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Transsexual Cream: Str8 Man's Dream


He was a hot-headed man: everyone knew that. Darryl was quick to let rip with his fists and ask questions later. One wrong move, one wrong look and he was in your face and pushing for a fight.

However, it wasn't as if he was an eighteen year old, trying to find his way in the world. Darryl was now thirty three and had two failed marriages behind him and a string of kids to other women besides. The locals in his small town were getting a tad tired of him and his quick-tempered ways. Even his drinking buddies weren't that keen on his company anymore and every time he set foot inside the hotel bar where he liked to hang out the poor barman debated whether to put in a call to the cops, just in case.

Things were ever as they had been when Darryl came into the bar one Friday night. He was in a foul mood and the first beer hardly touched sides as it sloshed down into his belly. He quickly demanded the barman line up another. Eyes rolled skyward. Just then the door opened and in sashayed the most exotic creature that little town had ever seen. She was tall, impossibly blonde, and statuesque. Her cheekbones were so high they were practically in her skull, her nose was but a little button; her large eyes were ablaze with some inner life but highlighted by make-up of theatrical proportions and her plump lips were of the reddest, sluttiest hue you ever did see.

Thrusting her big boobs out over the bar she asked for a glass of white wine in the huskiest voice that Bill, the barman, had heard on a woman in a long time. In fact, it wasn't since he had been in Thailand some thirty years ago and made that one dreadful mistake had he heard anything so throaty. But she sure looked a million dollars; come to think of it, so had his conquest that night. Bill was wary when he saw the interest that Darryl took in this stranger. If his misgivings were correct fists were going to fly and she wouldn't look so pretty in the morning.

'I'd stay away from him if I were you,' he whispered to the tall blonde 'he has something of an attitude problem.'

'Just the way I like them.' she replied before erupting in a chortle that sounded like a chainsaw firing up.

The men in the bar were putty in her hands. They were moths around her manufactured flame and even Bill, who figured maybe he knew a little something that they didn't, was drawn in. But there was only one man that she was interested in. Darryl's pride knew no bounds as she flirted and preened around him. His cock lurched in his snug jeans; how he would love to give her what she seemed to be asking for. But he was wary; his ex-wives' accusations still rang in his ears: lousy lover, selfish, useless, all cock and no thrust.

He just didn't know what with hell the matter with him was. Anymore, the thought of sex got him hellishly excited but the moment he entered a woman his interest waned; if he didn't think 'those' thoughts, if he held on to his crazy fantasy, his erection would shrivel away leaving them both frustrated. Back when he was about twenty he and Ben had gone upstairs with an older woman and her husband. The two young stallions had rogered her senseless while her husband had sat and watched while he jerked himself off. It was a crazy situation for a small town boy but Darryl took it in his stride, the couple had left the hotel the next day and the incident was soon forgotten.

But now, damn them! Ben and that stranger haunted his dreams. At first, if he just thought about them being there, watching him, he could do it; he could get his cock up and pleasure a woman as well as he had when he was younger. He couldn't understand this and tried to shake it from his brain but it was no use. Darryl was not the kind of man who knew what to make of what he considered such devious desires. But it only got worse. Recently he was with a really hot woman and he knew he risked losing his erection; he called them up, the pair of devils that lurked in the shadows, but it didn't work.

'Honey, we could wait a little.' He heard her say.

It was only when he allowed the pair deeper into his fantasy that he salvaged the situation. Now the husband didn't just watch: he stood over Darryl, jerking his big cock and Ben wasn't feeding his cock to the hungry wife. Oh no! How the hell had this happened? It was Darryl that was greedily slurping on Ben's thick hog. And he grew hard, so hard that she was soon riding the tiger to ecstasy. Her moans filled the room and before long she was begging him to cum. No sooner had he cum than the feelings of guilt washed over him and he got up from that rumpled bed without a further word, and dressed and left without a backward glance. She wasn't the first woman to deflate and crumple after spending time with Darryl.

But Magenta, for that was the name she went by, was made of sterner stuff. She shifted uneasily on her stool as her tucked-away cock started to inflate. Damn, she wanted this hot-headed stud with his sexy brown eyes and his crew-cut dark hair and his powerful forearms. She loved the way he filled out his jeans: a nice cup of nuts out front and a firm, fleshy butt in the rear. He didn't smile much, but then which surly fucker did. The thought of taming this beast, of making him surrender to her girth and steel, made her so horny she felt a flush creep across her face. She brushed her red nails across her nipples and Darryl excused himself to go take a piss.

