Trapped and Trained Ch. 18


Standing in the middle of the room I stripped off my clothes, seeing a chute in the corner with a "Laundry" label above it I tossed them inside. I listened as they traveled down the chute into what I assumed to be the laundry room. I walked to the lingerie closet and picked through the hangers until I landed on the one labeled L-14, pulling it off and coming back to the center. I looked around, seeing my reflection in all of the mirrors, again catching myself admiring my sexy, tight little body before snapping back to reality.

The outfit that was selected for me was simple and small. There was a red mesh and sheer flyaway camisole with split cups, bringing back frightening images in my mind of the split cup bikini that Vivian made me wear and then perform for those people at the rooftop pool a few days prior. I slipped it on and felt the delicate material come down and tickle the small of my back, just above my tramp stamp that I routinely forgot was there, but shuttered every time I saw it still. The bottom was a ruffle skirted thong of the same color and material, the skirt just an inch or two wide, just enough to give that flirty skirt look and hide the tip of my ass. Thankfully there were no heels or stockings or anything else required, so I turned and walked to the bedroom, climbing up on the plush bed and feeling the silky black sheets and the pink comforter slide against my bare skin.

There was another plasma TV in the bedroom so I figured that I would just be required to watch porn for a while before going to bed. Not the worst thing that could happen, I figured, so I pushed the power button on the remote and navigated to channel 2 as I was instructed in my itinerary. I was a bit surprised to see that this TV must have been hooked into a different system than the one in the living room as I found that I was now just staring at what looked to be a completely empty suite living room, similar to my own but the colors were different. It didn't take me long to piece together that I was watching a feed from one of the security cameras, apparently to another girl's room.

Suddenly the door to the suite opened and I watched a man, presumably a client, carrying in a girl who was dressed in what looked like a wedding dress. I guessed his fantasy was to be on a wedding night as he was also dressed in a tux and was carrying her across the threshold, so to speak. He carried her into the suite and walked through the living room straight to the bedroom, the TV screen cycling through the cameras to access the one in the bedroom. He set her down and I saw that she was a gorgeous blond, probably in her early 20's, wearing the sluttiest wedding dress I'd ever seen. Her perky breasts were hardly covered in the front and the dress was cut away in the midsection, showing off the sides of her tanned abs while the bottom ended in a short, tight skirt. White garters peaked out from the bottom, attaching to white garters and then white high heels. She wore a vail on her head, obviously to complete the fantasy for this twisted man. He was a bigger man - not fat, but not exactly a body builder... just appeared to be your normal man who was apparently hiding this fantasy that he needed to live out.

He disappeared into the dressing room for a moment and then reappeared with some ropes. The woman stood obediently still as he untied her dress from behind and then ripped it off, leaving her standing there in a white waist cincher with a light blue outline, her breasts now full exposed. She wore a small white silk thong with the garters dangling from it and reaching down to her stockings. The man roughly handled her as she moaned in response while he then bent her over and expertly tied her hands to her ankles, her toned ass facing the camera now. The man made some kind of reference as to how it was time to consummate their marriage as he roughly pulled her thong to the side and, without warning, pulled his hard cock out of his tux pants and plowed it into her glistening, hairless pussy. I heard her let out a startled mixture of a scream and a lustful moan as he relentlessly pounded away.

I looked to the clock and noticed that my ten minutes on this channel had passed, gladly changing the channel to 8 to get away from that scene as I was beginning to picture myself in it as the tied up bride. I shook my head to try and rattle the images out of it.

