tagIllustratedTrapped and Alone Ch. 04

Trapped and Alone Ch. 04


Thanks to all who have followed this story. As mentioned before this story is a collaborative effort between Rebeccasm and Sadkins116. Rebecca provides the art and Sadkins116 provides the story. All persons are of age and do not represent any persons living or dead.

We wish to thank SLWilde for her help in editing this story. She was an immense help. We welcome all feedback and hope that you will vote. To better enjoy this chapter you should read the previous chapters to understand how we got where we are.


When Nathalie came to she was dangling from a chain. Her feet, even with the heels were barely touching the floor. Her body was tingling and her mind was foggy. She shook her head and noticed Ben in an alcove above her. He was holding something in his hands. Nathalie stared at him when she saw him push something on the object and the chain pulled her just a little higher, straining her arms just a little more.

Nathalie dangled there for a while, slowly spinning around. Only stopping when she could extend a toe and touch the floor, but the effort to relieve a little stress on her arms was short lived. Soon she had surrendered and simply hung from the ceiling. Nathalie had no idea how long she dangled, but suddenly someone was touching her. She was slowly turned away from the wall and what she saw surprised her.

Standing there in a white lab coat was a slight little old man with a clipboard. He looked her up and down, writing on the clipboard and grunting.

"Oh you're awake, good, please answer these questions." He sounded like a weasel and something about him she scared her. He looked harmless but there was something about him that bothered her.

"Are you pregnant?"

"No Sir."

"Do you use drugs?"

"No Sir."

On and on the questions went. Nathalie answered question after question till she felt like he knew more about her than she did.

When he finally finished he motioned to someone across the room. Nathalie didn't see who untill she noticed two men strolling toward them. As soon as they got to the evil little man, she recognized who they were. These two were the special guests she had served earlier. She listened to the three men talk but was unable to understand as the conversation as they spoke in Arabic.

It was obvious they were talking about her, however. One if the Sheiks cruelly twisted her nipple and smiled when her face screwed up in pain.

The two Arabs walked away but two other guards approached and grabbed her body everywhere. Soon, she felt the chain holding her up dropping. The men supported her weight and unclipped the chain. However the relief was short lived, however as she was soon chained spread eagle against a cement wall. Her new shoes had been removed and she was standing on the floor.

'Oh god that feels so good. I hope I never have to wear those shoes again.' Quickly went through her mind. Finally they removed the large black leather collar and replaced it with another much smaller one. But this one was different in more than size; when they wrapped it around her neck, she felt two pricks on her skin.

When the men walked away, that tiny ancient man was still close by. He smiled at her and spoke quietly.

"Slut slave, I'm going to explain what is about to happen to you. You will be cleaned inside and out. The collar you now wear serves two purposes. One to give you drugs and the other is to keep you hydrated during your trip, again if necessary. We will also be reprogramming your belt so we can control you from anywhere on the ship.

Nathalie jumped when she heard the word ship.

"Oh god what ship? Where are you taking me?" she asked her voice filled with panic.

"Do not worry little one. You are going for training. Your life is complete now. Your only concern from here on out is to please anyone and everyone. You will come to crave obedience. This is your life now, you are a slave."

Nathalie broke down, she hanging from her restraints and sobbed uncontrollably. The man just walked away. He knew this would happen. It happened to all the women who were processed though here. It was at this point they realized that this was their life. He would let her cry till she couldn't anymore. He loved this part, when they finally gave up all hope and let them do anything they wanted. This was when he got to use his new invention.

He called it the processor, but in reality it was more like a medieval torcher device with electronic controls plus it doubled as a shipping crate. He could do the same things to her another way and cause very little pain. But this way was much more fun.

It was about an hour before her tears dried up. When he noticed her chest stopped heaving he sent over the guards and retrieved her from the wall. Nathalie hardly noticed what they were doing. She simply let them do anything they wanted; her mind was no longer functioning.

The first thing was a gag filled her mouth. It wrapped around and over her head, locking it in place. Inside was a bladder that was filled with air that silenced her completely. They took her to a wooden enclosure of some sort; it had posts, rings and straps mounted on it. The men pushed her head between two posts and attached her collar to them. Her head was immobilized; still she offered no resistance, not that she could had she wanted to. Next her arms were extended out from her shoulders and attached to the wall.

There was no escape now as she was kneeling beside a wall with her head and arms attached.

The little old man smiled as this was his favorite part. This part always brought music to his ears. In fact this is why they now gag the new slaves. The screaming disturbed the other workers and slaves.

Nathalie knelt there for a few minutes till one of the guards grabbed her left ankle. He pulled it out and over till it was extended out as far as it could go. Her ass was now pointed to her left. It was uncomfortable but she could handle it.

