tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 05

Trapped and Trained Ch. 05


There I was, Saturday morning, back in the driveway of my quote/unquote "Master", as he liked to call himself. I turned off the key to the ignition of my car and prepared to step out. He had sent me an email the previous night telling me to show up in the outfit that I had left in during our last session.

I looked down at myself and shivered as I saw the short edge of my form fitting black dress riding up to where I could already see the tip of my black chastity belt peaking out from underneath. That belt had been absolute hell for me the past 36 hours or so. It forced me to sit down and pee out of the tube that was inserted into my penis, poking out of my makeshift "pussy" lips. The plug that was trapped inside my ass (or as I have been basically reprogrammed to refer to it as, my pussy) was a constant reminder of my awful predicament. No matter what I was doing to try and take my mind off of everything, every shift of my weight would cause it to shift as well, and then all of the images in my mind would race back to those previous two sessions. How I was trapped against my will and made to do all of these unspeakably grotesque acts. Acts that were now captured on video and camera, all that were held by this perverted and demonic human being who apparently has visions of me becoming some kind of prostitute for him to pimp out at his will... after I was done with my "training", at least.

I took a deep breath and looked at myself one last time in the mirror. The brown locks of my brunette wig danced on my naked shoulders and I cursed under my breath at how ridiculous I looked. After my Master always got through with me with the makeup, false breasts and the rest of my feminization before our sessions I looked like a red hot slut. But right now, with no cleavage and no makeup, I just looked like a guy in drag. I couldn't believe it, but given the choice, I'd rather be made up into a passable whore than be humiliated by walking around as some pathetic crossdresser. I caught myself mid-thought and told myself to quit being so ridiculous.

I opened the door of my car and put one foot out in the driveway, trying to steady the heel of my knee high leather boots on the ground to keep myself from falling. A gust of wind swept through while I was stabilizing myself and I felt the goosebumps form on my now hairless legs. I couldn't believe how much more sensitive everything was without the hair to protect my skin. As told, I shaved just before leaving - I made sure to shave everywhere twice just to be sure there wouldn't be a stray hair found. My training was punishment enough - I shuttered to think about what I would be made to do for an actual punishment for disobeying.

Once I figured I was stable enough, I swung my other leg out and stepped out of the car. I stood up and straightened my dress, trying to pull it down to cover the cheeks of my ass, but there just wasn't enough material to get the job done. I hurried to the door, hoping nobody would be walking out to check their mail or do anything to get them out of the house at that moment. All of the other arrivals and departures had been under the mask of night, but it was mid-day today and the sun was high - I felt like I was visible for miles. I ran, as much as the heels would let me, at least, to the door and tried to push it open. Locked. I furiously rang the doorbell and pounded on the door, but nobody answered. A note slid from under the door, and all it said was:

"Candi - Turn around. Bend over. Spread your legs. Hands behind your back. -Master"

I stood there for a minute, surveying my options. The whole reason I was here early was because the plug in my pussy was preventing me from being able to pass stool and I was dying, but this was asking too much. To be humiliated and degraded in the confines of this asshole's house was one thing, but to make me start doing things out here in public, in a nice, upscale neighborhood? That was too much, wasn't it? I again knocked on the door and begged to be let in, but received no response. I debated getting back in my car and leaving, but I already knew that this chastity belt was nearly impossible to get off without the locks being undone. I had tried taking scissors and a knife to get myself out, but the leather was thick and metal was strategically placed all around it to make that feat damn near impossible.

Suddenly, to my left, the neighbors garage door kicked on and started to open. I heard a car start and saw brake lights flash. They'd be backing out any second, and here I was, standing on a doorstep in drag, my ass hanging out of my dress, obviously a man. Quickly I turned around, spread my legs and bent over with my hands behind me. The door behind me quickly opened and I felt handcuffs wrap around my wrists, then I was pulled inside. As the door shut behind me I was able to see the bumper of the car backing out of the garage. Saved just in time. "Saved" was used for lack of a better word.

"Welcome back, Candi! I knew you couldn't stay away for long. Already craving some cock in that pussy, are you?"

My Master was obviously amused at my situation. He knew full well why I was back, and it sure as hell wasn't because I wanted "cock in that pussy", as he was eloquently put it. It was a rhetorical question, however, so he continued without waiting for an answer on my part.

"Well, I'll be glad to oblige you there, of course! But first we need to get you cleaned up - you have a busy night ahead of you!"

I didn't know what he meant by that, but I didn't have time to dwell on it as he quickly put on my "SLUT" remote collar and leash and started leading me upstairs. We walked straight to the bathroom and I saw him pull out a set of keys. He ordered me to strip, then I watched as he took a different key to each lock on my chastity belt. Finally, the relief I had been waiting for as I felt the straps loosen, then heard the *POP* of the plug as it was removed from my pussy. It felt like my hole was stuck wide open and I heard my Master as he examined it.

