tagBDSMTrapped Paul Performs!

Trapped Paul Performs!



Shortly after speaking in the chat room at orgasm denial you mailed me a package. I opened it in secret to find a terrible surprise. You sent me a small wrapped present with a note saying Do Not Open, a letter and a disposable camera. Your instructions were thus... Dear Paul- So how serious are you? You talk a good game about being a young hard bodied 29year old with a cock that is eager to please- but just how eager is it to be handed over to my EVERY amusement? Well Paulie-boy, there's only one way to prove yourself I guess...

These were your demands: Be sure that your dick, balls and pubic region are ENTIRELY shaved clean- I keep it very trim except for a little hair above my dick, as sort of a symbol of my manliness, but that has to go now as well. I shave and look myself over- wow, it is surprising how smooth and clean, but also boyish and UNthreatening I look now. I feel as though I have handed over some of my manliness, but that is only the beginning...

Your note says to meet you in the chat room at 8:00 pm the next night - so I log on. You enter and immediately personal message me...Paul? I answer- hello Mistress. Your next message is simply - STRIP. My heart starts to pound. I am quick to take off my shirt , jeans, and socks..I pause for a second before pulling my boxer briefs out over my errection and down off my feet. I am totally nude in my computer chair now. I reply- OK.

Were you a good boy? Are you all shaved for Mistress you chime? Just the thought of being called 'boy' irks me and makes me feel a little helpless. -Yes. - Good, now I want you to put a little KY Warming gel in your hand and stroke that long dick hard for me Paul. I spend A LOT of time hard so of course I am there already, but I slide my lubed hand down my shaft a few times to try and make it harder. You make me stroke myself right to the edge of orgasm a few times- of course I know not to cum without your permission- and you don't give it, so I build myself up over and over again at your command. Each time I am too close to exploding I must tell you and you tell me to stroke it three more times slow, five more times fast. STOP! I take my hand away and you have No ideawhat that feels like. God it's terrible!!-

I am gyrating in my seat, cock jumping up to make contact with nothing- my mind is full of thoughts of you sitting at your computer laughing to yourself and moaning lowly as your vibrator hummmmms away at your pussy and you are full of what your control over me is doing to me! My cock stands straight out- precum flows down the veins that are swelling out- the muscle rings are so visible in it that it looks like a huge juicy catepillar as it pulses and throbs and dances with desire. My mind is wild- honestly at this point in a tease I would do anything you asked- anything. You playfully tease me...anything??? Oh yes god, please let me cum!!! Would you eat all of your cum up if I let you Paul? Oh yes please!! *Really?? Hmmm I let you off easy one time when you said that- do you think I would again, Paul?* No, no you wouldn't but....please!!!! Hmmm- would you eat it from a spoon for me Paul? Oh yes!!! Go and get a spoon Paul.... I race down to the kitchen to get a spoon and return. I have a spoon Mistress I type. -Ha ha ha well that's great Paul.!!..but you don't let me cum- you just keep making me jack myself right to the edge and then fight the urge and then stop. I am dying!!!

After 4 hours of this treatment you are very impressed by my stamina and my control. You have made me promise you so many things, including that I would draw a little heart on myself just above my cock with red permanent marker, but I haven't been allowed to cum. You tell me that this tease and your vibrator have brought you three powerfully exciting orgasms while I have had none. - Poor Paul!! You are a playful, bitchy tease and you turn me on like never before. I want to cum so bad I can't believe it. But- you have other plans...

You make me go back to the kitchen and get a bag of frozen corn from the freeer. I can see this isn't going to go well... You make me stop stroking, lay the frozen bag on the chair and then sit on it with my balls first. God the feeling is terrible...at first it makes my cock want to cum so badly, but after a while my bursting balls are frozen and sore and my errection fades and falls on my stomach. You say you have a surprise for me and tell me to open the present that you sent me. Inside is a CB3000. My heart stops. -You make a lot of promises Paul, you say, -Lets see how well you will stick to this one...Slide that well lubed, well iced dick of yours into the CB- make sure your balls are in the loop and then take the little pink padlock I sent you and lock yourself up!! I am stunned.

Slowly I do what you ask while you message me several times with a bitchy- Are you done yet?? I finally answer yes. -Good, now I want you to take a roll of pictures of your little dickie in Mistresses new toy box with the disposable camera. Be sure I get a good view from every angle- I am sure that I will relish how helpless and little you look from each side, even from behind, Oh and be sure to include your little red heart in a few of them! I'm sure it looks soooo cute!! I am absolutely desperate to cum but the CB doesn't even allow me to get hard- it is a tight fit.

