tagErotic HorrorTrapped Souls Ch. 02

Trapped Souls Ch. 02


The camper lurched from side to side as sounds of truck tires going over a wooden walkway sounded through the bedroom of the motor coach. Then screeching high pitched noise echoed through side walls as if finger nails dragging down a chalk board. Troy tried to open his eyes, but the only thing he saw was a blurry fuzz. He blinked several times but nothing seemed to help. He closed his eyes and tried to figure out where he was. Was he still in the smoking car? Why couldn't he move his arms or legs? He tired to straighten his knees and suddenly he felt a noose tighten around his neck. He eased his feet back up and the pressure disappeared. What the fuck was going on, where the fuck was he? He opened his eyes again, blinking several times. A blurred vision appeared before him, and then the shapes began to sharpen. He blinked a few more times and his sight started to focus as he stared between his wife's legs. Sandra was asleep with her legs on either side of him as he noticed her pussy spread wide in front of him. What the hell ... why in the fuck is she like that, he tried to speak but all that came out was a muffled wine.

Something was on his mouth, tape of some kind, and something was in his mouth, the taste was bitter and tangy at the same time, it was nasty what ever it was. Then he saw the dried white coating that surrounded Sandra's pussy. It was matted in her curly black hairs and a puddle had formed on the sheet between her legs. He tried to remember what happened, he remembered the walk down the dark and rainy road, and then a large camper had stopped, then the four men. The four men that had stopped, he had something to drink, a rum and coke, then nothing. Nothing at all, he strained as he attempted to think. Something in the drink, something that made him fall asleep. He was drugged with something, and so was his wife. Sandra, what did they do? He tried to scream but nothing came out, he pulled on the ropes but the noose tightened around his neck again. He was helpless, tied up and placed in this position for a reason. They wanted him to see what they did to his wife. They had fucked her, all four of them more than likely. Was she awake when they raped her, did she try and fight them off? He looked at her body, no bruises or cuts, she was still sleeping. Maybe they drugged her too, maybe she doesn't remember anything. Troy hoped that was the case as tears formed in his eyes as he fought with the anger that was building inside him. He tried to think of what to do, what could he do?

The camper moved slowly around several turns as the back of the coach bounced up and down from several holes in the road. Sandra started to moan. Troy wiggled and twisted as he tried to move from between her legs. He didn't want her to see him like that, starring between her legs at what those fucking bastards did to her. He tried to slide out from her sight, but her legs stopped him from going anywhere. Sandra's eyes opened as she blinked several times. She had a hard time focusing as she slowly woke up. She couldn't move her arms or legs, they were tied to something. She pulled hard but the restraints were too strong. She blinked several more times; she heard some mumbling going on, like a muffled scream. Her vision was still blurred as she blinked, then she started to see again. Troy came into view as she blinked a few more times. He had tape across his mouth as he tried to speak. His feet were tied together along with his hands, behind his back. There was a rope around his neck that attached to his feet. What did they do to him, why did they tie him up?

Then she noticed the ropes on her ankles, as they stretched out and tied off under the bed somewhere. She turned her head and noticed the same situation with her hands. Then she looked back down at her husband. She tried the figure out what was happening as her head swirled in circles.

Troy had flagged down a camper and they had dried off in the bedroom. Then they had a drink as the camper pulled onto the road, she was looking for their smoking car and ... blank, nothing else came to her as she tried to intensify her memory. She stared at her husband that was positioned between her legs, and she was naked, why was she naked? Where were the four men that stopped and rescued them from the dark and dreary road? In the bedroom of the camper where they had dried off, she recognized the room as she tried to remember everything. Where were her clothes and what had they done to her as she slept? She felt numbness inside her, with a slight soreness between her legs. He husband was trying to say something but she couldn't make out the words. Those sons of bitches had fucked her; she concentrated on the tense soreness of her vulva. They had raped her while she was sleeping, but why didn't she wake up? How did they do all of this with them sleeping, did they both fall asleep at the same time?

