tagFetishTrapped Under Ice

Trapped Under Ice


My first Christmas away from home, nothing like the feeling of freedom, no last minute running round for gifts. No dates for Christmas dinner, just me and plenty of snow.

I've never actually been skiing before in my life, but my friend assured me that I would love it, so he suggested Austria, and here I am. Cruising down the autobahn doing a steady 65mph, on my way to Salzburg ski slopes and resorts. The snow is blindingly white; it glares at me under the warm winter sun. I can hear it squelch and splash as I drive down the none slip tarmac of the road. Another 20 minutes and I should be there, I hope anyway, I've already taken two wrong turns, please god, no more mistakes. I chuckle to myself.

I have the radio on inside the car, I think it's a news program, but as I don't understand a word of Austrian I turn it over till I find some real music. I'm pleasantly surprised when I chance upon a rock show, just my thing.

A shot time later I'm driving towards a giant chalet, this is it, this is my home until the New Year. I park and go straight into reception, snow crunching under my boots, and then dropping off onto the highly polished hardwood flooring of the foyer. I get checked in and receive the key to my suit, a Christmas present to myself. I grab my things from the car and make my way up the huge winding staircase until I reach the third floor, and ultimately my own room.

It is huge, and awesome, I stand in the doorway, my chin o the floor as I stare at the sheer beauty of it. The bed is a four-poster and it is the biggest bed I have ever seen, much larger than my own king-size back home. A desk with hotel stationary and a phone by the bed, and the piece de resistance, a massive marble fireplace with a roaring log fire, complete with fresh chopped logs. I was still stood there when a door opened further up the corridor. Out of it stepped a beautiful raven-haired woman in her early thirties I would have guessed. She turned, smiled at me and walked past and down the stairs, I turned to admire her as she walked. Her tight leggings hugging her perfect legs and ass, the muscles pulling taut with every step, and her lovely round buttocks giving only the slightest jiggle. She suddenly looked round and caught me staring, I was mortified, and I quickly stepped into my room to avoid any further embarrassment.

I spent the rest of the day settling into my room, and exploring the vast hotel. So many bars and restaurants to choose from, I was at a loss as to were to sit and eat dinner the first night. Until I felt eyes on my back, I turned and found the same woman walking down the staircase behind me. She walked right up to me and introduced herself, her name was Helena, and she was a German spending Christmas on her own skiing, just as I was a brit spending Christmas alone skiing. I invited her to join me for dinner and she readily agreed; she also suggested which restaurant to use.

We were shown to our table, right in front of a he plate glass window with a magnificent view of the Austrian mountains, snow-capped peaks rising and disappearing into the low clouds.

We ordered and chatted, sipping our wine, I told her all about my self, my career, and the reasons I wanted to be away from home for such an important time of the year for everyone. Her own reason where a lot simpler than my own, she had just divorced her husband and he was starting to turn nasty, so she thought she'd disappear. And it was a good chance to make some new friends, because, as she so nicely put it, "one can never have enough friends?"

She had me mesmerised the whole evening, her delicate accent, and her graceful speech, everything bout her sent shivers down my spine. After our magnificent meal we adjourned to one of the many bars, ours was somewhat quieter than most though. We took a booth in the corner and I collected the drinks we had ordered before sitting.

I cannot remember much of what we talked off, as my head was so full of her that I could not think straight, I was also a little tipsy after the three bottles of red wine we had drunk with dinner. And then to sit in the bar until gone 1 in the morning drinking rum and coke, well you can imagine what kind of state my head was in.

Helena admitted to being slightly tipsy and suggested bed, for a moment my heart stopped, had she just invited me to bed wit her? I put the idea out of my head almost as soon as it entered, of course she didn't. I laughed to myself and stood up to join her. I walked her back to her room; well there was no getting out of it really, as mine room was next to hers. She thanked me for a wonderful evening, and made me promise to meet her in the dining room bright and early for breakfast, and then a ski. She reached up, put her long slender hand on my shoulder and pulled me down slightly so she could kiss me good night, I was shocked as I felt her lips brush mine, and the warm moisture of her tongue as it slid briefly from her parted lips. She breathed goodnight into my ear and was gone. I giggled like a pillock and entered my own room. Stripping I slide into bed only to find that a warming blanket had been placed in it for me…. this hotel really was the greatest.

