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It was a long deserted stretch of highway, miles and miles of nothing. Susan pulled off the interstate for gas. The gas station was there just off the off ramp, and a sign pointed to a town, but there was nothing else in sight. She pulled up to the pumps, and got out. A wave of hot dry dusty air rolled over her as she started filling her tank. Her attention was drawn to an old beat up truck, and a young couple arguing, just across from her.

The young man was yelling at the girl, " Fine bitch! If that's the way you want it!" The angry boy threw an old beat up duffle bag out of the truck. The girl, almost knocked over by it, regained her feet.

"Asshole! Good bye!" she yelled back, as the man stated the truck and drove off, leaving her standing there, in the blowing dust. "Shit" she said, and picked up the duffle, walking over to the door of the gas station and sitting down on an old beat up bench there.

Susan's gas pump shut off, and she put the hose back up on the pump, and got her purse, walking to the door. "Are you ok, honey?" she asked the girl.

"Yeah, sure, I'll be fine. Thanks." The girl replied back, staring off into the distance, at nothing.

Susan started to say more, then decided not to, and went in to settle the bill, and find a cold drink. Her eyes took one last glance at the girl there, in her cut off denim shorts and tied off shirt. She looked dusty, miserable, hot and sweaty.

Susan stepped inside the station, and found a cooler with bottled water and soda's. She grabbed a bottle of water, then tilted her head, thoughtful like, and picked out a second one. She paid her bill to the old man behind the counter, absorbed in a magazine, and walked back out the door. She stopped again by the girl, and reached down with one of the water's. "You look like you could stand a cold drink," she told her, as the girl looked up at her inquiringly.

"Uh...yeah, thanks, but you don't have to...I mean...oh, hell. Thanks." She took the offered bottle and uncapped it, taking a long deep drink of the water.

Susan held out a hand, " I'm Susan. Are you sure you are ok?"

"Oh. Yeah, I guess. I don't know. That asshole. Oh, I'm Lori. Nice to meet you, and thanks for the water and everything." Lori looked up at the woman. Susan was dressed casually, in snug but not tight shorts, dark blue denim and a white cotton top. She had longish reddish hair, sunglasses and a nice smile. She was also quite pretty, sunglasses pushed up on her head. Lori felt plain in her cutoffs, and old shirt, tied up under her boobs in the heat, her dirty blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. A trickle of sweat running down her back made her shiver, despite the heat.

Susan asked " Is there anything I can do to help? Someone you can call? Can I give you a lift to town or anything?"

"That's really nice of you, but I'll be ok , I guess. I'll catch a bus or something."

"Well....let's find out when the bus comes through then."

The old man inside looked surprised. "Bus? Aint no bus stops round here for miles. You have to go into Silverton for that."

"How far is that?" Susan asked him, before the girl could.

"Oh, takes about four hours. It's up the state highway a ways. Sorry"

Susan and Lori went back outside. "Well Hun, you can't sit here...why don't you let me give you a ride? It's really no trouble, I'm not in a big hurry or anything. Where is it you are trying to get to, other than just the bus?" Susan asked with a nice smile, trying to put Lori at ease.

"Gosh...that's nice of you, but you don't know anything about me or anything. I could be some total wacko or something."

"Or I could be, is that what you mean?"

"Oh, no...That's not what I meant. You seem nice and normal enough. I just don't want to put you out or anything. Maybe dipshit will be back after he cools off some. He is just mad, he never wanted to go to Seattle anyway."

"Oh, Seattle...is that where you are headed? That's where I am going. Working vacation. Look...why don't you just ride with me, I would be glad for the company. To tell the truth, I don't like traveling alone anyway." Susan was still smiling at the girl, persuasively.

"Oh...I couldn't let you do that. I'll make do somehow." Lori resisted.

"Look, I'm just offering. No strings. If nothing else, I can get you somewhere you can catch that bus. But really...it will save you money, you can help drive and all. Keep me company." Susan offered.

At the mention of money, Lori looked down, realizing she didn't have a lot of that . This lady seemed ok, she just didn't like taking help this way. But Kyle was miles away, probably going back home by now, and all things being equal, it was probably a good thing. It had been a rocky road lately, and , well...maybe this was for the best.

