Trapped in Amber

byJoe F.©

"Unnnngh." She moaned and she bit down gently on my lip.

I moved my hand back to her buttocks and pulled her toward me. I felt the sultry heat of her wonderful cunt envelope the hardness of my dick. I felt my cock bottom out inside of her and I held that pose for a moment.

Amber wrapped her legs more tightly around my body as she passionately thrust her tongue into my mouth and stroked it along my tongue. I pushed my tongue against hers and forced it deep into her mouth. Amber began to suck on it desperately, her soft moaning clearly audible as our lips squirmed together.

As I held her tight against me I felt Amber flex the muscles of her cunt around the girth of my cock. She constricted and released the pressure of her muscles on my penis as we continued to kiss ardently. The pressure was not as tight as a hand around my raging meat, but it definitely was a talent developed by long practice on her part. If we stood there long enough in that embrace the action of her muscular cunt around my dick would have brought me off without a doubt.

With Amber still in my arms and her legs tightly binding us together. I turned and began to walk toward the bedroom. The movement of my steps caused my dick to move against the walls of Amber's vagina and she moaned perceptibly.

I pushed open the door and walked to the queen sized bed. With my knees against the edge of the bed I slowly leaned forward and gently placed Amber's sweet body on the bed. Amber pulled her arms from my neck and lay against the bedspread. I pulled my hands from her buttocks and placed them on either side of her lovely body.

I gazed at the look of serene passion on Amber's face as I began to slowly stroke in and out of her tight wet pussy. The feel of her hot flesh around my steely shaft felt superb after so many womanless nights on the road.

"Be gentle, please." She begged as I stroked slowly in and out of her sweet slit.

"Yes baby." I grunted in return.

The feel of her cunt encasing my meat was so very intense that I only hoped that I could last long enough to bring her off before I exploded inside of her. I was lost in the surreal tranquility of her expression as I began to slowly, methodically, pummel her pussy with stroke after stroke of pent-up passion.

I watched transfixed as her firm boobs bounced up and back with each stroke. I marveled at the clenching of her jaws as the ardor overwhelmed her. I stared enthralled as she threw back her head, opened her mouth, and let out a soft scream of completion just as I exploded deep within her tight wet cunt.

Amber arched her back and lifted her body off of the mattress as she came against me. I heard her moan again and again as I continued to push into her again and again. My life giving seed shot into her quivering cunt, filling it to the brim and spilling out to run down her silken thigh and come to rest on the bed.

We continued to thrust spasmodically against one another until we were both spent and dry. Then Amber collapsed on the bed while I remained poised above her watching her angelic face until my dick shriveled and popped from her cream filled cunt.

It was then that I rolled off of Amber and lay next to her resting form. I watched her breathing, thinking she was asleep, and then I saw her eye twitch and open.

"Ummmmm, that was nice." She sighed softly.

"More than nice I would say." I sighed peacefully in response.

"Yeah." She agreed readily and then she said, "Now I'm ready to go to sleep. How about you?"

"Oh yeah." I agreed as I stifled a yawn.

She tried to move but she just couldn't seem to make her body do what she wanted it to do. She giggled nervously and said, "You're going to have to help me. I'm too relaxed."

I chuckled and said 'Ok." Then I picked her diminutive form up, pulled down the covers and tucked her into bed. Next I rolled into bed next to her.

Amber snuggled up to me as tightly as she could. I felt her hot breath on my neck and her succulent flesh pressing against my body, and it was that way that we slept the night away.

I awoke shortly after dawn and pried myself from the persistent grasp of Amber's arms. I walked to the bathroom and relieved myself and then walked back to the bedroom to grab some clothes.

Amber was still asleep and I figured she would be for sometime. I hastily got dressed and looked at my watch; it read a few minutes after seven.

I walked back to the living area and poured myself a cup of tepid coffee. Then I went back to the bathroom to get myself in order. It was a quarter to eight when I stepped out of the motor home into a bright and sunny day and walked in the direction of the service station.

The station was open for business, but no customers were in sight. I walked into the office and explained what I wanted. I told him that I needed to have Amber's SUV pulled out of the ravine, and at least one tire replaced. I also asked him to check it out for any other problems, and to fix them if at all possible.