'Look, I don't mean to be butting into your business,' Bill said to her 'but that guy is trouble.'

'I can handle him.' Magenta told him.

Bill was flustered. How could he make this woman see the danger she was in.

'I don't think you understand,' he continued. 'Darryl's has been in all sorts of trouble for losing his cool. If he finds out what I think you're keeping in that tight skirt of yours...'

Bills' voice trailed away. He hadn't meant it to come out like that. And he couldn't understand why he felt a sudden rush of blood to his head.

'Am I allowed to come round behind the bar?' Magenta asked.

Bill didn't reply. He knew that she would, whether he said no or not. She came around and, with her back to the bar counter, lifted her skirt. Bill flushed bright red. She pulled aside her panties, revealing one of the fleshiest cocks Bill had ever seen. It put his own little thing to shame. He quickly looked around: no-one else could see what she was showing him and he couldn't resist it, he reached out and traced his forefinger down the length of that big thing until it reached the soft foreskin. Bill was so horned up and boned up he was about clean out of his mind as he took that big cock in his hand and milked back the foreskin, revealing a moist red head.

'That's about enough.' She purred as she pulled her cock out of his hand and tucked it away and dropped her skirt.

'I hope you know what you're doing.' Bill said.

'Probably better than you know what you're supposed to be doing.' She said softly as she nodded towards a customer waiting at the bar. Then in a louder voice she added 'And I'll expect you to have some Vouvray for when I next visit, Bill.'

'Certainly, Madam.' Bill replied as he tried to banish from his mind the thought of getting down on his knees in front of this exotic creature and reliving his one crazy moment in an otherwise routine life. Lucky bastard, that Darryl. Bill only hoped he knew what to do with so much cock.

Half an hour later Bill watched as Darryl and Magenta kissed and cuddled. He was standing there and feeling really jealous when the pair came up to him.

'What time do you shut the bar?' she asked.

'About ten minutes time.' Bill replied.

He watched her take her hotel key out of her handbag and show him her room number.

'Wanna come up and have a little fun?' she asked.

'But, but...' Bill was speechless. Sure he wanted to! But what about Darryl? But at least if he went up with both of them he could keep Magenta safe.

'There's plenty for two.' Magenta told him and Bill could feel desire course through his body.

All he could do was nod. He practically threw his customers out of the bar and raced up the stairs with his heart pounding in his ribcage. He stood outside her door and tried one last time to talk himself out of it but it was no use. He was like a lamb led to slaughter. His cock throbbed in his underpants; he couldn't remember when last it had felt so alive. Suddenly his big belly and big butt melted away, the grey at his temples was gone, the lines around his eyes miraculously vanished. He felt young again. He was Tarzan, Thor and Hercules all rolled into one. He gently rapped on the door.

Magenta opened it and she pulled him into a kiss. His cock started leaking precum as he kissed this gorgeous creature and he wondered if Darryl knew the surprise that was in store for him. Magenta was one fine kisser and she sure knew what to do with her hands as they raked down Bill's spine and fondled his big, round cheeks. Darryl watched them kiss and couldn't keep his hand away from rubbing the big bulge that had appeared in his jeans.

Magenta broke off the kiss and went and kneeled before Darryl. She took off his shoes and socks and started to undo his jeans.

'I wanna see you suck Bill's cock.' Darryl whispered.

He couldn't afford to disappoint this amazing woman by having his cock go soft on him. She had already had a good feel of it and knew its size and how hard it could get. But now, if she got Bill's cock out first, he was home safe. He stifled a gasp as she knelt before Bill and undid his trousers and pulled down his underpants. His thin cock was so rigid that it slapped up against his furry belly as she freed it from its cotton cage. And then those red lips parted and she took Bill's cock into her mouth and Darryl knew he was going to be just fine.

He watched Magenta greedily sucking on Bill's small member and was pleased that he had more to offer her. But he knew too that without Bill's pale flesh, without that cock and balls and that big, hairy butt his interest in Magenta would wane. And now he was tempted, almost overcome by a desire to touch the older man. He wondered how he would react but all too soon it was Darryl's turn to receive Magenta's attention. She stripped him out of his clothes and wrapped her hand around the base of his big cock. If he noticed how large her hands were he didn't hold on to that thought. All that mattered were those warms lips wrapped around his knob, giving him the most amazing sensations. Her long red nails raked down his thighs and across his big, plump, smooth balls. Instinctively he opened his legs wider and was genuinely shocked when she suddenly switched tactic and jammed her hot tongue up his butthole.