"Well...are you sure it's really no trouble? I uh...I don't have a lot of money, but you have to let me pay something" Lori said.

"It's no trouble at all. Let's get going. We'll worry about it later"

They put Lori's beat up bag in the trunk, and off they went. The chill air-conditioning of the car felt good after the dusty heat, and the cold blast of air made both shiver. Four nipples perked up, with Susan's showing quite plainly thru her white top. The girl and woman laughed and talked as they drove down the empty highway, Lori telling Susan about Kyle, about what an asshole he was. Lori told Susan how her parents had split up some years back, and she couldn't go to either of them for anything now. "Dad says I'm too old to be coming to him for money; that he was on his own at by the time he was 17 and never had a hand from anyone, and here I am almost 20 and still mooching. Mom just doesn't have it, and she is too busy with her life anyway. I've got a cousin out in Seattle, who thinks she can get me a job where she works, so ...Kyle and I took off. He never really wanted to go, he would rather just lie around and be a bum, get drunk and high. He'll never grow up. I guess I'm better without him, before we had kids or anything. Really I think it's been over for us for a long time, but we stayed together, just going through the motions."

Susan listened, letting the girl talk and get it out of her system. She cluck-clucked occasionally, adding her support and understanding. She told Lori she knew about going through the motions, how she and her ex-husband had stayed together a while doing the same. "In the end, we parted as friends, realizing we just grew up and apart, married too young. He has his life now, and I have mine."

The miles grew into hours as the road rolled by, and the sun was sinking lower in the west. Lori had begun to wind down some , and Susan realized she must be tired. She wondered if the girl had any decent rest lately, since the couple of them had not had much money. The poor kid probably hadn't.

Susan stretched behind the wheel. "I think I'll find a spot to crash for the night. There is a town up ahead, a good long shower and a bed is in order."

Lori, thinking of her meager funds, wondered if she could possibly afford the kind of motel this woman would be accustomed to staying in, and how she could bring the subject up. The idea of staying in a bed, instead of sleeping in the truck was very appealing, and a real shower, not a truck stop locker room, was enough to make her want to cry. But there was no way she could afford anything more than the dirt cheapest motel. She shifted in her seat, wondering how she could tell Susan to just drop her off, and she would catch that bus now. She hated to act ungrateful, Susan was so nice and everything.

Before Lori could say anything, Susan spoke up again, " Oh...by the way...my gas and rooms and all are on an expense account, so I don't want to hear any argument about it. Only thing is, we'll have to take a double room. I can fudge that, but I wouldn't be able to explain two rooms . So don't worry, and I wont take no for an answer."

Relief washed over Lori. She really wanted a shower, and she really didn't want to take a bus. She smiled to herself, then wondered how she would ever be able to repay and thank this stranger. She offered to buy supper... " As long as you don't mind, like pizza or something."

"I love pizza. And we can probably get it delivered and wouldn't even have to go out. After all this driving, I could stand to just kick back and relax. I bet you could too."

"Ok, then. It's a deal"

Susan found a nice, medium motel, not too fancy, but not a cheapie, right off the interstate, and checked them in. A big double room, two queen beds, all the usual stuff. There was a gas station right across, and she picked up beer before they went to the room. Lori was too shocked that this classy lady drank beer to protest anymore. Her only worry was her lack of any kind of pajamas or nightgown, since she always slept raw. Well, panties and a t shirt or something would have to do.

Susan kicked off her shoes as soon as they were in the room, and stretched. She put the beer in the tiny refrigerator, after cracking one open for herself, and offering one to Lori. " Maybe in a while" Lori had said. Susan took a long drink of beer, and told Lori she could have first crack at the shower, as long as you let me go pee first!

Both women giggled , and Susan went in and relieved herself, not quite pushing the door all the way shut. Lori dug into her duffle for clean clothes, and found a t shirt that would be long enough to serve as a nightie, maybe. She got out clean panties and a pair of loose baggy shorts to wear till bedtime. After Susan came out , she went to shower, luxuriating in the warm clean shower, and getting clean.

Susan relaxed on the bed, flipping channels on the TV, listening to the running water in the next room. She liked this young girl a lot, and was hoping she would be ok. She also took a moment to rearrange things in her suitcase, putting her "special toys" on the bottom. Lori was young, and might be shocked at the vibrators and things. Susan figured she would have to hold off on pleasing herself, maybe just a quick one in the shower or something. She could take proper care of her needs , once she got the girl safely to her cousin in Seattle. She fetched out clean clothes to wear after her shower, laying them on top of the suitcase, and went back to her beer.