This new channel was already in mid-scene from what I could tell. There was a girl tied bend over a desk, dressed up as what appeared be a secretary in some kind of a conference room. There were various middle aged men in their suits with a powerpoint presentation up on a projector, but their focus was instead on the exposed brunette. Her skirt was lifted up over her waist with her panties ripped off and lying next to her on the table while the men ran a nonstop train on her mouth, ass and pussy. At first she appeared to be enjoying herself, but as it went on her moans of pleasure seemed to be introducing a new element of pain which increased as they continued, each man seeming to be fucking her harder than the previous as they abused her holes over and over, depositing their seed deep inside her as a new man moved in before it could seep out. My ten minutes on this channel could no expire fast enough, finally coming to an end as I heard her begging to be set free and calling out for help to no one in particular. I watched wondering if any staff would intervene as she sounded quite sincere, but no help seemed to be coming as I again changed the channel.

I was over all of this and ready to head off to sleep. This last channel, number 12, would be the last I would have to tune to and I was apparently allowed to fall asleep during it. As I tuned in, I saw the name of the channel was "Shady Ranch's Greatest Hits". It was scene after scene of ludicrous fantasies being acted out, all apparently on these grounds. I watched cheerleaders and maids taking cocks larger than I'd ever seen over and over as I tried to close my eyes and fall asleep, only to see that there was no volume control on the TV so I was constantly surrounded by the moans of the men and women on the TV. Part of me wanted to turn the damn thing off, but then I remembered Madame's warning about the disciplinarian wing as well as losing my dick.

I covered my eyes with the comforter and wrapped my head in the pillow, eventually waking to the sound of my alarm clock at 10:30 a.m. the next morning. I picked my head up and woozily looked out the window, seeing the relentless Vegas sun beating down on the compound outside. I looked to the TV and again saw that it was still looping through the various videos that had been recorded through however long this place had been in existence. I started to wonder if I would eventually make this highlight reel - if new girls would see me on this channel or be tuning in to watch some men rape me in some makeshift board room while I'm bent over the desk. I again gave a silent vow not to let that happen as I picked myself up out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, sitting down and taking my morning piss before walking out to the living room.

I again picked up my itinerary, remembering that my first activity started at 11 a.m. The first few activities were simple - take my pills, shower, put on lotion, makeup, and fix my hair, which was all easy enough.

Next I was to go to my dresser and get the underwear labeled T-22 (it was labeled on the tag in small print), then go to the dressing room and put on outfit D-22, which was in the dresses and clubwear closet. I stripped off my red camisole and thong and pulled out a satin black thong, sliding it up my legs. Next was a satin black minidress. The top was loose around my breasts, but from there on down it hugged my body like it was made just for me, coming down just below my ass. The back was low cut, feeling it cut away until just above the small of my back while the spaghetti straps made their way over my shoulders. Then I had to go to the shoes closet and put on the ones on the rack just below the S-22 label, which were some strappy black stiletto heels that were about 5". It seemed really early in the day to be getting dressed up like this, but I needed to make them think that I was trustworthy and obedient, so I did as I was told and went back out to check my itinerary.

It was a bit before noon, at which time I was to report to the "Ink and Steel Parlor" for an appointment. There was a little map of the compound on the back of the folder. I saw that I would take a right out of my room and head back to the lobby, then go down the stairs and head to the hallway underneath them. I'd take a right there and go through a few sets of doors that would take me outside. I'd follow a path and then take a left, which would take me into the training and disciplinarian wing of the compound. I'd have to walk all the way down that wing and reach the parlor at the end of that long hallway. I needed to hurry if I was going to make it there on time and I certainly didn't want any marks against me already.

I tossed down the folder and headed out the door. I made all of my turns and found myself entering the doors of the disciplinarian wing, which slid open after I scanned my thumb in the fingerprint scanner as it seemed was required to enter and exit everywhere. This building seemed more like a hospital setting with long hallways and stainless steel doors. As I walked, I could see the sign for the "Ink and Steel" parlor at the very end. I could hear nothing but the clicking of my black heels on the tiled floor until, just as I was walking past a room, I heard a blood curdling scream cry out, followed by a very mean sounding woman telling her to keep quiet and that she knew that these were the consequences, then more screams followed. I listened for a second until I heard someone walking towards the door from the inside, then quickly turned and made my way as quickly as I could down the hallway. Just as I reached the entrance to the parlor I turned and saw a redheaded woman in a leather catsuit exit from the room, taking off some disposable latex gloves and throwing them in a garbage bin across from the room. She shot me a quick look, which was enough to startle me and push me to get into the parlor to avoid her.

