tagGay MaleTrashman's Easiest Pickup

Trashman's Easiest Pickup


Billy Olsen's life back in 1966 was no bed of roses, having been sick for much of his teenage years, and even after pretty much recovering from rheumatic fever Billy's overbearing mother insisted he stayed in the house most of the time, studying and reading.

The result was that Billy was a smart kid despite doing much of the work at home, and his mother considered him too ill to attend his high school graduation where he was to give the Valedictorian speech.

That didn't bother Billy that much since he didn't really know any of the other students, and had few friends at all outside of the occasional home health aide who had befriended him over the years.

So as Billy spent another summer in his bedroom reading by the open window, he started to look forward to the twice weekly visits from the guy who picked up the trash cans in the driveway, wishing he was big and strong like Wilson was.

Even after starting to exchange greetings with the middle aged man, Billy didn't know whether Wilson was the man's first or last name. All Billy did know was that the man was probably around the age his father was, wherever he was.

The garbage man wasn't Billy's father, although the 18 year old wouldn't have minded if he was. Wilson was black, as incredibly black as Billy was a pasty white, and even Billy knew that black folks were a rarity around Watertown, but Billy thought Wilson was pretty neat.

Wilson was a strong as a bull, hoisting up those full metal trash cans with ease and carrying them to his truck. Billy had tried doing that and had enough trouble moving those things empty, although he knew because he was chronically weak that wasn't much of a comparison.

Billy figured it must have been because of Wilson's arms and shoulders which were massive. Wilson's biceps were as big as Billy's thighs, and his barrel chest practically burst out of the grimy white wife-beaters the garbage man always wore.

Billy had begun to try and get Wilson's attention, first by nodding and giving a little wave, and when the older man returned the greeting Billy got brave and opened the window to say hello.

"How come a kid like you ain't outside enjoying the summer?" the gravely voiced trash man asked as he looked up at the pale lad in the window, and after Billy told him a truncated story about his illness Wilson wiped his brow with the back of his hand and added, "that's too bad, but you'll probably be well before you know it."

"Hope so. I wanted to start college last year but couldn't on account of I was too weak," Billy noted.

"College? How the hell old are you?" Wilson asked, and when the lad said is was nearly 19 the black man shook his head and added, "You don't look it."

"I know," Billy replied and then changed the subject. "You sure are strong. I can't believe you lift those cans so easily."

"Well, they get heavier as I get older," Wilson noted with a husky laugh, and when Billy asked how old he was he replied, "49 going on 100."

"Oh. You're in great shape for your age. My father is 48 and you're way stronger than him - or least he was the last time I saw him."

"He leave you and your Mom?"

"Yeah. Guess he didn't like having a defective kid," Billy glumly noted. "Hardly remember him."

"Same with me son. Ah, you'll do fine without him."

"I'll have to I suppose," Billy responded, and fearing the man would leave he blurted out, "Mr. Wilson? Could you make a muscle for me?"

"A muscle?" Mr. Wilson repeated. "You mean like this?"

"Yeah," Billy mumbled when the garbage man let go of the can he had been holding and raised his arm and flexed, and as the kid's eyes widened as he watched the softball-sized muscle bulge he wheezed, "Oh man."

"What are you doing kid?" Wilson asked.

"Me. Just looking at your muscles."

"No. With your hand. What are you doing? You jerking off?"

"Huh? What?" Billy replied, freezing and stopping what he was doing, and when Wilson kept staring at him he finally admitted he was.


"You do that a lot?"

"Not much else to do."

"You like guys?"

"I guess," Billy confessed.

"Ever been with a guy?"

"One man," Billy explained. "Carlos was a home health aide who would help me bathe and stuff before I started to get better."

"I see. So Carlos would wash your stuff in the tub and when your little pecker got hard he would take care of it I suppose."

"Yeah. Actually we would take care of each other," Billy told him.

"How so?"

"He started to suck my dick in the beginning and then he let me suck his," Billy revealed. "And my dick's not so little. Mine was even a little longer than Carlos."

"That a fact?"

"Yes sir. 6 and three-eighths inches long erect." Billy explained and then shrugged. "When I get bored I measure it to see if it's grown."

"Worse habits I guess," Wilson nodded.

"I bet yours is bigger than that," Billy mumbled.

"What makes you think that?"