Troy was crying, why was he crying? Did they hurt him; she noticed a red bruise on his forehead. He looked sad, like he wanted to tell her something, but she didn't know what. Did he know that they had raped her? Did they make him watch? Sandra started to cry; tears flowed from the corners of her eyes and streamed down the sides of her head. Troy started to cry with her, wanting to say I'm sorry. He felt rage build up inside him, he wanted to do harm to those that had harmed Sandra. He was in deep sorrow for her as she realized the scope of what had happen. Those fuckers are going to pay for what they have done; Troy would see to it that they get everything they deserve.

The camper came to an abrupt stop and the engine turned off, silence filled the bedroom as Troy and Sandra stared at each other as fear filled there minds. What was next, are they going to kill them? Where were they, how far had they traveled? Troy didn't move as he listened for a sign of the four men, Sandra watched her husband closely, he would let her know what to do. They heard someone rummaging around in the camper, Troy tried to scream, nothing more than a low moan came from under the tape. Sandra tried to follow his lead, but she couldn't make anymore of a scream than her husband did. Then silence again, this time for quit a while. They heard a car; it pulled up next to the motor home and idled as laughter filled the air. The car pulled away as more laughter sounded. Then more voices, as the camper leaned to one side; people entering the coach. Muffled voices fill the silence as Troy and Sandra tried to make out what they were saying. They heard laughter as the muffled voices talked with no words that could be recognized.

Then the camper heaved to the side again, as if something heavy moved around and tossed the hauler from side to side. They were moving something, something heavy as the men grunted, talked and laughed while they made several trips in and out of the motor home. Troy tried to move around his wife's legs but the noose around his neck prevented him from getting any leverage. He tried to scream again and Sandra screamed with him, but nobody came. Then the silence came again, they heard nothing for several minuets.

Troy could reach two pieces of the rope but as he tried to pull or maneuver the rigid strands, the noose again tightened around his neck. At least Sandra had stopped crying and started to try and figure away out of this predicament. She watched as her husband pulled on his rope but his face turned red and he would gag until he released the tension. She twisted her hands and tried to reach the knots that tied her hands to the rope. She would just get the knot at the tips of her fingers and the rope would twist and snap out of reach.

Then the bus leaned again as they froze in mid movement. Voices came through the door as they both wondered if this was the end. Are they going to kill them now or just beat them until they past out? Troy tensed as he heard the door rattle and swing open. He could only watch the expression on his wife's terrified face as she stared at the doorway. Troy tried to roll again, with the same results. Sandra stared at the two men while their eyes scanned her naked body as they stood in the doorway. Troy watched his wife, as her look went from terrified to pissed off. Troy knew what they were looking at as he tried to scream "FUCK YOU!" but the words never made sense.

Bruce moved around the right side of the bed as Juan went to the left. "You two enjoy your little nap?" Bruce said as the two men untied the ropes from Sandra's hands and bent them behind her back as Juan held them tight while Bruce tied them together. "Did you tell your husband what naughty things you been up to; oh, wait, I think he already knows darling." Bruce whispered, but loud enough for Troy to hear as he bent Sandra up in a sitting position. She looked at her husband and then down between her legs as she observed the large spot on the sheet that rested under her open legs. She looked back at Troy and shook her head as she mumbled something under her duct tape. "I think he knows what a slut you've been, letting us fuck you while he was asleep." Carl laughed as he moved to her feet and took hold of the rope.

"Yeah amigo, she was begging for my brown cock after my buddy here fucked her," Juan said as he chuckled while releasing her other leg from the rope. "She told me to fuck her hard, so I gave her what she wanted, I fucked her right here as she watched you sleep amigo, and she even told me I have a bigger dick than you." He boosted as he leaned down only six inches from Troy's face. Troy pitched and flailed as the rope around his neck squeezed, leaving his face flushed as he tossed and turned. "When she told me to cum inside her pussy, I didn't hesitate. Because amigo, you know, what the woman wants ... the woman gets." He grabbed the hair at the back of Troy's head and pulled back. "Si amigo, that's what they say, so I just gave her what she asked for." Troy stopped reacting to the Mexican's blabber and looked at his wife. Sandra sat there as tears filled her eyes and flowed down her cheeks as she shook her head from side to side. She was almost hysterical as she tried to yell through the smothering tape while shaking her head. Troy just looked down as his body went limp. He couldn't tell her he understood her; that he knew she would never do anything this asshole just said. He felt helpless and foolish, hoping this was just a dream. He looked back up as Bruce took the four pieces of rope in one hand and Sandra's arm in the other. The two men pulled Sandra from the bed and disappeared behind him, the camper toss to the side as they took her out the side door.

