I love autumn. As I pivoted from the drivers seat and stepped onto the curb, the cooling breeze and passing tumbling leaves gave reminders that the days would be getting cold soon. I locked the car and walked toward the park entrance where we would meet, the heels of my new boots clicking on the sidewalk. Jen would be excited to see me and I began to notice my staccato breaths and that my increasing heartbeat. We hadn't met for several days due to our personal schedules, but the added days just made the excitement build more.

On my business trip this week I was thinking of her constantly, and it was difficult to focus on work. Each moment when I could escape my colleagues was an opportunity to let my mind drift to her, and it was intoxicating. I used my personal time to wander through the shops nearby, and picked out a gorgeous pair of leather boots that I'd wear to meet her when I returned home. I knew she'd like them. I thought how she would look at me and draw close as she ran her hand under my l skirt and along my leg and touch the top of the boot as I yielded to her. But I realized I was dreaming and the fog of the lust was too intense so I needed to change my thoughts until I was home. My shopping spree had also netted some new perfume and a new blouse, and I tried to then redirect my attention to my business and travel plans to keep my passion in check until it could be acted upon.

But now I was back in our home town, and I was walking toward our favorite meeting spot. The park was a popular spot for couples and others, but in the late afternoon most would leave and we could enjoy some privacy with only the occasional passing person or group. When we had first met here, there was a secret that one of us held. We connected as two women, equals, with instant enormous desire. When the secret was shared, neither of us cared. We loved each other and our lovemaking was natural and intense and satisfying. She liked to meet me at the park, and I didn't mind.

I had worked from my apartment today and by noon I could no longer focus and my mind had turned entirely to Jen. So, I called my assistant and told her I'd be taking personal time for the rest of the day, and drew a bubble bath. I was in heaven. Each action I took in preparing for our meeting was bringing me a step closer to her, and it was satisfying. I always wanted to be my absolute best and most feminine for her, and I knew that she would notice each detail from my smoothly shaven body to my carefully painted nails. I loved to take my time getting ready, and the soulful music from the CD player in my bedroom and a glass of white wine helped me glide through the hours preceding our meeting with increasing anticipation. As I smoothed lotion over my body, and glided a new pair of nylons onto my legs, I thought of how she'd touch them later with her own soft hands.

When I adjusted and clipped each garter to the stockings, and pulled on my panties, I imagined how it would feel for her to gently kiss the insides of my smooth thighs. As I gently tightened the laces on my corset I could already feel how she'd cup my breast in her hand and the lust I'd see in her eyes. By the time I slid on my dress and applied my makeup, and slipped on my new boots and coat, I was trembling and wanted to rush to meet her. But, it was not yet been time to leave, and I turned on CNN and finished my glass of wine, a bit thankful for the break in the sexual tension that was building - too fast. My mind turned to the news of the day and it was at least a half an hour later when a short but luscious text message from Jen once again turned my thoughts to sex and our imminent meeting. I looked around to make sure my apartment was neat, and then headed out.

But now I was almost there! It was just a short walk to the bench in the park where we'd meet. I began to anticipate her. I thought of her youthful face, dark brown eyes and short brunette hair. I have always been attracted to dark haired girls - and dark eyes. It didn't matter to me what she would wear. It was equally exciting for me when she decided to dress casually as she would usually be when we met soon after her work day ended, or when she dressed in totally feminine attire. She was always clean and beautiful, and she always picked great clothes to wear on her beautiful frame.

As I entered the park I already saw her down the lane leaning against "our" tree near the bench. As I walked closer, I again felt my heartbeat quicken as I anticipated our meeting. I could see that she was holding flowers for me! As I grew near I could see her smiling, and I could see that she was wearing a sweater and jean skirt with thigh-high boots under her coat. She looked radiant and I was smiling too.