After much, much worrying- I mail the disposable camera and ALL the cb keys back to a post office box from the letter. You are incredibly turned on when you get these items - now you are really in full control!!

I have many many opportunities to have sex with my girlfriend, whom I live with, but each time I have to think of a reason why I can't- - though turning down sex is completely uncharacteristic and absolutely killing me!! - I end up eating her pussy a lot - which I love, but the horniness is going to make me explode!!

We chat often and I beg you for release but you only playfully tease me and ask what I would do for it- each time the stakes get higher and higher and you don't accept. I can tell that you are loving this. You start sending me your deepest darkest fantasies- many of them about giving multiple blowjobs or forcing a man to do humiliating things - which sends me crazy. You also send me a ton of photos that make you hot and that kills me. You often threaten to show the photos I sent to your friends and sister and even though they don't show my face
the idea completely embarrasses me. Finally you assure me that you won't show them the pictures.

My girlfriend is going out of town one weekend so you say perhaps you'll let me cum- if I do what you say of course! I am at the height of frustration so of course I agree. A package arrives for me and inside of it is a steel box locked by a combination lock- you let me know that my key MIGHT be inside, or it might be a test. If you do not receive the box and combination lock back unharmed you will never let me out of the cb- if it is a test. Hmmm. Following your instructions I purchase a webcam, dress how you would like me and open my camera to you. I am naked aside from my cb3000 and cowboy boots kneeling in the centre of my office. You as well turn on your webcam and it is the first time we ever see each other.

YOU ARE GORGEOUS- sitting there with your -cat-that-ate-the-canary grin. I can tell that you are very impressed by my body. You make me take several poses for you- flexing my arms, my abs, spinning around and bending over, spreading my cheeks, flexing them- You joke about how eager I am to please!! Of course I am,- I haven't even had an errection in a month- let alone had sex or jacked off!!! My balls are bursting from being teased everyday and you make me present them to the camera and slap them playfully. You instruct me to take a black magic marker and write "Mistress' Little Dickie" on my stomach just over my cock with an arrow down to my cb.

You 'request' that I do some pushups for you - first facing the camera, 70, and then facing away from the camera 70- each time I have to squeeze my cheeks together hard at the bottom and bounce before I push up. You love the way my ass looks bobbing up and down for you. You laugh a lot because you know I am desperate!!

Now you really embarrass me- you say since you aren't there to give me a spanking for druelling precum on the floor during my exercises I'll have to do it myself. You make me kneel facing away from the camera and put my forehead on the ground- then you instruct me to swat myself hard with my hands 30 times on each cheek. You tell me that every time I connect I have to make fake female orgasm noises,- if these noises don't sound realistic to you then I mustn't have ever heard a really powerful female orgasm before and I will have to spank myself another 20 times for never having truly pleased a woman! You giggle wildly at the echoing sound my hand makes as it spanks my hard ass each time and at my struggled attempts to "orgasm". I am utterly humiliated...but then....

Suddenly you say- Paul, the combination for the lock is...wait...if I tell you what it is, do you promise to masturbate for me as I wish, and cum only when I tell you to?? YES. I see- well, you know before we do that I want you to log onto your e-mail and email me your entire contact list. - I can't believe I am doing it but I am so horny I would do anything. - When I am done you say- now, open yahoo messenger, I have something for you.... I do as I am told- You send me a file called combination lock video and tell me you have filmed yourself opening the lock so I will know how to do it...I am soooo eager for the file to download...but when I open it it is a video of me doing naked pushups facing the camera, kneeling nude in my chastity with "Mistress' Little Dickie" written across my abs, and me bent over spanking myself red and sounding like a VERY happy woman!!!! You have been recording me!!! I am destroyed- I feel as though any power I ever had in my life is gone. You are laughing hysterically!!!!!

Now Paul- ha ha- I would do as I say- ha!!! I do know a lot of your friends' e-mail addresses ha !! The video of the combination lock comes through- it is you with the lock- you say, Now Paul, the combination is 45..Pinch your nipples for me...that's it---you are laughing on the webcam as I do as I am told by the video- 62...shake your tail Paul...wag it, now kneel and beg like a dog Paul- do it- bark for Mommy--- again...again. I do it all to peels of satisfied laughter from you. 30 you say over the webcam and I race to open the key box.

