tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTranssexual Sisters Ch. 05

Transsexual Sisters Ch. 05


Part 5: A friend is forced to say goodbye

Note: This is part five in continuing story of Michelle and Nicole.

Cassie had made things right with Michelle and Nicole. She now had to square things with Randy. She found him in the hospital lounge.

"Hi Randy, can we talk?"

"About what? I think you made things pretty clear the other night."

"Sorry I lost my temper." Cassie apologized, "It was hard to see my friends brutalized. I guess your friends lost it in the heat of the moment"

"Can you blame them?! Good God Cassie what the hell were you thinking?!'

"This is not going well." Cassie thought fighting to keep her temper again. "I guess I should have been clear about Michelle and Nicole. I honestly thought you would get in when I asked for gay men."

"You idiot. Gays date other gays, not girls!!." Randy yelled in her face. "Now you think an apology will square things. You humiliated me in front of my friends. Now you want to apologize!! Think again Cassie. Your apology is refused. I am gong make things miserable for you."

Cassie could not hold her temper anymore, and lost it. "You jack ass? You just can not let things go can you?!! Let me tell you a little about your so called friends. They are being suspended for sending threatening letter to Michelle and Nicole and my lover, Dawn.?

"Yea I saw that dribble in the paper. That may carry weight on campus but it doesn't mean shit to me!" Randy spat. "Oh and just because Kurt and Derrick were suspended don't think for one minute they are done with your dick whores. Tell them to watch their backs!"

"I would tell you to go to hell but you are already there." Cassie told Randy, leaving the room. "Oh God what am I going to do?. I can't stay here. I can't leave Dawn. But damn it I am a good nurse. It's all I ever wanted."

Deep in her struggling thoughts she bumped into Jackie. "Cassie, you look terrible. What is wrong. Come with me, I am off for the rest of the day. We can get a bite to eat and you can tell me your troubles, like we used to do"

"You were so good to me." Cassie "I know there were circumstances that came between us. But I never stopped loving you Jackie."

"Nor I my love." Jackie said recalling the reason they had to part. The paramedics shared home base with the fire department. Fire fighters are a rare breed. Brave. Loyal. Always having each other's back. They also have old fashion standards. If the discovered that Jackie was gay she would be terminated.

"So tell me Cassie."

:I had a big fight with Randy." she related.

"About the other night?"

"It is much more that. He and his friends just won't let it go. Randy has heartened to make life miserable for me. His friends are hateful SOBs. They wrote nasty letter threatening Micelle and Nicole. They have been suspended. Randy said they are not finished with us yet. God, Jackie, I have to find a new job far away and start over. How am I going to break this news to Dawn. I know we would probably part ways when she graduates. I love her dearly and thought we would have some more time to gradually come to grips to parting."

"Ok, First things first you need to find a lawyer and get an emergency restraining order, Then, I hate to say this: you need to arm yourselves at least at home. Get some training so God forbid you have to soot someone you won't miss."

"Your are serious, aren't you. Do you really think they are that dangerous.?"

"If I am reading the signs correctly these guys are on verge of becoming far right anarchist. There are gangs of these thugs all over. They live on hate. Like rats they prowl at night. They target African Americans, Jews, gays, and especially defenseless lesbians"

"I thought I would feel better. Instead I feel bitter that some maniacs can turn our world upside down. Thank you Jackie. You were always more level headed then me"

"If you leave see me before you go." Jackie pleaded.

"Of course. See you later." Cassie promised, kissing Jackie on the cheek.

Unseen by Cassie or Jackie, two fire fighters were having lunch nearby and heard the entire conversation. When Jackie returned to the station the Chief was waiting for her. "Two men saw you at lunch today."

Jackie cringed remembering all that she and Cassie had said. "There must be some misunderstanding," she said unconvincingly, "I was trying to help a friend in need."

"Pack your things and clear out." he ordered. "Your final check will be mailed to you."

Jackie was devastated. Good paramedics were hard to find. She loved the job but loved helping people more. It was this mutual desire to help that had drawn Jackie and Cassie together. Now everything seemed lost. She knew that Cassie was starting her life over and hoped that any future at all had to be with her again.


Dawn, Michelle and Nicole were having a marathon sex session while and Jackie were talking. It was the happiest they had been in days and their passion was unbridles and intense. Nicole had her tongue buried in Dawn's pussy and her hand sawing in and out of her ass. Michelle had her big cock stuffed in Nicole's ass. She stroked her own cock to the rhythm she fucked Nicole.

"Oohhhhhh!! Sweet! Nicole. I love your tongue!! Your hand!!! Eat me!!! Fuck me!!! Get your other hand on my tits!! Pinch my nipples! Harder! Ahhhhhh!!!! Your touch is exquisite." Dawn was putty in the hands of Nicole. By now she knew the best way to get her off. She stopped playing with her tits and shoved her hand into her cunt. She found her familiar G-spot, softly rubbed it building up more and more of her female ejaculate.

