tagIllustratedTrapped and Alone Ch. 02

Trapped and Alone Ch. 02


This story is a collaborative effort between Rebeccacm and Sadkins116. Rebeccacm created the concept, the story line and added the art, Sadkins116 filled in in the blanks. We expect that this story will encompass several chapters and the first couple sets everything up. I would suggest you start at the beginning. However it should be entertaining none the less.

The following story depicts slavery, non-consensual sex, humiliation and other depravities. So if you proceed you have been advised.

With all that said we would like to let everyone know we took advice from new editor Mama K. She was very helpful editing this story.

The drive to the small airport was only about 30 minutes. Nathalie mentally chastised herself her for rushed pack job, she needed so much more than a measly black dress, shorts, and a blouse.

"Can we go back past my place?" She asked hopefully "I'm going to need some things."

"No time," John answered briskly, "Everything you need will be provided."

They drove the rest of the way in silence. Nathalie feeling moodily shafted, given the huge favor she was doing for them.

They pulled in next to a Lear jet on the tarmac, its engines whirring as they warmed up. The embarked the plane, and 15 minutes later they were in the air. John was on his cell. He was tersely debating something, eventually shaking his head, and ending the call. He looked at Nathalie, a shit eating grin pasted to his face. Nathalie stomach sunk, whatever he was about to tell her, she knew she didn't want to hear it.

Taking the initiative she blurted out, "What happened?"

"Well... a slight change of plans. You aren't going alone. The agency chief decided that a commando will be going with you to the island. You will be the one infiltrating Ivan's complex. The commando will have your back, sheltered in the nearby the woods. If something goes down, he will notify us, and we will invade the island."

"Okay, but doesn't Ivan have security all over the island?" Nathalie queried carry a circumspective tone to her voice.

"Yes, but your partner will be able to disable it for short periods of time. Enough time for you two to get in place without being seen." John assured her.

"I'm not sure if this is the best way to go. If I get caught by security I can say I got lost, if I am a lone female. If they catch both of us, we're screwed." She countered.

"Well the decision has been made. He is going with you." John enjoined.

"Who the hell is he?" Sarah ask curtly, "And more importantly; is he any good?"

"I'm not sure who they're sending, but he will meet you on the skiff on the way to the island." John answered.

"Motherfucker" Nathalie muttered under her breathe. This was less than ideal. Less than ideal was an understatement she corrected herself inwardly.

The remaining flight was quiet, Nathalie pissed off, and John apparently lost in their own thoughts. If he was competent enough to have any, Nathalie thought to herself.

Three hours henc they landed at on a rarely used tarmac strip, somewhere south of Miami. Stepping off the plane they were met by some officials and rushed into a building, into a darken room. Nathalie was separated from John, briefly wondered if she would seem him again. She was handed a set of fatigues, along with assigned equipment she would require. She wondered, not for the first time, how she was expected to infiltrate Ivan's house. Especially now, dressed like commando Barbie. Being a good vice cop, and knowing the pecking order, she knew she was in no position to ask. She would just to wait.

Nathalie waited for about an hour before John walked into the room. She was surprised at her mild relief to see him again. Not that she trusted him, but a familiar face nonetheless.

"Okay Nathalie, here is where we part company. You're going to board a helicopter. This will meet up with a boat that will ferry you to the rendezvous point. You will land nearby, just off the island. Tonight there is a new moon, as such it will be pitch black outside. That should give you enough cover to get on the island. Good luck." John instructed, then he her a hugged her, which Nathalie couldn't shake off as being unprofessional. Her mind reeled. Did he think he was sending her on a death mission?

Nathalie was trembling slightly, her mind and body ambivalent, out of sync. Her mind churning like crazy; everything that could go wrong; what might happen. Her body however, was strangely turned on. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins. Her heart beating erratically. Her breath coming in short, shallow, bursts. She couldn't believe it, but she found herself aroused. So much so her military issued panties were soaked with her juices. She had that familiar twinge of yearning, it was almost painful, deep down in her stomach. The one she only felt when she was scared or excited. This felt like it was from both.

The journey went smoothly; it was almost tedious in its uneventfulness. By the time it was midnight, they had arrived at the rendezvous point. Nathalie climbed into the skiff. At the helm was a large man also in fatigues. His face painted, wearing a hat that covered part of his face and adorning night vision goggles. He didn't say a word as they propelled off.

"My name is Nathalie, what's yours?" She introduced herself keenly.

The commando only grunted, steering the skiff to the invisible island supposedly in front of them. She couldn't quite place it but there was something familiar about the commando in front of her. She pushed the thought away. As a beautiful woman, she wasn't used to men taking little to no notice of her. She tried to push this vain thought away too. Sitting quietly, as she assumed she was supposed to, she waited to arrive at the island.

After some time they landed quietly landed on a small beach. They both jumped out, pulling the small boat behind some brush. While he covered the boat, Nathalie covered the track marks in the sand. She vainly hoped the commando would take notice and think something of her "worldly' abilities.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and grabbed his arm.

