tagErotic CouplingsTransforming Genevieve Ch. 18

Transforming Genevieve Ch. 18


Thursday dawned cloudy damp and rather cold with a chill of winter in the New England air. As I sipped my morning coffee I wondered if Bill would contact me today. I wanted to see him; actually I needed to see him because I wanted him so much.

After a quick shower I surveyed my wardrobe deciding on a pair of tailored black slacks a white sleeveless silk blouse and a black blazer. Just in case I got a chance to be with my married lover I skipped the bra and slipped on a pair of crotch-less black lace panties. Black pumps completed the outfit. Before heading for my first class I twisted my long hair up into a bun and pierced it with a #2 pencil.

With my brief case in one hand and an umbrella in the other I made the stroll across campus to the English Department. Just before I entered the building Steve Kozmerl rounded the corner.

"Morning Ms Walker." Steve bellowed.

"Good Morning Mr. Kozmerl." I replied not wanting to get into a conversation with him knowing it would lead to when he could collect another installment of his black mail payment.

Other than the casual greeting I was able to avoid him by quickly slipping inside the door and amongst the students making their way to their first class of the day.

The early birds had already begun assembling in my class room when I stepped inside. I wouldn't have time to check my email or my voice messages to see if Bill had tried to contact me other than on my cell.

If the expressions on they faces was any indication most of my students were thinking about their plans for the up coming weekend rather than paying attention to my lecture. As I finished I reminded them that mid term exams were scheduled for the following Monday and I'd hoped that they would all spend their weekend studying.

It didn't take me long to check for messages from Bill. My disappointment over not hearing from him probably showed through out my next class. Something must be wrong I surmised. Bill had said he would contact me as soon as he could when he left me a voice mail on Tuesday. He usually said he'd call me on such and such a day or time. I wondered if perhaps Tess had somehow found out about us.

I toyed with the idea of calling his cell but decided not to. After all he had said he would call me when he could. I would just have to wait from his call.

I spent the next couple hours marking papers to fill the time until my last afternoon class. The sky outside my office window had turned very dark and a light rain had begun to fall. The idea of spending another evening alone in my apartment was quickly becoming a distinct possibility. I went through the motions with my afternoon class and was about to leave my office when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." I said.

The door swung open and Steve Kozmerl stepped in.

"Oh shit!" I thought knowing I'd have to deal with this scum bucket anyway today.

"Hi there Ms. Walker." He said with a rather cocky tone in his voice as he closed the door behind him.

"What's on your mind Mr. Kozmerl?" I asked knowing exactly what was on his mind.

I was sure his eyes were undressing me as he slowly walked across my office and stopped in front of my desk.

"Mind if I sit down Ms. Walker?" He asked rather politely.

"Go ahead Steve." I replied leaning back against my chair.

I repeated my question. "So what's on your mind Steve?" I wanted to force him to ask me the obvious question.

He stuttered as he began to speak. "I I I was wondering Ms. Walker."

"Yes?" I replied curtly.

His face turned beet red as he said. "I was wondering if you'd be interested in changing our agreement."

"Changing it in what way Mr. Kozmerl?" I asked.

He fidgeted in his seat like a young teenager. I could tell he wasn't sure how to pose his proposed change in our agreement.

"Steve just ask the question!" I finally said with my best stern professor's tone of voice.

His face somehow turned an even deeper shade of red as he spoke. "I wanna fuck you Ms. Walker." He almost blurted out and quickly added. "I've been fantasizing about it since the other day."

I leaned back further in my chair and let my blazer open. "You have; have you?" I replied.

"I know our agreement was oral sex only but I'd be willing to call us even if you agree to have intercourse with me Ms.Walker." He continued.

"An interesting proposition Mr. Kozmerl." I replied adding. "Tell me more about these fantasies you've been having."

My encouragement must have eased his mind and he instantly began to describe exactly how he'd like to fuck me.

"I fantasize that I come to your apartment to deliver some take out food." He said.

"Yes go on." I interjected.

Steve continued. "You come to the door dressed in a black lace baby doll garter silk stocking and the absolute highest stiletto heels."

"Oh my Steve!" I replied.

It was full throttle from that point forward. "You are wearing your hair just about the way you have it today and ruby red lipstick."

"You have a very vivid imagination Mr. Kozmerl." I said.

