tagGay MaleTraveling Ch. 03

Traveling Ch. 03


Chapter 3 -- Two Times the fun

This is an ongoing history of experiences I've had while traveling for business. Hope you enjoy this latest installment.

I was staying at a nice hotel in Austin, TX recently and had been to the workout room, as I generally do when the hotel has one. There was another man, probably in his forties and two younger guys who seemed to be his sons, or at least one was. Both the young guys were 18 and were there to check out UT.

There was no interaction between us, and their Dad had left and the two guys were still there doing various weights and trying the crosstrainer. Both were slender, in great shape, one was redheaded with lightly freckled skin. The other was dark haired, dark tanned and his legs were almost hairless. It became clear that the dark haired guy was the son of the man who had left. Both guys were friendly with one another laughing and joking about various things.

I finished my 30 minutes on the treadmill and headed out. I was about ten steps away when I remembered that my room key was sitting on the treadmill. I walked back to the door, but couldn't get in because you had to have a key. I looked through the slender window and was about to knock when I saw the two boys kissing. The redhead was groping the other one's crotch and the dark haired guy was pulling him closer. Naturally, my cock sprung to attention as I watched. The redhead finally slipped his hand inside the dark haired guys shorts and was obviously squeezing his cock.

I knocked on the door with several hard knocks, the redhead opened up the door after just a few seconds.

"Hey, sorry, I forgot my room key," I said, noticing that he had a huge bulge in his shorts. The dark haired guy was facing away from me, sitting on the weight bench.

"Oh, no problem, guess you were lucky we were still here," he replied, turning quickly away from me.

I grabbed my key and started to head out, then stopped and said, "Hey, uh, I didn't mean to snoop, but I saw you guys before I knocked, "both blushed dark red, "and I just wanted to say that you can come up to my room to play, it would be much better than you getting caught."

Neither guy said a word, so I turned and started heading out when the redhead said, "You mean it?"

I smiled, turned around and said, "Sure, as long as you don't mind me at least watching."

They looked at each other, the redhead whispering something to the other one. Feeling that they might not be ready for such a thing, I said, "Hey, I've been there, done that, I enjoy a little cock fun too, but I'm not weird or a freak, so it's up to you," I turned to leave, saying, "I'm in 919, so if you want come up." I then left the room.

I was just out of the shower when my room phone rang, I answered and the voice on the other end said, "Hey, we would like to come up, but Joe is a little nervous," I said, "Joe being the dark haired guy?"

He replied, "Yea, and I'm Bill. If we come up, what are you expecting?"

I grinned to myself and said, "Hey, I got hard watching you guys make out, so I have no problem sitting in the chair watching you both play with each other while I jerk off."

"Okay, hang on," he then relayed what I'd said to Joe. He returned to the phone, "give us like an hour, his Dad is meeting some friends for dinner and we're on our own, we just don't want to do anything down here, his dad would kill us both."

"Okay, see you in an hour." I hung up, my cock standing at full attention.

About an hour and fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Both boys were standing there in dress shorts, pullovers and loafers. I could see that they both had erections too! I stepped aside and invited them in. They told me they were there to tour the campus, hoping to start school in the fall. We exchanged small talk for several minutes, trying to get them to relax. I handed them both cokes, then I sat down on the chair across from the king size bed. They still looked uncomfortable, so I said, "Why don't you both get naked, I think you're about to pop open those shorts."

Bill smiled and looked at Joe, then pulled off his t-shirt, kicked his shoes off and then stopped, fingers at the button of his shorts, waiting for Joe to do something. Joe kicked his shoes off, then slowed pulled his shirt over his head. The guy was tanned, dark tanned and had an incredible chest. Both of their stomachs were tight and ripped, not an ounce of fat on either guy. Me, at my age, I do have a pudge, not fat, but not ripped like an eighteen year old either!

Bill unsnapped his shorts and slid them down his legs, exposing a black jock strap. His cock was pressing hard against the strap and looked huge. Joe then dropped his shorts, revealing a red jock strap, it too was being stretched, but it was obvious that Bill had a much larger cock.