Darryl had never experienced such a thing before though he had often fantasized about it. In his dream the voyeur husband would climb between Darryl's legs while he fucked the man's wife and lick his butthole before Ben...before Ben! Oh, it was too much he couldn't even form the words, but his fantasy went on without him giving voice to it. Ben would enter him, take him, make him submit and all of the anger and frustration and confusion in his life would ebb away as Ben's big cock thrust up into him.

But that was fantasy: this was real. That hot tongue was burrowing up his chute giving Darryl pleasure like he had never known. A huge string of pre-cum oozed out of the big cock as he held his legs wide apart. And then Bill got up on the bed and knelt over him and Darryl found himself looking up at that beefy butt and suddenly he couldn't find the brakes. All rational thought drained from his mind as he brought his hands up and pulled Bill onto his face. The younger man was surprised by how much this strange muskiness and texture turned him on and he went into a feeding frenzy, munching down on Bill's butt as if it were the only meal left on earth.

Darryl felt as if he had been plugged into the mains; electricity shot through his body from ass to mouth and back again. He could hear Bill moaning and groaning above him as he ground that beefy butt down onto dangerous Darryl's hungry tongue. Bill's mind was thrown back thirty years to when his bar beauty had suddenly flipped him over before kissing him and then giving him the shock of his young life as she entered his virginal hole. And now, in only his second encounter of this kind, he was experiencing the most delicious rimming and that from a straight guy, like himself. Bill couldn't help laughing out loud. This was one crazy, fucked up little session they were having but he loved it.

Bill looked down at Darryl's big cock. It was very pale with an angry looking red knob; he could clearly see his brown circumcision scar and he couldn't resist touching it. Now he pressed finger and thumb behind the flared cap and squeezed and watched more joy-juice leak out. And Bill was compelled – yes, that's the word, he told himself – he was compelled into gathering up a gloop of the clear liquid on his thumb and bringing it up to his mouth. The love nectar slid over his tongue and inflamed his lust. Wrapping his fist around the base of that thick cock he guided it into his mouth and sucked it the best way he knew how. It was the first time he had ever done such a thing, having managed to avoid Jasmine's cock completely back in Thailand.

Darryl was writhing around on the bed now like a sexed up serpent itching to shed its skin. He had a tongue in his ass, a furry, musky pit on his face and his cock was buried inside a warm mouth. It was time to let go of his fantasies; this was real sex and he knew in that moment what he was: a total and utter man-slut. He couldn't decide which he wanted more, to sink himself into Magenta's warm, wet pussy or to offer up his virgin hole to Bill. Darryl reached round now to have a good feel of Bill's cock. It was fairly small and thin and he figured it would make a good cock to get poked by for the very first time. He slid his fingers up the steely hard shaft and onto the slender head that was coated in precum. Bill came off of Darryl's cock and groaned out loud; the sensations in his cock and ass were getting a little too much and he needed to cool off before he shot his bolt.

Climbing off of Darryl Bill went up to Magenta and gently eased her to her feet. Her eyes were glazed with lust.

'I want to fuck him so bad.' she whispered in his ear.

'Fuck me first so that he can see what you've got.' Bill whispered back.

She nodded and Bill found himself drawn into a kiss. He tasted Darryl's musk and he was soon so horny that he slid his hand up the back of Magenta's skirt trying to find her secret weapon without giving the game away to Darryl. Magenta pulled away from Bill and undid her blouse and took off her bra. Her large, firm tits were right there in his face and Bill couldn't resist; he fastened himself to her left nipple and Darryl claimed the right.

Darryl broke free a minute or two later. He was so hungry and horny that he could hardly stand upright anymore.

'Oh, baby please, let me fuck you...' he begged.

'I think I might need to fuck you first.' Magenta replied.

She gave Darryl a nudge and he fell back on the bed. Bill felt his pulse quicken; he knew what was coming next. Earlier he had dreaded this moment but after the way the straight stud had rimmed his ass Bill had a feeling it was going to give Darryl more of a good surprise than a bad one.

