tagErotic CouplingsTransforming Genevieve Ch. 11

Transforming Genevieve Ch. 11


It was still early afternoon but I wasn't about to waste the whole day talking about things we could talk about on those nights when Bill and I would have to be satisfied with chatting on a web based messenger service. I wanted this incredible man to give me another good fucking before I sent him home to deal with his boring wife. I started directing our conversation toward that ultimate goal.

"Baby earlier you mentioned that you watched countless porn movies to help learn how to give such incredible oral sex." I said.

"Yes Gen, late at night after she's gone to bed I sometimes pull one out of my secret hiding place and watch them." He replied.

I giggled thinking of his wife sleeping in the same house while he watched porn movies.

"Did you ever masturbate while you watch them baby?" I asked.

Bill admitted, "Yes Gen, quite often, and I always put myself in the male's place, imagining I was the man fucking the porn star."

"Did you ever watch a movie with Tess?" I asked. Bill smiled at me and answered, "I brought it up once and she said that was disgusting. She'd never act like one of "those" women."

I moved closer to him and ran my fingernails up into his hairy chest. Looking into his eyes seductively I said, "I'll be your porn star baby."

Bill took on an inquisitive expression almost like he wanted me to explain what I meant.

"I'd love to watch a porno movie with you Bill. In fact baby, we could make our own. I have an old video camera around here somewhere." I said.

"Do you have any porn movies Gen?" He asked.

"No baby, but it's early we could get dressed and go buy one." I suggested.

"That would be taking a big chance Gen, what if we ran into someone we know?" He said.

"Baby, I doubt we'd run into anyone from the college in a porn shop." I replied.

"Well there is one downtown that I go to, I guess you're right baby the chances of us being seen are pretty remote." He said.

"Oh, this is so exciting Bill, I've never been in a porn shop." I said.

"The one I'm thinking of is very seedy Gen." Bill warned me.

"The seedier the better baby. Do you want me to dress like a porn star, like your little slut mistress baby?" I asked.

"That might be fun Gen." Bill said. "You can have some fun with the other customers."

"Better be careful baby, remember I have an addiction to big juicy cocks. I might lose control and offer them all a sexy blow job." I said giggling.

"No problem Gen I'll keep your mind occupied while we're there." Bill replied.

I headed for my bedroom to get dressed. As I walked away from him Bill said, "Remember baby, slut mistresses don't wear any panties."

"I wasn't planning on wearing panties Bill." I said looking over my shoulder and giving him a sexy wink.

This was going to be so much fun. I often thought about going to a porn shop to pick up a strange cock. Had I not found my discreet lover I'm sure it would have become a reality in the not too distant future. But now I'd be able to use the experience to entice and arouse my own man. I'd be able to flirt and even expose myself to any man I wanted with the knowledge that my stud Bill would be the one who'd be fucking my brains out afterwards.

I chose a very short very tight denim skirt, a skin-tight pink tee shirt and a pair of black stiletto heels. I let my long jet-black tresses cascading down my back, and applied mascara to my eyelashes to accentuate my green eyes. What slut wouldn't be complete without ruby red lips a matching shade to my red fingernails. Several healthy squirts of a lusty perfume along my neckline, and a short squirt directly to my pussy for good measure. In less than five minutes I was ready for our porn shopping trip.

Bill had slipped on his slacks and sport shirt and was combing his hair when I walked back into the living room. He took one look at me and said, "WOW, that's a perfect look baby. Every guy in the place is gonna want to fuck you silly.

I did an about face and bent slightly at the waist like I was reaching down for something on a low shelf.

"OH YEAH, just enough pussy shows when you do that baby." Bill said.

He added, "Now all we have to do is get out of here without being seen Gen."

"No problem baby, pull your car up right out front, and I'll jump in quick." I suggested.

"That'll work Gen." Bill said.

I knew the most dangerous part of our little shopping excursion would be the five or ten seconds from my front door to Bill's car. I grabbed a pair of sunglasses to help disguise myself, but I knew if anyone who knows me were outside my long hair would be a dead give-away. The excitement of what my discreet lover and I were about to do far out-weighed the dangers of someone seeing us.