Bill looked at me and said, "your turn," grinning at me.

I then stood up and dropped my athletic shorts to the floor, my cock popping out, wet with precum. I then pulled my shirt off and sat back down, lightly stroking my hardon.

"Wow, nice cock!" Bill said, "Don't you think so Joe?" Joe simply nodded and then Bill walked to him, put his arms around him and started to kiss his cheek and neck. Joe moaned and seemed to melt into Bill's hands. Bill was kissing his neck while his hands massaged Joe's naked ass. Bill kissed his way down Joe's chest, sucking on his hard nipples. As he kissed his way down, his hands were sliding Joe's jock down his legs. I couldn't see Joe's cock because Bill was blocking my view. But, as Joe lifted his leg to step out of the jock, I got a great view. Joe's cock was not very long, maybe five inches, and was about as thick as my own. It was wet with precum and their wasn't a stitch of hair on it or his balls. Joe was completely hairless.

Bill stood back up, kissing Joe's body as he went. Once he reached Joe's lips, they began to French kiss. Bill was holding Joe's cock and gently pulling it towards him. Joe broke the kiss, dropped to his knees and then yanked down the black jock strap Bill was wearing. Bill stepped out of it causing his huge cock to smack Joe across the face, small precum streaks being left where it bobbed against Joe's cheeks.

Joe wasted no time, he grabbed the monster, which Bill later said measured ten full inches, and began to suck. Of course only about four inches could fit into Joe's mouth, but he worked the remaining inches with his hands, rubbing and stroking the big cock. Bill put his hands on Joe's head and held him steady as he slowly face fucked his buddy.

I was stroking my own cock, mesmerized by the scene! I had to stop teasing my own cock as I was about to explode. I moved my hands off my cock, and just watched.

Joe was slurping and moaning as the big cock fucked his pretty face. Bill finally pulled out of his mouth and told Joe to move to the bed. They both moved to the bed, Bill laying on his back moved Joe so that they were in a sixty nine position. Then Joe lowered his mouth onto Bill's monster while Bill pulled Joe's cock into his own mouth. The two were moaning and groaning louder and louder. Bill was squeezing Joe's ass cheeks, and I moved to better watch as I saw that Bill was working his finger around Joe's brown hole. Joe squirmed and moaned even more as Bill's finger slid inside his butt.

Joe was doing the same thing to Bill, which I noticed when Bill groaned much the same way. Soon I could tell both guys were cumming. Each was shaking and moaning loudly, but neither let go of their respective cocks, each swallowing their loads.

After their orgasm died off, they both kept sucking and fingering each other's ass, their cocks never losing their hardness. Bill finally pulled his finger out of Joe and slid Joe off of him. Bill then rolled Joe onto his stomach, spread his ass cheeks wide open and began to rim his tight butt. Joe was biting the pillows and moaning, grinding his ass against his friends tongue and mouth. Bill kept rimming him, eating his ass for more than five minutes. The two had obviously forgotten me, or so it seemed.

Bill released his friends ass cheeks, then moved up on him, lifting Joe's legs into a near kneeling position, leaving Joe's face on the floor, his ass exposed and slick with spit. Bill slipped off the bed, reached into his shorts and grabbed a condom and a small tube of lubricant. He slid the condom on, then coated his cock with the lube, and lubed Joe's ass. He then positioned his cock at Joe's opening and pushed forward, the head popping inside his anus. Joe screamed into the pillows and Bill stopped pushing and slowly started to massage his ass cheeks, then Bill started to talk.

"Relax baby, relax, you know you want my cock, don't you? He said, in a soothing voice.

Joe moaned and said, "Yea, oh yea! I want that fucking dick in me!"

Bill started pushing forward again, Joe didn't scream this time, he just moaned loudly and I could tell he was trying to push backwards helping Bill fill his ass.

Bill groaned, "OH, FUCK YEA, that's it! Take my dick, sweety, take my cock!"

"Fuck me Bill. Fuck me like you fuck Julie," Joe said, looking back over his shoulder.

