tagGroup SexTransportation at its Best

Transportation at its Best


I had flown on the client's private jet before, but only for short one hour jaunts. This would be the first time traveling half way across the country with Joe and his wife Sue, a former tattoo artist, along with two others from my office. Here I was flying with a couple who I have heard love a bit of kinky sex, my gay boss, and a newly divorced big bosomed colleague.

Shortly after take off, Joe mixed bloody marys; conversation was light and friendly as we all maneuvered our seats into positions that allowed us to spread out better. It was after the first round of drinks when Joe and his former tattoo artist wife turned to me.

"This being your first long flight with us, you should know that we have certain way of welcoming you," he said as his wife moved over closer to me. Her hand was on my thigh and my colleague, Betsy, was on the other side of me when Joe spoke again.

"We like to make sure our guests have a pleasurable and enjoyable flight." His grin was wide, my boss smirking as he eyed my growing bulge.

That must have been a signal that it was a go. I felt my colleague's hand slide over my chest, unbuttoning my shirt and spreading it wide while the wife's hands were busy undoing my belt, sliding my zipper down. I felt my Betsy's ample breasts press against my arm as she bent down and flicked her tongue across my nipple. Betsy's hand played with one nipple while her mouth sucked on the other. I moaned and arched my body pushing my bulge into Sue's hand as she groped and fondled. Sue's eyes were full of lust as she knelt between my legs running her long fingers along my thighs, scraping them with her nails.

Before we even reached crusing altitude I was in heaven, warm wet lips and tongues tantalizing every nerve ending. I was soon naked, hard and loving every minute of it. Sure, it was a little intimidating and embarrassing to be spread out naked in front of my boss, but the lips of the former tattoo artist mouthing my cock, teeth lightly grazing the skin, was all it took for me to forget all about inhibitions.

Both ladies knelt between my spread legs taking turns pleasuring my balls and cock. I watched the combination of my pre-cum and the mouths making my balls and cock glisten. I spread my legs further as Sue sucked my balls in, pulling them away from my mouth. My hips rose from the seat wanting my cock to be deeper into Betsy's throat. Her suction forced more pre-cum out, her tongue quickly lapping at the head to drink it in.

I felt myself bucking; probing deeper into whichever mouth was on my cock, moaning as teeth bit into my balls. I grunted and groaned, knowing my cock was about to explode. I watched as Becky and Sue stopped licking my cock and kissed. Seeing their tongues play with my cock jerking against the cheeks was so damn erotic. I ran my fingers through their hair encouraging them to continue.

Sue pulled her mouth back long enough to strip off Becky's white lacey top. Finally I was able to see the breasts of my secret desires. I reached down and fondled them as the ladies went back to the mouth fucking. My fingers toyed with her nipples teasing them to hardness. I grasped one firmly and felt just how large they were.

Sue whispered something to Betsy and both looked up and smiled at me. Sue moved up along side of me kissing and licking my neck while Betsy moved between my legs. She held my cock against her breasts and began a slow teasing titty fuck like none I had ever received before. Her breasts were soft and the pre-cum leaking made them slippery as well.

I let out a yelp as Sue bit down hard on my nipple. I grabbed her head and pulled her mouth to mine, shoving my tongue in to taste her. I began swiveling my hips fucking Betsy's tits with earnest. Her lips were soft and moist as we kissed passionately. I unbuttoned her blouse and massaged her breasts as we explored each other.

All too soon she pulled away, looked into my eyes and murmured she was thirsty. I smiled figuring she'd be the one to suck me down and swallow my load. Sue licked and nibbled her way down my chest and stomach until her nose touched my swollen dick.

Together Sue and Becky went back to sharing my cock and balls. Once again my cock was glistening with saliva as they seemed to have fun seeing who could suck in more of me. My balls were tight and I could tell I was back on the edge of exploding. They could tell as well, for at just the right moment my colleague let go of my cock and together they watched as my cock spurt the first of my cream. A thick white rope of sperm splashed onto my abs. They watched and continued mouthing my dick as I splatter more across my chest. I groaned as my cock shot its load.

I lay panting and watching the two sexy ladies licking up my come. When Tim, my boss spoke up, "That's just the appetizer; we still have over three hours before we land."

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