"I dunno. I have a copy of National Geographic that has a bunch of pictures in it of naked Negroes in Africa," Billy blushed. "They as had really big ones."

"Well maybe when you get well you can go to Africa and find out for yourself," Wilson laughed. "Cute little fellow like you wouldn't have to look hard."

"Too bad you don't like guys," Billy noted.

"Who says I don't?" Wilson replied to a shocked Billy Olsen. "I like them all. Men, women, black and white. We shouldn't be talking like this though. What if your mother heard this?"

"She's at work. Doesn't get home until 4," Billy said. "The front door is unlocked."

"Tempting offer little man," Wilson admitted, and as he lifted his arm and sniffed he added, "If I wasn't so funky I night take you up on that."

"I don't care about that," Billy told the older man, and even from inside he could sense the manly funk emanating from Wilson, not revolting but exciting the lad. "I'll do anything you want."

"You like it in the ass?" Wilson asked. "Carlos ever stick his cock in your boy pussy?"

"Yes sir," Billy answered without blinking. "And I liked it too."

"In that case," Wilson responded, and after walking around to the front door let himself in, stopping in the bathroom on the way to the rear of the place to take a leak and wash his hands before finding the boy's room.

Billy was nervously shifting his weight from foot to foot as he stood at the side of his bed, naked except for a pair of white cotton briefs that could not hide his excitement, and as Wilson entered the room he smiled at the sight of the painfully skinny white boy with the smooth skin.

"Stopped to take a leak and wash my hands," Wilson said as he came closer. "Took a whore's bath too."

"What's that?"

"Splashed a little water on me," Wilson explained as he started to take off his wife-beater, but the shy lad surprised himself by coming over to the garbage man and stopped him.

"Let me Mr. Wilson," Billy said as he took the bottom of the grimy shirt in his hands and lifted the snug t-shirt up and over his head. "Uh - is Wilson your first name or last?"

"Does it matter?" Wilson responded as the lad's eyes roamed over his barrel chest which was sprinkled with a mixture of silver and black curls. "Wilson will do Billy."

"Can I give you a hug?" Billy asked, and after Wilson nodded he wrapped his scrawny arms around the burly man as best he could.

"I warned you," Wilson said when he watched Billy inhale while tentatively touching his generous man boobs.

"And I told you I didn't care," Billy answered as he let his hand leave Wilson's plump nipple to slide down to the black man's elbow, all the time glancing up at the taller man for any sign of disapproval before finally raising the bulky arm up over his head.

"I guess you don't mind," was Wilson's throaty reply as he watched the lad bury his face under his arm, and when the older man felt Billy's tongue raking up and down the salty curls that filled the hollow he sighed loudly. "That's nice. Clean Wilson up good."

"Damn!" the trash man said when the red-faced boy's face came out of hiding. "You like this big black Daddy, don't you?"

"Yes sir."

"You mind me calling myself your Daddy?" Wilson asked.

"No, I kinda like it... Daddy."

"Then give Daddy a kiss," Wilson said as he lowered his face, and when Billy's mouth came up to press against the puffy red lips Wilson grabbed his face and kissed him like he had never been kissed before.

"You okay?" Wilson asked when he saw the lad's shocked expression.

"Yeah. Never been kissed before."

"You like it?"

"Yes sir."

"Well then here's another," Wilson said as he kissed Billy again, only adding his tongue this time, and by the time the kiss ended the lad was limp in his arms.

"Now where were we?" Wilson asked as he let go of the dazed teen, but Billy recovered fast as he ducked down to suck on the plump purplish nipple, and when Wilson raised his other arm the lad did not hesitate.

"You're a nasty little boy, aren't you Billy?" Wilson chortled as he watched the lad swab the coarse armpit while snorting a little, but when the trash man felt the kid's hand on his belt buckle he stopped him.

"Why don't you get them underwear off for Daddy?" Wilson suggested as he stepped back and saw the tent in Billy's briefs. "Let me see what you've been rubbing against me with."

"Yes sir," Billy said, and as he held the elastic he asked tentatively, "I mean... Daddy?"

Wilson nodded in approval when he heard his new title, and that made Billy smile as he yanked his underwear down and kicked them off, his long slender dick curling upwards slightly after being freed.