Bill had almost all ten inches in Joe's tight butt and then he began to pull out. He would get two or three inches out, then slowly he would slide forward. Soon, Bill was pulling almost all the way out and shoving his cock all the way back in.

"Oh yes, oh yea! Just like that! Bill, fuck me Bill, fuck me!" Joe said, now pushing back harder and harder determined to meet Bill's thrust.

"Joe, oh Joe! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Your ass is so fucking hot!" Bill was moaning.

"CUM BABY! CUM!" Joe yelled and with that Bill's entire body shook like crazy, his cum blasting from his long shaft. Joe was shaking too and his cock was drooling cum from it all over the bed. At the same time, I jerked my own cock to a large load, cum soaking my chest and stomach, streaming down my pubic region and all over my hand.

"Don't pull out yet, please, baby, don't pull out," Joe said, I could tell he was squeezing his ass cheeks, milking Bill's cock.

I got up to get a towel and clean myself off. When I came back in, Bill and Joe were kissing, the used condom lying in the floor full of cum. Both of their cocks were still semi erect. Oh to be that young again.

They broke the kiss and Bill said, "Thanks for letting us come up here, we've been wanting to do that for weeks and haven't had a chance."

Joe finally spoke, "Yea, thanks, I hope I wasn't too much of a whiner."

I smiled, sitting on the edge of the bed near them, "Are you kidding, that was awesome! I could watch you to fuck and suck for hours!"

"Is there something we can do to repay you?" Bill asked, stroking his cock.

"Nah, you don't have to do anything at all, that was well worth the room use." I replied.

"Joe," Bill started, "Why don't we thank him together." With that, Bill leaned over and started sucking my flaccid dick. Joe moved over and started sucking my nipples and kissing my chest. I moved so that I was laying on the bed, Joe over me kissing my chest, neck and eventually my lips. His lips were soft, softer than most women. We began to French kiss and I felt my cock getting hard again with Bill teasing my balls with his tongue.

Soon, I was fully erect, as were both of them. Bill and Joe traded places and I reached out while Bill was kissing me and took his monster cock into my hand. I began to stroke him off while he kissed me, moaning into my mouth.

Joe was taking my full seven inches without a problem. He was bobbing up and down on my erection, the tip sliding into his throat. I knew I wouldn't last long, and I really wanted to fuck, so I eased his mouth off of my cock and broke the hot kissing from Bill.

"I'd like to fuck one of you, interested?" I asked.

"Bill, why don't you fuck me again and let him fuck you," Joe suggested.

Bill grabbed two more condoms from his shorts and put Joe into the same position he had him in previously. Joe's hole was still slightly open from the pounding he had taken earlier and Joe slid into him easily.

I spread Bill's white ass cheeks apart and began to rim him. He moaned and groaned as my tongue teased his tight ass. Once he was relaxed and very wet, I slipped the condom on and slid up behind him. I placed the tip of my cock at his ass and began to push forward, which caused him to push deeper into Joe.

Joe moaned, Bill moaned and I groaned as the room filled with the sound of the three of us fucking. Bill's ass was tight, but it wasn't his first cock, I could tell Bill had been fucked many times before. Soon we had a great rhythm going and before long the three of us exploded within seconds of each other.

I let my cock go limp before pulling out of Bill's butt, then Bill pulled out of Joe. I pulled the condom off and then squeezed the cum out of it onto Joe's dark tanned butt. Bill then did the same, draining his cum onto Joe's ass.

Joe just moaned and said, "Wow, that feels fucking hot! Smear it around."

I reached down and mixed our two loads together, making sure to cover every inch of Joe's perfect ass with the creamy solution.

We laid there relaxing for a few minutes, then Joe's cell rang. It was his dad, letting him know that he was on his way back.

We all kissed and hugged, both of them almost fully erect again, they dressed and headed out. Joe's ass was still covered in the sticky cum.

Bill mentioned that they could meet again the next morning while Joe's dad was out, but I was checking out the next morning, but told them I would leave the key on the treadmill and they could play until checkout time.

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