"Very nice... you're coming along beautifully. That pussy just looks so inviting... I'd love to break you in myself, but I have other plans for you that I think you'll enjoy."

With that I was placed back in the tub and I once again felt him shove the nozzle of an enema tube inside me. The same routine as last time was done with me getting three full treatments and then washed up with a washcloth, then shaved twice as close as humanly possible. I was as smooth as the day I was born down there. It felt so good to be emptied out that I was almost glad that I had decided to come back... Almost. While I was sitting the third time he made me hover over the toilet and pee out of my "pussy", which he enjoyed and I also noticed that he recorded with his phone. Just more ammo for him to use against me, I thought. By this point he really didn't need anything else, but he obviously wanted to document everything.

Quickly I was taken out of the bathroom and back into the ajoining bedroom. On the bed I saw what apparently was my outfit for the night. It was an intricate maids uniform. Starting at the bottom were some platform black high heels, which of course had little pink padlocks everywhere that they would fasten. Next were black fishnet stockings with a hot pink bow in the lace at the top in the front and the back, followed by a black garter belt with pink ribboning by the fasteners. Over the garter belt would be a frilly short black skirt that looked like it would hardly cover halfway down my ass, which I was sure was the entire point of it. A pink thong laid on top of the garter belt that was crotchless with black lace all around the opening in the crotch. There was a pink apron that was the shape of a heart in the front, with black bows all along the edging and, in the middle of the heart in black text, read "COCK SLUT" in elegant lettering, just to eliminate any confusion. Above the skirt was a short corset with black lace covering the pink underneath. In the middle of the bra part of the corset was another hot pink bow. I was apparently supposed to keep my pink "SLUT" collar on as well as my brunette wig, and then I also saw a black and pink headpiece that I was supposed to wear. Off to the side was apparently my "duster", which appeared to be a pink dildo on one end and a duster on the other. There was also a small pink purse that read "Candi" on it in glittery cursive writing.

Master gave me a short zap just to remind me that he was in control, then ordered me to spread my legs and bend over. He again took out my "pussy paste" as I began to refer to it as and went to work between my legs. He seemed to be taking an extraordinary amount of time this time around in making it look perfect. Finally, after nearly thirty minutes, he had me stand up and turn around. Looking in the mirror, even after a close examination, he had created a fully passable pussy between my legs. The lips looked moist and swollen as if I were some permanently horny whore.

As I stood there amazed, I was given another zap and then whirled around. Master stood there with some new breast forms, ones that looked lifelike and appeared to have some kind of small metal on the end that would adhere to my chest. He once again took his time applying the glue to my chest, then methodically pressed the breasts onto me. I quickly understood what the purpose of the small metal was as I felt it wrap around my nipples. Once he uncuffed me and had me hold the breasts firmly against myself for ten minutes, he gave each nipple a harsh squeeze and I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt the teeth of the metal bite my nipples roughly. He chuckled and gave them another squeeze to get the same response.

Next he sat me down at the makeup table and carefully applied my makeup. Everything with this session was so methodical and time consuming. He must have removed and reapplied the makeup four times before he was finally satisfied with his work. When I looked back in the mirror I could easily have been convinced that it wasn't really me that was staring back. He had created an elegantly slutty look - the pink lipstick was the same shade as the bows on my outfit and was touched up with some lip gloss to make them shiny and inviting for cocks. He applied the blush so expertly that my cheekbones were given a definition to them that I had never thought possible. The mascara was where he had spent most of his time, and once he was finished with that and the dark eyeliner it looked like my eyelashes had quadrupled in length. More pink eyeshadow was applied to go with my lipstick - all of which, when combined with the base he had initially applied, made me look like the sluttiest, sexiest girl I'd ever seen. Hell, I'd fuck my mouth with my own cock if I could manage it. That thought scared me as I knew I'd be irrestistable to anyone and everyone.

Next he took my wig and started putting some kind of product in it. After he was satisfied with the amount, he took a curling iron and went to work. I sat there for what felt like an hour as he worked all around my head, but all I could do was stare at myself in the mirror, dumbfounded at the reflection. Once he was finished with the wig I saw that my look was completed as the curles danced beautifully and framed my face expertly. As much as I hated to admit it, I was hot. Really, really hot.

