Trapped and Trained Ch. 18


She didn't wait for an answer, she just turned left down the hallway and expected me to follow, along with the goon squad. The walls were painted a deep red with black carpeting and black doors. Finally she stopped at a room with a silver 9 on it. She placed her thumb on what appeared to be a fingerprint scanner next to the door with a small keypad underneath. I watched her press a few buttons, then move aside, telling me to place my thumb on the scanner as she had done. As I did I watched the bar travel up and down the scanner, then the green light on the door activate, followed by a beep and the sound of the door unlocking. Madame Eve pushed the door open and stepped inside as I followed her to see a lavish suite complete with a small kitchen, living room, bedroom and my own personal hot tub. She quickly gave me a tour through the kitchen and other rooms before heading to the bedroom. Inside was a four post bed with hooks that I presumed to be there for bondage purposes and a dresser with a massive mirror atop it. Madame Eve popped the dresser drawers open to show various panties and bras that were contained within them. There was also a makeup table with various drawers that Madame Eve pulled open to show me a huge collection of any kind of makeup a girl would ever need, with a jewelry box on top that held various items for my tongue, belly button, nipples and ears. She walked to the attached bathroom and showed a shower similar to the one that had been in the master bedroom of the hotel I had been in with Mitch and Vivian - glass walls with shower heads on each of the four. She turned to me as we walked out of the bathroom.

"Now, the next part is a dream come true for any girl."

She opened a door and walked into another room that was nearly the size of the bedroom itself. The room was covered in mirrors. She walked to various places in the room and popped open the doors to show the closets behind them. One whole closet for heels and boots, another for lingerie, another for costumes, another for short dresses and gowns, another for what looked like club wear with short skirts and revealing blouses. Finally she opened up the last closet and I saw that it housed a gigantic peg board complete with various dildos, vibrators, plugs, gags, whips, clamps, cuffs... essentially a bondage aficionado's wildest dream come true. It must have cost a fortune to build a collection like this. Madame Eve caught me looking at everything in awe as two women and a man with an expensive looking camera walked in to join us.

"Here comes the fun part, Candi. When a customer checks in, he is given access to our database. From there he can choose a girl and scan through all of her available outfits. Or they may choose an outfit and see all of our girls dressed in that style and choose from there. Now, we could use some digital editing and give them a representation of what you should look like in those outfits, but we don't want to presume anything at a risk of misrepresentation. So, for the next few hours these men and women will be helping you in and out of various outfits while you model them all for the camera. It is a long process, but fun for you to get to try on all the sexy little things that your clients will be wanting you in. There are video cameras in each of the rooms that we will use in addition for voyeuristic shots, but I want you to behave and work with Will and his assistants for your photography session, otherwise you'll get an early introduction to that disciplinarian building I showed you, understood?"

Again she didn't wait for an answer as she left the room and eventually the suite altogether. Will, the photographer, and his associates wasted no time in getting me ready. The women grabbed my hands and walked me out of the closet and to my makeup table. They worked quickly and efficiently, straightening my hair and rifling through the drawers to grab various makeup brushes and bottles. After about fifteen minutes they were done and, honestly, I was stunning as I looked at myself back in the mirror. They had to have been makeup professionals as the shades they had chosen brought out every definable characteristic of my face and expertly made my eyelashes long, my lips succulent and my eyes deep and seductive.

I was then stood up and brought to the dressing room again. Quickly they stripped my clothes off of me and went to the lingerie closet, bringing back handfuls of hangers with a variety of corsets, garters, stockings, baby dolls, and anything else you could imagine. I noticed that each hanger had a categorized label on it, like an L-2 in the lingerie closet. Then they went to the closet of my shoes and grabbed a handful of boots and heels to go with the looks. They obviously had a routine down on this as they began throwing pairs of items at me, making me put each item on. As I would get an outfit on, Will would take over, having me walk towards him as he fired off picture after picture through his camera. He would then have me bend over and pucker my lips, or sit down and spread my legs, or get on all fours, or bend over and pull my thong to the side as he was behind me, or lie down and loop my heels into my thong string to seductively pull it down as I looked back at the camera. So many different poses for each outfit, yet each outfit seemed to fit to perfection. I assumed that Vivian or Vicki had given them my exact measurements ahead of time. This likely had been in the works for months.

As the lingerie closet was finished we moved on to the costumes. Nurse, schoolgirl, maid, cheerleader, waitress, bride, cowgirl, angel, stewardess, girl scout, sailor, witch... it was like they raided a Halloween store full of kinky costumes. The same routine - put on an outfit and pose, then have it stripped off and replaced with another. They moved on to the dresses and gowns, then to the club wear, after which I thought I was done. But this time they just had me go through all of my thong and bra sets, sometimes just the thong or sometimes with the thong pulled down around my knees or ankles. Some were crotchless or cupless, others were sheer enough that I didn't even understand the purpose of putting them on. Latex, leather, spandex, lace and nylon were tugged onto me and then promptly stipped off at Will's direction.