I awoke the next morning, my head crystal clear and my stomach rumbling, my bladder full to bursting; I had been in such euphoria last night I had forgotten to pee before bed. I laughed at myself and muttered a few silly words. I showered and dressed in clean clothes, shaved and combed my hair. I nodded at my reflection, complimenting my appearance. I grabbed a jacket and headed downstairs to breakfast, as I was locking my door, Helena's opened and out she strolled, a big smile on her face as she greeted me with a "Goten Morgan." We walked down to breakfast and ate like kings once again; we retired to the lounge to chat awhile so our breakfasts could settle before hitting the slopes.

At one point I had to admit defeated and told her I had never skied before in my life, she laughed good-humouredly and told me she would teach me all she knows, giving me a little wink. We headed out and collected out skies, my first lesson began, and I enjoyed myself immensely, as did Helena, she told me later. She told me I was a natural, and we were racing each other down the hillside in no time, being he kind of English gentleman that I am, I let her win every time, ha.

We shared dinner once more, and headed for the bar, only this bar was different, it was more like a nightclub. Loud music, crushing bodies, it was great, we drank and danced, laughed until I spurted vodka fro my nose, which caused her to laugh even harder, in the end she fell over. But on her way down she clutched at my hand and pulled me down with her. We were a quivering mass of laughing drunkenness on the dance floor, and other couples were helping us up, laughing with us.

We said our goodnights and headed upstairs, I had my arm around Helena's waist and she had thrown an arm around my shoulder to steady herself. I helped her to her room, and I got her key into he door, as I let go of her though she started sagging, so I picked her up and carried her to her bed, I threw back the covers and laid her down. She was moaning, and half asleep, but she was awake enough to mutter that she wanted me to make love to her, I kissed her forehead and told her to go to sleep, that I would see her in the morning. I tucked her in, blew her a kiss and left.

I was kicking myself inside, knowing I might never get the chance to sleep with her again, but I was not about to take advantage of a drunken woman, no matter how attractive she might be. I settled in for sleep, but it was along time coming. Once I finally started drifting off I thought I heard the sound of thunder in the distance. But then sleep had caught me and had taken me from this world.

I awoke a few hours later and I could still hear the screams that had been a part of my dreams. I opened my eyes and blinked hard a few times just to make sure they were open. My room was pitch black and my fire had been extinguished. I lay looking into the darkness for sometime before I realised that the screams where still there, muffled but very real. I climbed cautiously from my bed and searched around for my clothes, I found tem all ad dressed quickly, I could not understand why everywhere was so dark, I couldn't even see out of the windows in my room it was so dark. I took my Zippo from my pocket and struck it, I had noticed there were candles all around my room, so I started lighting them. But the screams were still persisting, trying to be heard, and I heard them all right. Once my room was awash with light I put my boots on and headed for the door, I opened it and stepped out into the corridor, I immediately realised what had happened, an avalanche had hit the hotel. And from the look of it a big one, the big window at the end of the corridor was spider webbed, the snow had hit it with such for. The staircase behind me was only half visible, the rest of it being buried under the soft white powder. This was the top floor and it seems the only floor to have not been washed clean buy the terrible natural disaster. I walked down the hall, and knocked on Helena's door, there was a scream from within, and I panicked, I shouted her name and started kicking the door with all my force. After about ten minutes of kicking I managed to crack the wood, and a short while later it splintered under my boot, half the door coming off and falling into the room.

The room it's self was a mess, the big window exactly like my own had not withstood the terrible force tat had hit it, and snow had poured into the room. The bed was covered, and I could see that Helena was still in it, trapped under the duvet, which she couldn't move because of the weight of the snow. I could hear her sobbing to herself in German, and I tried to calm her as I dug furiously, trying to relieve some of the weight placed upon the bed. She calmed down nice she realised that I was going to free her, and she started exerting as much energy as she could upon, from beneath the covers. After about half an hour of toil, I managed to rip the duvet from the bed and free Helena, her face was red and puffy from crying, and she had vomited on herself in freight. She jumped into my arms, relief fatiguing her slender body, I could feel her trembling in my arms, and I could feel that her clothes were wet. She looked me in the eyes and told me she had wet herself, she was so scared she was going to die. I wiped the tears from her face and kissed her forehead, shushing her, and leading her from the room.

