tagIncest/TabooTransparent Ch. 02

Transparent Ch. 02


I would like to give a big thank you out to Jenna for being so kind to edit my story. I encourage you to read and rate my story. Thank you

It was early afternoon as I sat in front of the mirror in my bedroom. My eyes remained closed as my mind raced with mixed emotions. I continued to replay the events of Christmas Eve over and over in my head as I tried to figure out why it happened. Slowly my eye lids lifted and I peered into my brown eyes in the mirror.

I just stared at myself as I continued to wonder about the person I was becoming. After Christmas Eve I knew for sure that I was now a lesbian. How would I tell my parents and would they accept me? What would they think of me if they ever found out what happened that night? I had to be careful because I did not want to ruin our family structure. As I sat there I decided then that I would not go over to my aunt's house to celebrate New Year's Eve.

I jumped off of my chair and went down to the family room to watch television. My mother was in the kitchen making dinner as I turned on the television. Looking at the clock I knew my dad would be home soon as I settled into the soft sofa and pulled a blanket over me.

The show was boring and I soon found myself dozing off. I was warm and comfortable and dinner smelled good. I became startled as the doorbell rang. I would have got the door but my mother scooted past and answered it.

"Oh hello Christine," my mother said as my eyes opened wide.

Together they walked into the family room and sat on the love seat directly across from me. My heart began skipping beats as my aunt sat down and crossed her legs. She was dressed in a formal business suit but her feet got my attention. She had on another strappy pair of heels and much to my delight she did not wear stockings. Looking up at her face my heart stopped beating momentarily as she caught my lingering gaze upon her feet.

My aunt smiled at me and said hello as she began to bounce her beautiful foot up and down, teasing me to no end. Her nails were painted red and her long slender toes looked magnificent, as they were perfectly straight. As they made small talk my eyes again returned to her feet, reminding me of what happened Christmas Eve. My mother excused herself to go to the kitchen. Looking up at my aunt she smiled and winked at me.

"Please tell me you are coming over tonight?" my aunt asked as she bounced her foot a little harder.

"I don't know," I said. "I think I am just going to stay home tonight," I said as I tried to look at her face and not her feet.

Just then my mother returned to the family room and sat down next to my aunt. As my aunt turned her attention to her sister I turned my attention to her feet. I began to breathe heavier and I slowly reached between my legs and squeezed my pussy through my sweat pants. I was soaked. With the frumpled up blanket covering me I carefully slipped my hand down my pants and under my panties. My finger slipped into my slippery crevice as I gazed longingly at my aunt's feet. I could still taste her toes from a week earlier as I closed my eyes for a moment and became lost in what was happening. As I opened my eyes I realized that my mother and aunt were now standing.

"Damn, I was so close," I thought to myself as I removed my hand from my panties. Together they walked to the door as my aunt said good bye to me when she walked past. My mother returned to the kitchen and my aunt paused before she left.

"I hope you change your mind and come over tonight," said as she winked at me before walking out the door.

I just laid there under the blanket trying to compose myself. I pulled my hand up from under the blanket and smelled my scent on my finger. Making sure my mother was in the kitchen I stuck my finger in my mouth and tasted myself, wondering if this is what my aunt tasted like. Quickly and quietly I tossed the blanket aside and hurried to the bathroom. Once there I held onto the edge of the sink and looked up into the mirror. My hair hung down and I was flush in the face. I just kept looking at myself, trying to figure out why and how I got myself into this incestuous situation.

My underwear was wet so I removed them after I used the restroom. I could not believe how swollen and wet my labia was as I wiped myself dry. I had no choice but to pull my sweat pants up with no panties on as I balled them up in my hand. Just then, my dad knocked on the door.

"Shit," I thought to myself as I didn't hear him come home.

I opened the door and walked past him quickly, hoping that he wouldn't see what was in my hand.

"Well Brit, at least you could say hello," my dad said as I scooted past him and raced up the stairs two at a time.

"Hi dad," I yelled as I reached the top of the stairs.

Quickly I closed my door and leaned up against it. I stood there trying to catch my breath as I stared up at the ceiling. "How could my aunt's feet have this much control over me?"