He asked how I was going to pay for it and I pulled out one of my platinum cards. He said, "Ok, you're the boss. Where is it?"

I explained where it was located and asked if he needed me to come with him. He said, "Nope, there shouldn't be too many Geo SUVs that fit that description in a ravine. Do you have the keys?" I reached into my pocket and gave him the keys.

"How long do you think it will take?" I asked.

"Don't know. You in a hurry?" He replied.

"Not really." I responded, "Just curious."

"Check back around two" He said, "We should know something by then."

I walked back toward the campground; on the way I passed a small café and bought two breakfasts to go. Then I stopped by the office and explained how long I would probably be there. The owner said to not worry about any added charges if I was out by five. I bought a large mocha and headed back to the motor home.

Amber was still sleeping when I came back in so I sat down and ate my breakfast. I was through eating and finishing of my mocha when I heard Amber stir. She went hurriedly into the bathroom and I could hear the tinkle of her pissing. Then I heard the shower run. I knew that she was cleaning up the remnants of our lovemaking and pictured in my minds eye the sight of the warm water pouring over the soft flesh of her young and succulent body.

I picked up a magazine and read while I listened contentedly to the sounds of Amber showering. In a few minutes the water stopped and soon after that the door to the bathroom opened.

"You're up early babe." Amber said cheerily as she walked out of the bathroom. She looked absolutely delicious with one towel wrapped around her small body and another wrapped around her head.

"Yeah sweetie, I had things to do." I replied with a smile.

Amber walked over to me and placed a tender kiss on my lips. "Mmmm, smells like breakfast is here." She said merrily.

I picked her 'to go' box up and handed it to her, "You're so sweet." She gushed as she took the breakfast to the couch and sat down to eat.

She was famished and she wolfed the food down like it was her last meal. As she ate I filled her in on the deal with the towing service.

"Are you sure?" She asked as she looked up from her meal.

"Yep." I assured her.

"God, you're an excellent man." She gushed.

I got up and made a fresh pot of coffee. While it was brewing I went to the bathroom and finished my morning ritual. You know, shit, shower, and shave.

When I returned to the living area the coffee was ready and I poured two cups. I took a sip from one and handed Amber the second. For a few minutes we sat in silence drinking our coffee.

Suddenly Amber jumped up and said, "Oh my god! I have to call my boss. He's going to be really pissed."

I reached into my shirt packet and fished out my cell phone. I handed it to her and said, "Knock your self out."

Amber called her boss and explained what had happened. He told her that he was glad she was all right and to just come in tomorrow morning. He said that she could make up the lost time some weekend.

Then she called her baby sitter and explained what had happened. She didn't seem too concerned about the extra time she would have the infant. After all it just meant more money in her pocket.

That being done she turned to me and asked, "How long will it take for them to get the car ready?"

"They said to check back at two." I replied as I took a sip of coffee.

Amber looked at the clock, stood directly in front of me and dropped the towel. "That should give us plenty of time then." She said with a smile.

I stared at her lovely young naked body for a moment. Then realizing that it wasn't very often that an offer like this came along I got to my feet and walked rapidly toward the bedroom with Amber following right behind.

I stopped just short of the bed and began to take off my clothes. Amber tossed the towel from her hair onto the floor; walked past me, crawled onto the bed, and stared at me intently. I took off my shoes, then my shirt, and then reached for my belt.

When my hand came to rest on my belt buckle I saw Amber's eyes move directly to my crotch. Slowly I unbuckled my belt and unfastened the waistband of my jeans. Unhurriedly I put my fingers to the zipper and slowly pulled the zipper down.

I watched while a look of impatient longing crossed Ambers face as I pushed my pants to the floor and, stepped out of them. As I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my boxers her face became fixed with eagerness, and her nipples became rigid with desire.

I pushed my boxers to the floor and kicked them in her direction. They landed on the bed next to her but she ignored them completely so unwavering was her intent stare at my very rigid dong.

A flush spread over Amber's ripe body as she gazed longingly at my fully engorged Johnson. She licked her lips and scooted down on the bed, "Come on over here tiger." She growled seductively.