Steve continued. "As I hand you the food order you smile at me and say. I'm sorry I don't have enough cash on hand to pay you. Perhaps you can come in and we can work something out."

"My goodness Steve it sounds as though I had every intention of fucking the delivery guy when I ordered take out." I said. As I finished I moved my hands to either side of my blazer and pulled the material back so he could see that my nipples were already erect.

His eyes grew to the size of saucers and I assumed his cock began to stiffen also.

"And does your fantasy include fucking me in the ass?" I questioned him.

He blushed again and replied. "I'd love that Ms. Walker but if you don't want to..."

I cut him off saying. "I love being ass fucked Mr. Kozmerl."

Steve just smiled apparently at a loss for words knowing if I agreed he'd get to fuck all three of my holes.

"And what guarantee do I have that if I actually agree to this you'll not come back later and want more?" I asked.

"I suppose you'll just have to take me at my word Ms. Walker." Steve replied.

"Oh boy that's not much of a guarantee." I said.

"I promise Ms.Walker we'll be even." Steve said

I moved one hand to my chin and the other to a taut nipple. "You must wear protection Steve." I said.

"No problem." He instantly replied.

I decided to tease him a little. "And what makes you think I'd be such a good fuck Mr. Kozmerl?" I asked.

His courage rebounded as he replied. "If you fuck as good as you suck cock I'm certain I'll be very happy."

"Good point Mr. Kozmerl." I said.

His smile widened.

"And when would you like to fulfill this fantasy?" I asked.

He answered instantly. "You tell me when and I'll be there Ms. Walker."

"Well I am free tonight." I said giving him a seductive wink.

"Tonight would be great." Steve said.

"And what about me? What guarantee can you give me that I'll be happy also?" I asked.

Steve must have been convinced that I was buying into this sexual agreement because he slowly unzipped his fly and pulled his erect pulsing cock from his jeans.

"I can keep it this hard all night." He remarked slowly stroking the length of his stiff prick.

"Yeah but what about staying power you young boys always cum so fast." I said.

Steve laughed and said. "I can cum four or five times and the last is just as strong as the first."

"We'll just see about that Mr. Kozmerl." I said.

"So you're agreeing to my proposal Ms. Walker?" Steve asked.

I grinned and said. "Well you've got me all turned on with your fantasy so how could I not agree." His smile broadened from ear to ear as I spoke.

I looked at my watch. "I need about an hour and a half it's four thirty now. Why don't you pick up some take out and come by my apartment around six Steve."

"Perfect!" He exclaimed.

"And after tonight we're totally even right?" I asked wanting him to again confirm I'd be off his sexual hook after I fucked him.

"Absolutely Ms. Walker." He replied.

"Okay Steve I'm taking you at your word." I said then added. "If I'm gonna fuck you tonight I want you to call me Gen."

"No problem Gen." Steve instantly answered.

"Good now put that monster cock away and get outta here so I can get home and get ready for that take out delivery." I suggested.

"This is going to be so great!" Steve exclaimed as he zipped up and headed for the door.

I giggled and replied. "Time will tell how great Mr. Kozmerl.

Steve almost bounded across my office and in an instant he was gone. I sat back again in my chair thinking "Another night another cock." I was certainly not doing much to help my self esteem if I kept fucking and sucking every available cock I ran into.

But then again Bill was no where in sight so why not have a little fun with this young stud and get off his blackmail hook at the same time. He did have a beautiful cock and to be honest I couldn't wait to feel it buried deep inside me.

Fortunately I just happened to have the exact outfit he described in his fantasy and as soon as I got home I jumped in the shower. I skipped shampooing my hair since I was fairly sure it would wind up being cum covered later that night.

Wrapping a large fluffy towel around my body I sat down at my make-up table and applied that ruby red lip gloss Steve had described. That looked good, but I decided to accentuate the ruby red with very dark eye liner and lengthen my lashes with black mascara.

Glancing at my reflection in the mirror I thought. "Now that's just the slutty look that should drive him crazy."

Slipping out the the towel I stretched my black lace garter around my hips. The four straps for each stocking contrast sexily with the creamy white of my thighs. Even though Steve hadn't mentioned it I decided seamed silk stockings were in order. Carefully sliding them up over my legs so I wouldn't have any runners until later. I smoothed the tops around my thighs and clasped them to my garter.