Finally I made my way over to my hamper and tossed my damp panties into it. As I took my first step toward my dresser for a pair of underwear, there was a knock at the door. I froze.

"Brit, dinner is ready," my father said as he turned the knob and opened my door.

"Well, let's go eat," I said as I walked over to him and together we descended the stairs. As we made our way to the kitchen I could not believe I was about to eat dinner with my parents while not wearing any panties. It was something I never did before but as we ate, I found it to be highly arousing. I guess it was the naughtiness of it.

I helped my parents clean up after dinner. Walking around with no panties on kept my pussy swollen. It wasn't long before my parents excused themselves to go get ready for the party they were attending. As they got ready I went and laid back on the sofa to watch television.

There was nothing to watch that held my attention so I just shut the television off and closed my eyes. It was going to be a nice evening as my parents would be gone until the next day and I would have the house all to myself. I again found myself thinking about my aunt's feet. I felt a rush of moisture in my pussy as I thought back to when I held my aunt's beautiful foot in my hand and lifted her toes to my lips. Just then I was startled as my mom and dad walked into the family room to tell me that they were leaving for the evening.

I jumped off of the sofa and walked with them to the door. They looked fabulous as my father was wearing his suit and my mother had a lovely black dress on. What caught my attention however were my mother's feet. Never before did I ever look at her feet this way but they looked really nice as she was wearing open toe heels. My eyes were glued to her feet as I noticed the intricate detail of her ankles moving with each step she took. They walked out onto the porch and I closed the door behind them before making my way back to the sofa.

Again there was nothing on television so I went up to my room. I walked over to my desk and grabbed a romance novel to read. I jumped onto my bed and turned the lamp on before curling up with a blanket. I really didn't want to read but there was nothing else to do. Page after page, chapter after chapter I made my way through the book. I grew tired so I folded the corner of the page I was on and closed my eyes. I could feel myself drifting off into neverland. I was so relaxed and I fell asleep.

A short time later I awoke. I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was almost ten o'clock. My friends all had dates for the evening but I still wanted to have some fun. Just then I decided that I would go to the club down town to hang out.

I pulled myself from my bed and got dressed. Even though I was enjoying walking around the house without panties on I could never go out in public like that. I decided to wear a modest dress that came down past my knees and flats. I put my dress on first to see what it would feel like to be so naughty and not have underwear on. It felt incredible as I walked around my room. Just the thought of being bare underneath sent shivers down my spine. I walked back to my dresser and retrieved a nice new pair of white panties to wear. After a few more minutes of primping I checked myself out in the mirror. I didn't see anything spectacular, just lil ole me.

I grabbed my keys and out the door I went. I drove to the club and paid the ten dollar cover charge and went inside. It was just as I suspected, everyone was coupled up. There were very few single people and almost everyone was a guy. Before I could get to the bar to order a glass of wine I got hit on. I politely declined but he was persistent. Finally I just looked at him and told him that I was a lesbian and that I was not interested. I don't think he believed me but he finally gave up and left me alone.

I walked around the club and enjoyed the music. I positioned myself against the wall across from a couple sitting at a table in front of me. The girl was stunning as she was wearing every woman's go to piece of clothing, the little black dress. Her face was gorgeous, her body was smoking hot and her feet made my mouth water. I couldn't pull my eyes from them.

As I stood against the wall I closed my eyes and imagined holding her feet in my hands. The thought of feeling her soft flesh in my palms, the top of her foot against my cheek, and her toes against my lips was intoxication. I could feel my breathing begin to grow heavier as my panties began to get damp. Again I took another peek at her feet. They looked so delicious. Not wanting to get noticed as a pervert I decided to move on.

I came across so many beautiful feet over the next half hour or so. I was so horny at the moment that my knees were growing weak. I decided to leave and go back home to climb in bed to masturbate to the many visions of sexy feet that I just saw. I made my way out of the club and to my car. I could not wait to get home to relieve some of the sexual tension that I was filled with. After starting my car I became more brazen than at any time in my life. I reached under my dress and I pulled my panties off.

