tagInterracial LoveTrapped in the Classroom Pt. 02

Trapped in the Classroom Pt. 02


"Well?" Mrs Prince asked.

"Umm..." Ben stammered as he tried to come up with an explanation. "Well, uhhhh, we were, ummm..."

"There's a perfectly rational explanation for this..." Madame Dupont started, but Mrs Prince cut her off.

"No there isn't, you've clearly been having sex with a student! You've still got his cum on your chin, you dirty little slut!"

"That's not fair!" Ben said, indignantly defiant.

"Really?" Mrs Prince turned and raised an eyebrow at Ben. "Then tell me why you're wearing nothing but your boxers and your cock hanging out?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips. "Oh my God, you're still erect! Disgusting!"

Ben looked suitably embarrassed as he tried to put his erect cock back into his boxers. "Sorry Miss," was all he could manage.

Mrs Prince was huge physical presence. At nearly six feet four and 16 and a half stone, she towered over Ben's six foot and 13 stone frame. With her short, spikey, jet black hair and broad shoulders, she looked very masculine. In fact, she could very well be mistaken for a man, if it hadn't been for her large breasts. Her face exuded pure anger as she approached Ben, scaring him as she did so.

She stopped barely inches from him. Then she reached down and grabbed him by his cock. Ben's breath was taken away by the sudden unexpected move. He winced, expecting pain to shoot through his body. Mrs Prince was well known for liking the idea of corporal punishment.

But instead, her grip softened slightly. Ben looked down. Her huge hand was wrapped around his shaft, and it was surprisingly soft for such a harsh angry woman. He looked up at her, to see her engrossed with her examination. She grabbed the head between her thumb and forefinger and lifted it up, before rubbing the area just beneath his head with them gently. Ben felt sharp pricks of electricity jolt through his cock, but they were muted by his fear. Ben looked down and then back up, unsure of what to do. His cock, far from shrinking was growing harder and harder. What was Mrs Prince doing? Wait, was that a smile?

His cock twitched involuntarily in Mrs Prince's grasp, which seemed to bring her out of her examination. Her face changed to one of disgust.

"Disgusting!" she snapped, slapping the head of Bens cock and causing him to cry out in pain.

She turned back to Madame Dupont. "Well, what do you have to say for yourself, Elize?"

Madame Dupont stammered. "I...I...It isn't what it looks like..." she blurted out.

"Of course it is!" Mrs Prince snapped. "I've got a good mind to go to the headmaster with this -- and the education authority. By the time I'm finished with you, you'll never work in teaching again!" Mrs Prince turned around and stormed towards the door.

"Non!" Madame Dupont cried. "Please Gina, don't report us!"

"Why not?" Mrs Prince snapped, turning around to face her. "You've betrayed everyone, your husband, the school...Everyone!"

This seemed to prompt an angry response from Madame Dupont. "You leave my husband out of this!"

"You brought him into this when you fucked one of your students!" Mrs Prince shouted, pointing at Ben.

"I did not fuck him!"

"Then what did you do?" Mrs Prince leaned forward towards Madame Dupont menacingly as she asked this.

There was silence for a moment as the two teachers were locked in a standoff. Ben watched on, frozen by fear. Madame Dupont glowered at Mrs Prince, demure and fearful yet also defiant. Mrs Prince glowered back at Madame Dupont face contorted with anger and disgust and, for a fleeting moment, Ben thought that the larger woman was going to hit Madame Dupont.

However, what happened next took both Ben and Madame Dupont by surprise. Without warning, Mrs Prince grabbed Madame Dupont by the arm and roughly shoved her towards him.

"What are you doing!" Madame Dupont cried out, as she struggled against the larger woman's grip.

"Well, you aren't going to tell me," Mrs Prince started. "So you might as well show me!"

Madame Dupont and Ben both looked at each other.

"What?" they both asked in unison.

"Show me exactly what you were doing with Ben when I came in!" Mrs Prince demanded. The two were now close to where Ben stood, still wearing only his boxers.

Madame Dupont and Ben stood speechless. Mrs Prince continued. Still gripping Madam Dupont firmly in her grasp, she reached down and grabbed Ben's now semi erect cock.

She looked down at Ben as she gave him a few swift strokes. "What, you two seem to have gone all shy all of a sudden?" she enquired sarcastically, not bothering to look down.

Ben looked across at Madame Dupont. He was still in surprised that his form tutor was currently stroking his dick -- more so, her soft hands were gently massaging him and gripping him just below the head. He had to admit that it felt good. Despite himself, he felt his cock grow.