My fingers slid along the inside of my thighs and dipped into my already wet pussy. Preparing to seduce any man always makes me wet and tonight was no exception.

Next I slid a black lace thong up over my legs and pulled it high on my hips. The lace material gave me a wonderful camel-toe further exciting me about what I expected the night to develop into.

I have a very sexy pair of black stiletto heels. Five inch heels and a slim leather strap that clasps around my ankle. I slipped them on and tightened the straps. I was fairly certain I wouldn't be taking them off anytime before I sent this horny stud on his way later tonight.

Standing before my full length mirror I surveyed my appearance. My legs looked especially long and the exposed milky flesh above my stockings looked very tantalizing. Turning around I made sure the seams of my stockings ran perfectly straight up the back of my legs.

I smiled and thought. "If this doesn't make his cock rock hard nothing will." I almost decided to answer the door dressed like this but didn't want to ruin his mental image of how I would look. I slipped a black lace baby doll over my head. It's deep vee neck line plunging below my breasts exposing every inch of succulent cleavage. I was somewhat concerned that the spaghetti thin shoulder straps might wind up being torn later but figured it's a small price to pay to get out from under Kozmerl's threat of blackmail.

I again surveyed myself in the full length mirror. With my hair still twisted up in a bun my neck stood out very well. I needed something to draw his attention to my exposed neck.

"Hmmmmmmmm... A black satin choker should do the trick." I thought.

I picked one with a tiny silver ring in front just in case Steve wanted to get a little more kinky.

I considered satin elbow length gloves but opted for bare skin instead since he'd be wearing condoms most of the night.

A dab of passionate cherry perfume behind each ear in the depth of my cleavage and along both inner thighs complete my preparations for what I fully expected to be a night of very hot sex.

Glancing at my alarm clock it was five forty. Twenty minutes to wait. I slipped on a white terry cloth robe and went into the living room to wait for my young stud.

I kept on only one dim light in the living room wanting him not to get the full impact of my seduction until I was ready to show him.

Even though his body and that wonderful youthful rock hard cock was more than appealing to me the way we'd reached this point was still rather distasteful so to take the edge off my disdain I quickly downed a double vodka.

I have to admit I had my own fantasies of fucking Kozmerl ever since I gave him that incredible blow job a couple days earlier. His cock does get incredibly hard and the matrix of veins pulsing with youthful blood excited me while I was sucking his cock. I couldn't wait to feel those pulsing veins deep in my ass. I suspected that his body is as hard as his cock and I fully anticipated that he'd be able to give me a fucking I'd not soon forget.

My wait was short lived. At five fifty five my door bell rang. Tossing my white terry cloth robe over the back of one chair I made my way to the door soothing the fabric of my baby doll and making sure my stockings were perfect.

The bell rang again as I reached for the door knob.

As the door opened Steve's grin widened. "I have your food delivery madam."

Playing along I replied. "Great I'm famished."

Steve was obviously distracted his eyes roaming over the sight before him. I prompted him saying. "Can I please have my order?"

His eyes settled on mine as he replied. "Oh yes." he said reaching out with the brown paper bag and adding "I'm sorry madam I was a little distracted."

"Only a little distracted." I answered smiling widely at him.

"I've been delivering food for almost two years on and off madam. This is the first time a customer has answered the door dressed like that." Steve remarked his eyes again surveying the sensual vision before him.

Playing the part perfectly Steve said. "That's fourteen ninety five please."

"Oh my I'm so embarrassed!" I exclaimed adding. "I forgot to stop at the ATM I'm afraid I don't have the cash to pay you."

Steve threw me a curve replying. "That's okay we take checks also."

I caught his curve ball and tossed it back to him replying. "Sorry I left my check book at work."

To avoid the obvious I said. "And my credit card is totally maxed out." A sheepish grin on my lips.

"Well my boss will make me pay for the food madam." Steve said moving his fantasy a little closer to reality.

I reached out for his hand as I suggested. "I'm sure I can make it worth your while." As I finished speaking my delicate fingers surrounded his wrist and slowly pulled him into the open door.

I slowly circled him as he stepped inside and closed and dead bolted the door with a resounding thunk.

He turned toward me as I turned and leaned back against the door. In the dim light I could still see his eyes roaming over my body. A familiar budge began to grow in the front of his jeans.