I took her to my room, and led her to the bathroom, I tested the taps to be sure we still had hot water, then I run her a nice ho bath, she was so cold to the touch that I feared she might have hypothermia. She was shivering so uncontrollably that I had to undress her, I stripped her naked, trying my hardest not to be turned on. And I helped her into the bath. I told her to just lie there and get warm, I was going to sort out something for her to wear, and I need to check the other rooms on our floor for people who might have survived. Her teeth chattered in reply, and I kissed her again.

I opened my wardrobe ad thanked whatever god there is that my room had been saved, and that I still had dry clothing. I picked out a pair of heavy tracksuit bottoms and a thick fleece sweat shirt, the best I had to offer in way of underwear was a clean pair of boxer shorts, admonishing myself in a playful way for not bringing any bras along on my trip.

I checked the other rooms, but I couldn't get the doors open, they were all obviously full of snow, and no hope that anyone had survived. A tear ran down my cheek as I think of the wasted lives inside this building, and all of a sudden I wanted to be far away. I entered Helena's room once more, and collected all the candles I could find, throwing them into a plastic bag, I think picked up and pile of logs that were next to her blackened fireplace, this was made easier by the fact they all the logs were tied together by a strong rope.

I walked back to my own room, and I closed the door. I then drew the heavy curtains, blocking out the big snow filled window. I walked to the fire and placed the spare logs next to my own, then I pt the bag with the spare candles into the wardrobe, knowing that sooner or later we'd need them. I blew out half the candles that were lit, and walked into the bathroom to check on Helena.

She was just finished rinsing soap out of her hair, and she threw her head back and looked at me, giving me a weak smile. I asked her how she was feeling, and she admitted she was still a little shaky, but the water was starting to cool down and she needed to get out. I opened the linen closet and pulled out a large white cotton towel, she stood up ad I couldn't help but admire her beautiful naked body. I did notice that she had no pubic hair at all, and I smiled inside. She stepped from the tub, and turned to pull the plug, giving me a prefect view of her backside. As she bent her firm cheeks spread and I got a lovely view of her bald pussy and her tight little asshole. She then stood and stepped into my arms, I wrapped the towel around her shoulders and told her to come in and sit while I got a fire going. She could not have missed the fact that my hard cock was pushing into her belly as I wrapped her in the towel, and I could have sworn I saw her smile slightly.

Once the fire was roaring and I had helped Helena to dress, we talked about our predicament, and decided the best thing to do was to wait for the emergency services to get us out. At least we wouldn't go thirsty, or hungry, as my room had a kettle with tea and coffee, sugar ad plenty of the little milk cartons you get in café's. We sat supping hot coffee, and eating sandwiches from the minibar, chatting about everything but out situation. The tension in the room was electric, and it was all sexual. I knew that if I were going to die I would have to declare my love for this woman first; I could not die without her knowing how I felt.

I made up my mind and I told her everything while we were laying in my bed, all cuddled up to keep warm, both of us were fully clothed, but my hard on still managed to prod her every now and again. She was very good about it though, jokingly asking if I had no control over my body at all. We laughed until we were crying. Then I told her all. She lay there listening to me, smiling up at me, and making small noises in the back of her throat.

All of a sudden she shushed me, putting her fingers to my lips, I could smell her on them, and the smell was intoxicating. She brushed my lips gently with her fingertips and then moved slightly so that my rock hard cock was pressed tightly between us. She then kissed me, slow and lingering, he lips parting and her tongue rubbing against my lips. I opened my mouth to receive her warm tongue and we searched each others mouths, her hands sneaked under the covers and I felt one of them glide over my back, as the other rubbed my cock though my jeans. I moaned into her open mouth and I felt her shiver as my own hands found her body. I stroked her soft skin, and started kissing her throat and neck, her breath coming short and sharp. She had undone the button and fly and on my jeans and was pulling at the to get them down, I lifted myself of the bed slightly, and pushed them down and off, I then pulled my jumper over my head and dropped it to the floor.