"Cute," Wilson sighed as he reached down and cupped the hairless wrinkled sac, kneading the rather meaty pouch and making the teen groan in response before moving his hand up and around, avoiding the erect member to toy with the modest nest of light brown curls above it. "You're leaking. Bet you want to cum, don't you son?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Yeah, I can feel you throbbing," Wilson told Billy after stepping behind the lad and reaching around to grab his cock, all but the gumdrop head disappearing in his beefy black paw as he made a fist. "You like me squeezing your dick hard like this, don't you? Gonna cum aren't you?"

"OH!" Billy cried out, grabbing Wilson's wrist as he felt his orgasm race through his loins, and the old black man laughed as he watched ropes of semen spurting wildly all over the place, one string of cum landing on the dresser three or four feet away as Billy fell back into Wilson.

"You came good boy." Wilson remarked after Billy finally stopped ejaculating and he let go of the spent tool. "Real good. Now it's time to take care of your black Daddy."

"Thank you," Billy said as he sat on the edge of the bed behind him, his heart racing in anticipation as he undid the older man's work pants, and after they dropped down off his oddly slender legs the teen helped him step out of them before moving his hands back up to the black man's belly where the boxer's elastic waistband was.

"Oh wow!" Billy said after the lowered the boxers and saw the ebony snake hanging limply, the uncut cock ripe with veins and resting in front of a pair of swollen balls.

"You like?" Wilson asked as the watched the skinny pale hand lift his flaccid cock up.

"Yes sir. It's beautiful," Billy exclaimed as he looked the musky organ over, retracting the foreskin to look at the head which was plum like in both size and hue. "It's so big, and it isn't even hard yet!"

"That's where you come in son," Wilson reminded him as he grabbed the back of the young man's head, but Billy's face was already headed in that direction as the lad parted his lips and took the salty fat knob into his mouth. "Oh my. That's good. Look up at Daddy while you suck on it."

"Too big for you boy?" Wilson wanted to know as Billy's mouth stretched wide to accommodate the thick tool, but as the lad moved his lips down as much of the rippled shaft as he could manage he kept looking up at Wilson he shook his head no as best he could. "Didn't think so. Keep sucking. There you go."

Billy's jaws were aching in no time but he ignored the discomfort as he sucked on the end of the vein riddled organ while feeling it grow hard, and while it didn't get much longer or thicker when he did get erect, Billy was thinking that was probably a good thing. Wilson seemed pleased at the boy's effort, and after he was stiff he reached down and lifted the lad up effortlessly as if he was a rag doll.

"Damn son, didn't you just cum a few minutes ago?" Wilson chortled when he looked down to see what was poking him and saw the pale prong waving proudly.

"Can't help it. This is so great and sucking your cock really turned me on," Billy admitted, and after moving his erection over to Wilson's hard on he asked, "Do you mind if I do something, Daddy?"

"Knock yourself out boy," Wilson laughed as he watched Billy rub his dick against his, the pale organ looking even whiter against the black tool, and the trash man laughed again when he saw Billy poke his pecker into his foreskin so he could rub the tips together. "Feel good to you?"

"Yeah, it's all gooey inside. I think we're both leaking," Billy suggested as he pulled back and placed his cock onto the older man's manhood, shaking his head at the absurd size difference while rubbing them together.

"Gonna do it, do it right," Wilson suggested as he reached down and grabbed the two cocks in his meaty fist, squeezing them together hard. "How about this?"

"What's the matter boy?" Wilson asked when he saw the expression on the lad's face. "Hurt?"

"No. Feels - oh geez..."

"You gonna cum again son?" the garbage man asked as Billy's face twisted and he moaned, and before the boy could reply his dick was spurting cream ll over the older man's pubes and the base of his cock. "Oh man, you're a trip."

"Sorry," Billy said as he went limp and he saw the mess he had made. "I can clean you up."

"No need. Got to get going here and my balls are starting to ache because I got to cum myself," Wilson advised as he nodded down at his raging erection. "Get up on the bed on all fours so I can prep you up."

As Billy got up on the bed Wilson took a jar of Vaseline off of the dresser, a comically large jar that was half empty, and after he scooped out a generous helping and lathered his cock with it Wilson turned his attention to the skinny chicken on the bed. Billy had his legs spread and his pale butt presented for his approval.

"Damn son, your balloon knot looks so pure," Wilson commented as he spread the cheeks wider to take in the sweet sight of the pink puckered ring, rubbing his greased finger around the outside. "You sure you've had dick in there before?"