Magenta hummed a show tune as she wiggled her hips and played with her tits. Both men were captivated. This beauty sure knew how to turn men on and what lucky men they were that she had chosen them. Their hungry eyes followed her every move as she teased them to the brink of eruption. Now at last she lowered her skirt and stepped out of it while somehow keeping here hands in front of her body. And then at last, with a flourish, she shipped her big brown cock out the side of her panties. Bill heard Darryl's gasp and judging that it was safe he resisted no further. Getting down on his knees Bill took that fleshy cock into his mouth and soon loved-licked into an erection. His large hands played up Magenta's silky thighs before fondling her satin smooth balls. Darryl's eyes were out on stalks as he furiously fisted his ever redder cock.

Seeing her men so worked up made Magenta want to cream. Tonight she was in the mood to be top dog and so she resisted when she felt Bill's fingers stray into her crack, seeking out her heat. She clenched her rock-hard buns tight and broke away. She went to her bag and fished out a bottle of lube before instructing Darryl to lie down on the bed. Bill knew what she was about to do and he was so horned up she didn't even need to ask: he just fell face first into Darryl's smooth butt and soon both men were writing around in total ecstasy. Bill had no idea that something that seemed so utterly disgusting could feel so good both to the person having it done to them and the person doing it. For a moment Magenta was seriously worried about being totally excluded and had to physically pull Bill away. She pushed a dollop of lube into Darryl's spit wet hole and felt her finger glide into his heat. Damn, it felt good, so warm and tight and wrong but oh so right! Now she smeared some lube onto Bill's small spear and smacked his big butt.

Bill didn't hesitate. He was soon buried to the hilt and grooving on Darryl's tight chute. It was hard work keeping his big belly out of the way but he raised his torso enough to be able to do the job. Gently stroking into the younger man's hitherto virgin hole Bill knew he was experiencing something special. He remembered how it had hurt at first when Jasmine had penetrated him but how it had just got better and better until he had creamed her sheets without even touching his cock. He heard Darryl's gentle sigh and could not believe that this was the same man that had raised so much hell over the years. He was nothing but a fuck puppet now as he received Bill's cock and allowed himself to be pleasured. Magenta stroked Bill's back and then prodded a lubed up finger into his puckerhole. It was too much for Bill: he cursed and grunted and flooded Darryl's chute with thick, hot jizz.

As soon as Bill pulled out Magenta drove her eight inch wanger into Darryl's jazzed up bumhole. He gasped as a second wave of pain tore through him; he thought he was beyond that, lulled into a false send of security by the pleasure that Bill's small cock had given him. But Darryl was determined to see this through. He gritted his teeth and tried to relax his protesting pucker as much as he could. He heard Magenta sigh in his ear and felt her soft tits crushing his back and then her hot tongue nibbling his earlobes. He forgot the pain and concentrated on the pleasure that he knew would be his. Bill lifted Darryl's feet off the bed and started sucking his toes and soon Darryl was transported back into ecstasy. His asshole adjusted to Magenta's large cock and soon they were locked in unison, taking pleasure from and giving pleasure to each other. Magenta's sighs and moans were joined by Darryl's as Magenta's hungry cock and Bill's hot tongue worked their magic on him.

Darryl had no idea that the reality would surpass his fantasy. He was totally relaxed now and completely surrendered himself to Magenta. He had nothing left to prove. He loved cock, it was plain to see. He felt as if he was floating above himself, looking down at himself lying on that bed getting fucked by Magenta and toe-sucked by Bill. He could not have imagined this if he tried. His ass was on fire; lust flowed in his veins; all he wanted was more, more, more! But Magenta was close, too close. This hot stud's ass was so tight and his masculine body so incredibly sexy and his responses to his lovers' so intense and open and gentle and lustful that she felt almost tearful. She wanted to stroke into him until the cows came home but her balls were starting to ache and she was fixing to blow. Hearing Magenta's hungry race to ejaculation got Darryl so worked up that he reared up now on his knees and grabbed hold of his blood engorged cock that he knew was just moment from eruption. She responded by really pumping into him now and he groaned out loud and shuddered as he felt the waves of ecstasy start to wash over him. Magenta's bosom was swollen with pride as she heard Darryl's hungry groan and moments later she joined him at the peak as her balls fired off a massive volley of love cream deep into his guts. His asshole clamped down on her erupting cock while powerful jets of the white stuff shot out of his overheated cock and drenched the bed covers.

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