tagGay MaleTraveling Ch. 01

Traveling Ch. 01


Chapter 1 -- Hot tub encounter

After a long day of meetings, I slipped on my swim shorts and headed to the hot tub. The hotel hot tub was at the back of the hotel, about fifty feet from the pool and surrounded by a large number of four to five foot bushes, making it somewhat secluded. There were no rooms overlooking the pool area, which added to its privacy. I slid into the bubbling water at about 7PM and gave a sigh of relief as the water churned around me.

I'd been relaxing for about fifteen minutes when another guy showed up. "Mind if I join you?" He asked.

"Of course not, jump on in, the water is great!" I said.

I watched him strip his shirt and shoes off, then slide into the hot water, directly across from me. He was a nice looking guy, about 30, slim build, not overly muscular, but in decent shape. He was about six foot, brown hair and not overly hairy.

I'm 35, nice looking, also about six foot tall, pushing two hundred pounds, but in very good shape, light brown hair, clean shaven. That's what you can see. I've got seven and one half inches of cock, slightly curved downward, like a banana. My cock is about as big around as a plastic Dr. Pepper bottle. I'm smooth shaven in my pubic area, balls too. I'm a very open person, and have no problem with sex. I consider myself bi for the most part, enjoying sex in general.

I chatted with my new friend, Mark. I found that he was 31, married, in town for the next several days on business. We relaxed further when I decided to try and see if he was interested in a little man on man playing.

"Man, I wish I was at home in my hot tub." I sighed.

"Oh, you have a bigger tub at home?" He asked, as the hotel hot tub was actually small, only big enough for maybe six, and you would be touching knees.

I grinned, "Well, not really much bigger, but I could at least be naked," I said, hoping he'd take the bait.

"Oh, I see!" He said, half laughing, "I guess that would be better."

I looked around, smiled and said, "I guess we could be naked now, no one else is around and it's pretty dark out here now."

I glanced around too, then said, "No offense, but I'm not gay, so I don't know if two guys should be naked out here together."

Again, I smiled, "Oh, I'm not gay either, but I do love being naked and sure don't mind being naked around guys. I mean, surely you've been naked with guys before."

He looked up, glanced towards the walkway, then said, "Well, sure, in college I had a few nude adventures, but that was a long time ago."

I had him now, I'd not asked about nude 'adventures' just simply naked guys, like showering after football or something. I looked at him and said, "Adventures huh? Like what?"

He seemed to blush, and babbled, "Oh, well, I, huh, I meant, I..."

"It's no big deal, I've had several adventures too," I said, hoping I hadn't scared him off. "I'll tell you a story if you tell me one."

"You did?" he asked, somewhat surprised, "I thought you weren't gay?"

"I'm not, but I am bi. I don't have a problem getting off, whether it is a girl or a guy helping out, naked is naked and naked is fun!" I said.

He smiled at that and said, "Okay, I see, so if I tell you about something you'll tell me a story too?"

I nodded and said, "Hell yea, I don't mind swapping stories."

He then told me about an adventure in college where for one semester, he and his roommate discovered that they liked jerking each other off. They went onto sucking each other off, but after a semester it ended.

I then told him about a similar college roommate, but gave graphic details about how we started off jerking off together, then each other, then sucking each other in a sixty nine, then eventually taking turns fucking each other. Our relationship, unlike his, went on for three years. We even had orgies with our girlfriends and would watch them play while we played too.

"Shit!" He said, "That's fucking hot! I can't believe how horny I just got listening to that story," he said, adjusting himself in the swirling water.

I took a chance, reached under the water and slid my shorts off, then laid them on the edge of the tub right beside me. I then said, "Yea, me too, sorry, I'm getting naked, you can head out if you want, but I hope that you stick around."

He glanced around again, nervously, then moved around as if removing his shorts. He didn't bring them out of the water, so I wasn't sure if he had actually taken them off.

He then said, "Oh yea, that's much better, the water feels great!"

Teasingly, I said, "You didn't take them off, you're just messing with me."