Mrs Prince also felt the young man's cock grow in her hand. "Mmm," she cooed. "You like that don't you? You like your form tutor stroking your cock while your French teacher watches? I bet she'd love to get her hands on this big dark cock of yours, don't you?"

It was all Ben could do but to nod. He was too scared to do anything else.

Mrs Prince stopped stroking Ben and turned to Madame Dupont. "Well, are you going to show me or not?" Mrs Prince demanded.

"Gina, I don't think..."


With in swing of her arm, Mrs Prince slapped Madame Dupont hard across the face. Madame Dupont immediately held her hand to her cheek and looked at Mrs Prince in shock.

"It doesn't matter what you think! Either you show me what you were doing with him or I go to the LEA!"

Madame Dupont looked at Mrs Prince with a look of shock mixed with fear. Although she had to admit, the idea of having Ben back in her mouth was alluring, she was very wary of Gina Prince. She had no idea of what she could do, and she was no match for the tall Amazonian woman.

There was nothing else for it. She would do it, just to get Gina Prince off her back, then figure out what to do later.

"Ok," she said.

Gina grinned a wicked grin and loosened her grip on Madame Dupont. "Show me then."

Madame Dupont, slipped free of Mrs Prince's grip. Mrs Prince watched on, reaching inside of her handbag, which was still strapped to her shoulder.

Madame Dupont knelt in front of Ben and once again looked at the young boy's cock that was now inches away from her face. It winked at her as she took the large hard muscle in her hand. It twitched as the blood pumped through the veiny member. Under normal circumstances, she would have loved to take in her mouth and suck until it gave up its hot sticky cum -- in fact, she would've wanted it in her pussy, but Gina Prince was forcing her to do it while she watched. She looked up at Ben with sad eyes. A moment of silent communication passed between them as she gave him a look that told him exactly what she felt. Ben looked down with her with sympathetic eyes that seemed to say "I know, just do what you have to. We'll get through this."

Her heart melted at this. Ben had just bought himself an encore, no matter what happened now. She allowed a slight grin to cross her lips as she kissed the tip of Ben's cock.

"Oh really," Mrs Prince groaned. "Do you really want me to believe that's all you did?"

Then, Madame Dupont opened her mouth as wide as she could and for the third time that evening, wrapped her lips around Ben's cock.

For Ben, the feeling was instantaneous, as he felt Madame Dupont's warm moist mouth close around his cock. It was so soft and nice! Then the older French teacher started to work his shaft, bobbing her head so that her lips rubbed up and down him. He couldn't help but smile, even though Mrs Prince was watching them.

"Wow!" Mrs Prince exclaimed. "She really knows how to work a cock doesn't she?"

A mobile phone had appeared in Mrs Prince's hand. She used it now, aiming it at them and taking photos as Madame Dupont worked away, head bobbing up and down, lips clamped around Ben's penis. The boy was clearly enjoying the attention of his French teacher, a small smile and a sigh escaping his lips periodically. Madame Dupont looked like she was enjoying sucking off the young black student too as she lovingly took him in her mouth, massaging his cock with her soft lips.

Mrs Prince took several photos of the fellatio, then reached a hand underneath her trousers and started to rub her own pussy for a few minutes. "Impressive," she said with glee.

Madame Dupont ignored her and continued to suck on Ben's dick. It was now throbbing inside her mouth. She started to swirl her tongue around the head as she moved her lips up and down. She looked up at Ben. He was looking down at her and smiling at her with loving eyes. She smiled back around his cock, pleased that he was enjoying her action -- even if that bitch Gina Prince was watching.

"Mmm," Mrs Prince moaned, removing her fingers from her crotch and tasting the juices. "Looks like Ben is enjoying this, isn't he Elize?"

"Hnnnh," Madame Dupont managed to say as she continued to suck.

Mrs Prince walked up to the couple, a glint of malice in her eye. "But I think I'd like to see how much cock you can really take, slut!"

As she said that, Mrs Prince grabbed the back of Madame Dupont's head and pushed it forward suddenly, so that Madame Dupont was forced to take all of Ben's cock in her mouth.

Madame Dupont's eyes opened wide in shock as Ben's cock hit the back of her throat. She put her hands on Bens thighs in an attempt to push back against Mrs Prince.

But it was futile. Mrs Prince was too strong for her and before long, she felt Ben's cock push past her mouth and down her throat.