Troy turned and twisted as he flopped around on the bed, doing anything he could to free himself from the binding ropes. He started to roll and lean, as he twisted his hands while the noose clenched at his throat. He ignored the pain as he held his breath. Suddenly he flipped over and fell to the floor as his feet bent under his back forcing the ropes to clench around his neck. He was stuck between the bed and the wall as he tried to turn to his side, but his feet were stopped by the bed. His breathing completely cut off as his eyes watered and the pain tore through his neck. He was in trouble now, what if he died now, what would happen to Sandra, what would they do to her, kill her? They might torture her first, knowing that she had to die. He panicked in that brief second and twisted hard and bounced his back off his feet. Then he turned, not far but enough to let off some tension as he gasped for air, then again he tossed and turned as his body floundered between the bed and wall as it flipped over and he rested on his stomach once again. He took deep breaths as he recovered from lack of oxygen. He won't try that again, he decided to give up fighting the ropes. Up till now, the ropes were winning.

Bruce and Juan held Sandra by the arms as they ushered her from the camper to the front door. The house looked huge from the front, but it wasn't pretty. She tried to make note of her surroundings as she took the four steps up to the front door. The white paint, or what was left of it, peeled in several spots. There was no sign of a road but she noticed several paths that cut through the overgrown bushes that incased the shabby grounds. Trees were all around the property with no sign of a wide passage. As they stepped through the door, she was amazed at the size of the foyer. It was at least twenty feet tall with two Maple curving staircases going up both sides as they met at the top forming a large landing. Stone statues placed around the room looked ancient and very expensive. A large white Persian rug with a Mandalay pattern covered the majority of the white and black shinny marble floor. A large crystal chandelier with tear shaped decor hung high above the floor that lit up the entire foyer.

The two men escorted Sandra to the right stair case as she walked between them. She looked down into the massive foyer as she caught one of the taller men staring at her as she walked up the stairs. She looked into his eyes as he gawked at her nude body. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of cowering from his view. He was going to look at her no matter what she did. Once to the landing, the two men pulled her to the right as they walked down a long hall that led to several doors on each side. Moderate size brass light fixtures lined the hall with lavish hand painted art.

They stopped at the door closest to the end on the left as Bruce opened the door and the three of them walked in. Juan closed the door behind them as Bruce walked Sandra to the bed and sat her on the foot as he took a seat next to her, placing the rope strands on the side of the maroon velvet spread. Juan kneeled in front of her as he took hold of her stockings and pulled them down her shapely legs, staring between her thighs. He looked up at Sandra as she offered no movement. Her blue eyes glistened as she snared down at him. He stood and backed away, as he felt the daggers pierce him.

The large king size bed had mesh netting that covered the top and hung down the four posts at each corner. The head of the bed had several plush white pillows that stacked high against the hand carven wooden head board. Around the large, tall room were two chests and a dresser that looked like they had been made in the late eighteenth century along with two Victorian style chairs. Next to the bed were two night stands and a ladies make-up table, matching the hardwood furniture. The two tall windows were covered with a sheer white curtain that hung from ceiling to floor, gathered half way down and drawn to both sides. As Bruce took the rope in his hand and drew Sandra's arms to her side, he untied the knot and set her hands free. He laid her down on the bed and pulled one arm to the right corner post by the head board and tied the rope to her wrist and then to the post. He leaned over to her and brushed her hair from her face and walked around the bed and tied each limb to the corner posts. He looked back at her before leaving to retrieve her husband from the coach as he and Juan walked out and shut the door.