"Yes Daddy. Carlos did it to me a couple of times, but his dick wasn't nearly as big as yours," Billy noted as he squirmed when Wilson slipped a plump finger into him.

"Tight little boy pussy you got son," Wilson appraised. "Hot as an oven and tight. You sure you're gonna me able to take your Daddy? Don't want you chickening out when I get started."

"I won't, I promise," Billy pledged. "I want it really bad. If I cry or something just ignore me."

"Will do," Wilson replied, and after he looked at his index finger going in and out he paused. "Don't usually do this son, but your boy pussy looks so fine. Good enough to eat."

Wilson moved his face into the crack, spreading them wider with his hands, and when he started rimming the lad Billy squealed with shock. Wilson's talented tongue poked into the ring in between licking the knot until he could wait no longer. Wilson pulled the lad back so he could stand on the floor next to the bed, and after checking to see his cock was primed he brought the bulbous knob to the gate.

"Ready son?"

"Yes Daddy," Billy replied, and then Wilson pushed his cock forward. "OH!"

"Doing fine," Wilson muttered, looking down as the ebony weapon slowly eased into what felt like an inferno. "How you like your Daddy now?"

Billy made incomprehensible sounds as his anus stretched to accommodate the fat head, and he cried out when the ridge of the glans popped inside, but he took it like a man as the trash man eased about half of his monster into him before pausing.

"Ain't gonna last long," Wilson confessed as he felt the boy's rectum crushing his member, the feeling way too good for the horny older man.

Wilson began moving about half of himself in and out while trying to think of anything but the exquisite sensation that came with his probing, and although he tried to be gentle soon Wilson was thrusting harder and deeper, his sweat flying off him and onto the lad's back.

"Fuck," Wilson grunted as he leaned over Billy, wrapping him in a bear hug while humping wildly, and when he could hold back no longer he let himself cum, his monstrous penis spurting countless volleys of his seed deep into the boy's bowels until he was drained.

"Oooh," Billy sobbed when he felt the anaconda start to go limp before it slithered out of him, and when Wilson stepped back he had to shudder when he saw the lad's anus still gaping wide after he pulled out.

"You okay son?" Wilson asked, recalling in the lust daze he had been in that it sounded like Billy was sobbing while he buggered him, and when he turned the lad around his flushed cheeks were wet but he was grinning deliriously.

"Sure I am," Billy gushed as he hugged the older man and babbled away. "I mean it hurt, but it hurt good, and when you came your cum was so soothing. Can we do it again?"

"Damn son I'm an old man. I'd love to go all day like I used to but..."

"No, I meant next week when you stop," Billy explained. "If you don't have time to - you know - I could just suck your cock. You said I did good."

"You did. Maybe I'll take you up on that," Wilson replied, and as he put his clothes on he looked at the kid's bedding and guffawed, pointing at the semen on the bed. "Son, did you cum AGAIN?"

"Couldn't help it. When you hugged me I came."

"Man, you ought to see a doctor," Wilson smiled.

"I've seen enough doctors," Billy answered.

"Sorry. I was just kidding," Wilson apologized while ruffling the lad's hair. "Being virile is a good problem to have."

"I'll probably jerk off a bunch of times the rest of the day, just thinking about this. This is the best day of my life," Billy told his new friend as he walked him to the door.

"I had fun too son,' Wilson responded as he kissed Billy goodbye. "See you next week."

"Love you Daddy," Billy said, and then he was gone, while the lad was already counting the minutes until next week while Wilson's semen oozed out of him.


thank you for reading

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by Anonymous

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by Spadger205/13/18

Black is Better!

It was nice to see that Billy was not imbued with any racist or snobby attitudes, and that he was attracted to and loved black Wilson as a person. Maybe he saw him as a father figure, and Wilson was notmore...

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by Spadger209/15/17

Black and White.

I love good interaction between people of different colours/races, remembering that we are all God's children, no matter what our racial origins.
Despite Wilson's obvious strength, experience and largemore...

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by Anonymous09/12/17


You managed to make this story both erotic and touching. I'm glad the kid made a friend.

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by 63lsmith09/12/17


Very nice as also. hope you do a second chapter.

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by 09/12/17

Perfect story line

Young, naive white boy enamored by a much older black man. This story is my fantasy for today. I came twice reading you.



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