Trapped and Trained Ch. 17


Next he crawled up onto the bed and pulled me over to him again by my hair, placing my head in his lap and telling me to play with his dick until he was hard enough to fuck me. I began massaging his balls and tickling the head of his cock with my tongue piercing before going all the way down and back up the outside of his shaft while he let out a satisfied moan. It took a good five or ten minutes, but eventually I felt his cock stiffening in my hands. Once he was hard, he threw me down on my back on the bed, staring up at the mirror on the ceiling. He unzipped my skirt and flung it to the floor followed by my top, which hadn't been covering my breasts for a while now anyways, lining the head of his cock up with my pussy as he picked my legs up and put them on his shoulders. He eased that chubby 7" dick into my pussy bit by bit until finally I felt him push against the sensors in my device, springing it to life all over again. I closed my eyes as the waves of pleasure washed over me while he began to get a steady rhythm of pushing in and pulling out. For the next few minutes he continued to fuck me until I felt a raging orgasm coming through my body. I needed the device to pick up some steam... I needed to be fucked harder, faster, deeper.

"Come on baby, is that all you got?" I struggled to get out through my uncontrollable moans. The man looked almost insulted for a tick, then strengthened his grip on my thighs and began forcefully ramming his cock into me, sending the device into overdrive and almost making me pass out from the sensations it was causing. Finally I couldn't control my body anymore, slamming my pelvis into him as he drove forward, screaming out that I was about to cum and for him to fuck me harder. I felt the warning zap from the device but felt myself power right through it until I felt a violent orgasm erupt from inside my pussy, my cock twitching out of control in an orgasm so fierce that it was painful, causing me to scream out in a combination of relief and pain. At the same time the man fucking me was reaching his climax, holding his dick inside of me while he shot his second load.

He pulled out of me and then pulled me to a standing position, holding his hands underneath my pussy while the combination of our cum came pouring out of me like a faucet. He seemed impressed as he thought it was only his cum, obviously not thinking he had deposited that much within me but not stopping to think about it for long. He shoved me back down onto the bed and straddled my chest, holding his hands over my mouth as I clamped it shut.

"Open that fuckin mouth, slut, or I'll shove that fuckin hook right back into your ass like you had it on the stage earlier."

Remembering that the hook was still left in the corner of the room I opened my mouth to protest, which was all the opening the man needed as he opened his hands and let the reservoir of cum poor into my open mouth. He then held them up for me and watched as I obediently licked them clean, knowing that I was defeated. Once he was finished with me he stood up and began to walk out, but not before picking my skirt and top up off of the floor and walking out the door with them in his pocket as a souvenir, leaving me with just my latex leggings and gloves on, with of course my heels.

Exhausted from the first orgasm I'd had in months, I laid back on the bed. Just as my head hit the bedding I heard the door pop open. I lifted up enough to see a man and a woman walking in. I was confused as I saw them drop two green beads as well as a black one into the bowl. They were an older couple, perhaps in their early fifties, him dressed in a suit while she wore a lavish black evening gown with a slit up to the thigh, showing off the tips of her black stockings. He wasted no time in climbing onto the bed and stripping all the way down, his chest hair and pubes showing signs of gray as he motioned for me to climb onto his already rock hard 5" cock. I sighed deeply and crawled over to him, straddling his cock and then lowering my pussy onto it. The device would barely register unless I was fully impaled, which was fine with me as my dick was getting incredibly sore from its surprise workout. He placed his hands on my breasts, pushing me up off of his dick and then letting me slide back down. Suddenly he pulled my chest downward and I felt the head of a strap on cock pushing against my ass, slowly sliding in as I couldn't stop it. In and in it went - it must have been at least 8" as the woman continued until I felt the warmth of her naked thighs grazing my ass cheeks. As she slid her dildo out of me, he pulled his cock out simultaneously until they were both just on the edge of being removed, then they both slammed them home, filling me up full of fake and real dick and causing a surprised groan to escape my mouth.