This whole process must have taken four hours to complete and I was beyond exhausted by the time we were finished. I thought I had worked well with them, heeding Madame's warning of the disciplinarian room and not wanting to visit that place given how tired and sore I already was. I figured this was better than any other alternative and actually didn't really mind it compared to what I could have been put through. As the last item was finished, it was stripped off and hung in the closet, then just like that the five people who were with me gathered their things and walked out of the room. I heard the suite door beep as they exited then flash a red light. I went to it and pulled on the handle, seeing that it was locked.

I walked back to the dressing room and found a pair of black yoga pants along with a black bikini top, figuring this would be about the least feminine clothing I'd be able to find. I walked around the suite, taking in my new surroundings. The kitchen was stocked full of healthy foods and drinks, nothing fried or sweet to be found. I grabbed a piece of fruit and then continued my self tour as I went to the living room, finding the remote to the plasma screen in the room and flicking it on as I collapsed down on the spacious white sectional couch. The TV flipped on to the default channel, which was, to no surprise, a porn flick. I flipped the channel a few times, watching as the screen just changed from one porn movie to the next. I noted that there were 15 channels available and there was porn playing on each and every one. I just wanted to watch some fucking sports and have a sense of normalcy for once, so I disgustedly powered the TV off and walked to the bedroom.

Off of the bedroom I noticed there was a balcony facing in towards the compound. I slid the glass door open and stepped out, shyly taking a look around, ensuring that nobody would spot me. I looked down the wall to my right and saw a few women probably ten balconies down sitting in their patio chairs and apparently having some drinks together, but I was too far away to get a decent look at them. I looked down and saw that my suite was located directly over the pool area, which was lit up under the moon, where I saw even more women having some fun poolside a few walked around and played in the water, scantily clad in some revealing swimsuits. The only men I saw were similar to the goons who had brought me in here, stalking around the grounds similar to how security guards would walk, dressed in their white attire, always attentive to what was going on around them. Behind me I heard a faint beep, then the door to my suite open.

Walking out into the living room I saw Madame Eve and Mr. Big standing at the door, spotting me as I came into view. They looked me up and down and then spoke quietly to one another, followed by Mr. Big exiting the suite, apparently at Madame Eve's request. She flashed me what appeared to be an attempt at a warm smile, but I could sense that she was not sincere with it - it almost felt as if I had already angered her, but I had no idea what I could have done in order to do so. She sat down on the couch and motioned for me to sit next to her, then she spoke.

"Now Candi, I need to go over the details of your stay here at the Shady Ranch. As you can see, we have spent considerable resources in order to house you here and I expect nothing but your graciousness and obedience in return. Your early days here will be rigidly structured and your access to parts of the compound will be very restricted. As you earn trust and show your obedience, privileges will open up to you and you will have essentially free reign to go wherever you may please within these walls. However, if you decide to routinely disobey me or any of my clients, you will see a side to this Ranch that is designed to modify that type of behavior in a very unpleasant fashion.

"In this folder I have with me you will find your itinerary for the next few days. It is mostly designed to allow you to grow accustomed to your surroundings and the environment in which you will be living from here on out. The morning and afternoon are mainly spent as times to better yourself for the clients, either through working out, tanning, taking advantage of the in-house spa, things of that nature. In the early evening, the girls report to their rooms to prep for that night's activities. If it is a normal night, that will mean going to your room and preparing yourself as far as makeup and hair goes to be ready for any client's request, upon which you will dress and report to the meeting area to mingle. Occasionally we have party or themed nights, in which case you will report to your room and prepare based on the guidelines provided, then report to the designated area - be it the pool for a pool party or whatever is requested. You should know that all rooms are on a live feed through the various cameras, so if you are either not in your room at the required time or if you are not performing the task as listed in your itinerary, you will either have someone dispatched to your room to assist or to escort you to the disciplinarian wing for a behavior modification session.

"The next few nights are normal nights centered around our clients. I have a very select client base - meaning that we don't just take any drunks off the street that happen to wander to this facility. I run strict background checks and ensure that they are the types of clients that I want being exposed to my girls. Being that you are new, you will be on special assignment for your first few nights until you are ready for your initiation into being one of the girls. I'll give you more details on that later. But you will have a special outfit that you will wear so that all of the girls and the clients know of your responsibilities, and so clients know that you are off limits for the main purpose of their visit here."

That last piece of information was a huge relief to me, knowing that I would at least have a few nights off and be able to hopefully plan an escape from this place in that time. Madame Eve continued.

"As stated previously, the clients will arrive and then go through the process of either selecting a set of girls to mingle with or selecting a certain style of girl, based on their wants. Upon selecting a girl or girls, they will then report to one of the head girls who are in charge of the activities for the night - a director, for lack of a better word. In meeting with the head girl, they will choose a playroom and describe the type of fantasy they are wanting to act out, at which time the girl(s) will be taken there and given a rundown of their role in the fantasy, while also giving the staff time to bring in any extra toys or machines or whatnot that is requested by the client.

