Trapped and Trained Ch. 10


There was a wall of monitors just atop the stairway, there must have been four monitors there, all with what had to be at least fifty numbers flashing on them. People were checking the monitors and then getting into different lines leading up to the stairs, the lines creating such a mass of people that it made the rest of the club look almost empty. A man made his way to the top of the stairs and began making his way over to me, pulling his cock out of his trousers as he walked straight in front of me, between the 'Y' of my arms and then shoved his erect 8 inches into my recovering mouth. He roughly grabbed my ponytail and began forcing my head up and down on his cock as I felt another man behind me lining his cock up with my pussy, everything being recorded by the cameras and being burned into my memory, never to be forgotten.

So it went for what must have been the next three hours. Periodically there would be a woman with a comically large dildo that she would shove inside my pussy, always answered by a groan from my mouth and cheers from the crowd as they watched my pussy expand to accept it. To my knowledge there was never an unhappy customer... I know for a fact that every ticketholder deposited at least one load of cum inside of me, and I'm sure that Kevin and Brittany never turned away a returning ticketholder or someone that simply walked up and offered them cash for a turn. I would occasionally see Brittany walk over and lean down for a closer look at the cock that was currently stroking in and out of my mouth and nod approvingly. Sometimes she would lean down and whisper "encouragement" in my ear, things like:

- "You're doing great Candi, they can't wait for your next show!" - "Keep up the good work, slut... only about a fifty more to go!" - "Wow, that's a big one sweetie, but you're working it like a pro!"

Finally the last few men dropped their loads inside of me and made their way off of the stage. I had lost all sense of time and was exhausted beyond anything I'd ever felt before. Every muscle in my body was on fire. My nipples were stinging from all of the twisting and pinching they had endured. Thankfully my pussy and mouth had basically gone numb about an hour into this ordeal, so surprisingly they weren't in too rough of shape, though I couldn't even close my mouth and I could feel the gaping hole where my once tight asshole had been previously.

Brittany pranced up on stage with a big smile on her face. She cheered as she released me from my bonds and slowly stood me up, my back screaming at me from being stuck in that position for such a long time. She again walked me to each corner of the stage and had me take a bow as those that remained in the crowd applauded the show I had just been made to put on for them. I silently cursed each of them, wondering which of their cocks, real or fake, had just been thrust inside of me. Finally Kevin made his way out onto the stage and placed a chair in the middle as Brittany led me over to it and sat me down. Thankfully there were no dildos spiking up from this chair and they didn't even tie me to it... what was the need at this point? I wasn't going anywhere with how beat up and exhausted I was.

Brittany again appeared in front of me and set something in my lap. I looked down to see that it was one of the metal bowls that had been collecting the massive amounts of cum that leaked out of me. My tongue and throat had gone completely numb through the first hour of the show, resulting in me basically losing the ability to swallow any of the cum that was shot into my mouth. That resulted in a bowl that was full of what had to be nearly a quarter gallon of cum mixed together. Brittany again appeared with the other bowl which was almost just as full and I watched as she slowly poured the contents of that bowl into the one sitting on my lap, filling it almost to the brim and creating what had to be at the very least a half gallon of semen in front of me. Flashbacks to my first training session with my master flashed into my eyes where I was made to down glasses full of his cum concoction in order to retrieve my belongings.

Kevin tilted my head back and shoved a funnel into my mouth. Brittany picked up the bowl and began to slowly pour the contents down the funnel and into my mouth. I would occasionally gag and jerk my head around to try and spill whatever was left in the bowl to end this hellacious experience, but it was to no avail. Slowly but surely the cum began to slowly trickle out, signaling that the end was near. Finally the funnel was removed and I could feel my belly expanding to fit the massive amount of semen inside of it, like that bloated feeling you get when you drink way too much water and can feel it sloshing around inside of you. Brittany placed the bowl on my lap and told me to lick it clean. Defeated, I picked up the bowl and slowly licked around the sides, choking down the last of the cum. Finally there was a clean bowl in front of me and the crowd again gave a respectful applause as I was led down off of the stage.

Brittany was ecstatic when we reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Holy fuck Candi, that was the best show they've ever put on here. The producers loved it, they're going to splice all of that together and make one hell of a DVD. Can you believe it, you're a fucking pornstar?! Kevvy and I will get a chunk of the profits and, combined with the tickets we sold for your services tonight, we came out WAY ahead on this deal. Plus the club owners said that you're welcome to come back for a repeat performance ANYTIME!"