The woman continued to ravage me from behind while the man had slowed his pace considerably, mostly just enjoying the show from what I could gather of his wife fucking what he thought to be an exquisite blonde bombshell, my tits bouncing back and forth as she slammed in and out of me with his cock fully impaled inside me. Finally she slowed and then I thankfully felt the fake cock exit my anus, but I was a bit surprised to see that the man hadn't started fucking my pussy yet. He was still staring at his wife, and eventually I understood why as I again felt her strap on cock behind me. Instead of going for my ass this time, though, she was pushing it against her husband's cock, trying to push inside of my pussy to join him. Thankfully I had a fake pussy so there wasn't too much pain until they were both inside of me, then the pressure pushing against my cock was almost unbearable as I cried out and begged for her to pull out. She kept pushing until she was fully inside of me, her fake dick pressed right up against the sensors on the device as it started going wild all over again. She stayed deep inside of me while he began thrusting in and out of me, obviously enjoying the feeling of my now incredibly tight and full pussy combined with her latex cock rubbing against his dick as it went in and out. His hands clamped down on my breasts while his wife held me in position from behind, her hands on my waist, pushing me down hard onto his cock with hers thrust fully into me until he finally gave the sign that he was filling me up with his cum. My dick throbbed as it tried to cum, but was rejected by the zap of electricity.

Spent, the man pushed me off of his dick and the woman laid me down on my back. Suddenly I had a fake cock shoved into my face, taking it into my mouth only to have the man shove his now softening cock into my mouth as well. I slid my tongue all around them, trying to clean up all of the cum off of both of them while the woman reached down and took the cum leaking out of my pussy, spreading it all over her dildo before shoving it back into my mouth to start the process all over again. The two of them locked lips for a passionate kiss while the slut underneath them cleaned off their cocks. I was just a tool for their use, otherwise ignored in their passion until they both lifted off of me, dressed and walked out of the room.

The next three hours were pure hell for me. Man after man, woman after woman would come in and use me, dropping their various beads into the bowl as they entered and then leaving me like a used up whore after they were done, hardly ever saying a word to me. Sometimes it would be two men, double penetrating my pussy or my ass, feeling like I was being split in half but always managing to take what they would give me until the cum would come gushing from their dicks. Women enjoyed riding my face while their man would use my holes, typically they were spun around so they could face him, watching him fuck me with their pussies and sometimes asses directly over my mouth, forcing me to lick them until they were satisfied with my service. I came four more times that night, each one more painful than the previous as my sore cock begged for mercy, begged to be let out of that horrid device and to go back to being ignored as it had previously been, but I still couldn't help myself from begging to be fucked harder and faster on occasion as the pleasure was too good to pass up. Occasionally I would remember that I was being video taped and would try to keep my mouth shut, but the libido would undoubtedly take over, something I was sure would cause me endless humiliation when played back.

At long last, the door stopped opening and my holes stopped taking their pounding. I laid exhausted on the bed, my last "customer" on his way out the door, taking the bowl of beads with him as he walked out. That bowl was overflowing, a shameful sign of just how much I had been used, each bead signifying one of my holes being used to service a man or woman to completion. My entire body ached from the pure depletion of energy I was experiencing. Every move I felt the combination of dried cum, pussy juice and lube caked on my body, in my hair, in my teeth, oozing out of my pussy and ass. All I wanted to do was sleep, but then the door popped open one last time and that same bald muscle of a man came in, again without saying a word. He could obviously see I was spent, so instead of forcing me to walk he just easily flung me up over his shoulder, smacking me once on the ass and chuckling at the lack of a response. I was simply too tired to resist any longer tonight.

He carried me with ease back to the stage. I saw the other two females, my "competition", sitting in the chairs from the dining hall with one vacant in the middle, the long, red dildo awaiting my pussy to lower down onto it. The man flung me down off of his shoulder and positioned me over the dildo, then let go - I was so tired that I plopped down with all my weight, forgetting what was waiting for me and then shrieking as the dildo penetrated me in one motion to the base, the device on my cock relentlessly starting up all over again. They didn't even both with any restraints, seeing that all three of us were too spent to offer any type of resistance... the other two females also seemed have some kind of a satisfied grin across their faces while mine showed nothing but anguish mixed with a fear of what was to come.

Mitch and Vivian made their way onto the stage with a few other people, then took their place behind me while those that I presumed to be the dominants of the other females took their places behind their slaves. The loudspeaker came to life.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll be seated then we will begin the closing ceremony. Thank you. Between the 80 participants from tonight there were 155 beads purchased. There were 70 red beads, 50 green and 35 black. The red beads will be considered one point, green two points and black three points. We will now have the slaves' owners tally their beads and report their totals, then crown our champion for the evening."