"No, seriously, I did! I just don't want someone walking up and we both have to grab clothes! He said.

"Oh sure, that's a good excuse," I said, teasing again.

He grinned, and said, "I'm not kidding! I just think it would be tough to explain!"

I then slid around the tub, moving within an arm's reach of him, keeping my hand under the water, I found his upper thigh and began to slide my hand up his leg. He didn't move, but he did look towards the walkway again, as if to make sure no one was coming.

I kept my hand moving slowly, inching closer to his groin area, well beyond where the edge of his swim shorts would be. I then reached the end of his leg, where his thighs became hips. I moved slightly towards the center of and found his thick pubic hair. He was breathing heavily, but didn't make a move to stop me. I slid my fingers through the hair, and my fingers came into contact with the base of his erect cock. I slowly traced my fingers up his cock, it was about five inches long, and very thick. When my fingers reached the tip of his cock, he gasped and turned back to look at me.

"Want me to stop?" I asked.

He shook his head no, his breathing becoming even heavier.

I then wrapped my hand around his cock and began to pump it up and down. After about twenty strokes, he put his hand over mine and stopped me.

"I'm a quick cummer," he said, quietly, almost in a whisper.

"I don't mind that," I said, "you do like this don't you?"

He nodded, then said, "Yea, I do," then after a couple of breathes, he asked, "Can I do you too?"

I smiled and replied, "Of course, but let me finish you first."

He moved his hand, and I resumed my grip, tighter and started pumping faster. I pumped him under the water, faster and faster and within a minute he moaned that he was going to cum and I felt his semen rise through the shaft. Shot after shot of his cum sprayed into the swirling water and quickly washed away. I kept pumping and squeezing until I was sure that the shaft, now shrinking, was empty.

After he had a minute to recover, I looked around making sure the coast was clear, then I stood directly in front of him. By standing, my cock was now even with the top of the water and most of my ass was exposed to the cooling air.

He gasped as he looked up and realized that I was exposed. He was jerking his head around making sure that no one could see us.

"Are you nuts! What if someone sees you?"

"Relax," I said, adding, "it's too dark for someone to see us now, and we will easily see if someone comes out the back door to the pool." I then said, "You were wanting to do something with this," pointing my cock towards him.

"Wholly crap! You're shaven!!" He said, rubbing his hand across my smooth pubic area. He then wrapped his hand around my cock and started to slowly jerk it off. He reached up with his other hand and began to gently play with my balls.

"That's nice Mark, but why don't you suck it?" I asked, stepping closer to him.

He glanced towards the path leading to the pool, then on up to the hotel door. Seeing no one, he leaned forward and took the head of my cock into his mouth. He moaned at the warmth and began to suck me into his mouth. I let him slowly pull me closer with his mouth, then he reached both hands around to my ass and pulled me closer and started to suck and bob his head on my cock. His hands were squeezing and gripping my ass tightly as he sucked harder and harder.

Unlike Mark, I'm not a fast cummer, but he was an excellent cocksucker and the thrill of being outside was bringing me quickly to the point of no return.

I placed my hands on his head and said, "I'm going to cum soon, you want to swallow it don't you?"

He grunted, "mm humm," which I took to be a yes.

After almost ten minutes, I unleashed a thick stream of cum into his warm mouth. He simply groaned and swallowed, trying to take the full load without spilling a drop. He succeeded. He kept sucking until my cock was empty. I pulled my cock from his mouth with a pop.

"That was fucking awesome! You are incredible at that!" I said, reaching for my shorts.

"Thanks, I think!" He replied, grinning, "It's been a long time, but I have to admit that I do love the taste of a cock." He then slipped his own shorts on and added, "Thanks for getting me to talk about my college days, I never can get my cock down without jerking off when I think about those days."

"Well, it was my pleasure, literally!" I said, then went on, "I think we should go shower, order pizza and then relive some other college adventures."

We were now out of the tub, drying off when he said, "I'll meet you in your room in say 30 minutes?"