Master stood me back up and walked me over to the bed. He made me dress myself as he videotaped it. First I slid the fishnet stockings up my leg, then was made to straighten them until the bows were perfectly aligned in the front and back and the seam in the back was absolutely straight. I then had to slide on the garter belt and fasten the garters, making sure the pink ribbon laid over the clips just right. Once that was on came the crotchless thong and the short skirt. Once the skirt was pulled up I could see that it would be impossible to hide anything as you could easily see the bottom of my thong underneath it. When I bent over it would give everyone a complete view of my new pussy. After I had the skirt on came the corset, which was a struggle for an understatement. Once I had it pulled up over my breasts, I had to lie down on the bed and let Master pull the lacing as tight as possible. It was so tight that breathing became a chore and the breasts were straining to bust out. I had to have my Master's help to get the headpiece on without disrupting all of the hard work he put into my wig, then I sat on the bed and placed the 5" black heels on my feet. I was also made to clip on the four pink padlocks on each heel myself, locking my feet into these walking deathtraps. I stood on wobbly feet and slowly stabilized myself. I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately saw the hottest, sluttiest french maid I'd ever imagined staring back at me... only it was me underneath it all and my heart raced in terror as I knew this was just the beginning. He wouldn't take this much time to get me ready just to let me get undressed and leave. This was going to be a long night.

He gave me a zap and motioned for me to come sit on the bed in front of him and to hold out my tongue. I had pretty much given up on refusing or resisting to this point, so I did as I was told. Quickly he pulled out some tongs and grabbed my tongue with them. Before I could resist, as this was something I would have resisted, he took a large needle and pierced it through my tongue. Still holding my tongue with the tongs he took a barbell style piece of jewelry with what looked like two pink balls on either side and placed it through the opening, fastening it in place. Finally letting go of my tongue he took me over to the mirror and had me look at the piercing. What I thought were little pink balls were actually little pink penises.

"There, Candi - now you have what you've always wanted - a cock in your mouth at all times!"

He laughed at his joke, then handed me a cup of ice chips. He told me that I should keep a piece or two in my mouth at all times for the next hour or so to keep the swelling down and he also gave me a couple ibuprofen to help with the pain. I tried talking, but my tongue was already starting to swell, so anything I said would be impossible to interpret... which was probably just an added bonus for him. I swallowed and tasted some of the blood that was leaking out of my piercing, then decided to take him up on the ice chips as I slid two in my mouth.

"Now, Candi, here is your purse. You will have this with you all night, at all times. Inside it has your makeup and a few other items that you'll find useful throughout the night, understood?"

I picked up the purse and said "Yeth, Mathter", my tongue swelling still affecting my speech. My Master smirked at this and just told me that my mouth wasn't really for talking anyways, so it was no big deal.

"As I've said, this is going to be a big night for you, and a long one. You see, your training has been coming along so well that I've decided that it's time for you to take a test ride. Or, be taken on a test ride, I guess would be more accurate. There's a party going on here tonight with some friends of mine and you're the main entertainment."

Once I heard that final sentence I immediately became lightheaded. Up to this point I had thought it was all just a game, that he was "training" me, but he never really intended to follow through with what he was training me for. I thought he was just getting off on the threat of ending my training and putting me to work as his whore.

"Oh, now don't worry - I assure you that you're ready. But for the first portion of the party, you'll be the maid. You'll fetch drinks, clean up messes, greet the guests and just do whatever they need you to do, in general. I know it will be hard for you, but you are not to touch, suck or fuck any real cocks for this portion of the party. You will, however, be allowed to play with dildos if requested. Women will be present as well and you will obviously do whatever they wish. Anytime your makeup is messed up, you will go to the nearest mirror and fix it immediately."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was a maid? At some kink party? And what did he mean that it would be hard for me but that I wasn't "allowed" to have any contact with a real cock? I was never going to touch a real cock, I didn't care what the fuck he said. Sure, I guess in a twisted sort of way it was all funny up to this point, but there was a line and this was beyond a shadow of a doubt crossing it. I opened my mouth to object, only to be greeted with a zap of the collar and a tug on the leash. My cheeks burned as I stood and obediently walked out of the room and down the stairs behind my Master to the front door.

"Now, when you let someone in you will open the door and curtsy as you welcome them inside. You will then introduce yourself as Candi and take their coats, followed by asking them if there is anything you can do for them to just let you know and you would happily oblige. Now, give it a try."

I walked to the door and opened it, then gave my best impression of what I thought a curtsy was.

"No, no, no, that's awful, just fucking awful. You need to bend down more and lift your skirt up, try it again."

I had to try it five more times before I finally got it right, and then I had to mimick that perfect curtsy another ten times to make sure I knew exactly what I was to do. Finally my Master was comfortable with my ability to curtsy like a slut and we moved on to the kitchen.

He showed me around the kitchen and where the snacks were, where the drinks would be, where the cleaning supplies would be if I needed to clean up a mess anywhere. He told me that anytime I bent over, I was always to bend over at the waist to make sure everyone could see my amazing pussy through my crotchless panties and to always pause while bent over to let them enjoy the view.

As we walked back out into the living room I saw a few pieces of paper and pens on a desk and I could make out "Candi" at the top of them, but I couldn't exactly see what was written underneath. As I tried to maneuver my way closer to the papers, one of my biggest fears came to pass.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a car pull into the driveway. Seconds later, the doorbell rang and a quick zap came through my collar. The longest night of my life was starting as I made my way to the door...

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