"There we go!" Mrs Prince said happily as Madame Duponts lips touched Ben's pubic hair. "I knew you could deepthroat that big thick cock, you little slut." She kneeled in line with Madame Dupont and took another photo with her mobile phone as the petite French teacher looked across at her, eyes filled with fear. She couldn't breathe!

Mrs Prince stood up, looking at Ben. "Now, Ben, face fuck that French whore!"

Ben looked around, unsure of what to do. Madame Dupont looked uncomfortable, but he couldn't say no to Mrs Prince's demands -- she'd go to the headmaster, then they were both in trouble. He looked down at Madame Dupont. She couldn't really look up at him, but Ben could tell that she was distressed as only a gurgling sound was coming out of her mouth. Her eyes streamed, making what little makeup she had on run down her cheeks. She looked miserable. But the worst thing was that she was turning blue!

"Sorry, Miss." he mouthed before starting to thrust slowly into her throat.

"Is that it?" Mrs Prince demanded. "You can do better than that!"

Ben upped his pace, thrusting deeper and deeper into Madame Dupont's throat each time. As he did so, he thought that he could see where his dick was in her throat, as a bulge grew and contracted in her throat in time with his thrusts.

As much as he hated to think that he was hurting her, Ben was getting a whole new mix of sensations as Madame Dupont's throat contracted around his cock with each thrust. That mixed with her lips now touching his balls with every thrust was sending him ever closer to the edge.

"Harder Ben, choke that whore with your big black cock!"

But Ben was no longer listening. Overwhelmed by the sensations, he grabbed the back of Madame Dupont's head and started taking over from Mrs Prince, pulling his French teacher's face into him in time with his thrusts. A smile crossed his face.

"Oh, oui Madame" he breathed.

Mrs Prince smiled as she pulled the phone out and pointed it at the couple again. This time, she took a video of Ben as he face fucked Elize. She zoomed in on Elize as she was knelt in front of Ben. The woman's eyes were now bulging in a strange look of fear and her face was turning a shade of blue. She was gurgling as Ben's cock pumped her throat. Mrs Prince found the sight thrilling, especially seeing Ben's cock sliding in and out of the French woman's throat. She reached back inside her trousers.

Madame Dupont felt another pair of hands on the back of her head and immediately knew that Ben had taken over. She was hit with a wave of shock, knowing that the boy was now an active participant in her torture. But in a strange way, it was nice, knowing that he was enjoying himself. Because of this, despite the asphyxia, she started enjoying it too. He was stretching her throat out -- of that there was no doubt. She just hoped that it would make him cum soon -- she started to long for the feeling of his big cock pulsating in her throat as he shot his semen straight into her belly. It was something that her husband had never done with her and the fact she was taking her sexy student's gigantic cock down her throat started to excite her. She felt herself go damp through her panties and thought that she would cum herself just thinking about it. But soon, her vision dimmed and stars began to form around her eyes, like a photographic film that was burning in front of her. She was on the edge and was about to pass out. She had to get some air, now!

With a strength born out of desperation, Madame Dupont placed her hands on Ben's thighs and pushed. Fortunately, Ben didn't offer too much resistance and she managed to pull herself up and completely off his cock. She gagging slightly as his thick member worked free of her throat and mouth. The cool air poured back into her lungs as she gasped, coughing and spluttering. She went down on all fours exhausted, but happy.

The happiness didn't last long. Mrs Prince frowned as she ended the video and walked back to where Madame Dupont was. With one heavily biceped arm, she pulled the little French teacher to her feet and slammed her up against a bookcase.

"Don't you EVER do that again" she hissed. "I don't care if you're about to pass out, you come off his dick when I say so, understand!"

Madame Dupont, too exhausted to say anything, merely nodded sullenly.

Mrs Prince looked across at Ben. He looked charged, like he was about to cum when Elize had pulled herself off him. She hadn't gotten him to cum down the bitch's throat, but that was ok - Mrs Prince had one more lesson to teach Elize Dupont.

She grinned, full of malice as she turned back to Madame Dupont. "Put your clothes back on," she ordered, letting the French woman go. "You too, Ben."

Madame Dupont couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. Was that it? They were being let go? Still unsteady due to lack of oxygen, she gingerly tottered off to the side and hurriedly gathered her clothes. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ben do the same. He flashed her a questioning look "Was it over?"

"I don't know. I hope so" she shot back.

She genuinely did hope so. She had had a heck of a rollercoaster ride of emotions that day.

All hopes were dashed though, when as she turned to leave, Mrs Prince grabbed onto her shoulders and forced her down onto a chair.