I told him my room number and we headed off to the hotel doors. Once in the elevator, I whispered to him, "Don't wear anything but your shorts. No underwear, no shoes, no shirt, just shorts." He simply nodded and got off on the third floor, I road on up to the tenth.

I quickly showered, reshaved my cock and balls and then toweled off. After getting out of the shower, I called for pizza. I already had a six pack of beer in the fridge and several soft drinks.

It was just under thirty minutes when there was a knock on the door. I opened it wearing only a towel, and found Mark wearing only a pair of shorts. He stepped in and I handed him a beer.

"I was worried that you might change your mind after I was sorta ordering you around," I said.

He blushed and said, "Actually, I might have if you hadn't ordered me around. I, I, I, really like being told what to do."

I took my towel off, my two thirds erect cock coming into view for him. I gave it a gentle stroke or two and then told him to take his shorts off. He pulled them down quickly and kicked them off his bare feet, exposing his fully erect cock. Of course, I'd felt his dick under the water, but this was the first time to see it. His cock was five and one half inches long, very thick, slightly thicker than a coke can. He had a somewhat thick dark brown bush, though not overly hairy.

"Man," he said, staring at my growing cock, "You really are smooth down there."

"Yea, I love the smooth look, not a hair guy," I said. Then I asked, "Have you ever shaved your cock?"

He shook his head no, "Nah, my wife is very plain jane, that would freak her out."

"Oh, so she has a hairy one too?" I asked, stroking my cock to a full erection now.

"Yes, very!" He said.

About that time there was a knock on the door, the pizza. I wrapped the towel around me and answered the door. I'm sure the pizza guy could easily see my erection, but he didn't mention it. I paid for the pizza and went to the small desk in the room. I grabbed us two fresh beers and we sat opposite each other and ate.

As we ate, I asked sexual questions about his past and found that he had been in a frat where one big brother had forced him to suck his cock on a weekly basis when Mark was a Freshman. The next year, he said a big brother would fuck him in the ass once a month throughout the school year.

He told me that after graduating school, he had only had one interlude with a male and that had been just two years back at a party, where they took turns sucking each other.

We were both now very hard, and ready for more fun. I told him to get on the bed face down, his face against the covers, up on his knees. Of course, this caused his ass to be high in the air and fully exposed. His fat cock was dripping precum like a river as he waited for me.

I began to massage his ass, which was muscular and perfectly rounded. His legs were tanned from mid-thigh down and his body from the waist up. Obviously matching the swim shorts that he had been wearing earlier. I traced my fingers up his crack and he moaned. I then leaned in and began to lick his butt cheeks, first one, then the other. I eventually trailed my tongue up and down his crack, teasing his tight anus as I did so.

"You have a very nice ass, Mark." I teased, "I bet your nice and tight."

He simply moaned his approval.

I went to my bag and pulled out a tube of ky and a butt plug. I always travel with a butt plug because I often like to fuck myself and jerk off at the same time. The plug is about four and one half inches long, a quarter of an inch at the tip, spanning out to just under two inches at the widest point, before dropping back to about a quarter inch base. I greased it up and then wiped my ky coated fingers along his crack. I slipped one finger into his very tight ass, then worked a second finger in. He was moaning and groaning as I pumped my fingers in and out slowly, stretching his tight sphincter.

"You like my fingers in your ass?" I asked, my own breathing getting faster and faster.

"OH YES!" he replied, gasping as my knuckles were against his ass, my fingers buried to the hilt.

After five minutes or so of fingering him, I eased the tip of the butt plug into his ass and pushed slowly forcing the entire length into his ass. I watched as the plug widened and stretched him more as I worked it into him. He was now moaning loudly into the pillow that he had his face buried in.

"OOOOHHHHH!!!!" He said as his anus snapped shut around the skinny base.

"You like that?" I asked.

"Yes! Yes! I love it!"

I left the butt plug embedded and moved towards his head. "Raise up now," I said, which he did. I placed my cock at his lips and he immediately opened his mouth and let me slide inside him. I pushed my cock to the point of him gagging. He tried to pull back, but I grabbed his hair and forced him to keep my cock against his gag point.