"Hey what do I call you?" She demanded "Also, how do we communicate later?"

The commando turned, looking down at her. He smiled as he took off his hat and goggles. He lit a cigarette, and she saw his face.

Nathalie almost collapsed when the lighter lit up his face. The commando assigned to her was none other than her ex-boyfriend, the same sick son of a bitch that almost broke her, and made her his slave.

"Oh my god Justin!" Nathalie choked, her voice and face filled with panic, "W-what the fuck are you doing here?"

"Hello Nathalie I'm happy to see you too." He grinned his devilish grin, voice cocky with knowing he had the upper hand on her. "I'm here to protect your ass, and when we are done we're going to have a very long talk."

Nathalie's entire body was trembling again. Only this time her mind and body were in concordance. She was terrified. Not of Ivan, but of Justin. She suddenly felt very alone. The special, acute kind of alone that you only get when you are in the vicinity of someone you love, or used to love. Nathalie knew she pissed him off when she broke off their relationship, and escaped from his house. She also knew that the T.R.O. had caused him problems at work, but she didn't know what he did. Now she was about to go against a major drug kingpin with her support being a lunatic that tried to make her his personal slave. All he had to do was expose her, and leave the island. She would be at the mercy of a ruthless criminal.

"Justin, please ..." She started to beg. Old habits die hard.

"Shut up slut. If you want to get out of this you will do exactly what I tell you." He spat at her. He turned, grabbing a couple of bags out of the skiff. He headed out into the brush with Nathalie following closely behind. He was wearing the night vision goggles. Nathalie was in total darkness, totally lost.

Justin smiled vindictively to himself as Nathalie struggled to keep up with him. She tripped over rocks, and for his own sadistic pleasure he released branches that would snap back, hitting her in the face by surprise. She quickly learned that she needed to stay right on his trail, stepping exactly where he did in order to not trip, and minimize getting whipped with branches. The darkness was all encompassing and total. She could not see her hand in front of her face. If she could she would be able to see a path just ten yards to her right. Justin turned quickly, she walked straight into a tree causing her to down.

"Justin wait, I fell down. Where are you?" She called out in the calmest voice she could muster. She didn't want this jerk to know he was getting to her.

"What did you say slut" He cruel voice came out of the darkness at her.

"Please sir! please wait, I fell down sir! I Don't know where you are." She said subserviently, before she realized it.

'Oh God he's in my head already. Oh fuck what do I do?' she asked herself afraid of the answer.

"That's a better way to address your master slut, and don't you forget it." He chuckled, "Now what seems to be your pathetic problem?" Justin smiled enjoying her misery.

"Please sir, I can't see, you need to go slower so I can keep up. I need to touch you to follow you." Nathalie answered contritely.

Justin was waiting for this opportunity. He reached down, grabbing her wrist and pulled her to her feet. Still holding her wrist, he brought up his other hand and slapped a cuff on it.

Before she could react he pulled the other cuff and attached it to his belt, just above his ass. She obviously couldn't see it coming, and he almost laughed when he saw her expression of shock as she felt the cuff. When he attached her to his belt the effect was evident in her face. The look was priceless, it had everything, surprise, shock, anger, fear, and finally resignation.

"Now follow along like a good little slut and you won't get lost now." He jeered.

Nathalie was in bewilderment. Her worst nightmare was happening in real life. She was out of the country, on a private island belonging to a drug kingpin, in total darkness, hopelessly lost. And now her ex-psychopathic-boyfriend had her clasped to his belt. She had no choice but to obey.

When the cuff clicked on his belt all her feelings from before came rushing back. Her mind was slipping into a submissive sub-space. She staggered after Sir and lilted softly, "Thank you Sir."

They trekked for a while, Nathalie lost all concept of time. Total darkness will do that to a person. After what felt like eternity they made it to a clearing. Justin sat himself down on the edge. Nathalie sat next to him waiting for instructions.

Justin didn't say a word but looked her up and down. She was unaware as it was so dark, but she felt an eeriness that he was up to something. He studied her face, smirking. He knew she had no idea what to expect. They sat there on the edge of the clearing until daybreak was upon them. Nathalie was glad for her vision, noticing a small stucco building about 200 yards from their hiding spot. She strained to get a better look.

when Justin finally spoke, "Okay slut, it's party time. I want you go check out that building and let me know if there is anyone there. Wave when... or rather IF the coast is clear."

Justin's voice sent chills down her spine. Her body was reacting just like when she was a slave in his house. Sense memory she reasoned with herself. She simply nodded, stood, and looked over the clearing to see the best way to approach the small building.

Ivan was sitting in his office. He was in a robe. His staff notified him that his guests were approaching. He was watching when they landed via his night vision cameras located all along the small beach. He watched as the big commando was practically dragging a woman in fatigues through the woods. He was laughing as he could see the path just a few feet away. It wouldn't be long now till he had his revenge.

Sitting back from his desk and yelled, "SLAVE, GET IN HERE!"