Bill and I made our way down stairs. Before he walked out he looked up and down the street to make sure it was empty.

"Okay baby wait here till I pull up front, then make a dash for my car." Bill said.

"Got ya Bill." I said reaching for his groin and giving his cock a little squeeze.

Bill laughed as he opened the door and hurried to his car a half block down the street. As I watched for him to pull up I put on my sunglasses. A familiar face walked by on the street. It was Steve Kosmerl, the student I'd talked into masturbating in my office. He looked up toward my door, but before he could see me I moved away from the window. I wondered if he knew where I lived. I passed it off as nothing more than a simple coincidence.

A moment later Bill's car came to a stop directly in front of my door. I opened the door slightly and checked for pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. Not seeing anyone I stepped out and made a mad dash for the car door. Bill reached across and pushed the passenger door open and I quickly jumped in beside him.

"Made it baby." He said as he shifted the car and began to pull away. As he braked for the stop sign at the next corner Steve stepped off the curb and began walking across in front of the car. He looked directly at me but kept walking. I was sure he'd recognized not only me, but also the man I was with. I didn't say anything to Bill. But I had a feeling that little glance would come back to bite me in the ass soon enough.

During the drive downtown Bill suggested that it might be even more exciting if one of us went alone into the shop first. That way we could flirt with each other and the rest of the men there wouldn't know we were together. They'd be more receptive to my flirting if they thought I was alone.

I agreed with his suggestion and said, "Oh yeah baby, give me three minutes to grab their attention then follow me inside."

Twenty minutes later Bill parked a few spaces down the street from Excitement Video. The storefront looked plain enough, just a neon sign mounted above the door and a small sign showing their hours of operation taped to the painted window beside the door knob. In a prior life the shop probably had displays in the two windows beside the door, but now they too were painted to shield the general public from the stores inventory.

"You ready Gen?" Bill asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I replied taking my sunglasses off and placing them on the seat beside me.

"Okay baby, I'll see you inside in a couple minutes." Bill said.

I opened the door and stepped onto the sidewalk. As I approached the store's front door it opened and an older man walked out. Our eyes met. His widened taking in the vision he'd fantasized about while inside. I stopped smiled widely at him and kind of cocked my hips expecting him to say something. He kept silent but held the door open for me. I stepped by and entered Excitement Video.

There were racks and racks full of video and DVD boxes each one a different version of the same thing. Each one with its own little porn slut pictured seductively on the cover. The place reeked with the odor of sex. Behind a glass display case an older man was seated on a backless stool. He was reading a magazine when I stepped inside but didn't look up from the countertop. I assumed he didn't even know I was there since the customer who was leaving when I entered covered up my entrance by holding the door for me.

But the sound of my heels stepping across the old wooden floor caught his attention. He looked up and did a huge double take when he first saw me, instantly he sat up straighter and sucked in his beer belly. A feeble attempt to make himself look more appealing, but his unshaven face and long straggly greasy hair gave him away. He'd have a snowballs chance in hell of ever slipping his crusty cock inside my sweet fuck tunnel.

Nonetheless I smiled widely at him letting my flirting begin. He returned my smile with a shit-eating grin of his own and said, "Good Afternoon Miss, something I can help you with?"

I stepped to the display case and let my long red tipped fingers come to rest where he would be able to see them. He glanced down at them, but instantly returned what was quickly becoming a lustful stare back to my tits and the hard nipples that pierced at the tight pink fabric of my tee shirt.

I looked down through the glass top at the assortment of dildos, vibrators, specialty condoms and assorted oils and creams inside.

"I'm looking for something special." I said.

"What would that be?" He asked.

Lifting my eyes from the display and looking directly into his lustful stare I said. "I'm looking for a big cock!"

His mouth dropped open like someone had tied a ten-pound weight to his lower jaw. He stammered to speak but before he could I said. "You know a really big cunt stuffing dildo. Preferably one with a huge bulging cock head and lots of arteries standing out alone the shaft."

