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"I've had enough!" Sydney yells into her cell phone. "Fuck you Paul. Do not bother to call me again!"

She hangs up and throws her phone into the wall, smashing it into pieces. She stomps back toward her waiting friend, Rachel.

"I can't take this anymore with him," she says sitting down on the bench next to Rachel.

"Is it over?" Rachel asks, seeming sad but at the same time hopeful.

"Yes," she answers. "If I never see Paul again, it will be too soon."

"Well, what are you going to do now?"

"I don't know."

"What about girls?" Rachel asks seemingly out of the blue.

At first Sydney is thrown off. What, like dating girls?" she sputters.

"Yeah, of course," Rachel says.

"I, well, I never really thought about it," Sydney answers.

"Then why not give it a try? At most you find a girl and find out you don't like pussy. What have you got to lose?"

Sydney considers the idea and decides since she no longer has a boyfriend, she don't have much to lose.

"Sure," she says after a long moment of silence and thinking.

"Awesome," Rachel says. "I know just the place to take you."


"Yes, let's go." Rachel grabs Sydney's arm and pulls her from the bench.

They walk only a few blocks before they come to an apartment building. Rachel takes Sydney inside to a stairway that leads up to a small hallway with four doors. Rachel picks the second door on the left and knocks. A beautiful woman with large breasts opens the door.

"Hey Rachel!" the woman holding the door says with a large smile.

"Hey Michelle, this is my friend Sydney. She's having boyfriend issues," Rachel tells her.

Have no fear then." Michelle says. "I can help her out." She reaches for Sydney's hand and pulls her inside. Rachel closes the door and heads back downstairs leaving Sydney alone with Michelle.

Michelle leads Sydney through her apartment. "So Sydney, tell me about your issues," Michelle asks as they enter the kitchen.

"Well," she says taking a seat at the table. "I was dating Paul for almost two years and I just found out he's been fucking someone for months now. So I dumped his ass."

"And you've decided you'd like to give girls a try?"

"I guess you can say that. I mean I have no reason not to."

"So, do you want to give it a go?" Michelle asks abruptly.

"What? Now?" Sydney asks taken aback.

"Why not now?" There is no use talking about it and then putting it off until it never happens," Michelle reasons.

Sydney nods her agreement and Michelle takes Sydney's hand and guides her to the dimly lit bedroom.

"Don't expect the whole lesbian experience tonight," Michelle warns her. "I'm just going to get you started in that direction."

Sydney nods and smiles when Michelle leans in slowly to kiss her on the lips. The motion is smooth and soft and Michelle's lips taste like strawberries. As they kiss, Michelle moves slowly and effortlessly onto the bed, taking Sydney with her.

Excitement rolls up and down Sydney's spine as Michelle's nimble fingers explore her neck and shoulders before moving under her shirt to unhook her bra. At that moment, Michelle bites gently on Sydney's lips and pulls away from a smile. She then pulls Sydney's shirt off over her head and pulls her bra away from her breasts, which jiggle a little after the bra comes off.

Michelle pushes Sydney back onto the bed slowly as she kisses her chest. Michelle moves her hands down Sydney's body, over her breasts and stomach to her jeans. She lets her fingers work lose the button and zipper while she moves her mouth from Sydney's navel up to her breasts, kissing every bit of the way.

The jeans are undone and halfway down when Michelle starts sucking on Sydney's nipples. By the time Michelle's hands are all over her breasts, Sydney's jeans are off and on the floor.

Sydney can feel her juices flowing and it has been a long time since that has happened. Paul was this way when they first met, but somewhere along the line it all disappeared.

Sydney gets more and more into it and starts running her fingers through Michelle's hair while Michelle sucks and tweaks her nipples. Michelle pulls away and tells Sydney, "Okay, now don't freak out."

She guides Sydney's hand toward her groin. Sydney freezes and goes silent when her hand is pressed against Michelle.

"This is a transition," Michelle says as she kisses Sydney's neck and shoulder tenderly.

Sydney doesn't move or respond, so Michelle stands up and takes her panties off and lifts her skirt up so that Sydney can see her cock swinging free.

"You're a man?" Sydney asks.

"No, I'm an ordinary girl. I was just born this way."

Michelle moves closer and Sydney grabs hold of Michelle's hard cock. She notices immediately how big it is, long and thick. Sydney shrugs and reaches around to grab Michelle's wonderfully shaped ass and takes Michelle's cock into her mouth.

Sydney takes it in as deep as she can before pulling off and grabbing it with both hands. She starts stroking it slowly and gently while she leans back in and sucks on as much as she can get into her mouth. After a few minute Sydney pulls off as her saliva drips down her chin.

Michelle moves Sydney onto her back onto the bed and then she gets on her knees in front of Sydney, lifting her legs up to get a good look at her pussy, which is gushing with juice. She leans in and presses her cock against Sydney's pussy and slowly slides it into her.

Sydney's eyes shoot open as the thick cock makes room for itself inside her pussy. Michelle pushes in nearly all the way before she pulls out and pushes again. After only a few thrusts, Sydney feels like she is already going to cum and she hadn't even touched her clit.

With a few more thrusts, Sydney is sent into nothing but pleasure. She moans lightly as her juices gush out of her pussy and spray onto Michelle's balls and bed. Michelle smiles and keeps pumping away at Sydney's tight pussy. She continues thrusting in the woman, slowly and gently, throughout the orgasm.

When Sydney's orgasm subsides, Michelle pulls out and licks the pussy juice from Sydney's pussy. She sticks her tongue inside and moves her tongue around the entrance then drags her tongue up to Sydney's clit and starts circling around it with the tip of her tongue.

After a few moments, Sydney is cumming again and Michelle gracefully laps up all her juices. Once she is satisfied that Sydney isn't cumming anymore she says, "Get on your hands and knees."

Sydney obliges her and Michelle gets behind her, pressing her cock against Sydney's pussy. Michelle takes a moment to look at her tight pussy before she slides her cock in again and starts fucking her, this time harder and faster. Sydney begins moaning and gasping.

While Michelle fucks Sydney, she licks her thumb and starts running it around Sydney's asshole. Sydney moans loudly, so Michelle slides her thumb inside and starts moving it around in circles. This makes Sydney start gasping quicker and moaning louder as she comes close to another orgasm.

Sydney collapses onto her stomach, but Michelle keeps thrusting. Michelle has her legs on either side of Sydney's hips and she plunges her cock deep into her juicy pussy. Sydney pushes back as best as she can and Michelle suddenly gushes a torrent of sticky, white cum into Sydney's pussy.

Michelle collapses beside Sydney and asks, "What do you think?"

"I think I'll be back tomorrow."

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