I was now laying naked, my hard cock standing proud for her inspection, and she rolled me onto my back, and began kissing my chest, teasing my nipples until they were erect. Biting them and sucking them like I would a woman's, every time she touches me my cock twitches, until I feel her hand close around my shaft, she rolls my foreskin all the way back and I breath in sharply, y back arching slightly, as she slowly starts to wank my swollen cock. She kisses a line down my body, licking around my belly button ad turning me on even more, I can at last feel her hot breath on my shaft, and then her hot tongue, as she starts tonguing my balls. She sucks each one individually into her wanton mouth, swirling her tongue around it until I'm almost begging her to stop teasing me. She laughs and then I feel her mouth envelope my cock, her tongue going to work around the swollen head. I moan and sigh as her mouth bring me closer and closer to the point of no return, my hands have hold of the bed sheets, and they're gripping so hard I fear I might rip them.

Helena herself is moaning as she sucks my cock, taking her mouth away every now ad again to concentrate on wanking me into her mouth, her tongue gently playing with the underside of my shaft. I warn her I'm not going to be long and she tells me she wants to swallow my cum, she wants to taste me. Hearing that perfect voice talk so dirty sends me over the edge, and I dry out as my cock shoots the first shot direct at the back of her throat. Helena moans as I pump her mouth full of pearly white cum, and I can hear her asking sucking noises as she swallows my whole load. She continues to suck and lick my spent prick, and then she kisses back up my body, squeezing my balls all the while. We are face to face and I kiss her, deeply, our tongues probing each other's mouths. I can taste y cock and cum on her lips, and it turns me on, that and her hand still playing with my ball sac is making my cock hard very quickly.

I lay her out on her back, and I look into her eyes as I slowly pull the zip down on her top, fortunately for me all she is wearing on top is a zip up sweatshirt. I spread it open, and gaze longingly at her full breasts, they are beautiful, with large nipples, already stiff and standing erect. I lower my mouth to her neck, and I nibble the flesh, sucking it and licking, listening to her moans as my hand encloses one of her tits, and my fingers rub her nipple. I kiss my way to the soft slope of her chest, running my tongue in-between her tits, moving my body lower in the bed. I look up at her and she watches me as my mouth closes over her nipple, and my tongue flicks it slowly, she moans out loud and shudders as electricity runs through her body from my touch. As I suck, lick and bite her nipples, slide my hand down over her flat belly, digging my fingers under the waistband of her bottoms, and feeling the smooth skin of her pussy. I can feel her heat radiating from her sex as she opens her legs to allow me access. I run my middle finger along her slit, feeling how wet her pussy is, pushing down on her clit, and causing her back so arch as though she was in pain. I slide my finger between her lips and it sinks into her pussy, her muscles gripping and pulling on my finger as I curl it round and stroke her g-spot, he breathing is ragged, and her moans are coming faster now.

I kiss her belly, and on my way down I pull her bottoms down with me, I pull the off and they join mine on the floor. I look at her naked body and she smiles up at me, lifting her legs up and slowly opening them to reveal her glistening cunt, and asshole, slick with her juices. Her pussy is gaping open and I push two fingers straight into her. She lets out a little scream of surprise that soon turns to moans as her pelvis moves up and down in time to my fingers sliding in and out.

I dip my head and the smell from her pussy is intoxicating, it hits me and I have a desire to taste her, I flick out my tongue and rest it on her clit, which suddenly hardens under my touch. Her hips jerk upward at my touch, and I take her clit into my mouth, sucking it between my lips, and flicking it with my tongue. I rub a free finger around her ass hole, which is wet with her pussy juice, ad I slowly push my finger inside, she lets out a long groan as my finger slides into her tight ass. I fuck her pussy and ass in unison, as my tongue plays all over her wet pussy. Helena is moaning and groaning, and by the movement in her pelvis I know she's about ready to cum, just as she's about to have her first orgasm I add another finger into her ass, and I increase my tempo on her clit. She literally screams and her back raises a foot off the bed as I fuck her body with my fingers. She screams a lot of things In German that I do not understand, but from the tone of her voice she loves every second of my treatment.

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