As I backed into the parlor, I turned to see a very state of the art tattoo and piercing setup. It all looked extremely sanitary and safe, with four private rooms that I could see. The doors were shut on two of the rooms and I heard a buzzing throughout the shop that must have been the sound of the tattoo guns. A bald, burly man covered in tattoos underneath his black tank top walked over to me, eying me up and down.

"You must be Candi - my noon appointment. Correct?"

I nodded to confirm what he had said, at which point he pointed to one of the empty rooms and told me to head in and have a seat on the leather table inside. I cautiously walked past him, feeling dwarfed in size next to him as I passed, until I was inside the room and sitting on the black leather table. He seemed to fill out a bit of paperwork, which he stacked into a small pile and then came to join me in the room, closing the door behind him.

"My name's Jake. Eve and Big told me they had a few things that you needed to have done. First they wanted you to get the Shady Ranch tat that all the girls here have. Don't matter if you work here for a day or a decade, you work here, you get that mark. Next they said they wanted a couple piercings for your back dimples, so we'll move on to those next to give you a break from the ink. Last they had a special request they thought would look good on the back of them little thighs of yours, so we'll get to them when it's time. Now lay your hands up above your head with your palms facing up and I'll get started. I ain't your Master or Mistress, so don't you be addressing me as such - you just call me Jake if you need somethin'."

He was intimidating, but at the same time a bit of a calming presence - the first one I had seen in some time. He put me at ease to the point where I almost wanted to do as he said and wasn't even worrying about the fact that he was about to put more tattoos and piercings on me. Almost. I was still tentative, which he sensed, but I certainly didn't want him reporting that I didn't do as I was told, so I slowly laid on my back and laid my arms above me. I felt a leather strap pulled over my arms at the forearm level, securing them in place. He then did the same to my legs. He told me it was just a precaution so I don't jerk and make the ink run, but I felt incredibly vulnerable lying like this, watching my breasts rising and falling as I took deep breaths to try and calm my nerves.

I jumped a bit as I heard the tattoo gun click on from up near my hands, then I felt him use his off hand to hold my left arm in place. There was a burning sensation as the needle jabbed into my skin, just below my hand on the back of my exposed wrist. For thirty minutes he worked on that small area, followed by the same process on the other. The pain wasn't too intense, more of an annoyance, really, combined with the mystery of what in the hell he was doing to me. Another wipe of his cloth to take away the excess ink and he was finished as he quickly wrapped some white bandages over his work and then loosened the straps on my arms and legs. He told me that I would have to stand and bend over the table for this next part, which I did.

I felt him move behind me, then to my surprise felt him lift my dress up and expose my ass and lower half of my back. I tried to turn but he abruptly pushed me back down on the table, telling me that he had to put some piercings in my back dimples and that he had no interest in anything more. I laid across the table when all of a sudden it felt like he was drilling a fucking hole in my back, a needle going in and then him constantly turning it and tugging it while telling me to keep still. Then I felt him move away only to come back and start working something into the hole, my back burning from the pain as I tried my best not to squirm. He moved away and told me the first was done as he moved onto the next, going through the awful process again on the left side before smacking my ass and telling me to stay bent over while he did the last piece. I was squirming against the table, apparently too much as he took some rope and tied my legs to the legs of the table. He then tied a rope in between them and quickly took my arms over the edge of the table and tied them together, followed by tying a rope from my arms down to the rope between my legs, effectively making me a stationary target for whatever he wanted to do to me. He told me to relax and that it'd be over before I knew it. He was lying.