All three owners came to the front and began counting their beads, color by color. After the red beads, the woman to my right was ahead with 27, I had 22 and the female to my left had 21. I was happy to be losing, but wished it had been by more as it felt like a lot of people used my ass and pussy. Next came the green, where the woman to my right had only earned 13 beads to my 17, but thankfully the girl to my left took in 20. So that put the current point total at the woman to my right with 53, me with 56, and the woman to my left with 61. I still felt comfortable with that kind of a gap. Lastly the black beads came out of the bowls. The woman to my right had 10, for a final score of 83. The woman to my left had 11, for a total of 94, and I had 13, for a total of 92. Relieved, I sunk back in the chair, only to hear Vivian coming storming from behind it towards Mitch.

"Wait, wait, wait - that's only 34 black beads. Mitch, you dropped this one here at your feet while you poured them out to count them. I believe that puts our Candi at 95 points, one more than Amanda over there, correct?"

She was right... She knelt down and picked up the last remaining black bead, throwing it back into my bowl and, in doing so, declaring myself the "winner" of the competition. I small silver tiara was placed upon my cum covered hair while the loudspeaker came on to dismiss everyone back to the lobby. Mitch and Vivian made their way behind the stage where I saw a healthy sum of cash placed into a briefcase, then handed to Mitch. I suppose that's one way to come out ahead in Vegas. Next I saw some man speaking with Mitch and Vivian, continually pointing towards me and then handing them a packet of papers and a pen. I watched as Vivian pulled out her cell phone and made a call, speaking to someone for upwards of ten minutes while Mitch read through the papers.

With a smile across her face, I saw Vivian hang up the phone and nod approvingly towards Mitch and this mystery man. With that, Mitch signed on a few different places on the papers, handed them to the man, shook his hand and then sent the man on his way. Vivian sauntered over towards me with a devious look on her face.

"Candi! Congratulations, you're the top queen of the night! And, I have wonderful news!"

I could only imagine the news had to be awful for Vivian to consider it wonderful, but was too tired to offer up any kind of smartass response.

"I have just gotten off of the phone with Miss Vicki. That wonderful man we were just speaking with owns a brothel here in Vegas and just offered you a one year contract to come and work there! Isn't that so exciting?!"

My head was spinning - what was she telling me? A brothel? Wasn't that just a fancy name for a whore house? How could they sign a contract on my behalf? There's no way that was legal or that I would be bound to that contract. But then I thought back to everything that had happened to me over the past seven months or so and figured that legalities were a small issue for these people, easily worked around apparently. Vivian was beside herself in excitement.

"Yes, it's called the Shady Ranch, located just outside of town. That was Mr. Big... I'd guess you'll find out why they call him that soon enough! But anyways, he wants us to go back to our hotel and rest up, then we're going to head out to the ranch tomorrow night to give you a little tour and a tryout. If all goes well then you can start working there immediately while Miss Vicki has the rest of your things shipped out to you, plus she will undoubtedly want to pay you a visit! All of your revenues will be deposited directly into her account as she has legally been named as your principal guardian, and she OK'd Mitch signing the contract on her, and your, behalf, so everything should be all set! Now let's get you into the limo and back to the hotel - you're going to need to get some rest from the sound of it!"

Vivian lifted me up off of the dildo on the chair and took one arm while Mitch took the other, carefully leading me off of the stage and to the front door where our limo was running and waiting. I climbed in, crashing into the leather seats and almost immediately wanting to just fall asleep. Mitch and Vivian followed me in with Vivian taking her customary seat next to me and Mitch seated at the back. Vivian clutched her purse and turned to me.

"Oh, sweetie - I almost forgot! If you're going to be crashing once we get to the hotel, then you'll need to take your pill before then. Lucky for you, watching all of that got Mitch incredibly horny, so following our previously set routine, you'll need to crawl on over to him to get something in your mouth to wash this little pink pill down with."

I looked at her in disbelief, but saw nothing but seriousness in her eyes. Mitch had already pulled his cock out of his pants and put his hands behind his head, waiting on me. Defeated, I slumped out of the seat and onto the carpeted floor of the limo, slowly crawling over to Mitch's semi-erect cock. I went through the typical motions of playing with the head and shaft, sucking in his balls and stroking up and down on it until I felt he was ready for my mouth. It only took a few minutes before he delivered another one of his increasingly massive loads, my mouth once again full of cum. I turned to Vivian with my mouth still open as she tossed the pill in, closing my mouth with her hand and wiping up some of the cum that had spilled out, sucking it off of her finger. I slowly crawled back to my seat, fastened my seat belt, tilted my head back and swallowed the contents in my mouth.

Then there was nothing but blackness before waking the next evening...

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