I tossed them on the seat next to me. I could feel my pussy swelling even more as I drove. The thought of and the feeling of not wearing panties in public was incredible. As I sped down the road I decided to turn down the street that my aunt lived on. I wanted to see if she was having a party and to see how crowded it was. I slowed down as I pulled up to her house and I was surprised to see that it was completely dark except for the Christmas lights.

I put my car in reverse and backed up slowly and then pulled up her driveway. I couldn't believe I was here, the same place where I was a week ago when I had an incestuous interlude with my aunt. I knew I shouldn't be here but it was as if my hand had a mind of its own as I turned the key and shut my car off. Almost as if I was possessed I opened the door and got out. The cold rush of air under my dress felt incredible against my smoldering cunt. Slowly I walked up to the porch, pausing before I took the last step up. Once on the porch I again took a moment to ask myself if I should really be here.

"I will only stay for a little bit," I said to myself as I reached up and pushed the doorbell.

My heart was racing and my knees were practically shaking as I waited patiently. Just then, a lamp turned on and the door opened.

"Oh my gosh, you came," my aunt said as she pushed the door open farther so I could walk in past her.

Immediately I felt a little weird. She was wearing just a bath robe and she looked like she was getting ready for bed. I walked into the family room and sat on the sofa. My aunt followed me and sat down next to me.

"I'm glad you came," she said as she crossed her leg and began to bounce her foot almost as though she was trying to tease me.

Trying not to stare at her foot I looked up at her. "I feel bad, are you getting ready for bed?"

"No silly, I was just getting ready to get a glass of Champaign and relax in the hot tub. Come, join me, I have plenty of Champaign and towels," she said as she stood up and pulled me up by my hand in the process.

It felt weird yet exciting as I held my aunts hand as she led me out of the family room, down the hallway, and then finally into her bedroom, the same room we brought each other to incredible orgasms just one week earlier. When she let my hand go a slight feeling of disappointment washed over me. I watched as she walked to her closet and retrieved another bath robe.

"Here, get undressed and put this on and then join me out on the balcony in the hot tub," she said as she tossed the plush robe at me and pointed to the French doors on the opposite side of her room.

"But...I can't," I stammered as I knew I didn't even have panties on to wear in the hot tub. "I didn't bring a swimsuit.

Suddenly my aunt stopped after she pushed the lever on the door down and pushed the door open. She turned her head back at me and spoke. What she said floored me. "We don't wear clothes in the hot tub, it's not good for the filter."

I felt my knees grow weak from shock and desire. I watched my aunt turn and walk out onto the balcony. My heart was racing and my mind told me to stop and get the hell out of here but instead I stepped into the bathroom and took a deep breath as I looked at myself in the mirror. The dim lighting, the smell of the aromatic candles glowing in the room and the sight of my aunt's beautiful feet were sending me into an erotic zone like I never felt before. Even though I knew what happened last week and what was most likely going to happen again tonight was completely wrong, I just couldn't resist.

I quickly pulled my coat and dress off. I gazed at myself in the mirror as I reached behind and unhooked my bra. As I pulled my arms through the straps my breasts became visible as the two soft supporting cups of my bra fell to the floor. Instantly my nipples ached as they stiffened and pointed slightly upward. I picked up the robe and put it on. I took one final deep breath as I stared into my own brown eyes in the mirror. I knew that once I walked through those balcony doors my life would change forever.

Slowly I walked out of the bathroom and across the soft carpeting. Even though what was happening was wrong, it did feel right. For once in my life it seems like I finally met someone who understands me. I paused for a moment as my hand rested lightly on the gold door lever. I took one last deep breath and pushed down until the lever moved and then pushed the door open.

I stepped out onto the balcony into the darkness. The only lighting came from the lights in the hot tub and the candles that were in the corners. I noticed that there was two glasses of Champaign already poured as I slowly pulled the strap of my robe.

"The water feels incredible," my aunt said as she shifted her position which allowed her breasts to come just above the top of the water. "Come on baby, its cold and I already have a glass of Champaign poured for you."