Slut slave scurried on her knees into the spacious office, stopping at the required distance, in the correct position. She had done this hundreds of times since she had arrived on this cursed island. This was her life, her future, she was a slave now, and she was to please her Master.

"Get over here and suck my cock slut." He ordered.

She scampered over, opened his robe, licking her way up his leg. She lightly scrapped her nails over his skin. She knew he loved this. Any was she could make him happy the easier it was on her. As she approached his growing cock she stuck out her tongue, just touched the end his unit.

Not in the mood for teasing, Ivan grabbed her head, shoving his cock deep into her mouth. He pulled it out a bit, then shoved again, pushing his cock down her throat. Slave was used to this, she had taken much bigger cocks than her current Master's, but it was her Master's cock she craved. Her life now revolved around her Master.

Ivan was in control, using her head to fuck his cock, rapidly stroking moving in and out. She was nothing more than a vessel. A slave to be used. His eyes closed as his arousal was building to a massive release. He wasn't using his slave, in his mind he was reaping his revenge. Just a few seconds later he groaned, blasting his morning load down her throat.

Done with her, he pushed her to the floor, pointed to the door. He sat at his desk letting the orgasm run its course, his naked body still panting, covered in sweat.

It was about 5 minutes before he opened his eyes and looked at the monitors. He located his prey and watched as the woman commando was approaching the stucco shed. He watched to see if his plan would work. He loved surprises and this one was going to be huge.

Nathalie didn't think to disobey. She surveyed the clearing, trying to figure out how to approach it without being seen. There really wasn't, the shed was on the far side of the clearing. The grass was only a foot tall. It was too far to crawl, so she would have to cover the distance as fast as possible. She looked over at Sir and nodded. Nathalie sprinted for about 180 of the 200 yards, then dropped into the grass. She was panting hard, it was a long sprint. Not wanting to be caught this close to the shed she looked to see if she noticed any movement. Nothing, as far as she could tell. She jumped up ran the last few yards. She plastered her body against the wall. The door was on the other side of the building facing the woods. She slipped around the building, listening for any noise. It was deathly quiet. She slowly stalked towards the door.

Just before she reached the door, a twig snapped behind her. Nathalie froze not daring to moving a muscle, praying it was an animal.

"FREEZE, DON'T MOVE!" Nathalie heard a woman's voice.

Nathalie felt the cold barrel of a gun pressed against her neck. She slowly raised her hands, awaiting instructions.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" The woman's voice demanded "This is a restricted area. You are not allowed to be here."

"I'm lost, I got separated from my party and ended up here." Nathalie answered hoping it would work.

The woman backed up a bit, looking away for a second. Nathalie took her opportunity, pivoting around she caught the woman by surprise with a Kick to the forearm, sending the gun flying.

Taking advantage of her confusion, she went for the gun and secured it. Nathalie was in control now. She shoved the other woman against the wall, and frisking her thoroughly. Finding nothing, she figured it would have been hard to hide something under her skin-tight outfit.

"Who are you and what do you do here?" Nathalie ordered the best 'don't-fuck-with-me' tone she could muster.

"I am Monique, Nique for short. I'm assigned to keep anyone out. This is my post." Nique replied, sounding almost bored.

"Where is the main house?" Nathalie demanded.

"It's about a mile down that road." Nique answered pointing out a dirt road.

"When does your relief due?" Nathalie continued to interrogate.

"I just started my shift. Look I'm here mostly for eye candy. I'm not here to get killed. There's something big going down. I'm pretty sure I was sent out here to be kept out of the way. I'm to return to the main house at 19:00 hours. I'll let you do what you want to me, just don't kill me. I only took this job for the money. The sex ain't bad either. You can tie me up or whatever. I won't tell anyone."

Nathalie smiled, telling the woman to lie down on the floor, and not to move. She walked out to the clearing, waving at Sir.

'Why can't she stop thinking of him as Sir?' she questioned herself.

A couple of minutes later, Justin arrived with Nathalie standing above the woman lying on the floor.

"Why is she still alive slut?" He demanded.

"Please Sir, I didn't want to make any noise shooting her." Nathalie reasoned.

"You stupid slut. You don't have to shoot her to kill her you dumbass. Because you are so stupid from now on you refer to yourself in the third person, understand SLUT!" Justin practically screamed at her as he towered over her.

"Y...Y...Yes S...S...Sir the slut understands. This slut was stupid Sir, please forgive this slut. But Sir, she really isn't a guard Sir. She is only here till they need her at the main house Sir. Maybe we can use her?" She stuttered out her apology and explanation.

Justin turned his back to Nathalie, smiling at the woman lying on the floor. She smiled back at him. Seeing the deranged glint in his eyes her expression quickly changed to fear.

"Please Sir, don't kill me. I won't tell anyone, in fact I can get you into the house. Please don't kill me Sir." Nique begged, winking at Justin as well, using all of her womanly wiles just for good measure.

Justin looked down at Nique and spat, "How?"

"I have clothes here. I have a couple of outfits. She can wear one and I can wear the other one. We can walk right in. There are several women here to service the men." She answered a simpering smile almost crossing her lips.

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