Sandra gazed around the sun lit room as she admired the fancy décor of long ago. She pulled on the ropes as she struggled to free herself from the tight bonds they held her captive. Suddenly a mist formed at the edge of the room, just above the door. Sandra felt a slight breeze rush over her body as she shook her head, trying to free the illusion from her mind. She pulled anxiously at the ropes as the transparent figure hovered over the bed. A muffled scream pierced the silence as she yanked at her bindings. The figure drew nearer as she noticed a face form with in the thickening fog. A woman's face, with a warm soothing smile projected from the haze as she stared at Sandra. She heard a faint laughter as the figure soared just inches from her body. Sandra felt a quiver ripple through her body as the form penetrated her. She suddenly understood, she was a friend, a soul from the past that had unfinished tasks to complete. Sandra relaxed as her body sank into the bed. It was going to be fun; she was going to help the kind woman fulfill her quest. Sandra took a deep breath as she closed her greenish-blue eyes and drifted off to a light sleep.

Tom and Carl sat on the wooden barrels as Bruce and Juan walked up the steps from the cellar to retrieve the couple. Tom rose to his feet and motioned for Carl to follow him as he climbed the step narrow stairs that led into the first level of the house. They walked through the kitchen and out to the back deck overlooking the overgrown back yard. There was an old concrete patio off the edge of the deck with a huge empty hole that used to be a generous size swimming pool. Tom took a seat in a weather beaten wicker chair with a wide high back as Carl leaned on the back railing of the deck.

"The men should be getting here around nine or ten tonight; we need to get some rest." He said as he pulled a cigar from his chest pocket and bit the tip off. "I think I have a plan for the girl." He lit the cigar and twisted it between his lips and he drew the smoke in his mouth and inhaled. "You need to let her know that if she fucks with me, I'm going to kill her old man, I need her to be the hostess of this party with a smile and a good attitude."

"So you think she's going to go for that? She doesn't look that gullible to me." Carl said as he pulled another wicker chair over from the other side of the deck and sat next to his brother. "You could give her more of those little pills again?"

"No, that's too easy. I want to see what she will do to keep me from killing that bastard." Tom smiled as he took another long drag of the Havana and blew the smoke toward his brother. "You just tell her what I said, make it sound convincing." Tom tossed the cigar over the deck and entered the house.

Carl followed behind him and watched as Bruce and Juan led Sandra through the open foyer. He was overwhelmed by her beauty as she walked analytically, without hesitation, wherever her captors led her. She walked with a delicate stride as she passed the arched opening that separated the foyer and living room. Her nakedness stirred his sexual hormones as he stopped under the arch and absorbed the sight of her as she walked up the stairs. She was unable to cover her assets with her hands tied behind her back. He peered up the steps as she passed over, as he gazed daringly at her unclothed body. Her eyes met his as she strolled slowly up the stairs, unnerved that he was starring at her nude and exposed body. He gawked at her as she was turned toward the long hall and disappeared. He walked into the foyer and out the front door toward the camper.

Tom was standing at the rear of the motor coach as his brother approached. "We need to finish this and get some rest." He said as he met Carl at the side door. The two men entered the camper and walked to the back room. Troy was still caught between the bed and wall when the men entered the doorway. "What the fuck are those two assholes doing?" Tom growled as he circled the bed to where Troy laid. "I hope they an't fucking that bitch again!" He took Troy by the feet and pulled him around the bed and through the short hallway stopping in front of the sofa. "Untie his legs and we'll take him in the cellar. We need to make sure this fucker doesn't get loose, we need him." Tom said as he bent down above Troy's head as Carl loosened the knots that allowed his legs to spring out to the floor.

"We need to use those chains in the truck," Carl said as he removed the ropes from Troy's feet. "Chaining him to the steam pipes should do it."

"Yeah, you get the chains and meet me in the cellar; I'll take this piece of shit myself." Tom pulled Troy to his feet as Carl leaped through the side door. Troy stumbled as he stepped down the short steps onto the ground. Tom held the ropes that still bound his hands as he followed close behind. "Don't be stupid kid, I'll fuck you up if you get any screwed up ideas, then I'll go fuck up your old lady. Her welfare depends on you, you fuck up and she gets a whopping. I'll make you watch me take a strap to her back, like my momma did to me." Tom talked as he guided Troy toward the open shutters that led down to the dusty and foul smelling cellar.

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