He coughed and bucked and his mouth filled with spit and saliva. I eased my cock out a little and watched a flood of spit drool from his mouth. I then pushed back to the gag point again and held it there. He had tears streaming down his face as he gagged over and over. Again, I pulled back somewhat and watched another river of spit pour from his mouth.

"You like that? You like gagging on my cock?" I teased.

He simply nodded and then forced his mouth forward taking my cock to the back of his throat, gagging himself! I was loving this, his mouth was very hot and full of spit to the point that as I fucked his mouth it gushed out around my cock.

I fucked his mouth this way for three or four minutes then pulled out completely. His vacant mouth now empty of my cock was finally able to spit the backed up saliva out.

"That was awesome!" He said, "I've never done anything like that before, you were actually fucking my mouth!!"

"Fuck yea that was great," I said, "your mouth is really hot, but I want to fuck your ass. Is that okay with you?"

He nodded then said, "Yes, I want you to fuck me, fuck me really hard."

I was rubbing his ass and thumping the butt plug that was embedded in him and asked, "When was the last time you were fucked in the ass?"

"Oh, ahhhhh," the thumping sending chills through him, "It was nine years ago, my last year in college," he said.

"Good, and you don't do drugs or anything like that, right?" he shook his head no that he didn't, "Excellent, because I'd like to bear back you, just want to make sure that you don't have any diseases."

"None, I swear!" he said.

I moved behind him, pulled the butt plug slowly from his ass and then began to fuck him with it to from the skinny tip to the thick base. At the thickest point, it was only about two thirds as big around as my cock, so I knew that he would be able to take me without too much pain.

I lathered up my cock with the ky and removed the plug completely from his tight ass, placing the head of my cock at the opening of his ass, with was as wide as a dime, as it was slowly trying to close.

I pushed forward, the head of my cock entering him. He groaned and said began to push backwards towards me, forcing more of my cock into him. I obliged and began to push forward. He was groaning louder and louder as inch by inch my long slender cock slide inside his tight butt.

He lowered his head back down into the pillow and screamed as I pushed the last two inches into him. I sat still for a minute or so, letting his tight ass adjust to the feeling of my cock buried to the hilt. I reached under him and grabbed his cock, stroking it lightly as I slowly began to withdraw to the point of just my head being inside his ass and slowly slid back to the hilt. I kept this slow, slow pace up for several minutes.

"OH SHIT! I'M CUMMING!!!" and he did, unloading underneath us onto the bed. His ass muscles were squeezing and pulling me deeper with each shot of his semen.

Once he stopped cumming, I began to fuck him faster and harder. Soon, I was pounding him hard and he was grunting with each thrust. I kept this pace for almost five minutes and then I warned him I was about to cum.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Fill my ass! Please!!!!" he yelled into the pillow. "AAAGGGG!!!!" I yelled as with one final deep plunge, I began to shoot shot after shot of my cum deep into his bowels.

"Ahhhh! Fuck!" I yelled, "Take my cum you little bitch! Take it all!" I said, now pounding him harder than ever and pumping the cum deeper and deeper into him.

After my orgasm subsided, I left my cock in him until it was reduced to a dripping noodle. I pulled my cock from his ass then leaned down and kissed each of his sweaty cheeks. He moaned and let his knees slide from under him, causing him to lie flat, his crotch laying in a pool of cum and precum.

I laid beside him and rolled him over, "That was fucking great! Your tight ass is incredible," I said.

"Your dick is awesome!" he said, then he eased closer to me as if he wanted me to kiss him. I wrapped my arm over him and pulled him even closer and then slipped my tongue into his mouth. We kissed and hugged for several minutes.

I broke the kiss and said, "Okay, let's shower," we then got up and headed to the shower, both on wobbly knees.

He sucked me off in the shower and I returned the favor, taking as much of his wide cock as I could. Before the end of the week, we had sucked each other off more than a dozen times and I had fucked his ass six more times. We exchanged email addresses and plan to meet again in the near future.

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