He tried to speak again but the words just stuttered together, "I aw..We ah, O A there." He pointed to a display of shrink wrapped life like dildos hanging on peg board hooks along one wall of the shop.

"Why thank you kind sir." I said, quickly turning and walking seductively toward the display. I knew his eyes were glued to my ass, my long black hair swinging side to side and my long legs running from my five inch stilettos all the way up to my succulent ass. It had probably been months since a woman ventured into his shop, let alone one he could only fantasize about fucking.

As I approached the display several other patrons of this little shop of lust started noticing me. They all tried to make it look like they were studying the particular porno they were holding, but their lustful glances in my direction gave them away. Every man who saw me wanted to have me kneel before him and suck his cock, every man who saw me want to slip his cock inside my wet cunt.

I stood in front of the display of dildos waiting for my partner to enter the store. It had to be three minutes by now but Bill hadn't made his entrance. I didn't want to get too carried away with my show before he was inside and I'd be safe from being groped by one of the patrons who might be more forward than I cared for.

A moment later the entry door opened. I looked over my shoulder expecting to see my discreet lover, my partner in this little sex crime enter. But it wasn't Bill who walked inside, it was the same middle-aged man who'd held the door for me. Obviously returning to take his shot at a quick hot fuck on a lonely Sunday afternoon. I returned my attention to the dildo display acting like I hadn't noticed him return.

He had clearly figured he'd get back inside, get close to me and give it his best shot before any of the other men because he walked up behind me and started looking at the porn movie boxes directly behind where I was standing. I turned and took a step or two down the isle and bent over at the waist giving him a glimpse of my naked pussy. I figured I'd give him first look at me since he was kind enough to hold the door open when I entered this crusty establishment.

I heard him gasp as my pussy smiled as widely as I had when we made eye contact on the street. As sure as my pussy was starting to get wet from the start of my exhibitionist show for the patrons of Excitement Video this older man took his best shot as I straightened up.

"You know sweetheart, the real thing is so much better." He said.

I turned to him and grinned before saying, "Really, do you have this kind of equipment?" Pointing toward the biggest fake cock on the rack.

"Not quite, but what I lack in size I make up for in oral dexterity babe." He quickly replied.

I smiled widely at him again. For an old dude he was pretty smooth and his quick response may have won him a quick blowjob had I not promised myself to one man less than 24 hours earlier, a man who was more than fashionably late with his entrance.

I had to quickly come up with a response to this elderly come on.

I thought for a second, and then moved closer to my middle-aged suitor. "Actually I'm looking for a gag gift for a bridal shower I'm going to next week." I said hoping he'd buy that age-old story.

"Yeah, sure, what ever." He said, accepting his fate and going down in flames. He returned his attention to the rack of porn movies and I moved further down the isle, deeper into the bowels of this slimy cum reeking pit of porno.

Just as I returned my attention to the endless display of rubber cocks hanging alone the wall I hear the front door open. Glancing quickly over my shoulder I was more than a little relieved to see my discreet lover, my savior from the possible ravages that could have occurred had I entered this place alone, enter the store. Bill walked toward the counter and the beer bellied, greasy haired, unshaven clerk said, "Hey dude, what's up?"

Bill replied, "Not much Jimmy. What's up with you?"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jimmy nod in my direction directing Bill's attention to where I was standing.

"Wow never seen something like that in here before." I heard Bill whisper to Jimmy.

Jimmy, christ Bill was on a first name basis with the clerk. He must be a frequent buyer at Excitement Video. I giggled to myself wondering how big a hiding place he had keeping his obvious fetish for porn hidden from Tess' knowledge.

Bill walked toward me, but veered into the next isle instead. Now that he was safely inside I decided to turn up the heat of my exhibitionist show. I walked slowly along the isle stopping to pick a movie off the rack every once in a while. They were all mostly the same. The front cover blared the title and a seductive photo of the female star in some skimpy reveling outfit, the back cover a series of smaller photos of that same star with cocks inserted in every hole imaginable or covered with cum. Most of those reminded me of the night earlier in the week that I was covered with hot cum. My pussy got even wetter and my nipples harder as I gazed over the tiny pictures and read the short descriptions enticing a purchase.