"You say you've never had a customer come to the door dressed like this?" I asked.

"Never not even remotely close to being dressed like that." He replied.

Keeping in character I asked. "What's your name?"

"I'm Steve." He replied.

"Well it's nice to meet you Steve I'm Gen." I offered.

I continued my questioning. "Do you like my outfit Steve?" I asked as I did a quick pirouette to give him a view from all sides.

"I absolutely love your outfit Gen." Was his obvious reply.

"I especially like the seamed stockings and ankle strap stilettos." Steve said.

I pressed my hands against the door and pushed my shoulders toward him making sure his eyes were fixed on my cleavage.

"Do I smell good Steve?" I continued my rather dumb questions.

"Gen you smell like heaven." He replied.

I took the bull by the horns and said. "Let's see if we can make me smell like hell baby."

His smile widened as he answered. "Yes let's see."

I slowly turned to face the door and this time placing my palms flat against it I arched my back and offered my lace covered ass to his unwavering stare.

I continued my tease. "Do you like my ass Steve?"

"Sweet ass!" He instantly said.

"Do you wanna see more Steve?" I asked.

"Uh huh." He mumbled.

I turned my head to watch him as he gazed at my ass. Slowly I moved one hand to the bend behind my knee and spread the red tipped fingers. I could see his eyes drop to my hand and I slowly began sliding it up toward my ass.

Steve kept his eyes glued to my hand as my fingernails slipped over the top hem of my stockings and onto the creamy white flesh of my upper thigh.

"Great legs!" He exclaimed.

I only smiled and continued my sensual climb along my thigh finally reaching the thin strap of lace that stretched through my loins.

"Is this what you want to see Steve?" I asked.

"Absolutely!" He said.

I hooked my index finger under the lace and lifted it off to the side exposing my glistening pussy lips.

"Oh my god!" Steve exclaimed.

"See how wet I am for you Steve?" I asked.

"I see." he mumbled.

Steve moved one hand to the now huge bulge in his jeans and tried his best to reposition the bulge so it wasn't so painfully pressing into the fabric that held it tightly.

I was quickly becoming totally entranced with this sensual seduction game we were playing and took the lead as to where this fantasy was going.

"Do you have a big hard cock for me baby?" I asked.

"For sure!" He replied.

I dipped my finger between the wet lips of my pussy and asked. "You gonna fuck this wet little pussy with that big cock Steve?"

"I'm gonna fuck that tight little pussy and a whole lot more." Steve said.

Another finger entered my wet crack as I asked. "You gonna fill this little pussy with hot sticky cum baby?" I instantly realized that I'd just invited him to shoot his hot cum in my pussy and for a moment regretted asking that question.

I think Steve recognized my slip up and replied. "I gonna shoot hot cum somewhere Gen."

"I hope so Steve." I answered.

Straightening up I slid my other hand behind my ass and spread all ten ruby red fingernails wide apart. Pulling on my ass cheeks only caused the black lace material to slide deep into my crack and I could feel the wet lips peak out on either side of the thin lace fabric.

Steve moaned and as I looked back over my shoulder he was again trying to adjust his throbbing cock inside the denim of his jeans.

"We'll have to let that bad boy out soon." I said giggling at his situation.

Steve knew that would happen soon enough and said. "Good idea Gen."

I moved my thumbs up to the top of my thong and slowly started rocking my hips. Each time I rocked forward I pulled a little more lace off my ass.

"Infuckincredible!" Steve exclaimed.

As the lace slipped off my ass I bent at the waist and slowly slipped the thong down over my stockings and stilettos.

Stepping out of the thong I again bent at the waist letting one hand slip behind and over my ass check.

"Do you like my garter and stockings Steve?" I asked.

"Do I?" He replied without hesitation.

I smiled at him over my shoulder and said. "I love wearing them for you Steve."

I moved my other hand behind and spread my ass cheeks exposing the tiny brown blossom of my ass.

"Are you gonna fuck this tight ass with your big bad cock baby?" I asked.

He groaned deeply then said. "Absofuckinlutely!"

I straightened up and turned to face him. My taut nipples piercing the lace fabric of my baby doll.

I reached up and pulled the number two pencil out of my bun and shook my head. My long jet black hair cascaded over my shoulders and down my back. Shaking my head again I smiled and said. "Let see if we can unleash that big bad cock baby."

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