I barely heard a word that she said. I collapsed on one of the chairs in the dressing room and felt hands all over me. People were pulling my old clothes back onto me and then I was finally stood back up, the chair pulled away, forcing me to stand once again. The men and Kevin once again led me out of the club, through the hallway and garage and back to the Escalade. My pea coat was long gone apparently as I was paraded in just the window dress and undergarments with nowhere to hide, but I no longer cared. I was leaving, and that was enough to make me happy, even in my current state. The doors to the Escalade were flung open and I was again forced to sit on the pink dildo jutting out from the seat in the back. They apparently had mercy on me as I wasn't forced into any more handjobs or blowjobs and the trip home was significantly shorter than the trip to the club, so Kevin had without a doubt taken a bumpy detour in the beginning as I had suspected.

Eventually we pulled up to the outside of my Master's neighborhood when the Escalade pulled off to the side of the road. The doors were opened and I was tossed out to the side of the road with my clutch thrown to me... locked shut and I didn't have the key. The Escalade abruptly pulled away from the curb and sped off down the road. Here I was, around 6 a.m. on a Monday morning and I now had to walk four blocks into the neighborhood to get to my Master's house where I had no idea what else would be waiting for me. People would be leaving for work soon, so I hurriedly walked, as much as I could given how tired I was and the heels I was wearing, to my Master's house. I made it up to the doorstep where I saw a note and small package waiting on the doorstep. The note read:

"Candi - welcome back! I have no doubt that you enjoyed your night with Kevin and his friends. As a reward, here are the keys to your car. You are free to return to your apartment now. And no, the key to your apartment is not on your key ring, but rest assured I will leave it on your kitchen counter as I leave your apartment and I will leave it unlocked for you to get in. I had to make a copy and let myself in to make a few improvements to your living situation - surely you understand."

What?! He had been to my apartment?! He knew where I lived and had actually gone there?? This was going so far beyond even my wildest fears. I quickly snapped back into reality and let the combination of adrenaline and anger keep me awake as I sped back to my apartment. I pulled into my apartment complex and surveyed the parking lot. Thankfully it was a short walk to my door, but I couldn't let any of my neighbors see me like this. I was certainly not rich, but not poor also and lived in a fairly nice complex where a person dressed as I was simply would not be acceptable, even if I were actually the woman I was being portrayed as. I decided it was clear and threw the door open, again semi-running to my apartment building and to my door on the 2nd level, nearly tripping up the stairs. The door was unlocked, as he had stated it would be.

As soon as I walked in everything looked just as I had left it and I let out a relieved sigh. My kitchen and living room were unchanged and my fears started to wither away. I leaned over on my kitchen counter and felt my head spinning as I saw my apartment key as well as another key next to a note. I picked up that note and read:

"Welcome home, Candi! Here is the apartment key I promised as well as a key to let yourself out of those heels (if you'd like, at least... I know how you love wearing them!). Go ahead and take a look around, I'm sure you'll approve of my improvements to your living quarters."

Improvements? Nothing seemed out of place. I feverishly unlocked my clutch and removed the keys to release me from my heels. I was in such a rush that I carelessly kept the clothes I was wearing on as I sprinted to my bedroom. As I was running down my hallway past my guestroom I froze in my tracks.

Looking inside I saw that he had turned what had been my spare room into some kind of bondage room. One wall was completely full of sex toys and bondage gear on a tack board. There in the middle of the room was the device that I had been trained on how to take a cock in my pussy and mouth. There was the chair that I was also trained on how to take cocks from different positions. The bed that I had been chained to in my Master's spare room was in the center of the bedroom with the chains hanging down from the headboard. I swung open the closet and saw a wide array of mini dresses and costumes, ranging from a naughty schoolgirl to a slutty cheerleader, a naughty nurse to a slutty witch... anything a slutty girl would ever think to dress up as for Halloween seemed to be in my closet now where I had stored my winter clothing. I looked in the corners of the room and saw cameras nailed to each corner with the red lights activated, signaling that they were recording my discovery of these "improvements".

I clumsily backed out of the room, trying to avoid being caught on camera. Down the hall on the other side was the other spare room, which I didn't even bother walking into. From the outside I could again see the cameras and, there in the middle of the room was a top of the line tanning bed in the middle. On the dresser was all kinds of what appeared to be tanning lotions. The door to the closet was open and as I peered in front the hallway I could see the dummy heads of mannequins donning about seven or eight different wigs. More clothes were hanging in that closet as well.

