.

He leaned toward me and replied, "I'll be celebrating my 51st birthday next week Gen. I could be someone's grandfather. But you have to have children before you have grand kids."

"You're not fifty Dick." I said.

"I'm afraid so Gen." He answered.

"Well you don't look it." I complemented him.

"Thanks Gen." Having you say that makes me feel younger.

Our waitress showed up and explained the day's lunch special. I decided on a Caesar salad, and Dick ordered a Ruben.

As he spoke with the waitress I wondered what it would be like having sex with him. He returned his attention to me as the waitress left.

"So Gen how was the play you saw this weekend?" He asked. He'd given me the perfect opening to direct our conversation toward sex.

"It was quite shocking actually." I said.

"Really, how so" He asked.

"Well let me tell you." I explained.

I went on to describe each scene in rather graphic detail. He eyes were glued to my face as I told him about Taboos. I could see that he was imagining what each scene looked like. I didn't go into the part about me giving the stranger a hand job. When I told him about the oral incest scene he fidgeted noticeably in his chair. I knew he was becoming aroused by my description of that oral sex scene.

I questioned him, "Have you every seen a live sex act?"

"Not really." He responded. "I once saw a carnival girlie show where one of the women did it with a goat, but that was when I was a teenager and until now I hadn't thought of it for years."

"Did watching others have sex excite you Gen?" He inquired.

I was enjoying having our conversation turn sexual and stepped it up a notch.

"Oh yes, after the shock of realizing what was unfolding I became very aroused, Dick." I said.

"Just like talking about it now arouses me." I added.

He smiled and said, "You're description aroused me Gen."

Just then our waitress returned with our lunch breaking my train of thought. After she left I looked deep into his eyes.

"Are you still aroused Dick?" I asked. His expression was quickly becoming one I'd never seen in him before. His eyes gave me the answer to my question, Dick licked his lips and said, "Quite aroused Gen!"

I picked up my fork and began eating my salad. I let my lips and tongue taste the first bite before slipping it into my mouth. His eyes were intent on my mouth.

Swallowing the first bite I leaned toward him and asked. "Do you like oral sex Dick?"

He blushed at the directness of my question, he swallowed the bite of his Ruben and said, "More than intercourse."

Another sensual mouthful of salad and another sexual question from my lips. "Have you ever fantasized about me sucking your dick, Dick?"

"I'm having that fantasy right now Gen." He admitted.

"You are?" I said. Lifting my empty fork to my lips I sucked on it. Slipping it between my lips and sliding it toward the back of my throat. "What picture are you getting now Dick?" I asked.

"A picture of my cock pressing into your throat Gen!" He said.

I was getting turned on and could feel my nipples harden and my pussy moisten as I said, "You'd like me to deep throat your dick, Dick.

"Oh god yes." He whispered.

I heated things up considerably by asking, "Do you want to cum in my mouth Dick?"

His hand moved to his lap and I knew he was touching an erection induced by my questions.

I'd love to cum in your mouth." He said.

I looked at my watch and then at his passionate hazel eyes. We have time right now Dick. We could go back to my office and live out your fantasy.

"Are you serious Gen?" He asked.

I responded with one word, "Absolutely."

I never saw someone finish a Rubin faster. He waved for our waitress and as she approached I asked her to pack the rest of my salad to go. She returned with our check and the remains of my salad.

As we walked across campus his quickening pace told me he couldn't wait to have my sensual mouth wrapped around his cock. I couldn't wait to feel his throbbing erection in my mouth. Neither of us could wait to close and lock my office door behind us.

"Sit in my desk chair." I instructed Dick as I turned the dead bolt on my office door.

I turned and wait for him to do as I'd said. His hand instantly went to the bulge under his zipper. I slipped out of my blazer and tossed it toward the small sofa across the room. My red lacy bra clearly showed through the white silk blouse I was wearing. His eyes grew to saucer size as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse exposing the creamy skin above my bra.