I heard the tattoo gun kick back on and felt it begin to attack the top of the back of my left thigh. For over an hour he worked on that thigh before moving on to my right thigh. My entire body was throbbing from the combination of being stuck bent over this table and having this nagging pain shooting through my thighs. He would routinely take his off hand and rest it on my ass, enough to where I figured his dick was probably hard from getting to grope me. Again I felt some bandages being wrapped around my legs, then the ropes loosened and releasing me. I stood up and quickly pulled my dress down, angry that it didn't come down further as Jake smirked while watching me. He told me that I was all finished up but that I was to leave the bandages in place for the next few hours and not to get them wet or to be out in the sun for too long. He said we would "settle up on the payment" later on with a wink that I didn't like the look of, then sent me on my way, telling me to head back to my room and not to remove the bandages for any reason. It was killing me not to know what he had just done to me, but I remembered that I was constantly on camera, so I did my best to oblige while I walked back to my suite.

Once I was back inside it was a bit before 2:30pm, so I went back to the itinerary. Madame Eve wasn't joking when she said it was a rigid structure as I had half an hour to eat lunch (I was to eat a salad in the fridge, sent up from the compound restaurant), then I was to get changed and head to the training area and be there by 3:45pm for a training session, which it said I would be attending with Madame Eve in order to get my instructions for tonight and go through some "basic procedures", whatever that meant.

I felt like I inhaled my salad, which I was never a big fan of, but I was starving and would have swallowed anything down at that point. I hurried into the dressing room and found my outfit in the costume closet on hanger C-1. I pulled it off the hanger and saw that it was something like a sexy prisoner costume. There was a teddy that was horizontally striped black and white, with some black ribboned lacing that, when tied, gave off some ample cleavage. Small black strings came around the back and tied as the back was completely bare. It narrowed severely as it came down the front, being barely a few inches wide as it covered my belly button. From there, two black strings ran off to meet the thong bottom as the teddy narrowed even more to barely cover my pussy lips before turning into a string thong, widening back into a small black and white striped thong as it merged with the two strings. A tiny, sheer black skirt is also part of the outfit, with the edges trimmed in a similar black and white pattern as it covers, at most, half of my ass when I pull it in place. The itinerary said that I should keep on the heels that I was already wearing. I checked the mirror quickly and then exited my room, making the now familiar trip to the disciplinarian/training wing, feeling absolutely exposed as I walked in this incredibly revealing outfit. I only passed a few people, however, all staff in their white getups, none of whom seemed to pay any attention to me, as if a scantily clad blond with perfect D-cup breasts and a tight little body walking by them was a perfectly normal occurrence. I was thankful as I made it to the training wing without anyone stopping me or ogling me for once. Instead of heading all the way down the hall, I instead took a quick right as I entered the building. I headed to room #T5 as was listed in my itinerary and walked inside.

Madame Eve was already inside a room that was setup similar to a classroom. There was a dry erase board up front, a teacher's desk and just one student's desk. I guess it looked more like a detention room and got a bit nervous as Madame Eve motioned for me to sit. She leaned back on the teacher's desk, still dressed in her black business suit as before, and addressed me.

"I'm glad you were prompt in your attendance, Candi, and I was also pleased to hear that your parlor appointment went without any nonsense. Jack said that you were obedient and easy to work with, so that will not go unnoticed. You are off to a superb start to your time here.

"I'm sure the curiosity of your new markings is killing you, so let us get it out of the way now so you can focus for the remainder of your session. Please go ahead and remove the bandages from your wrists and view your Shady Ranch markings."

She was right, the curiosity was absolutely killing me. I pulled off the bandages and saw that, on each wrist, there was a small black Chinese looking symbol. The one on my left wrist had a small, elegant "S" tattoo'd under it in red ink while the one on my right wrist had an "R".

"These are symbols that are important to us here at the ranch and I wanted my girls to always be reminded of that. On your left wrist is the symbol for Obedience, one of the most important qualities here. On the right is Discipline, as all of my girls are required to remember that, without obedience comes discipline. Now, go ahead and remove the bandages from your legs."

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