"Given that tonight's activities have already started and, as I understand it, you've had quite a bit of use over the past 24-48 hours, I'm going to be giving you tonight off. I don't like my girls to be overworked. Therefore, we have a strict policy that is followed here. If you are ordered by a client for two consecutive nights, you will be off limits for the third, giving you time to recover. That policy is lifted if you are involved in a 'party', which is a threesome or more as it is assumed you are not enduring as much use. If you are involved in any use for three consecutive nights then you are given the next night off. It's a simple policy that is handled within our database - you simply will be listed as 'unavailable' in the database for that given night.

"So, for tonight you have some fairly easy tasks, then you will start with your self improvement activities first thing in the morning. You will notice that you are not required to wear any type of collar or any other restrictive articles here as my girls come in with a clean slate. If you report to your activities on time and dressed as required, your trust stays in tact. However, if you are disobedient or consistently late to your appointments, then that is when we begin taking steps to ensure that you get back on course and represent Shady Ranch as intended. On that note, I have this green pill that Vivian has left for you, which I believe will remove the chemical imbalance from your system that was originally started by Miss Vicki before your trip here."

She handed me the elusive green pill that I had been trying to get my hands on ever since our plane had touched down here in Vegas. I quickly tossed it in my mouth and swallowed it down with the glass of water on the table, just in case she changed her mind. Immediately I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders, and I also realized that I was no longer restricted by anything, so if I could just figure a way out of here, I could be free. Madame Eve seemed to see the wheels turning in my head.

"I feel I should give you fair warning, Candi, about this Ranch. As stated, I do not believe in collars or leashes or anything restrictive of that nature until I feel a girl has shown a need for it. However, you can see that this compound is staffed fairly heavily. You can see there is a sophisticated electronic security system, as well as a large wall surrounding the inner workings of the compound, which is the only area you will have access to. However, even if you were to somehow make your way out of all of this and be outside of that wall, you should know that you're easily 20 miles from Las Vegas along a road that is rarely traveled unless someone is coming here. You should also know that we are located just outside of Las Vegas as well as its county, so the LVPD have zero jurisdiction here. We are a part of a much smaller town, where the sheriff and the entire police department receive a constantly updated list of our girls and are routine customers here in what is essentially a partnership. So while I don't believe in confining my girls here until they have earned it, don't take me or my policies as a weakness that you can exploit or I can assure you that you will receive punishment beyond anything you've seen before."

With those words of warning, Madame Eve stood and walked to the door, ready to leave. Just as she reached out, she seemed to remember something and spun around to me, addressing me one more time.

"And, one other thing - I'm fully aware of your 'situation' behind that fake little pussy you're packing beneath those yoga pants. Mr. Big and I are the only ones on this compound that are privy to that information, and it will stay that way until I decide otherwise. Your hormonal pills are to be taken daily until instructed otherwise and can be found in one of the kitchen cabinets. I haven't yet decided if I will let you keep your clitty or if I would like to transform you to one of my real girls - I suppose a lot of that will depend on your behavior here. I will tell you that I've had one other 'girl' like you and she did undergo the gender reassignment procedure with the best doctor money could buy. As an added benefit, I requested that they expose the nerve endings in her new pussy and I can tell you that, as a result, she is my most profitable girl in the compound as she just goes crazy as soon as anything penetrates her, which drives my clients wild. I'll leave you with that - know that this is a possibility at your request, but know that it is also at mine should I deem it necessary."

With that, Madame Eve walked out the door, leaving me with my jaw halfway to the floor. I had never even thought about them removing my dick and

turning me into a "real" girl, but suddenly it was a very real possibility. I certainly would never make that request myself and decided that I would have to obey in order to give them no reason to make that decision on my behalf. In doing so, I'd also have to figure out a way to get out of this place... I couldn't disobey and be collared or put on anything that would restrict my ability to escape, so I made my decision to play along for the next few days while I was on my "special assignment" and then get out of here before I had to go through whatever initiation she had referenced. I never planned on taking on a client here and fulfilling any of his twisted kink fantasies, the fucking perverts.

I flipped open the folder that Madame Eve had left, seeing a pink packet of paper sitting inside. I saw that the first sheet had a listing of activities that I was to perform before going to sleep, and then the activities for tomorrow picked up at 11 a.m. It was currently 1 a.m. and my body was aching, so I decided to get tonight's activities out of the way so that I could get some much needed rest. I looked at the sheet to see what I had to get done tonight:

1. Take night dose of hormone pills.

2. Put on outfit L-14.

3. Go to bedroom, get on top of bed, tune to channel 2. Watch for 10 minutes.

4. Tune to channel 8. Watch for 10 minutes.

5. Tune to channel 12. Leave on for duration of night while sleeping.

I was hoping that I'd get to keep wearing these yoga pants and this bra as it was the most comfortable outfit I'd been able to wear for months. The pants were a bit tight, but a far cry from those fucking latex leggings from the other night. Plus I actually liked seeing how tight my ass looked in them - I was always a sucker for a girl in yoga pants when I'd go to the gym and work out. But I didn't want to get on Madame's bad side, so I stood and walked to the kitchen, taking my dose of pills out of the cabinet and swallowing them down one at a time. Then I sauntered to the dressing room, still fully aware of the red camera lights that I had grown accustomed to in the corners of the rooms.

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