I crawled onto the bed and moved in next to her. She put her hand to my rock hard cock and began to stroke it slowly. The feel of her small hand on my rigid dick made my body shudder with desire.

"Mmmm, that feels nice." I moaned as I kissed her softly on the neck.

"Oh yeah, it sure does." She sighed softly as my lips met hers in a gentle kiss.

I felt her hot breath on my skin as our lips met once, and then again in tender kisses of gentle passion before they finally melted together in a blistering kiss of scorching desire.

As our lips became as one, Amber thrust her tongue past my lips and drove it deep into my mouth. I could taste the flavor of our morning coffee in our kiss as she ravished my mouth with her tongue.

She stroked insistently on my oaken member as she kissed me desperately. Her stroking was on the edge of being painful but I wasn't about to tell her that. She moaned gutturally into my mouth as she pulled my lips tighter against hers and continued to search my mouth with her tongue.

Suddenly she pushed me over on the bed and pulled her lips from mine. She sat up and in an instant she had straddled my face with her legs and lowered her mouth to the bulbous head of my raging meat. She ran her tongue over the tip of my cock, consuming the precum from its orifice and then she ran her tongue down its length.

"Ummmmm." She moaned softly as she licked hungrily on my burning bone.

She spread her legs slightly and I looked up into the slight pink slit of her tight pussy. The sparse brown hair barely covered the silken skin of her crotch and it probably couldn't have been more visible if she had been shaved.

The slit seemed to glisten with her juices and her small pink clitoris was clearly visible in the cherry folds of her vagina. I pulled the pillow behind my head, grasped a handful of delightful ass in each hand and pressed my lips against the wet surface of her engorged labia. I thrust my tongue hungrily deep within the sweltering folds of her pulsating pussy and began to lick hungrily at her tangy twat.

Amber slowly engulfed my steely shaft with her dainty mouth, until she had consumed half of its length. She pulled her head back and held just the head inside of her mouth and then she ran its thick mass into her cheek and pushed her head down once more.

She consumed most of the length this time, and the feel of her hot mouth around my oaken shaft sent a thrill through my body. Amber began to slowly stroke her mouth up and down my shaft again and again, the feel of her soft lips and molten mouth made my iron rod tingle with expectation.

While she stroked my dick I ran my tongue over the length of her sweet slit. I thrust my tongue deep within her hot hole and ran the tip around the quivering flesh of her succulent cunt. I pulled the erect mass of her pink clit between my lips and stroked it like a small dick while I ran my tongue continuously over its tip.

"Oooooomph, mmmnnnngh." She grunted and I felt her quiver against my face as she stopped her avid stroking of my cock. "Uuungh, mmmmmph." She groaned around the rigid girth of my steely cock as she quaked against my lips and her sultry juices flowed from her hot twat across my lips and down my chin.

As her quaking subsided she suddenly pulled her lips from the length of my rock hard ram and sat up. I continued to lick at her dripping twat as she slowly rose from above me.

Amber lifted her leg and pivoted on the bed. In a flash she had straddled my recumbent form again, only this time her twat was positioned directly above the raging purple head of my ready cock.

She reached between her legs and grasped my hot flesh in her soft hand. She closed her eyes and directed the head of my massive meat against the dripping lips of her hot cunt. I felt the searing heat of her wet wonderland slowly engulf the full length of my ready lance as she lowered her body onto my waiting body.

When the tip of my cock rested contentedly within the wonderful sheath of her pulsating pussy, Amber flexed the muscles of her vagina around the length of the shaft. She gripped and then released the iron hard flesh of my penis three or four times and then she began to slowly move her body up and down the shaft of my manhood.

As the rhythm of her strokes picked up Amber leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of my body. I watched the swing of her firm breasts as she slowly fucked me. Her eyes were closed and a faint smile of contentment formed on her sweet lips.

I pulled my legs up behind her and began to thrust upward into her hot twat. The combination of our movements caused Amber to heat up quickly and the thin smile on her face turned to a mask of passionate concentration as her body began to erupt with a massive quaking orgasm.