It was when the other guard grabbed her right leg and started to pull it to the other side. Nathalie's eyes almost popped out of her head. She hadn't done the splits since she was in high school. And even then it was front to back, never side to side. It was only a minute before Nathalie started to scream. Without any stretching the guard was splitting her in two. Just before she passed out, the first drugs hit her veins. Instantly her muscles relaxed and the pain eased, to a slightly more tolerable level.

The guard had done this many times. The last thing he wanted to do was pop a hamstring. He took it very slow. He would pull the leg further to the side and then backed off slightly, and then do it again only just a little further. Over and over he did this, slowly working her leg further and further away from her body.

Nathalie was screaming as loud as she could but no one outside of a couple of feet could hear her. The tears ran down her face in a steady stream. Her eyes were slammed shut as it took everything she had to handle the pain.

Nathalie had no idea how long it took. She was barely conscious. She didn't even hear the final strap click locking her leg into place.

The old man was very excited, his little cock tenting in his pants. He grabbed a special probe and slipped his hand between the stretched slave's legs pulling out the old probe and replacing it with his. This one would clean out her rear passage. She wouldn't need to shit for a while.

They kept Nathalie suspended on the wall as the controller did its job. Soon warm liquid was being injected into her anal passage. More and more till Nathalie's stomach started to fill. It didn't take long before she started to look pregnant. Now her body was cramping from all the liquid filling her body, joining her legs already screaming in pain.

Finally the liquid stopped and the old man massaged her stomach.

:"You look so lovely, my dear. I could play with you for days."

The old man continued to work on Nathalie's body for over an hour. When he walked away Nathalie was only semi-conscious.

Through the fog in her mind, Nat heard a familiar voice. She didn't quite know who it was but she knew it from somewhere.

"Slave, you will be mine when this is over. I own you now slave." The mystery voice whispered in her ear. She tried to open her eyes and see who it was but it was too difficult.

Justin walked up to the old man and thanked him for letting him speak to the new slave. The old man knew that if she remembered anything is would be a voice from nowhere.

Nathalie had no concept of how long she was out. The only thing she knew was her legs still hurt but her body had calmed down. The first thing she saw when she came to was Alexander kneeling in front of her.

"Hello Nats, back with us? I just came down to wish you a fond farewell. I just know you're going to love it. By the time you get back here you will be a trained obedient slave. He laughed and tweaked her nipples. Nats grunted not so much from the pain but more so from the pressure. He let her go and stood.
"Have a nice trip slut," He said as he turned and walked away.

Nathalie could only groan as her body was consumed in fear. But then the vibrator went off inside her. At first she was able to ignore it but the intensity increased she was soon panting. She opened her eyes and tried to look at her body but moving her head was out of the question.

Nathalie was about to panic. She was totally helpless, and now was packed in a crate on the way to god-knows-where for slave training. No one knows where she is but her pissed off ex-boyfriend and even he might not know how bad it is. She could only hope he had contacted the reinforcements and was about to invade the island. Suddenly there was someone in front of her. Her attention was brought back to the present.

Standing in front of the bound slave the old man whispered in her ear.

"Slave, let me fill you in on what you can expect to start your trip. You are attached to my slave processor shipping crate. You will be hydrated via an IV in your neck. You will be injected with a muscle relaxer to ease your pain and allow you to use your mind. To help you with that, I'm putting these earphones in and sealing them in. I wouldn't want you to miss out on anything. When we close the crate, you will spend the next 18 or so hours enjoying all these special accommodations we are providing."

The man paused to look at the slave trembling in front of him. He saw the fear and knew she was about to have a panic attack. He looked up and nodded his head. Another man standing off to the side pushed a button on a panel and the process started. The drugs started to flow and Nathalie's fear subsided.

The dirty old man smiled and continued, "Once you get to the ship, you will spend your free time in your new home. The rest of the time will be spent at special service stations on the boat. At those stations you will service any crew member with the appropriate hole. I'm quite sure you will enjoy it. By the time you return you will crave to serve in any way you can. I can't wait till you get back slave!"

Nathalie hardly heard a word he said. The drugs were working and she was totally relaxed, even in this obscene pose. She now really felt the vibrations inside her cunt. Her arousal level was skyrocketing and an orgasm was just about to explode, when the vibrations stopped. Nathalie groaned in frustration. She opened her eyes again just in time to see Ben closing the crate.

She would have laughed if the gag wasn't in her mouth. Here was the smallest man in the place, but he was closing this huge crate. In seconds everything went black, all light was cut off. She heard something outside the crate and assumed they were screwing the lid closed.

Nathalie closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind, when she heard voices. Very faint voices but voices nonetheless, she strained to hear what they were saying. Her mind was focused on the voices; she could almost make it out.... "serve"....."cum"....."suck"...."slave..." "humiliation..." "Pain..."

Over and over she heard the words, she knew there was more but she couldn't quite make out the other words. Her body was very relaxed and the darkness was all consuming pushing her further into a submissive state. Nathalie drifted off into a hypnotic trance, listening to the words over and over again.