"Come here Ben," she snapped.

The young boy walked towards her, trepidation across his features. As soon as he was close enough, Mrs Prince grabbed the boy and spin him round so he was facing Madame Dupont as she was sat in the chair. Her eyes were wide with fear, she daren't move, even if Mrs Prince hadn't ordered it. Good she thought, unzipping the Ben's trousers and pulling out his still erect cock.

"Now, Ben," Mrs Prince said in his ear as she gently fondled his balls. "I hope you've got some cum left in these big balls of yours."

"Wh-wh-why?" Ben stammered.

In response, Mrs Prince started to gently stroke Ben's cock. "Because," Mrs Prince cooed. "I want you to wank yourself off all over Madame Dupont there." She smiled at Ben as she said this. "I want you to cum all over her pretty little face, in her hair, on her tits and on her tummy. Can you do that for me, Ben?"

As she said this, Mrs Prince hadn't stopped stroking him, but she was surprised at how as she explained whet she wanted him to do, the rate at which his prick grew fully erect.

"There's a good boy," she whispered in his ear. She then walked towards the sitting French teacher and knelt beside her. "Come and spunk over your teacher!"

Ben walked up to Madame Dupont, cock in hand and pumping furiously. She looked up at him, eyes wide with relief and wonder. She hadn't expected to be covered in cum tonight, and it was better than what Madame Dupont had envisaged Gina Prince would do to her. She breathed out and smiled as she watched on at the sight of Ben, pumping away and looking straight back into Madame Dupont's green eyes.

"Yes Ben," she said. "Do it. Cum all over me"

Gina handed Ben her mobile. "Take pictures Ben," she said hurriedly. "I want pictures of you cumming all over this slut." She then returned to where she was before, kneeling next to Madame Dupont, who was prone in the chair.

A smile broke his lips as Ben responded by pointing the phone at the duo. "Ok, ladies." he said, returning to pumping his cock furiously. Before long, he felt his cock fill up.

"Oh gosh ladies," he breathed. "I'm close."

"Oh yeah?" Madame Dupont asked in a coquettish manner, the happiness returning to her eyes. "I can't wait, Ben - cum for us!"

She was joined a split second later by Mrs Prince "Yeah, cum for us!"

"Cover us in your hot cum!"

"Please, cover us!" Mrs Prince joined in, pushing her face closer to Madame Dupont's.

"Please baby!"


"Cum all over us!"

"I'm cumming ladies - NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRGH!"

Ben's orgasm overtook him and his cock pulsed, shooting several streams of cum out from his cock. The first one hit Madame Dupont square in the face, splashing a little bit onto her hair, and catching Mrs Prince on her cheek aswell. The second one hit her in the neck. It splashed out, causing a splatter and dripping down her neck where Ben's cock had been earlier.

Ben aimed his cock lower, the third shot hit Madame Dupont square on her little breasts. They would have covered them if they hadn't been wrapped up under her green jumper. The cum stayed momentarily, and then started to dribble down.

The fourth and fifth shots landed lower down on Madame Dupont's tummy and her red skirt.

And still Ben kept cumming.

Mrs Prince moved herself so that the top of her ample breasts were in full view. Ben took the opportunity and fired some cum at them as well. It splashed a little, and some landed on Mrs Prince's top.

Ben continued like this, alternating between the two ladies as they moaned with each line of cum that landed on them until he was spent. He looked down. Madame Dupont had taken the monster share of his cum, it was everywhere. It looked like her clothes were ruined too, as it looked like someone had flicked a lot of water on her.

Mrs Prince hadn't caught that much in comparison - the majority had landed on the tops of her ample breasts and were now dripping towards the valley between her cleavage. She reached forward, grabbed his cock and cleaned the remainder of his cum off with her mouth.

"Mmm, tasty. Elize, you never said his cum tasted this good!"

Madame Dupont didn't answer, lost in her contentedness at being covered in her young lover's cum. She could smell it on her. It was something that she would savour for now, without any distractions.

Ben closed the phone that he had been given and handed it back to Mrs Prince. "There you go, Miss."

Mrs Prince took the phone off him and smiled. "Thank you young man."

Madame Dupont's eyes flickered back into existence and she got up out of the chair. "Are we free to go now?" she asked warily.

It was a disguised question and everyone knew it.

Mrs Prince smiled again. "Yes Elize, you are. But you are not to clean up. You are to go straight home to your husband as you are. When he asks you -- and he will ask, you tell him exactly what it is and who it belongs to."

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