Under the warm shower, Lori was lost in the lovely feel of getting clean. Things would be ok, she decided. Her soapy hands running up and down her tummy, over her breasts, down again...she lost touch with her surroundings, and began to do what she had done in the shower, since she was twelve. Her hands played softly over her body, teasing what lay under the soft light brown curls, he fingertip sliding smoothly between the folds . She tried to conjure up an image in her mind of Kyle in the shower with her, taking her, his long strong cock buried in her folds, but she couldn't. The picture that came to her mind wasn't that of Kyle, but of Susan, and her hands, lovingly caressing , her breasts pressed firmly to her own, kissing as hands found pussies. Lori stopped, jerking back to reality. God where had that come from? Susan had said or done nothing to give the impression that she was interested . In her one experience with another girl, Lori really had no experience in judging whether a woman was bisexual or lesbian. She had her fantasies about different women. She giggled to herself under the shower. Well, if Susan was, that would certainly be ok. She was damned good looking. Lori had noticed that right off the start. Maybe she could think of a way to bring it up, without sounding weird. Lori did know one thing for sure about it. That one time, had been the best sex she had ever had. Cock was great, but it was always over so fast. She got satisfaction from it usually, but wanted something more than just being hammered and filled up. And Kyle could lick pussy worth having him do it, no matter how she tried to subtlely coach him. God, this wasn't helping, not now. Lori felt like hr nipples were going to burst, and her pussy was on fire. She looked at the shower curtain, wondering what Susan was doing out in the room. Hell with it, it couldn't hurt. She began to picture Susan, and wondered what she looked like naked. Her hand went back to her slippery box, rubbing softly over her clit. Was she shaved smooth? Did she have a bush the same color as her reddish hair? She knew she had nice boobs, and when her nipples had stuck out, they looked nice, medium sized. She thought of Susan's red head, between her thighs, fingers and tongue working passionately. Lori's other hand slid down from her tits, skirting her fingers as they diddled her clit, and she sunk a finger, then two into her tight pussy. She worked her clit with one hand, and fingered herself with the other, slow and deep. She moaned. Biting her lip, she worked, swaying softly, leaning into the wall. Her breath quickened. Yes, soon...so soon. She thought of her fingers, coiled in Susan's longish hair, pulling her mouth tighter, how her hips would buck and push up. Her fingertip was moving faster back and forth over her swollen clit now, like a tongue. She bit off a squeal as the feelings grew to a burst. Her orgasm crashed down over her in waves of intense pleasure.

Lori smiled softly, to herself, as she washed. That had been good. So good.

Susan idled on the bed, waiting. It felt good to stretch out and relax. She thought to herself, Lori must really be enjoying the shower. It always felt good. That old truck she had been in probably wasn't air conditioned. The poor dear; been there and done that Susan thought. Thank God for a good job and the money to not have to do it again. It hadn't been easy, getting to this point though. But hard work had paid off. She heard the shower stop. Her mind wondered to what the girl looked like, naked and wet. That long blondish hair, streaming down. Susan sat up, shocked at herself. Where had that idea come form? Sure, Lori was attractive, but what brought that thought on? One female lover in her life hardly made Susan ready to call herself lesbian. Janice had been sweet and kind and understanding, and what an education Susan had got from her. Besides, there had been several men since then. Ok, so it was Janice that had taken her higher than any man managed. Bi-sexual, that's what you are Susie, she told herself. But that's no reason to go wanting every young girl you see. Oh really, she argued to herself, then why do you think about girls as often as you do about men when you get those toys out? Susan laughed to herself, shaking her head, at deciding she was what she was, and to be happy with it. Still, hands off. Lori has had a rough time. Fantasize all you want, girl, but no hanky panky.

Unless Lori started it, right?


"Feel better? Good shower?" Susan asked.

Lori blushed a little, her hair up under the towel, another towel wrapped around her. No she couldn't have guessed. "Yes, great to be clean. Susan, I really can't thank you enough for all you are doing."