I stumbled into my bedroom and again was caught completely off guard. My entire room had been painted pink. Gone were the posters and pictures of sports figures I had on my walls, instead replaced by blown up pictures of me "performing" as Candi. There was a picture of me with Jerome's cock buried deep in my mouth. Another picture of me posing for the cameras down in my Master's dungeon, lifting up my skirt and blowing the camera a kiss. Pictures like those covered the walls, and I noticed upon closer inspection that they were nailed to the walls.

My bed was now sporting a new pink and white comforter with a copy of my tattoo written squarely in the middle of it, complete with the white splash of cum coming off the penis for an 'i'. I again saw cameras all over the walls recording my exploration. I went to the bathroom to clean myself off and saw that all of the contents of my bathroom had changed as well. Instead of my Gilette shaving cream there was now a melon scented women's shaving cream. There was a depilatory cream to keep my body hair removed as well as women's lotion in the cabinets. There was glue to paste on my breast forms and a case of the pussy paste that my Master used to create my fake vagina. I opened the drawers to my vanity and saw that there was a makeup set that would make even the richest woman jealous... all different kinds of shades of eyeshadow and lipstick, blush and lip gloss, everything a woman would ever need.

Angrily I turned on the shower and ripped off the clothes. I stormed to my dresser and flew open my underwear drawer to pull out some of my comfortable boxer briefs. My breath was gone as I opened the drawer to only see dozens and dozens of skimpy, lacy thongs inside. I opened another drawer and saw it was full of sexy corsets and teddies. Another with stockings and garters. Another with blouses and camisoles. I staggered backwards and went to my closet. There, where all of my polo shirts and suits had been hanging were now minidresses, gowns and skirts. Where my jeans had been stacked was now full of black and white tights, jean and khaki short skirts. Instead of my sneakers and dress shoes there were now dozens of high heels from red knee high boots with a stiletto heel to some modest black high heels and everything in between, neatly stacked on a shoe rack that ran around the base of my closet.

I screamed as loud as I could out of frustration and then collapsed on the floor, quietly sobbing, wondering what in the world was going on. Finally a voice came over the entire apartment through some kind of intercom system. It was my Master, who I now hated with a deeper passion than I had ever thought I was capable of. My blood was boiling as his voice filled my apartment.

"I told you you'd enjoy my improvements - I think it really completes the living space. In time I'll also change up your living room and make the kitchen a little more fitting for a woman such as yourself, but I just didn't have enough time this time around and wanted everything to be a surprise. I'll inform you of your new schedule and new duties tomorrow, but for now, just enjoy looking around at everything and get yourself a wonderful night's sleep. As you've surely noticed, the sensors are still going strong inside of you - if you're a good girl then maybe I'll flip that switch tomorrow and allow you to recover fully, but until then you'll just have to take a trip inside your new fetish room and find a dildo on the wall to please yourself with."

The intercom clicked off and the room began to spin. This couldn't be happening. Before this place was my escape, where I could come to feel normalcy and like a man once again. Now I had no escape, he had taken everything from me and knew everything there was to know about me. I had to get out, I had to leave this place. I'd just get in my car and drive. I sprinted, completely naked, not even thinking, to the door. It was locked with an electronic lock, as was the patio door, as were all of the windows. I was trapped. Suddenly a strong surge came through the ring on my clit, forcing me to my knees. The intercom again clicked on.

"I expected that, Candi. But you'll eventually learn to embrace your new duties and even enjoy them. Every time you disobey, you will receive that same shock or one much worse if you really piss me off. Now go take a shower and get dressed for bed... and keep in mind that you're always on camera in the back rooms, which is tied to a live feed on your website, which, I might add, is generating quite the revenue stream ever since I posted that your new DVD would be available for purchase soon. I heard it was quite a show. Off you go now, and when you get dressed, I think I'm feeling like seeing you in something pink. In your dresser drawer you should find that hot pink teddy. It's the one with the open cups and the ties in the front - I'm sure you'll know it when you see it. Slip that on with some of the white fishnets in your drawer, then your viewers will be waiting for your show in the fetish room."

The mic again clicked off as I slowly began to walk back towards my bedroom. The mic once again clicked on with a last message.

"Welcome to your new life, Candi."

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