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Travel Tales: Window



I'm trying a new thing where, in addition to my current main line of stories, i will rotate in one shot shorts as part of a new "travel tales" series.

This one is experimental for me. I wanted to write a story where I never gendered the protagonist.


You were the girl in the window, the most perfect creature I had ever seen. The light was at an angle as you perched in your sill. It made you look angelic. Your dark hair was pulled up in a tight little bun at the top of your head, a few escaped strands contrasting your pale face. Your eyes caught that light perfectly, turning amber. You were gazing, pondering, daydreaming, but when your eyes found me you smiled.

It took my breath away. It felt like I had been pummeled in the gut. My smile felt slow and stupid.

"Hi." I said, painfully aware of how every mental impulse was traveling at tortoise speed.

"Do you have my food delivery?"

The words cut through the fog in my brain. Of course. You were happy to see your food, not me.

"Oh! Yeah, you're..." I checked the tag on the bag I was holding, "Nicole Henderson?"

"Yup. 3B."

"Are you going to come down and get your food or should I come up there?"


You disappeared inside and after a long moment I started to think you'd meant I should come up there. Just as I hesitantly stepped closer, you opened the door. You were wearing loose linen shorts and an oversized cotton shirt.

I offered you the bag and a tablet to sign on. As you scribbled what couldn't possibly have been your name, you asked, "What's your name?"

"Max." I answered.

You handed back my pad and accepted your bag.

"Thanks, Max."

The way you said it, that quirked upturn of your lip. You could have asked for my social security card and I would have given it to you.

"You're welcome, Ma'am."

I actually said that. You're welcome, Ma'am. God strike me down.

I turned and bolted to my car. I caught the amusement on your face as I backed out of your driveway.

Two hours later I was back in your driveway, This time with a bottle of wine that you hadn't ordered. I had ... decided to stalk you, I guess. When you opened the door you did not look confused.

"Max!" You smiled brightly. "Do you want to come in?"

You baffled me. I nodded and you disappeared inside again, leaving the door open behind you. I tentatively followed, clutching the wine bottle like a weapon or a shield.

Your place was what IKEA executives dream about at night. It's what Americans imagine Sweden looks like. Light wood and white walls. Unpainted wood furniture. Even sheepskin carpets. Small globe garlands of light. The part of me that had always ached to be a hipster had found it's chapel.

We sat down on the daybed, me still in my coat and clutching the bottle of wine. I'd been too stupid to set them down when you'd told me to get comfortable.

It didn't even occur to me that I had a shot. You were an angel! So completely out of my league. When you kissed me, it came as a shock. The sudden press of your pink lips on mine, your hot breath. You moved onto my lap, your hands under my jacket trying to pull it off. I moved to let you. Shrugging it off and sliding it out from behind me.

Your tongue entered my mouth and I reached for your chest through the oversized cotton shirt. I could feel your nipple hardening beneath the fabric and knew you weren't wearing a bra. I wondered if you weren't wearing underwear. Your hands curled in my short, unruly hair. I slid my hand into your shorts.

Mystery solved, no panties. And you were so wet. I knew I wanted you, but to feel how much you wanted me was breathtaking. You moaned into my mouth as I slipped a finger into you and you began to grind your hips on my crotch and hand. I pushed in a second finger, you were so tight I had to go achingly slowly. I started to thumb your clit.

The grinding of your ass on my crotch, the feeling of your sex on my hand, I was going to cum. I had never been with someone so... perfect before. I tried to be discrete but you felt me stiffen, felt the insistency in my hips. You ground against me harder, suckling my earlobes and pulsing around my hand.

I came. I came just from that. Just that was amazing.

Now I really wanted you to cum. I moved you onto your back and slid your shorts off. I pushed your legs apart and dived for your pussy. My fingers slipped back inside you with ease. I licked and sucked and tongued and nibbled and teased your clit while I rubbed and tapped and milked and pressed your g-spot. You were practically screaming.

I hope I am being honest in saying you'd never had it that good before.

I made you cum three times. Every time I drew them out for you, feeling the pulsing contracting around my fingers.

When your last orgasm shuddered to a stop, you laid pressed against me. I breathed in the scent of your hair and placed soft kisses on your neck.

After a little while you said, "You should go. My boyfriend will be home soon."

I didn't really have anything to say to that. I got up, shrugged on my jacket, and walked to the door.

"Thank you, Max."

I smiled and left. There would be other perfect girls.

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