Although there were a few people walking the paths nearby, when I reached her we stepped together and embraced. I am sure that anyone around would sense that we were in love. Jen wrapped her arms around me still holding the bouquet, and we kissed deeply for several moments before we separated slightly and looked into each others eyes and said "hello" at the same time, both with lust in our voices. She handed me the flowers, but before I could say anything she was already drawing me closer again and she said "I missed you". We kissed embraced and kissed again, and I now felt like I was trembling visibly with excitement and I could not think clearly. I could smell her perfume - and mine, and my arms were around her neck and hers were around my waist, inside my open coat. We kissed again, and when we paused we were aware that we were attracting attention, and we started to walk back up the path toward my car. There was no further attempt at conversing, and we both were walking a little faster than usual to get to my car. We held hands and I smelled the flowers that I held in my other hand and thanked her. She had immediately noticed the new perfume and boots, and told me that I looked stunning. I blushed. When we reached my car, even though there were a few people nearby she paused before opening my door and gently pushed me back against the car door and gave me another deep kiss and then held me and looked into my eyes. She unlocked the car and opened my door and let me in, and she walked around to the drivers side and got in. I enjoyed letting her drive when we were together, she enjoyed driving more than I and I like to watch her doing it.

The drive to my apartment only took a few minutes, and we held hands but didn't say much on the way. We were both feeling lust, and anything we would say would divert our attention from what we were most interested in. I was anxious to be in her arms in the privacy of my apartment.

When we finally arrived and I'd unlocked the door and we had both stepped inside, we embraced and kissed intensely. She pushed me slowly backwards until she had gently pinned me to the wall in the softly lit entrance hall. We were kissing deeply our tongues mixing in feminine heat. she released me from the wall enough to pull my coat off, then she pulled her own off and tossed both aside. As she pushed me back against the wall she slid her hand inside my dress and cupped my corset-encased breast in her hand as she began to kiss me deeply again. I had my hands on her waist, and then started to slide my hands under her sweater. She began to kiss me on the neck and she was eagerly caressing both of my breasts now and one of her thighs was pressing firmly into my already moist crotch. I wanted to fuck her NOW, and I coarsely whispered "bedroom". She immediately moved herself away and pulled me quickly by the hand down the hall to the left to my bedroom, the high heels on our boots both clicking noisily on the hardwood floors.

In the bedroom she pulled off her sweater and tossed it aside and quickly unzipped my dress. I pulled the dress sleeves off of my arms and let it slip to the floor. For a moment we both admired each other. I cooed as I looked at her ample tits still held by a lacy black bra, and she scanned my primped body in matching white corset, panties and garter belt. I now moved to her and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, she stepped out of it in her boots. She was not wearing stockings and now could see the lacy panties that matched her bra.

We were standing close to the bed, and i kissed her on the mouth while I guided her back to sit on the edge of the bed. I broke from her kiss and dropped down to slip off her boots. Now on my knees on the floor between her legs, I pulled Jen toward me slightly and buried my face in her breasts and bra. I loved the way she smelled and the softness of her skin! I kissed the exposed part of her breasts and then kissed her neck. As I started to kiss her breasts again and moved my hand to her thigh, she gently stood up again and guided me to do the same, and she undid the clasps on the front of my corset and removed it, setting my breasts free. Now she turned me around, kissed me and pushed me back onto the bed. I pulled myself up so that my head was on the pillows and spread my legs as I was now entirely ready to yield to her. She crawled up the bed on her hands and knees and came to me. She held herself over me and looked into my eyes, and began to grind her pelvis into mine. We were two girls in heat.

She continued to grind her black panties into my white panties, and she lowered her head and began to kiss me. I pushed my pelvis up against hers and we gyrated as we kissed. I cupped her breasts in my hands and stroked her nipples which were full and hard now and they peeked out of the top of her bra. She growled with pleasure. She took one hand now and reached down and rubbed my nylon clad leg, and slowly traced the top of the stocking and the garters with her fingers, still grinding and kissing. I reached up and undid the clasp on the front of her bra, and her beautiful tits now were hanging free and touching mine. She stopped kissing now and lifter herself slightly while I kneaded her breasts and nipples. She reached to the night stand close to the bed, opened the drawer and removed a condom.

She tore the condom package open with her teeth, but I reached out and took it from her and said "no Jen, let me do it".


... to be continued. Which of these girls has the cock? You decide. Write me an email at and tell me if you'd prefer Jen (the more assertive "top" girl) to have it, or the first person writer on the "bottom". I'll write the next segment based on your responses. Regards, Kim.

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