She had no idea of how long she was in the dark container. Her body was constantly being aroused to edge of an orgasm. Then she was shocked till any essence of arousal was gone. The cycle was repeated over and over again. Meanwhile her mind was being bombarded with the voices it only now she could make out what was being said. But instead of dismissing the voices, her mind freely let them embed deep inside her brain.

"You were born to serve..."

The vibrator started again.

"You crave cum..."

Nathalie cunt already was tingling and ramping up quickly...

"You love to suck cocks..."

The intensity increased and the anal plug started moving...

"You are a slave..."

Nathalie was starting to pant as her arousal started to consume her body....

"Humiliation excites you..."

A sudden rush flushed though her body. As unknown to her, more drugs were released into her system.

"Pain arouses you...."

Nathalie was again right on the edge of a massive orgasm when she felt her world move. The vibrations stopped again and her body started to come down again. Her mind was confused and her body was out of control. She knew she was moving but had no concept of how or where.

Ben used a fork lift to load the three crates with the newest slaves into the back of a truck. They had been crated for almost 8 hours now and the programming would be well on the way to removing any of the remaining resistance from the slaves. When he finish, the truck left for the boat.

Other than the initial movement, Nathalie didn't even notice the ride to the boat. Her entire world consisted of her cunt and ass and how badly she needed to cum.

Although the island was relatively small, only about 30 miles across, the trip took almost 2 hours. The roads were bad and the driver wasn't in any hurry. Besides they paid him extra if he took longer than an hour.

The driver pulled the truck beside a small freighter in the island harbor. Even though there was no industry, using freighters was an easy way to move product. The harbor was shielded from the ocean by a peninsula and allowed them to load without being seen. He got out and handed some papers to a man and walked to a building till the truck was unloaded and he could leave.

Nathalie had passed out and the control box on the side of the crate blinked twice. The sensors inside the crate recognized her inactivity and a small dose of speed were injected. She woke with a start and felt the crate moving.

She was jostled about and heard what sounded like a chain being wrapped around the crate before she felt herself being and lifting it up. It wasn't long till the three crates were on the boat.

Nathalie prayed that she would be released soon as another cycle started. The three crates were stowed below deck in a large room with hundreds of other crates. It was four hours before the ship pulled out from the dock as they continued to load the rest of the cargo on board.

When the island was drifting off in the distance, the captain of the ship, Miguel, summoned his first officer Juan to the bridge. When Juan walked in the door he smiled at the captain.

"Is it time?" He asked hopefully.

"Yeah, release the bitches and get them walking. I want them to their posts as soon as possible. We will start their first shift as soon as they can walk." Miguel answered. His own cock twitched. He knew the quality of the slaves that were sent to this camp. All were always very beautiful.

Juan walked down to the hold and made his way to the crates. They were always just outside the door for the berthing quarters for the crew. They liked to have easy access to the slaves during the seven day trip. He ordered a couple of crewmen to open them. These were only the latest of nearly a hundred slaves that had been transported over the last year.

Ten minutes later all three crates revealed their cargo. Juan smiled as these three were by far the best looking slaves to go through here, ever. In addition to a tall fabulous blond, there was a brunette and a red head. Each a stunner, each with the same chastity belt and each very aroused and scared. The three men each took a slave and slowly released their legs. It would be a long time to before they would be allowed to close their legs. Juan knew from experience that after being pinned in the split position for so long their muscles, despite of the muscle relaxers, were probably locked in the split position. If they allowed them to close their legs they could hurt themselves quite badly. It took almost an hour before the slaves could start to flex their legs.

Juan watched the operation closely. The last thing he could allow to happen was to injure one of the slaves. If the cargo was damaged it could be deadly. After about two hours, the slaves were finally able to try to stand. Juan was getting impatient and clipped the leashes to their collars. He led them to the upper deck and had them kneel on the port side near the middle of the boat. He took off their leashes and let them look over the side of the ship. The only thing they could see was the island disappearing behind them.

"We won't need a leash anymore. You have nowhere to go." Juan announced.

Nathalie was kneeling behind the other two slaves. The man's voice booming in her ears, she had momentarily forgotten about the ear buds they had sealed in her ears. Even now with the man giving instructions, the voices were still in the background.

"You are a slave..."

"You crave cum..."

'I...am...not...a...slave... I...must...hold...on'

She was just hanging on by a thread. But the voices....

The slaves huddled before the man still gagged and collared. They held each other closely as the only thing going through their minds was to survive.

"Okay slaves, everyone here works, no one is exempt from working. You will be handling specific duties during our voyage. You will be assigned a station each morning. You will stay there till you are released. Seeing as your cunts are off limits, we will have to make do with your other two holes. Now I know your asses are empty and I know you want them filled, so get on your knees, head down and ass up. I'm going to fill your ass with another plug. It stays in your ass at all times.

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