Try the key Paulie you say smirking. I am terrified by your tone but the key works and I free myself!!!!! I am instantly hard like steel and throbbing. But I am not allowed to touch myself...instead i have to kneel and swing back and forth like I am humping the air so my dick smacks my stomach each time.

You instruct me to go and get my girlfriend's vibrator which I do- then I am made to hold it up to my balls and let it work on my full testicles- the urge to cum is absolutely overwhelming, but I hold off. You "request" that I pull a ruler out of my desk and measure my dick for you to see- this is extremely embarrassing even though I have a decent sized dick - I have NEVER done this before.... You make me write 7" 2/8 on my stomach under Mistress' Little Dickie and then hold the ruler up beside my dick again for you to admire.... You are laughing so hard now...enjoying my humiliation so much - you say, Wow, what a cute little desperate dickie you have Paul...it looks so much bigger now at least than it did in the pictures you sent!!! And do you know why I never showed any of my friends those pictures Paulie??? Your laughing increases so it sounds like it fills your room- you can barely choke out the words as you swing your webcam to the side...because I invited them all here to see it now!@!!! i am in shock- sitting on a bed to your side are four of your hot friends, dressed sexily and REELING with laughter at the show I've given them!!!!!! I am frozen, ruler still by my dick thinking about everything I have done on the webcam- I have never been more humiliated!!!!!!! The whole show I have given them. I hear cat calls and whistles and five horny women celebrating like they are at a stripclub. They scream "nice dick Paul" and "who needs to cum so bad??" at me.

You calm down just enough to tell me how it is. You're wiping tears from your eyes from laughing as you say- well Paul, let's see it...lube that bad boy up and let's see you get down!! Come on Little Paulie, don't disappoint my friends, I promised them all a good show!! I start to jack off for you...again you make me stop and start when I come too close to the edge...the girls are wild with excitement- they cheer me on and mock me...some of them making 'jerk off' fists and pretending they are jerking off themselves to give me an idea of what I look like.. I am swaying so much, and bucking with my cowboy boots on that they say it looks like I am riding a horse and you tell me to whip my ass like a horse with my free right hand. I stroke my cock hungrily.

Finally you introduce me to each girl as I masturbate in front of them and then I must individually beg each girl to let me cum. Each one makes me do some poses or stroke like they want me to or stop touching my dick and do 'cock pushups' or 'hellicopter' and many other tricks...they are having way too much fun with this. Finally everyone has given me permission to cum but you. I beg you but you just giggle and tease me. You make me stand my girlfriend's vibrator up on the floor and lean back until it is fully tickling my asshole, just the tip pushing inside of me. As it whirrs it wants to travel and you instruct me to keep it in place with my ass alone and keep jacking off- so in a sense I am humping up and down on it ever so slightly. The humiliation and the feeling kills me.

Finally you have me turn profile to the camera and stop moving my hand. Now you say I must thrust with my hips into my hand like a pussy....you want to see if I have any driving power. I thrust away to squeals of cosmicly horny delight from you and your friends. You set an egg timer and tell me I have one chance to cum...I have to let go within seven seconds of hearing the bell and I cannot stop thrusting - of course I have no idea how long you set it for so I must thrust enough to keep myself always on edge and ready to cum without shooting too soon. I thrust and thrust right on the edge, but have to back down- again I desperately pick up steam, hoping against hope to make it...until finally the timer goes and I drive my hips forward to spray cum in an arch away from me...Again and again I cum and you estimate my distance with the side view you are getting. Everyone on your end is exhausted from the laughing and cheering, and clapping...

Doing as I was told I continue to hump at my hand and I hear the timer set again...Come on Poor Paulie!!!, You know you've got more than that to offer us! You scream...and I cum to the bell three more times to the amazement of your friends before you allow me to drop to the floor- totally spent. I hear chants of "Lick it Up" from your end and you just grin and nod at me and I submerse my tongue in the pool- also something I have never done before -and lick it from the floor and my hand until I have had it all in my mouth and down my throat. With that I have to thank each girl for allowing me to cum, especially you of course.

You tell me to stay put as you dismiss your company but return to your webcam to find me kneeling and hard again...contemplating the depth of my humiliation. You beam with pride and say that your little dickie did very well. -I am going to get off to the video of your performance today a lot over the next few weeks I can assure you!!!- that made me so wet!! It's too bad I have to lock you back up - you do give a great show...My heart sinks immediately. But before all of that, I am happy to see you back at attention cowpoke ...you have a naughty little dick Paul, but I like it....But enough appetizer...let's really see what it can do......

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