"AhhhhYeeeeyyyyyy!!!" Dawn scrammed releasing long steady streams of her tangy liquid, It showered Nicole and Michelle. They loved Dawn's juices and wanted to give her another orgasm. Nicole lay beside Dawn with her stiff 7 inch cock pointing straight up. Dawn sat her cunt on her cock and leaned over. Her ass was soon filled with Michelle's 9" sword. It was the first time in her life that she was double fucked by real cocks. The two cocks were hot and rippled veins. The feeling of hot cock flesh pounding in and out of her pussy and ass was exquisite. She wanted it to go, on and on. She had multiple orgasms coating Nicole's cock and body. Michelle scooped it from Nicole's body and drank some and hand fed Nicole some more.

Michelle and Nicole had been fucking Dawn for a solid hour. They needed to cum before they collapsed in exhaustion. Michelle always in control of her orgasm unloaded huge spurts of cum in Dawn's ass. She immediately sucked and lapped all of her cum licking Nicole's cock at the same time. Nicole loved the feel of Michelle's tongue. It took her over the edge and she fired rope after rope of hot cum into Dawns pussy. Nicole and Michelle alternating cleaning the cum from her pussy.

When Cassie came home she found her three roommates huddled nude together.

Normally she would eat Dawn s pussy or suck off one of the cocks.

All three were shocked when she took Dawn s hand and announced in a hushed voice; "We need to talk,"

They went into their bedroom and closed the door. After a half hour they came jut crying their eyes out. Michelle and Dawn knew that whatever they talked about was not good.

Dawn began: "I have just learned that out problems with the scum bags that assaulted you may not be over. They were expelled but remain in the community. You remember Jackie. She has reason to believed that the hatred these men have will manifest itself with an attack on any one of us at anytime. First we will get an emergency restraining order.

"Will that do us any real good?" Michelle asked. "They will probably just ignore it."

"Precisely," Dawn agreed, "Which is why we need to arm ourselves in out home. God forbid, but if we have to kill, the restraining order is all the justification we need for a self defense plea in the unlikely event we are taken to court."

"Oh God in Heaven," Nicole sobbed. "Why can't people just leave us alone. I have never harmed a fly, Now I may have to kill another human being," Michelle place he hand on her sister's arm, "Only if absolutely necessary my love,"

Dawn let it all sink in before she allowed Cassie to drop a second bomb.

"There is more, Dawn began: "Cassie will be leaving us shortly. Please explain my dear.".

Cassie told the sister of the day from her argument with Randy and the threats he made, to her talk with Jackie.

"I am forced to make a heart breaking decision. These past few months have been the happiest of my life. I will miss all of you and never forget you and the GOOD times we shared."

"I am out of a job I love and no matter how you cut it, I bare a lot of responsibility for the predicament we face today."

Sobbing uncontrollably Nicole choked the obvious: "Cassie do not carry this burden. Assault is a constant danger. We have leaned to live with it. It was a our new found infatuation with men that let us drop our guard."

"Absolutely," Michelle added. 'Know in your heart the love we have for you. You are a rare gem my dear. Please do not let this problem tarnish the stone."

Cassie felt a huge relief as if the world had been lifted off her shoulders. Crying for joy she hugged and kissed the sisters then ran into the waiting arms of Dawn.

"Something tells me will meet again my dearest friend and Lover," Cassie whispered to Dawn.

The restraining order was quickly granted. Copies were hand derived to Randy, Derrick and Kurt.

The girls purchased a 38 mm revolver and leaned how to use it. They agreed to keep it near the front door under some papers in case they ever needed it. The time came sooner than expected. All four were jolted from a sound sleep at 2 AM by a pounding on their front door.

"Open the door you cock sucking whores. You think a fucking restraining order is going to stop us from kicking the shit out of all four of you." Kurt's unmistakable voice hollered. "Kick the damn door down Derrick."

Dawn calmly took the revolver cocked it and sat behind a table about 10 ft from the door.

The door crashed open. Kurt and Derrick, armed within baseball bats, stared down the barrel of Dawn's revolver. "Take one more step and I'll blow your fucking heads off!! Dawn warned. To prove she was serious she fired a shot between their heads. Kurt and Derrick ran thru the building lobby and out the front doors. They were surrounded by cops responding to the 911 call. After a brief investigation Kurt and Derrick were taken to jail. The hearing judge considered then a threat to the community and ordered them held without bond.

They were anal and oral raped repeatedly by burly inmates with much larger cocks than the women they beat up. The trial took one day. Dawn, Cassie, Michelle and Dawn testified. The attorney for the defendants blundered by bringing up the defendants spotless past record. This allowed Cassie, Michelle and Nicole to detail their first encounter with Kurt and Derrick. The jury took less than one hour to conflict. They were sentenced to 5 years in a maximum security prison.

The nightmare was over.

Cassie searched the internet for suitable employment. Jackie stopped by one day and told Cassie she had been fired but would not say why. Jackie figured Cassie was dealing with more pressing issues.

"The good news is that I have found a job in the southeast. A small college community. The university is CETI. "Hey Cassie if they have paramedics there has to be a hospital."

Sure enough she found a hospital complex dedicated to teaching and serving the community. Cassie applied on line and was granted an interview.

A week later Cassie and Jackie moved to a small apartment within walking distance of the fire station and the hospital. Back together again.

Shortly afterwards Pixie broke it off with her dominatrix girl friend and moved in with Dawn, Michelle and Nicole. Pixie was son contended she did not care that it only before a few months. Once Dawn left she made up her mind that she would try to partner with Marilyn.

To be continued...

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