"Don't mention it honey, I'm glad I can help. My turn to shower though, its going to feel good" Susan said with a smile.

As Susan went into the bathroom, Lori felt her cheeks burning, as she pictured Susan "showering" the same way she just had. She unwound her towels to dress, and was caught naked as Susan came back out, to get her things from the suitcase. "Probably be better if I had this stuff," Susan said. Blushing and naked, Lori only giggled. For the briefest of moments, she thought Susan was checking her out, but that was probably just her imagination. Susan went back into the bathroom, and Lori dressed, getting one of the beers from the little fridge. She heard the shower start running, then the door opened up a crack again, and Susan stuck her head out. Lori got a glimpse of Susan's nude body thru the crack, not enough to satisfy her curiosity of what the woman looked like nude, but enough to entice her. "Do you want to go ahead and order the pizza? I'll eat anything except mushrooms or anchovies."

"Oh sure, ok." Lori replied.

Susan smiled and shut the door. Wow, the girl had some body on her. High, firm tits, cute butt. Pretty little bush, the same color as her hair. Susan glanced at herself in the mirror. Ok so you aren't so bad yourself Suzie. Those are some nice jugs girl. She turned, looking over her shoulder. Ass is still good and firm. Turning back around, she admired the deep red fur, carefully closely trimmed, that sat above her largish pinkish lips. She noticed a little stubble, as she ran her fingers over it, and took her razor out, and into the shower with her. As she showered, she lingered over each part of her body, stopping to fondle herself, lost in self love, as she had been for so long. The razor felt good on her flesh, she always loved that feeling, as the stubble around her pussy lips was removed. Legs and underarms were fine; she had just done them yesterday. Odd, she hadn't taken the time to groom her joy, she thought to herself. She rinsed away the last few clinging bits of hair. Almost business like, she worked her fingers across her clit, swollen now, and tingling. She mm mm'ed to herself, and with the ease of long practice, slowly, easily brought herself to the brink of orgasm quickly. There she lingered, enjoying the feeling, before sliding her fingers into her tunnel, letting her thumb work on her clit. She smiled to herself as her other hand reached, and found, her tiny rosebud. She tickled herself softly there, letting the sensory overload of having both holes teased at the same time take her away. Having her asshole teased had been something her ex-husband had taught her to enjoy, his deft hands sliding under her each time they made love. She had always been one to be very, very wet, and her juices would always slick her there. His finger would slowly tease and tickle, then finally enter, and work in the rhythm of his cock. It never failed. She moaned softly, forcing herself to keep quiet, and shivered as the soft strings of orgasm got even closer. She let go. The first was a gentle wave of feeling, warmth all thru. Her fingers moved faster with it, as the second came crashing down, harder, making her shake. Her hand fairly danced, quickly now, bringing wave after wave of pleasure. Little squeaks and squeals were covered up by the sound of the water. Her fingers searched deeper in herself, and a surprising third came on her hard and sudden. She felt herself clench and tighten, as this intense orgasm racked her body with spasms.

She slowed and calmed. Her body tingled as she washed; her legs a little shaky. Masturbation was truly a wonderful thing.

Munching pizza, drinking beer, the women relaxed. The room had a small table, they at it, watching the TV. Susan thought Lori looked great, the fresh scrubbed look, with no makeup, suited her. Susan leafed through a guide of the services the place offered. "Hey, this place has a jacuzzi." she noted, "just the thing after a long drive. Got a swimsuit with you?"

"Well, I have an old one, "Lori replied. "I have never been in a jacuzzi before though."

"Oh, you will love it. Very good for tired muscles. Makes you feel great."

"Well, ok, if you say it's good. I'll try it"

They finished eating, and their beers, relaxed and quiet. Susan dug her suit carefully out of her suitcase, because it was right with the toys. Lori got hers out of her duffle. Neither was watching the other and the bumped heading for the bathroom to change. They laughed, and did an after you, no after you dance. Lori finally went in to slip into her little two piece suit, while Susan stayed in the open room, and was stripping to get into hers. Susan didn't blush, when Lori came out quicker than expected, her body packed into the "old one" which was about a size too small in each direction. Susan was pulling her suit on, and Lori got a good look now, at her new friend's naked body, and was impressed. Grabbing towels, the giggled their way off to the jacuzzi.

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