I reached a break in the racks and moved between into the second isle where Bill was acting to or actually carefully studying the offerings in a section marked as "Group Sex".

I turned to face him but didn't acknowledge his presence. Another customer further down the isle and behind me dropped the movie he was looking at. More than likely an intentional act to be able to lean down and take a good look at my legs and what the short skirt I wore was trying to hide.

I made his effort worth it as I bent over and picked up a DVD box from the bottom shelf. I fumbled with the box giving the stranger a chance to study the moist pink slit he had hoped would be visible. Straightening up I turned so I could look down the isle toward the voyeur behind me. His eyes gave away the fact that he'd gotten a very good look at my wet cunt.

I smiled at him, and turned to face him fully, letting his voyeuristic gaze study my tits and the erect nubs of pleasure pressing against the pink fabric. Bending over again this time so Bill could see what I was showing off, I returned the DVD to the bottom shelf of the rack.

Knowing I had both men's undivided attention, I walked toward the stranger. He froze watching my seductive approach wide-eyed and open-mouthed. When I was close enough I said, "Funny how the most interesting movies are either on the bottom shelf or the very top."

As I finished saying that I stretched up to try and retrieve one of the top shelf boxes. My skirt rose up above my legs giving him a second chance to view my creamy white ass. I heard him gasp softly confirming he'd gotten another good look at my bare bottom and long legs.

I turned a little so this voyeuristic stranger could stare at my tits and the hard nipples pressing against my tee. And stare he did, clearly not caring that I knew he was checking out my chest.

I paid him no attention until I turned the box over and looked at the tiny pictures on the back.

"I can't believe the size of these porn men." I said to no one in particular.

He replied, "The only requirement to be in one of these movies is to have a really big cock and lots of thick cum.

"You're rather forward." I said.

He kind of smirked at me and answered, "Baby, you're in a porn store, and flashing your sweet ass. What do you expect?"

"I expect a gentleman's attitude." I said.

He laughed and said rather sarcastically, "Oh excuse meeeeeeee. I suppose I should have said a really big penis and lots of thick seamen."

I gave him a smirk and replace the movie before sliding by him and venturing further down the isle looking for another man to expose myself too.

I stopped half way to the back of the shop, and turned to again look at the movies being offered. Looking back toward Bill I noticed he was making his way toward me. When he got close enough I whispered, "Baby when I reach up I want you to grab my ass."

I made sure the asshole nearer the front was watching before I reached again for the top shelf. Bill's hand slipped below my skirt and he gently fondled by ass cheek. Retrieving a movie box from the shelf my skirt lowered but Bill kept his hand on my ass. I turned toward him and glanced over his shoulder making sure the other guy was watching us. He had turned to face our direction and was trying his best to give the appearance that he was looking at a movie, but I knew he was staring over the box directly at me. I slowly moved my hand to Bill's crotch and gave his cock a gentle squeeze.

I was having so much fun doing my little exhibitionist show for the horny men in the place, and at the same time becoming very aroused. But I also could hardly wait to get back to my place and watch a hot fuck movie with my lover, Bill.

I walked all the way to the back of the shop, or at least I thought it was the back. But when I got there I noticed a small doorway with a 70's style disco bead curtain hanging over it. Above the door a hand written sign said, "Private Viewing Booths". I peaked through the beads and saw a long narrow hallway with doors along the left side. This hall was the origin of the places odor, a strong smell of male seamen wafted into my nostrils. Stepping through and into the dimly lit hall I found the each door had a different movie box insert stapled to it. Finding one with its door ajar I looked inside. A small TV screen was built into the rear wall of the booth and beside was a coin box. I'd stumbled onto the peep show part of Excitement Video. The only light in the booth was from the TV, but I could clearly see a two or three inch round hole in the side wall. My excitement grew as Bill approached from the entrance to the hall.

"You know what these are Gen?" He whispered.

"Peep shows?" I replied speaking like I was asking him a question.

"But what's up with the hole in the side wall baby?" I asked.

He smiled and said, "Babe that's the glory hole. It's for sucking cock baby."

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