My breathing was erratic as I pulled the tie completely apart. The front of my robe opened and I was completely exposed to my aunt. As I pulled the robe from my body I never took my eyes off of hers. I tossed the robe onto one of the Adirondack chairs and just stood there naked for a moment. My breasts ached as my nipples grew incredibly hard from the chilly air. My pussy ached and I could feel my moisture run down my inner thigh. Suddenly my aunt stood up and stepped toward me.

"Let me help you," she said as she reached out for my hand to help me step into the bubbling spa. As I stepped into the water my eyes found her pussy, which was completely shaven except for a small landing strip. The water felt incredible as I put my second foot in and together we sat down across from one another.

My aunt reached over and picked up a goblet and handed it to me. She then picked up the other one and reached out to the middle of the spa in front of me. I lifted my glass to meet hers in the middle.

"Cheers and Happy New Year," she said as our glasses clanked together.

As we both took a sip of Champaign she moved over to the other corner on my side of the spa. Quickly and quietly we both finished our Champaign without saying a word. She reached over and picked up the bottle and refilled our goblets before setting the bottle back down. After taking another sip we just stared into each other's eyes. The ambiance of the evening heightened my arousal. As I set my goblet down on the edge of the spa I felt something against my foot.

"It has been such a long week," my aunt said softly as I realized that it was her foot that was touching mine.

I closed my eyes as I felt her tender soft flesh caress the top of my foot. "I had so much fun on Christmas Eve," she said as her foot slowly began to slide up over my shin. Instinctively I moved my other foot to her lap until her hand grabbed my foot. Not a word was said as she began to caress my foot, paying particular attention to my long, slender toes. Her foot continued to rub farther and farther up my leg until her toes began to slide against my thigh.

My legs parted as her toes pushed farther up my inner thigh. Suddenly my foot felt cold. I opened my eyes as my aunt lifted my foot out of the water, exposing it to the cold winter air. She held it in her hand in front of her face as she gazed longingly into my eyes. I grasped her foot in my own hands as I watched the steam coming off of my foot. Our gaze lingered for an eternity as the bubbles in the water popped and the steam created a fog like atmosphere.

"Brit, your feet are so beautiful," she said as she lifted my foot higher until she tilted her head and caressed the top of my foot with her cheek, never removing her eyes from mine.

Without saying a word she continued to slide her cheek over my foot until she kissed it softly. I could feel her toes begin to wiggle in my hand as she kissed the top and sides of my foot over and over. Her lips felt warm and soft as they slowly slid down the top of my foot to my toes.

We continued to stare into each other's soul as she began to kiss each toe one at a time. "I love your feet Brit," she said as opened her mouth and licked her top lip with such seduction I nearly came.

Just then I felt her foot pressing against my hands as her toes inched closer and closer to my pussy. Suddenly I gasped as I watched my aunt begin to lick my toes with her incredibly skilled tongue. A low guttural moan escaped my lips as her foot inched closer to me and her toes touched my cunt. As I stared into her beautiful eyes I watched as her luscious lips parted and my big toe disappeared into her mouth.

"Ughhhhhhh," I moaned out over the sound of the hot tub as the feeling of her warm mouth felt incredible on my toe.

My aunt began to swirl her tongue around my toe while her toes pushed harder against my cunt. I spread my legs farther and I gasped in pleasure as one of the water jets suddenly began to stimulate my pussy. The bubbling water felt incredible and the gaze in her eyes told me she had the same feelings as me.

She looked incredibly beautiful as she removed her mouth from my toe only to slide my second toe past her lips. The feeling of her sucking on my second toe sent electrical impulses shooting up my leg directly to my cunt. I had no choice but to let go of her foot and hold on to the edge of the hot tub to steady myself. As I did, she pushed her toes farther into my pussy, causing me to gasp over and over. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as my impending orgasm began to build.

As my aunt continued to rub my pussy with her toes I began to rock my hips up and down to meet her thrusts. Her toes felt so fucking good to be sliding up and down my slippery slit. As I began to buck against her I felt her toes begin to penetrate me further and further. Just then, I began to cum.

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