"Uuuuungh, mmmmmph, gggnnnnnph." She groaned and I felt her juices flow down the length of my rigid ram and onto my balls. Amber's body quaked violently above me. She gritted her teeth and threw her head back, before opening her mouth and exhaling loudly, "Uuuuungh!"

Amber opened her eyes and looked down at me hungrily. She lowered her mouth against mine and kissed me passionately as I thrust up into her again and again.

She crushed her lips to mine and thrust her tongue deep within mine. "Ooommmph, unnnngh." She grunted into my mouth as her lovely young body continued to quake against mine.

She bit down on my lower lip and I tasted the salty tang of blood as she quivered once more around my ravishing tool. She sucked avidly on my lip and consumed my blood like a crazed vampire and moaned, "Unnnngh, mmmmmph."

I felt my balls tingle and my rock hard cock burned as my burning cum swiftly surged up the length of my massive manhood. I exploded into her trembling twat, filling her depths with white-hot seed. It flowed into her and then down my cock and across my balls.

My legs quivered as I continued to thrust into her ready receptacle until I was empty and useless. Amber collapsed upon me and I lay unmoving beneath her until my frozen cock turn into a useless worm and dropped reluctantly from her delicious depths.

Amber roused from her semi sleep and kissed me lightly on my now swollen lip. "That was great!" She effused softly.

"Oh yeah. It sure was baby." I confirmed breathlessly.

Amber rolled off of me and lay next to my exhausted body. Her slight warm form lying comfortingly against my large and sweaty body made me start to doze off.

"Am I boring you?" She inquired impishly.

"Not at all." I responded through half closed eyes. "It's just that at my age I need to rest a bit between bouts of love making." I continued softly.

"Ok, as long as that's all it is." She continued softly as she kissed me softly once more. "But you should know that I'm a nymph-o today and I'm going to need some more sex pretty quick." She finished with a chuckle and another kiss.

"Ok, just don't kill me, please. I may be old but I still want to live for a little while longer." I responded with a chuckle.

"Oh I won't kill you." She said as she began to rain kisses on my body as her head moved down my torso. "Well maybe I won't anyway." She finished with a slight giggle as she took my limp cock into her hot mouth and began to bring it back to life again.

Amber and I made gentle love until a quarter after three. She brought my limp organ to life more times than I thought were possible at my age and then turned me magically into a sex machine to bring herself immense satisfaction as she brought me great joy and release.

When we finally forced ours bodies to get out of bed I looked at the clock and saw that it was after three. I began to dress hurriedly. I hate to be late for anything I rushed us down to the service station only to find that it was just as well we had over stayed our time in bed. Because, when we got to the service station at four in the afternoon they were just finishing things up.

The manager showed me the tab and it was a lot less than I figured it would be for the tow, a couple of tires and, some minor repairs. Before I paid I had them top off the gas tank, wash the car, and change the oil. While we were waiting for them to finish the additional stuff, Amber and I walked down to the little café by the entrance to the campground and had a last meal together.

After we picked up the car from the service station Amber drove the car back to the motor home and got her stuff. I decided to walk back and arrived just as she finished loading up her gear. She closed the passenger side door and turned to hug me tightly.

She pressed her cheek tightly against my chest she said, "I loved spending time with you."

"I liked being with you too." I replied earnestly.

"I'd tell you to call me, but I know that won't happen. So, just think well of me, when you think of me at all." She said softly.

"I will baby." I assured her, and I gently took her hand and pressed two one hundred dollar bills into her palm. "Buy your son a nice toy or something." I said lamely with a catch in my throat.

I could see the tears well in her eyes as she looked at the money. "You don't have to give me anything." She said softly.

"Yeah, I know. But I'm just a sucker for a damsel in distress." I replied stoically.

Amber stood on tiptoes and placed a soft sweet kiss briefly against my lips before climbing into her little car and driving out of my life.

I watched with a heavy heart as she drove her car out of the campground driveway and turned onto the highway toward her home. I continued to watch the empty driveway for an instant, wishing that it didn't have to be this way. Then I turned toward the motor home and a fresh cup of coffee.

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