"Do you think I'm sexy Dick?" I asked as I walked slowly toward him.

His response didn't surprise me, "Today is the first time I've noticed just how fucking sexy you are Gen."

I smiled as I approached him, and slowly knelt between his legs. I spread my delicate fingers across each of his thighs and looking into his deep hazel eyes I said, "I've was transformed this past weekend Dick. I've discovered my sensual side.

My hands slid up his thighs toward his belt buckle. Undoing his belt my fingers next released the clasp of his slacks. My thumb and index finger grasped the zipper pull and slowly slid it down. I slid the nails of my three free fingertips along the shaft of his rock hard erection. It strained against the white cotton material of his jockey shorts.

Once his zipper was completely open I scratched the top of his thighs with my nails. Down to his knees and then back up again.

"Lift up Dick." I said as my hands moved to the waistband of his slacks.

He lifted his hips and I slid his slacks down around his ankles.

He moaned as my nails slid along the naked flesh of his thighs and up the length of his cock under the cotton material. He watched intensely as my fingers hooked over the elastic waistband of his jockeys and slowly peeled them down exposing the head of his rock hard member.

I moistened my lips with my tongue while looking up into his lust filled eyes.

I leaned forward and touched him with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh god." He said

My tongue followed the elastic material as I slowly peeled it down the length of his cock. He instinctively lifted his hips again allowing me to pull his jockeys off his hips and down his legs. My delicate fingers circled his throbbing cock and pulled it toward me. It wasn't big. Perhaps five inches in length and its girth lacked the mass of the two cocks I'd sucked while in Manhattan two days earlier. But it was rock hard and throbbing to be engulfed by my sensual mouth. I thought to myself, this cock would be fun to suck. I'll have no problem giving him the most incredible blowjob of his life.

As I leaned forward to take the head in my mouth I said, "Like I said earlier Dick, I like dick."

I exhaled over the head as I opened my mouth wide and lowered my oral cavity over his cock. My lips didn't touch it as he entered me. I circled the corona several times with my tongue before closing my lips around the shaft just below the head.

Dick moaned deeply as I slid the remaining length of his cock inside my moist mouth. I easily took all of him inside my mouth. His head barely touched the back of my throat.

He said, "Oh god yes Gen, suck it."

I began moving my mouth up and down on his rock hard erection causing him to groan louder.

I let him pop from my mouth and licked along the shaft to his balls. Taking one between my lips I moaned sending vibrations through his scrotum and testicles. I began stroking his swollen shaft as I licked and sucked at his balls. They responded by pulling tight up against the base of his swollen cock one on each side of his throbbing member.

"Do you like the way I suck it Dick?" I asked him looking up into his lust filled eyes.

Fuck yes baby, I love the way you suck my cock." He responded.

I lowered my mouth over him again and stuffed his balls inside my mouth along with his rock hard cock.

"Hmmmmmm." I moaned enjoying the extra cock meat I was able to stuff inside my mouth. His cock swelled and I knew I could make him cum when ever I wanted. I let him slip from my moist mouth again licking and kissing along the shaft and his tight scrotum and balls.

I want you to cum for me Dick. Shoot your hot cum in my mouth babe." I pleaded.

I opened my mouth and slid my tongue along the underside of his shaft. He thrust up off the chair into me as he squealed in pleasure, "I'm cumming baby." His cock exploded into my open mouth. Hot cum shot against the roof of my mouth and ran off the end of my tongue dripping onto my tits. I stroked it as stream after hot sticky stream of his cum shot into my mouth. His cum was very thick and tasted incredible and I closed my lips around the shaft to keep it inside my mouth so I could savor his sweet tasting cream.

His twitching cock drained it's self into my willing mouth and as he orgasm subsided I tilted my head back and let his member slip from between my lips. I gazed up into his face and slowly opened my mouth to show him the load of cum I held there. Rolling it around inside I savored its incredible taste for a few more seconds before I let it slid down my throat.

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